Where's Kevin Hart when you need him?


Probably on tour. That Mfer is a busy man.


He just seems busy because he has to take more steps than most men to travel the same distance.


Kevin Hart out here catching strays lmao


I think Kevin Hart would find your comment genuinely hilarious


Its the lack of knees that holds kevin back tbh


There's also Tom Cruise, but he's too busy being a cult leader.


doesnt he get bullied relentlessly for being short? I dont think that counts as advocacy


But he could. He's seems an all around pleasant person, and he's pocket-sized. He could be a powerful advocate. Imagine him doing PSAs with Dwayne Johnson condemning the treatment of short dudes. Edit:a word


I feel like the point kind of is he doesn’t seem to give a fuck. Which comes off as confidence. Prince was 5’3” for fucks sake- the absolute king of getting girls, confidence and general badassery. I suppose it helps being rich and famous but even then you don’t get to that point by spending time worrying about what others think of you.


Then the rock could just put him in his pocket and stroll out of the scene


I came here to say this


Annoying the fuck out of his family at Thanksgiving


I don’t know how it’s not catching on, Daniel Radcliffe for example made a big deal out of being short and awesome while at the peak of Harry Potter and afterwards. He is still crazy wealthy and admired by fans, whatever his height, I thought he’d be an excellent advocate for a decade already. (I thought about him because I just watched Miracle workers and swooned hard)


Damn he's only 5'5". I didn't know that




I really liked that after HP he just does stuff he wants to do and doesn't care about the paycheque. A lot of really unique neat films he's done.


He and Robert Pattinson put in the franchise work and made millions, so now they can do whatever they want.


He went off the rails a bit but then got his shit together and realised he’s rich enough to do whatever he wants and enjoys acting, so he looks for roles he wants to play Good on him.


I think another part of it is the men who kind of perpetuate "manly" things are often times shorter than they admit to (looking at you Joe Rogan)


Does Joe lie about his height? Feel like he talks about being a short motherfucker who got bullied all the time which is why he got into fighting


They are usually just ridiculed further


It absolutely is a thing though lol these kids on Reddit just want to be victims The body positivity movement moved away from being fat specific nearly a decade ago. It's just about not judging people for their appearance in general. Short tall skinny fat big nose beady eyes whatever. Like if you watch doja cats juicy she intentionally included a skinny woman with a smaller ass for this reason, even tho the song is about big butts. Also women irl really do not care about height nearly as much as these guys make it out to be. Like some minority of women on tinder started listing 6' or over and they now are pretending no woman will date any man under that which obviously makes zero mathematical sense and has nothing to do with reality if you just like, go to the mall and look at couples It's incel victimhood


I'm married but when I was dating I would always include that I prefer short guys - - under 5'10", preferably around my height (5'6" ish). If you think this made it easier or made the men I preferred easier to find, you'd be wrong. Any time I'd mention it I'd get short dudes disputing it, telling me women don't really like men that height (negging me about lying at times) I didn't know how tall that REALLY was, etc etc. even going so far to say they didn't appreciate being "fucked with" or just generally being very touchy about it, asking why, etc. No thanks.


Tbh a lot of short men have this complex about it and THATS what makes them unattractive. My boyfriend is 5'5 but very confident and gets tons of girls lol


This. My ex was like 5’6 and would always complain that women didn’t like short guys, even though I was actively dating him. I’d always dated shorter guys and never cared about height at all. Once we broke up and I started dating my now husband, who is tall, all my ex could say was “glad you finally found someone tall”. So unattractive


Your boyfriend gets lots of girls? Sorry to hear that.


Oh, you know what I mean. Did.


so he...did tons of girls? /s




> Tbh a lot of short men have this complex... I dated a guy who was just a smidgen shorter than me (175 cm versus 173 cm). He definitely had a complex about it and he absolutely hated when I wore any shoes that weren't flats. I seriously didn't care that he was [barely] shorter than me, but he cared a lot. We did not stay together.


