Ultra Unlock Part 1: Time Event Megathread

Ultra Unlock Part 1: Time Event Megathread


How are the cranidos and shieldon spawns?


After 9 hours Cranidos is common (though not as much as Darumaka was) but sheildon is far more uncommon.


Not looking great so far. Bunch of Baltoy, Kabuto and Omanyte


Hopefully they're 1/60 since they've always been rarer than the previous fossil Pokemon


I admire your optimism.


They are 1/512


I think the only 1/60 mons are the ones only available from raids, like Shinx, Zigzagoon, and Timburr. They will probably be full odds.


Not exactly. Scyther, onix, sneasel, etc...


Not to mention bronzor. I feel like every other bronzor I click on is shiny.


I think some of the early on Pokémon that were rare like onix , scyther , lapras and aerodactyle are boosted but since odds have never been disclosed for which species we can only assume


I’ll take any of those as shiny, need all of them.


Onix scyther and Lapras are definitely boosted


Went out today and completed the UltraUnlock Timed research. Never saw any of those Pokemon apart from the Onix that’s a reward as part of the event. Never noticed any of them on the nearby list either. No shiny today. (Did Dialga 5 times too, just to try). 4 people in our local group got Dialga shiny in there first couple raids, annoying as they also got Regigigas shiny within the first 3 they did too - then there’s me that farmed him over and over and over and nothing).


Nowhere near Darmanitan in the recent event. They are out there but it will take effort to accumulate candy. The real commons are Kabuto, Omanyte, Porygon, Baltoy, and Voltorb. So Cranidos and Shieldon are like between the #6 to #9 most common in the event, since they are about the same rate as Anorith and Lileep. --- What they are probably trying to do is Ultra Unlock your wallets for you to spend on raids and incubators. How can you tell? Their field research for more Cranidos and Shieldon encounters requires winning raids and hatching eggs. --- EDIT: Cranidos seems to be more common at night, reaching #4 over Porygon. Shieldon conversely seems to be significantly rarer at night.


Ultra unlock our wallets, bruh that had me in stitches


Cheers mate. I probably got the phrase from last year’s ultra unlock, though of course I don’t know who said it first!


Is this our third or fourth year of ultra unlock? All the ultra bonuses are always behind a paywall. Raid these unown, hatch these regionals, etc.


And to think this is supposed to be a reward for completing certain tasks.lol


Fourth year. * [2018:](https://pokemongo.fandom.com/wiki/Ultra_Bonus_Event_2018) Kanto regionals in 7km eggs. * [2019:](https://pokemongo.fandom.com/wiki/Ultra_Bonus_Event_2019) Unown ULTRA in 10km eggs. Raid for Shiny Suicune and Shiny Entei but they [are not turned on](https://old.reddit.com/r/TheSilphRoad/comments/cz56h9/have_shiny_entei_and_suicune_gone_missing/) for 16 hours. Shiny Kanto regionals in 7km eggs. * [2020:](https://pokemongo.fandom.com/wiki/Ultra_Unlock) Shiny Unown ULTRA in raids. Catch/Raid/Hatch shiny Gible in 7km eggs. Catch/Hatch shiny Deino in 7km eggs. Seems like you’re right, there’s a clear pattern here.


Here are the numbers I got with the help of a tracker. Really disappointing Shieldon spawns. Note that it's the percentage of event spawns, not of all spawns. ​ |Pokémon|% Event Spawns| |:-|:-| |Voltorb|\~16%| |Porygon|\~8%| |Omanyte|\~16.5%| |Kabuto|\~16.5%| |Baltoy|\~8%| |Cranidos|\~9.5%| |Shieldon|\~3.5%| |Lileep|\~4%| |Anorith|\~4%| |Beldum|\~5%| |Aron|\~7.5%|


Everything has changed after 4 days, barely any event Spawns!!


Terrible. Haven’t seen either thus far


The reason for 483xp reward is that is Dialga's dex number in case you were wondering.


Sweet. Looking forward to Ultra Unlock 2 givong even more exp then! Level 50 here I come


Cranidos just changed to win a raid in under 60 seconds had two and saw them change


Can confirm. Had the same thing happen to two of mine


What's weird is i complained to support, and now my task is completed (yay), support says the issue is resolved.... so I wonder if they were just nice to me, or if all the raid tasks are now win a raid without a time limit??


So no doubt it was programmed to be 'win a raid in under 60 seconds', yet someone at Niantic wrote the text 'win a raid' and it took them five hours to realise what was actually going on.


They’re really doing a fossil event without introducing the fossils from the generation they’re in the middle of rolling out?


And the previous gen! When I saw a fossil event I thought, yay, can finally get Archen and evolve the Tirtouga I've been holding for a year. Edit: actually just caught a tirtouga, not sure if its slightly boosted in the event or if it's just pure coincidence that I was complaining about them yesterday


Yeah... wish I could say I EVER saw an Archen wild... sitting on the one from one of the post 40 researches... yay....


