Ultra Unlock: Time Current Raid Bosses (Via LeekDuck)

Ultra Unlock: Time Current Raid Bosses (Via LeekDuck)


Anyone know if the Unown raids are more common this time around? I doubt it, but I figured I'd ask.


They're not.


Figures :/


to me more important question: Any idea of the shiny rate? I have regular one already, so it is kind pointless to raid more unless the rate is highly boosted (if you need ot do three digit number of them to get good probability, nope not worth it)


I don't think there's enough data to say for sure yet, but last time shiny unown were in raids it was probably 1/64.


Yay. I can finally have a golurk


I'm going to get a Golurk before getting a Golett in my dex :'-)


Had a Claydol for a while, got my first Baltoy today :D


Knowing my luck, the only raids I will see are Kling, Bronzor, Golurk and Megazard.


LeekDuck does it again!


Not that unown raids work lol




They’ve now fixed it. It was just straight “error” people out. Physically not do able


Now I can finally farm Charizard Mega Energy


Whoohoo, gonna dex me a Golurk! Did an Unown U for the dex. Saw another near me and passed on it. It's honestly not worth shiny hunting every letter of the alphabet lmao. I mean YMMV, but if I'm going to pay for pokemon, I want something I can at least use in either PVP or raids. Dialga is still the star of the show. I raided 3 of them today, caught a shiny. :0 I guess I was due--I've done 109 legendary raids, and this is my second legendary raid shiny. (I've actually gotten more legendary shinies from GBL than I have from raiding.) Still hunting for those Master League IVs. I got a 15/15/11, *so close*. If I don't get a better one before it goes out of raids, I might just run with that one. I'm no Legend anyway. I feel sorry for anyone who raids Cranidos or Shieldon out of the belief that the shiny rate is any higher in raids. Like if you just want better IVs that's legit, but if it's a shiny hunt you're better off just taking a walk.