This. I moved from Sweden to Los Angeles for a couple of years, where the average height for men differs quite a lot. I’m on the short side at 5’8 (and am the shortest in all our extended family) and oh boy did men not like being shorter than me. Started dating this guy and the only thing he talked about over and over was how unattractive it must be that he’s shorter than me. No honey, you bringing it up several times a day is unattractive, I couldn’t care less about someone’s height.


My husband is an inch shorter than me and is about 5’4. He is amazing. One of my best friends is a guy a little shorter than that. He had a group of girls come up to him and put a drink on his head as a joke and laughed at him. It pisses me off so badly, because he is a wonderful person who has worked as a social worker for years, and has always reacted with so much kindness towards others. I don’t think that people should date people they aren’t attracted to, I get it. I also don’t get why so many people seem to think that a person they don’t deem as attractive is guilty of some sort of moral failure and deserves to be mistreated. Like not hiring them for jobs, treating them badly in public, making fun of them…if you aren’t looking to date or be with that person, you don’t need to worry about if you think they are good looking or not.


Absolutely. I don't care how physically attractive I find you, that sort of attitude will repel people every time. They get in their own way so often.


Yes. I dated a guy who was my height, 5’6” and he was GORGEOUS, muscular surfer-boy type body, cute face, perfect skin, straight teeth, great hair, etc. But he had such a complex about his height, it made him hard to deal with. The final straw was one night brought him to a bar with a bunch of my friends from school and went over to talk to a classmate, we were laughing and talking for a few mins, went back over to my boyfriend who chewed me out about “humiliating him” by “talking to that tall guy, while I’m standing right here”. Boy, byeeeee!


Very true


I’m a short woman (5’1”) and I always preferred shorter guys as well. My ex was 6’2” and everything was so weird lol. My boyfriend is 5’6” and it’s nice not having to get on my tiptoes to kiss him!


There is, we call then short kings. Usually body positivity movements happen because the people with the body type that is considered unbeautiful start the movements so I guess we just havent had enough short kings who wanna start a movement yet


Short people have begun to stand up. Unfortunately, nobody saw them.


5'2 and I felt that. Unfortunately it was a disproportionate load for my smaller frame and I fell down. I can't see tha lights


Im 4'10 and my penis is 2.75" .. hard .. i most definitely got the short end of the stick ... literally and figuratively


You’re still a king


Thanks dawg


I swear I'm not taking a piss here but at least you'll always be comfortable on a plane.


I'll say this. I've never heard of a man dying alone because he was either short or not well endowed. They usually find someone. There someone out here for everyone. Be confident, because that's what attracts women.


"A small man can still cast a large shadow" \- the eunuch guy to Tyrion Lannister in GOT Take that advice, more power to you future emperor!




Heck I'm 5'7" and skinny, and finding pants that fit me is really hard. Or shirts for that matter. I'm learning how to sew because I'm sick and tired of going to the store during a sale and seeing the discount/clearance/on-sale racks having nothing but men's large and extra large while clothes in my size (which is either small or medium depending on the style), are only ever in the back section at full price.


Dude buy kids extra large. I have a short friend who buys kids clothes all the time. They are usually cheaper and sometimes you can even get discounts.


This comment and the comment under it is why we don't have a while movement. We pull each other's leg, laugh about it and move on. No harm no foul.


It's funny when we joke about it among us but I keep getting hurt when average or tall people are discriminatory.


Heck em bro.


Came here to say this - there’s a lot of “short king” positivity. I think there’s a little confirmation bias happening here: you expect to not see it so you don’t. There’s a lot of talk of echo chambers and media bubbles and what not but for what it’s worth I see a lot of short guy positivity on Twitter posted by chicks who find them hot. On Reddit I see a bunch of dudes telling each other how no one will love them because they are short. Make of that what you will.