Last year, before seasons etc. Went to holiday trip for a week from inner country to coastal area and caught 4 wild Archens. Thats pretty much the only time I was actually exited to play this game lol. Also 2/7 daily spawns were Tirtouga. Going back there in couple of weeks but guess cos of seasons its not going to be the same anymore.


Is archen supposed to be rare? I didn't know this poke before pogo, i caught 4 on the same day a couple days before go fest - melbourne


Archen is incredibly rare, I’ve caught 1 in the wild and that was on the very first night when the Unova mon were released, so we’re talking a very long time ago. I’ve hatched the other from a 7Km egg and the my 3rd Archen was from a research task (I forget which one now)… but I do have an Archeops as I basically just walked an Archen and built candies that way. With Tirtouga I’ve had a lot more luck, caught 8 out of 8 in the wild, used Pinap each time. They really shouldn’t be this rare though, considering how long they’ve been available , I think the only Pokémon that is more rare in my experience is Axew


Not only that, they also didn't include the ones from the previous generation.


Shiny rates boosted at all?


Wouldn’t count on it... but too early to tell isn’t it?


Not for Cranidos, Shieldon, Kabuto, Omanyte, Lileep, Voltorb


I’m not seeing many Porygon. Saw a bunch a few days ago before I go to the part where you need to catch them, now of course I don’t see a single one lol.


I have exactly the same problem! They spawned like crazy a few days ago, but now when I need them.. nothing




Same, need 3 more, can't seem to find any more.


Just won a raid and it didn't count to my field research (win a raid). anyone else have this problem?


Same issue here, but the task text has just updated to “win a raid in under 60 seconds”


Same issue after a Dialga raid. I ended up doing a Shieldon raid which counted


Yep same here. I messaged support on Twitter. Just another glitch in their wonderful game.


Needs to be under 60 seconds.


Yeh I noticed the text changed after I restarted my game. Kinda annoying


same, won a Dialga raid but none of my 2 "Win a raid" tasks got completed


Event Field Research ([Serebii](https://serebii.net/pokemongo/events/ultraunlockpart1:time.shtml)): * Earn a candy walking with your buddy - 3 Ultra Balls * Hatch an Egg - Shieldon Encounter * Spin 10 Pokestops or gyms - 10 Pokeballs * Win a raid - Cranidos Encounter * Catch 3 Pokémon with Weather Boost - 2 Pinap Berries




The ones that incentivise you to spend money on premium items...hmmmmmmmmm.


Wow that's...awful


They might be the worst yet.


There was some event task that required catching \~15 pokemon that rewarded some small amount of dust, like 100 or something.


Haha I remember those, yes!




They really over price the value of balls too. Walking at least 1km is not worth 3 ultra balls in the slightest.


And spin 10 stops for ten balls. Do they know spinning the stop already gives balls.




It was the perfect opportunity for Tirtouga and Archen spawns smh. Oh well, at least I will be able to get enough candy for Cranidos evolution.


I saw an Archen spawn late last night at a stop that was literally 10 feet farther away than I could reach from from the closest point in my apartment. I even tried swinging my arm towards the stop to try to stretch but no dice.


Just finished the first day here. Shieldon and Cranidos spawns are pretty awful unfortunately, caught 19 cranidos and 14 shieldon in the whole day (incl a 2 hour walk passing at least 100 stops). Definitely won't be able to get enough XL for great league without eggs or hundreds of raids :( On a positive note many of my raid group already have shiny Dialga :)


Forgot to add, but I used 1 incense and only received 4 of the new shiny eligible mons. I would not recommend using incense unless you're trying to finish the special research at the end of the event.


anyone else cant find a shiny cranidos for the life of them


Been seeing Beldums more than the usual amount, could be part of the spawns


why do they call it boosted when all there doing is reintroducing them into the spawn pool?


It's boosted it from 0% to more than 0% 🙃


They were spawning, previously. Just very rare. Caught a wild Cranidos last week.


This is a HOT take and very true


Not a hot take but a fact


Yeah, I’m just going to go ahead and say it. This “reward” sucks voltorbs.


Wouldve actually been ULTRA unlock if they remembered Archen/Tirtouga too.


Oh they remembered. They just don’t care.


Has anyone noticed a massive decline in spawns? The first day or two shieldon, cranidos and porygon were everywhere around my area. Now it's been two days and I've gotten one of the porygon that I need


Yes! I came here looking to see if anyone else had the same issue. Need porygon and can’t find any in the wild


Yes, here too!


not even one on the special research of Tirtouga and Archen.... F niantic, big F


I’m still keeping hope that they might possibly be slightly boosted in the wild for this event.


