Integration with Interactive Brokers (IB)

Integration with Interactive Brokers (IB)


TView are shitting it for years now, blaming IB for this...


This would be great. Whatever the holdup is, hope it gets worked out sooner than later.


Seems like they’re only interested in crypto for some reason.




This would be fantastic. Especially if any of the order types can be passed through. I trade intramarket and intermarket spreads at IB, and I'd love to be able to ditch TWS, and chart and trade from TradingView, with stop losses and profit targets on spread orders through the IB API. And since ICE products like cotton, coffee, and cocoa, I'd love to get the real time data passed through to TradingView just like CME data. I pay $125/month to IB for that ICE data. Seems too good to be true if TradingView could hook up with IB.


what I read from Interactive Brokers support: Is TradingView going to use web api? ================ FAQ: Can I link TradingView to my IBKR account? TradingView is not yet configured to use the 3rd Party Web API, which allows stock and forex trading via a RESTful web interface. For third party software vendors interested in developing applications supporting other product types at IBKR, we suggest using the production TWS API.


It looks like the only way now would be to link your IB account to TradeStation, then connect to TradingView via TradeStation


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