They're operating on a double standard. The same people who advocate for fat positivity advocate for short positivity. Both these movements simply mean, "you have worth beyond your size, you are a full person, don't hate yourself." Like, visit TikTok. They explicitly will talk about short positivity. Both fat women and short men are still discriminated against in society. Fat positivity does not mean that all men have to now be attracted to fat women lol just as short positivity doesn't mean all women suddenly have to be attracted to short men. These guys on Reddit see someone say "fat women, you still have basic worth as a person" and become enraged and think this means that the hottest girl in school is obligated to choose him over a tall guy lmao


Jup, totally, I'm very happy to see this comment! I've seen so many threads on "where's male body positivity, it doesn't exist, double standards REEE" and when I point out that body positivity includes men AND that there are plenty of men in these spaces - always radio silence. But, you know, they'd have to confront their own bias against fat people, especially fat women, to realize that body positivity supports all genders and has strong ties to fighting disadvantages of disability.


His name was Napoleon 👑


He was average height for his time


He isn't even that short for today's standards


I’m taller than the greatest generation!


I didn't realize you had a thing about your height


I don’t! …because I’m above average.


I know him as Kevin hart


And that's Emperor to you.


Short Kings is patronising and I thought people were making fun of short people using it.


They pulled the Uno reverse card on the word


Seriously. I couldn’t imagine calling someone a short king to their face.


I can't stop thinking about Lord Farquod when I hear "short kings" so I try not to use that one. Height doesn't matter if weight doesn't matter and tbh it's all subjective. Some people are attracted to one thing and others are attracted to another


Now thanks to you I can't use "short kings" anymore cause all I'll ever remember is Lord Farquad lmao


I will now call myself a short king. Thank you dotty


most short guys i know are ok with being short and are not insecure about it. however, some girls are starting to get into the trend of height requirements.


1. People will talk shit on the internet and say they do/won't do things they will do/have done irl 2. Women liking tall guys is 100% not a recent thing lol


Right, the only thing that's new about it is people listing it on their Tinder account.


That is not new, been happening for as long as tinder has been a thing.


Women preferring tall guys is not something that just recently started lol


Eh, there was a lot of talk 10 years or so ago about uncircumcised being gross. Now it’s just normal. It’s just a trendy thing on the internet.


>uncircumcised being gross. Is this an American thing? I think it's pretty rare to be circumcised here unless it's for medical purposes for something like phimosis; even then, it's a last resort treatment. I'm assuming (actually fairly certain) the rest of Europe is the same.


It is becoming more common to not have baby boys circumcised and has been trending that was for the past two decades. It is almost 60/40 now (cut and uncut), but there is a huge variance is region, race, and ethnicity. So my white Midwest and northeast friends who are younger gen x all had their boys circumcised, but me, an older millennial from the south, told my husband I wouldn’t marry him if he wanted our kids to be circumcised and stuck to it. He understood it was important to me that my future kids make those choices themselves. What is funny to me is I told that to my American and Canadian friends and they were surprised I felt that strongly about it, but when I told my Irish and British friends from when I lived in the UK about that, they were not. But yeah, people who do it still seem t think it is the default, but plenty of folks now are not doing it.


It's nearly ubiquitous here in the us. I was shocked for a moment when I found out my Russian boyfriend wasn't lol. Not like I care and if I had a son I wouldnt but it's just not something I ever thought about,I didn't realize it was even an American thing.


Ha yeah I have to keep reminding myself that my American dick isn’t in its natural state


be the change you want to see dude


Probably because us men are not particularly good about supporting each other in general. We should be better about that. But sadly a lot of attempts to create supportive environments for men having difficulty end up getting colonized by people more interested in attacking others than supporting men. If you think shorter men need support, that's great! But your question is phrased in a way that implies you begrudge someone else (fat women) what they have, rather than seek to create something for people you care about (short men). It's not a competition. And one of the most important things *all* people (but especially men) need to learn is that the success of others is not a threat or loss for us.


I am a taller woman who actively prefers short/petite men and when I say this out loud *they get angry with me*. Like, they're so convinced it must be due to wanting to emasculate/humiliate them or something when i just like them and find them attractive. I've gotten actual online abuse from short men for... stating that I prefer short men. I think there's a massive complex there that society's baked into a lot of them that we're not taking into account here. Not to say fat women don't experience the same thing, but they at least seem to be handling it somewhat more constructively.