I've seen a tirtouga on my radar, which is only about the third one I've ever seen, so maybe?


I just edited my comment from yesterday complaining about lack of archen/tirtouga to say I caught a tirtouga, not sure if coincidence or if they got a slight boost


I found Tirtouga yesterday, before the event, and Archen today!


Next year's fossil event. Shieldon with a bowtie. Nickname- Young Shieldon


Hey! A costume comment with some creativity, nice!


Are shinies boosted during this event? Or am I just really lucky? I got a shiny Doof and a shiny Baltoy in the span of like 3 hours.




Between Mewtwo and Dialga, I’ve now done over 110 raids in a row without a shiny. Just kill me.


I like this event. Good diversity in spawns, some shinies, cool raid boss. Yeah!


Lileep/Anorith are both spawning in the wild. Rank 1 Ultra league cradily here i come


How common are Beldum spawns? Still need ~260 more XLs 😞


I just walked 5km and found 4 beldum Edit: spent a couple hours stationary, and walked 2 more km, encountered another 10 or so, they're common enough. Can't remember if the in-game weather changed ..


Are any of the world spawns - not raids - worth chasing, for a new player?


For raids definitely want to grab as many Cranidos + candy as possible. Great rock DPS (but glassy.) Grab some Beldums for Metagross, although it needs its CD move (Meteor Mash) to be relevant. May have to wait to evolve. For PVP, grab Shieldon ... Bastiodon is one of the top GL mons.




Are people using incense to get porygon?


Not here. Had to walk around more though and find an area he seemed to be spawning


So far two shiny Pokemon. Bunnelby and sentret. 😩 I really want an omanyte


Wish I could share. Spent 4 hours on Sunday night hunting two shiny Omanytes on Pokemon Sword in the raid den event. Then woke up the next morning to one sitting on my doorstep in Pokemon Go!


Dang lucky you haha. Me and my wife are going to be grinding hopefully I can catch one. The event is fairly long


Omanyte avoids me as well. I’m about 200 checks in during the event(600ish checks since its release) and still nothing. HOWEVER, I have been blessed with Kabuto, Dialga, Voltorb, and Shieldon so it hasn’t been bad at all.


Nice! I'm doing surprisingly well too. Past 3 days i got Voltorb, Skarmory, and a Wooper. But still no Omanyte.


Would love a shiny Wooper! Nice man! I feel certain I’ll get an Omanyte before the event is up. Hopefully. Lol


My two shinys were Kabuto and Onix, evolved them both immediately


Seeing the Porygon spawns are common, any one else having issues?


Yeah I'm 0/7 on the task. Seen one every second day or so.


So basically this event is for whales. The field research requires hatching eggs and winning raids. We just had go fest man why can’t they chill for like a week or two?


Ultra Unlocks have always been the "cashcow after GoFest" for Niantic. I still remember that disastrous Gen 1 hatch event or the Unown hatch event, both of which had terrible rates


And don’t forget deino debacle


I actually thought that we will be getting deino 2.0 with shiny axew release this year's ultra unlock. Though it still can happen in part 3.


No way niantic will boost axew in an event. It’s the only super rare Pokémon right now, after all pseudos have been boosted in one event or another. It’s a moneymaker for the incubators to win the 10km egg lottery. Maybe after we get larvesta and volcarona. (which will be inevitably rare, and with 400 candies evolution, basically noibat but worse)


I mean at least we used to get double stardust and xp this is just a whale event.


I remember the post go fest rewards in 2017 were awesome. Double Stardust Double Candy Double XP Increased Pokémon encounters Reduced hatching distance Reduced buddy distance Best of all the double dust candy xp weren’t method exclusive. Hatch an egg? Double dust candy and xp. Feed a berry to a gym defender - double dust and xp, double candy too if you were lucky enough to get a candy from it. No matter what method was used to get dust candy or xp, the amount you received was doubled. Granted it was only for the weekend, [source](https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/gaming/831671/Pokemon-Go-Fest-Rewards-Legendary)


The timed research seems underwhelming. It would be nice if they rewarded a significant amount of stardust and xp. 483 xp? Really?


It's been two years of the same behaviour from Niantic. Y'all need to start learning.


You don't have to play hard. Pretend there isn't an event and just take it easy.


No Archen/Tirtouga or Tyrunt/Amaura? Lame.


Not sure if this is event related or pure luck, but [just caught](https://i.imgur.com/agSq25p.png) Tirtouga wild today.


Nice to see Porygon2 in raids-- I'm still hunting for that hundo Porygon-Z, even after com day. Hopefully I'll have a decent XL rate with normal Porygons too... Beldum is great too, though it WAS im Gofest earlier this week. Can't complain. Spawns are nice. There's just enough mixed in with seasonal spawns to keep me wanting to play.