Sorry to hear that. As a 5'7" guy most of the women I've ever dated were fairly tall including my current gf. They were the only ones who didn't seem to care about my height and I appreciate that kind of chillness.




I like smaller men but I’m 5’3 so even when I was single there wasn’t as much to pick from :c married a 5’5 guy who is just lovely though.


I have had a nearly identical experience to OP. A Reddit thread was talking about Ben Shapiro being a tool because of his shortness/small dog syndrome and I commented "My husband is 5'6 and he's not an asshole." An hour later I had 16 notifications of a man all-caps yelling at me, in addition to several DMs and a dick pic proposition from him. Apparently mentioning that my husband was short was incredibly disrespectful to him and it made me a ?whore? This random redditor was upset on my husband's behalf that I outed my husband as being below average in height and stalked me across several subs for an afternoon over it. I prefer short men too but I can't say it out loud because my life could literally be in danger if I did. Men are wild. I think you'll find women *can't* be open about many of their preferences.


"Men are wild. I think you'll find women can't be open about many of their preferences." Yes!! Oh my God!! Some dudes on here have a huuuge problem with women having preferences. They'll even sometimes bring up fat women (or women they deem unattractive) to try to make a point. Like yes Tanner, you could prefer "pretty" women. That's the whole point of preferences..


I hate to say it, but the stereotype of shorter guys being meaner is honestly true in my opinion. The nicest, most chill and respectful-towards-women guys I've ever met have all been over 6', conventionally handsome and fairly built, I'm guessing because they feel completely secure in who they are and don't feel the need to prove anything to anyone. Even as a woman who prefers short guys, I'm extremely wary of them now just due to how horribly I've been treated by ones I've dated in the past who were obviously super insecure about the height difference while dating a taller woman. So basically, same story as ever: the shittiest men ruin it for everyone else. Lol Just keep being you, we definitely exist. A confident, funny and genuinely good/kind dude is always going to be attractive to someone regardless of height.


I'm a 5'11 woman. Once I used to work retail, a shorter guy (probably about 5'5?) asked me to get something down off the top shelf. I was able to just reach up and grab it, rather than finding the stepladder. When I passed it to him, he just grabbed it and walked off, muttering "See, I'm a *normal* height." in a voice that was somehow meant to attack me? I was an especially timid person back then, so I wouldn't have even seemed confident or cocky or anything. It just blew my mind. I've never dated anyone taller than me, just because I don't care about height, and the guys I like just happen to be shorter than me. I can't understand these people who have height requirements for dating.




Now I\`m short myself, but I prefer guys closer to my height then those towering over me. Kissing and hugging is so much better when I don\`t have to bend backwards


>Not to say fat women don't experience the same thing, but they at least seem to be handling it somewhat more constructively. I don't know about that. When I say I actively prefer fat women over skinny women, I usually get the same reaction. Apparently that's also body shaming?? At this point I don't even understand.


you drop this king 👑


> Probably because us men are not particularly good about supporting each other in general. Great point.


This is the correct answer.


What is it with short men being so angry with fat women? You would think they’d want to form an alliance with someone who can relate to being treated like shit for the way they look, but instead they yell that it’s not fair that they are treated the same way because they can’t help being short whereas fat women have it coming. I never disliked short men or found them unattractive before but having seen this sentiment repeated over and over so many times I’m beginning to think they’re all ugly as hell on the inside.


Lol.. right? I’m fat and also short, so I don’t want someone over - or even close to 6’. I just want someone who’s not a complete asshole.


r/menslib is a good example of a community more interested in building each other up without tearing others down.


Shouldn't feminists do that too since they cry equality a lot?


Exactly, it's not a zero sum game. Body positivity includes essentially anyone who doesn't fit conventional beauty norms, not just overweight women.


Short answer (no pun intended) is because men don't encourage it. The body positivity for fat women comes from other women. It sure as hell doesn't come from men. If you want a body positivity movement for men, then start one. Speak out when someone is being an asshole about it, etc. And get all your friends to do it too and try to spread the idea. It doesn't just appear out of nowhere.


Other "taller" men would insult me for being into short dudes, never women. It was bizarre.


Can u elaborate? (Maybe my head is to thick to understand grammar at 2 am)


Yeah np! For example whenever I'd tell another woman that I prefer shorter guys, even if they'd disagree, they'd always ask to see pictures. "Ooh is he cute?" Kind of giving the shorter guy the benefit of the doubt. Men... would go right to insulting shorter guys and/or trying to convince me I just haven't met the right tall guy (?).


Wow, that's such a dick move from the guys. As a tall guy, that screams like insecurities to me tbh. Like I would do that if I were both an asshole and dumb.


Funny… some men are also cool with larger ladies but also tend to care more about what other men think. Common theme: other men


Or fat men or men with small penis or bald men.


Why are you attacking me.




Jesus Christ these 3 comments made my morning


Found the fat bald man with a small penis


hmmm, rough, all of the above?


Yeah, that's right, you silly **or** man!






Can’t Stand Yaaaa!




there actually is a whole bunch of fat dudes in the body positivity movement and they do a lot of activism on social media, modelling for clothing brands, etc. y'all just haven't seen it obviously so of course that means it's not a thing.


So in short, men.


WTF did Danny Devito ever do to you,?!? He's a national treasure. His very existence is a holiday.


"I told you to stop calling me The Barnacle."


Because men haven't stood up and fought for it the way fat women have. These things don't appear magically out of the blue, they are uphill battles against hate and harrassment.




I don't mind dating short guys. But if a dude is insecure or obsessed with being short, red flag. Hard pass. But those are the guys that are loud about how women won't date short men when they really mean women won't date them.


Speaking as a relatively short guy (169cm), there's just no need. I can't change my height, and I'm not ridiculed for being short either, so why bother? It is what it is


Exactly. Most short guys just stop giving a fuck. I did but got burnt out, and nobody cares anyways (well, nobody who's a cool person).


Yeah, if anything it's a good detector for who's worth talking to lol. If I meet someone and they make a huge deal about me being short, chances are they're either really really dumb or a huge asshole. Either way, I'm probably better off not hanging out with them (unless they can reach the top shelf in which case I may tolerate them occasionally)


170cm is the world average. You ain't that short my man


I'm 169 too but I live in the Netherlands I'm s h o r t




If you look deeply into it, its women promoting body positivity for other women, because social standards are so harsh and they want to change that. It's women supporting women. Men are usually the ones commenting hate against such posts. Whereas with men, the reason we aren't seeing as much awareness for short men is because...men aren't supporting eachother. They struggle with opening up, being emotional, and complimenting other men without "the fear of being presumed gay". So because less men are complimenting eachother...we see less of a movement promoting body positivity for men. ... Women do try. For example, women often compliment men online by using the term "short king". Or by trying to reassure men that not all women want a taller man, or than when they do want someone taller - they just want a few inches. Sadly, a lot of the MGTOW, Incel, and Red Pill communities promote a lot of self hate against shorter men. Women who say they like short are shut down and accused of lying. It's a toxic cycle. ... So...what needs to happen is more men need to speak up and promote positivity amongst themsleves.


Thank you. I agree. ​ And I think another aspect of it is that even when taller men do try to give positive energy to a very short man, it can often times completely do the opposite. IE: picking you up. The number of times I have had some big dude/friend try to include me in something by literally picking me up is kinda comical. But it does the exact opposite. It makes a bit of a mockery of it, and it definitely doesn't bring the spirits up. ​ I've done fine for myself and I am comfortable in my own shoes. But man is it frustrating to hear tall people tell me how I should be feeling or what I should or should not let go of.


Yeah, I think it's nice that they do try to include you/other shorter men. The issue is that because men struggle with being emotionally open...they immediately resort to humour. And in many cases...humour can come across as mocking. Totally understand how it can be frustrating being given advice by people who simply don't understand. I'm glad you've managed to get to a point where you're comfortable with yourself!


I don’t know if I can comment something that isn’t an answer but something I’ve noticed on the internet is that people make enemies really easily, specially with “movements”. Not saying it’s your fault OP, it’s something I think all of us have fallen for without noticing, at least once, your question just sort of encapsulates it really well. Why did you bring up fat women to begin with? The question could’ve ended with “why isn’t there a body positivity movement for short men”, bringing up another unrelated movement sort of gives the image that both of these can’t coexist at the same time, or that one is in some way hindering the other. I understand why this is, hate just spreads faster on the internet, hate gets more engagements and those tell the algorithms to share it more. And this happens all the time, most men’s mental health activists get over shadowed by “anti-feminist”, most discussions about black discrimination online ends with people talking about white people’s struggles. All of these realities can coexist, there can be people who want women to feel more comfortable and people who want to help men, you can help white people and black people, you can also only support one of these sides without hurting the other. Sorry if this is a tangent I just feel a lot of young impressionable people who get on this site end up falling for this trap, to those I ask: if you even wonder what OP asked today, about why a group may not be getting the help they need, become that help, don’t fight others about their own personal causes.


Yes, spot on.


The OP phrasing came across to me as a form of lazy comparitive example rather than negating directly. But I think you're still right in the larger sense of the assumptions underlying that "default" choice of phrasing.


I've found that when you get a guy who's considered short (I'm 5'4" so what considered short is conveniently within easy kiss range 🤷‍♀️) is either confident in his skin or to the other extreme and running around with a Napoleon complex. There's no in between. 100% men who are considered "short" and have zero hang ups about it are sexy as hell! ETA: fixing misspelled words


Because women will support women but men will not support men. Men cannot expect the same people who spearheaded the body positivity and body acceptance movement for fat women to spearhead the same movement for short men because they are not short men. Men have to put in the work themselves to bring this notion to light and can’t expect women to do the work for them




"Fat women" advocate body positivity for themselves and for everyone, every type of body. I have not seen a "short man" advocating for himself or for others but I'm sure there is one somewhere.


I read once something along the lines of- men see women fixing their problems and get mad they’re not fixing theirs. It’s a bit cold but at the same time I think there is some truth in it. If you want something to change you need to make noise yourself. A post just like this is a great way to start the conversation but it also requires work to keep it moving


That’s so true! It’s like how my dad will rage at my mother for not cooking anything he can eat, but won’t even learn to make a damn plain pasta


I think that's part of the problem. They do but they don't get the media and social media promotion, so it doesn't reach most people. It doesn't sell more Old Navy jeans.


Joe Rogan and Bill Maher are both short men with huge media presence. They choose not to advocate, and instead, choose to use camera angles to make themselves look taller.


Joe Rogan is like 5'8". Being an inch under the average is hardly short, it's just that his proportions make him look short.


That is very true!


Yup I love your answer ! .. the ladies became open , vulnerable about their insecurities so they made a movement beside body positivity is not about the plus size ladies only .. “ every female body” !!


wish OP didn't compare to fat women and just talked about body positivity for short men... could have actually had a constructive discussion, but instead the thread has turned into a competition of who has it harder, and justifying victim blaming :(


This is the problem with a lot of "mens rights activism", it's almost always tied some women's issue (often one only partially related) and seems more interested in complaining about that issue than actually fixing the men's rights issue.


Bingo. These men hate body positivity because it challenges the long-held attitude that women’s bodies exist primarily to be admired. “But what about short guys” is not actually about short men; it’s an attempt to “gotcha!” their way back to a world where they could ogle at the skinny busty women in soap commercials.


I feel like body positivity could easily be adopted by men. No one is keeping them out besides themselves. In order to be body positive you have recognize and acknowledge publicly that your body doesn’t fit the European ideals set by the media and you truly have to take it to heart and be ok with that yourself. It seems counter to the attitude of masculinity men are expected to adhere to so that probably has a lot to do with why you don’t see more body positive men.


I think the body positivity movement is also more inclusive because it criticizes society’s standard of beauty in general. Its not just about weight. While when the comparison to short men comes up online, they don’t even care to acknowledge society’s unrealistic standards in other aspects. It seems it’s more of a movement to ensure that short men can have a larger pool of women who fits society’s standards of beauty. It seems they want to expand society’s standards of beauty to include themselves and then pull the ladder up so no one else can join.


Because short men haven’t started a movement. No one’s stopping you.




Because fat people care more about the issue?


Precisely! Most short men don't give a shit.


Im speaking in broad generalities here, but near as i can figure it is because even not fat women identify with the movement. Im not fat now, but i might be one day. Tall men will never be short, so they dont identify with the movement personally. And they make fun of short guys just as viciously at times.


Women support each other. Why don't men do the same?


There is, I see it on TikTok at least.


Because men don't support each other. As a 5'5 man, I've received more hate and bullying from other men than women.


Because there’s way more commentary on and discussions about women’s weight than there is about men’s height. People talk about women’s body’s almost constantly. Men, not as much.


Honestly the majority of hate towards short men that I've personally witnessed has been from other men, many of whom were also short.


probably coz of toxic masculinity? We are not allowed to complain about our treatment from the society


A lot of this movement comes from the way men treat women they aren’t sexually attracted to, AKA like dogshit. This is not exactly a blanket-issue, it’s specifically rooted in misogyny. Not saying that we should shame short men, you simply need to understand that it’s about men giving unwarranted comments on womens’ bodies and controlling beauty standards. Men (short, fat, bald, whatever) don’t get it nearly as bad as they do. If they did, you wouldn’t ask this question because there would be a similar cultural movement.


It’s the cultural norm for women to be supportive and for men to be stoic, so when men have ANY issue it is not part of the cultural norms to have a movement that supports it. And this, ladies and gentlemen, but especially the gentlemen, is what we mean when we talk about “toxic masculinity”.


There should be! there is an r/shortguys, but it's criminally small and I think there should be a great place for short guys to seek some support and positivity!


“It’s criminally small”…….. you magnificent wanker.


i guess because short men haven’t taken it upon themselves to organize. instead, they come on reddit and compare “heightism” to racism and cry woe is me (recent post on here)


I see this for a lot of men’s issues, so many times I’ve said “then start advocating/helping other men/creating safe spaces” and they just angry and say there’s nothing for them to do. Take international women’s day for example, every year I see women celebrating and doing things for *themselves* but a lot of men will just complain and try to say “what about international men’s day” but when November 19th rolls around there’s crickets from those same guys. I hope I don’t sound like an AH when I say this- but start taking initiative and do things for yourselves, no one else will start this for you if you don’t.


And even informations they often bring up on 19th they put it like "women have it better" and not "we need to work against macho culture with its unnecessary risk taking and denying support to men". Like "fathers don't get kids after divorce". Well, how about checking out how many men apply for custody at all? Or "they don't let men into shelters". Yes, inti shelters where women live, who were abused by men. Go organize your own shelter.


There actually is. Short men are called short kings in many social media and it’s a legit thing.


Or fat men for that matter


We have, but nobody noticed because they're all looking over our heads.


I feel like I’ve heard quite a bit about short kings.


I’m a short guy (5’7) and it’s probably just because we don’t really need one. No one has ever given me shit for it, I don’t think it affects my day-to-day life that much, and short people live longer on average. So I’m chilling.


i was under the impression body positivity was for everyone.


I can't remember who said it, but a quote I remember is that "while fat men and fat women are both mocked for their weight, only women are routinely met with *anger* for being overweight". While that was specific to weight, that goes across the board for a lot of body issues. Yes, men do face mockery, insecurity, and sometimes even discrimination for their body image - but at a much more fractional rate compared to women with the same issues. This is not to imply that one "deserves" positivity movements more than the other, but rather that women have a lot more incentive and pressure to start and propagate such movements than men. For men, starting such a movement would be more about reducing mockery. For women, it's about reducing mockery *and* reducing harassment *and* more direct consequences like discrimination or healthcare (as it's almost routine for serious medical issues to go unnoticed in overweight women because doctors will dismiss all their symptoms as being a result of weight and refuse to look further).


There could be if y’all would stop complaining about fat women and start your own movement. Don’t piggyback off another movement if you want to gain significant traction Edit: grammar


I’ve always told friends, good men are too hard to find to discard them by height. Mines 5’ 7” but he makes me feel tiny then he puts his arms around me (I’m not tiny) and he’s the best partner I could have asked for. Give everyone a try!! You never know who’ll be perfect for you.


This 100%. My husband is a short, bald man and I could not imagine a better partner. Did I imagine marrying a guy physically like him as a kid? No, he doesn’t look like a Disney prince. Is he the best man I could ask for? Hell yea.


Questions like this are so annoying, posing the question as if the body positivity movement is something that was just there and not something fat women worked for. News flash! if you want something to exist you have to do something about it. It's the same situation with everything that is about uplifting and defending women. "why isnt there the same for men😡😡" because men aren't doing anything for themselves, they just like to be oposing women. They dont actually care.


U can change your weight, not your height. Never feel bad about something u can’t change


I think that’s the reason they’re asking the question. Why is there positivity for something that can be changed in most cases, and not for sometbing that can’t be changed.


To be fair I think it’s exactly because you can’t change height, so the faster short men learn to live with it the better it is for them. On the other hand, because weight usually can be changed women are generally expected to, so the pressure makes the conflict louder


Im 5'9 (f) my bf is 5'3. Im so in love!


because "mens' rights" types don't give a shit about men, they just hate women. outside of something like /r/MensLib or explicitly far left groups you're not gonna find much real caring or consideration.


Come on now, let's not draw anymore attention to it. According to the statistics I Am the Average Height.


There are. Honestly I see a lot of it. Maybe you're just not surrounded by the best things/people? Idk but it is a thing


Side question: how short constitutes a short man?


Been asking myselft this too. It's always talk about how offensive it is to speak of others weight and looks. Length is nothing you can easily change, but it's very discriminating many times.


Depends on what your bubble is, i see lots of content for short men telling them they're fine etc


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My bad pocket comment


Why isn’t there equality for everyone?


Short answer, because anorexia and body dismorphia destroys people, being short doesn't kill people through buying platform shoes.


5'4 manlet here. It's simply we don't give a fuck. If a woman states my height or any of my other body features as the reason why she rejected me, that woman is probably shallow af. If she is decent enough to kindly reject me without giving a reason, but if I know that my height or any of my other physical features is the exact reason, then it means I'm not her type. I respect her choices and move on. As for men, whenever I receive a comment on my height, it usually is a joke and I have a sense of humor. If they're trying to be offensive, they'd find something else if not my height. Some people are just cruel no matter what. Yes, it's not nice to be short but then I had mad pussy when Hobbit movies first came out, thanks to a combination of my height, dad bod and long beard /s.


Fat people can lose weight but it is not *that* easy. Genes, environment, and other factors are included so it is quite difficult for some people to follow what other people do. It is different in their own way. Similar with short people after puberty, being short, yes, the only way that they could add up inches to their height now is going through surgery. Being fat(not obese) is in the spectrum of normal body weight, but people condition other people that is not, so we push to have a positive movement after such negativities. I think it is different to every community that empowers this movement. I guess there is not enough people advocating for being short. Even I, as a short person, does not really mind being 5'2, but I can advocate if it becomes difficult to people. May I also add that the word fat is not a derogatory term but a normal body type, same implication with thin, slender, curvy, etc. People label the fit body type as an ideal body type that everyone should have and it sucks. You can have other body types given that it is still healthy. The usage of the word made it as an offensive word. My gf is chubby, yet people call her fat. I hate those people, because it made her want to change herself right away even if she planned this when her mental health is better. She cannot even, because she is demotivated by it and having to worry about both physical and mental wellness at the same time while dealing with harsh people is overwhelming.