Is Porygon spawning? I'm 1/7 for the past 4 days. Cannot find it anywhere.


How boosted are cranidos and sheildon?


I suspect not at all. 1/512 is my guess.


I think they mean the spawns


Nowhere near Darmanitan in the recent event. They are out there but it will take effort to accumulate candy. The real commons are Kabuto, Omanyte, Porygon, Baltoy, and Voltorb. So Cranidos and Shieldon are like between the #6 to #9 most common in the event, since they are about the same rate as Anorith and Lileep. --- EDIT: Cranidos seems to be more common at night, reaching #4 over Porygon. Shieldon conversely seems to be significantly rarer at night.


Shiny Cranidos is comfirmed a couple posts down


Unown F appeared in a raid here in Palmy NZ, got that posted error though.


Are voltorb from the future? Lol, seems a bit of a stretch to include them in a Time theme.


Any anorith or lileep spawns?


Yes, dont seem as common as kabuto and omanyte but they are there


I feel like they’ve take us back in time to when all you could catch were pidgey.


Havent seen 1 Voltorb yet. Lots of Pidgeys though. Imagine that.


These field research tasks are not very ultra. Especially considering how frequently the Cranidos and Shieldon tasks are.


I can barely find the cranidos tasks


I'm surprised at no xatu / natu spawns, as xatu (and natu?) can see the past and future


I'm seeing them, but they have been a regular spawn lately in the Charleston, SC area. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Shieldon is too rare and its research almost non-existent. I got 2 shiny Cranidos and one Nosepass, but still no Shieldon. Hopefully I can find one this weekend.


I really want crandios, 700 checks and none so far :(


I'm at about 70 of each and still no shinies of either.. but hey, shiny kabuto.. \*sigh\*


I see a lot of cranidos and shieldon and in spite of encountering over 300 of both, have not seen any shinies.


Just caught a shundo dialga! Pretty hyped!!! https://www.reddit.com/r/ShinyPokemon/comments/oqhwf8/pogo_first_decent_iv_dialga_first_shiny_dialga/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


Is there any way to catch Cubone currently (for Let's GO Meltan Special Research)? Like does any Field Research task have it? Now would be the perfect time to finish that quest line with Omanyte/Kabuto/Aerodactyl available.


Just an FYI - catching Marowak does complete that task. I caught an Alolan one when they were in raids a week or so ago and was surprised it satisfied it


I don't think I've seen a wild cubone since the Kanto event.


There is no Cubone in the regular July field research list, alas. Hope for one in August I guess.


Same boat as you. What I'm going to try to do instead in stack Omanytes and Kabutos with the win a 3 star raid or higher and then just wait for Cubone/Marowak to come around.


I haven't seen any voltorb at all and need them for the research. Is that normal?


Definitely not normal. I have seen plenty where I am. Pretty unlucky if you haven't seen any. I was really lucky. My first was shiny which was awesome as it was my number 1 shiny I have been after for months.


Nice, it is a cool loking shiny too! Hope I start seeing them too then.


Hope so. It's been a pretty even spread for me. Out of the featured pokemon, Anorith is probably the only one that's had slightly less appearances. So not sure why you aren't getting any Voltorb. Bit unlucky.


I'm in the same boat as you. I am sitting at 0 voltorbs and none on radar.


Welp, good luck everyone! I just got my second false strike, so no event for me! At least I caught a shiny Dialgia and shiny Cranidos yesterday, but given that my account is likely to be completely banned at any given time, it’s not much of a comfort.


Looks like another day of decay. I’ve got one porygon and a bunch of starly


I'm confused about the Cranidos research. Other posts here have it as "win a raid in under 60 seconds" (even if sometimes displayed as just "win a raid"), but I completed an event -tagged "Win a raid" (took over 60 seconds) and got Cranidos. So either they changed it again or the information on the site and in this thread is simply wrong.


We're getting mixed reports. One of our researchers also just completed one without a time limit, so that's the version we'll stick with now unless we see evidence of the "under 60 seconds" text.


Got it. Hopefully no more Niantic shenanigans and it stays "win a raid" without time limit :)


Shiny rate?




If you are lucky you might encounter a shiny one.


I got shieldon and cranidos under 100 checks for each species. Any info about the shiny rates? How are you guys doing?


Hopefully the news shinies have a boosted rate.


Anyone having trouble seeing spawns? Many seem invisible to me , but my pokeball plus is picking them up. It’s weird


Already got the shinies I wanted. Dialga and Shieldon!


Is Cranidos supposed to be in 5Ks? I just hatched one.


It’s not in the current pokestop 5k pool, but is an AS 5k hatch.


I really hate raiding against a draco meteor dialga. You need at least 6 people to take it down


You can do it with four.


Do you have better shiny odds from raids?




Dang, what’s the point of raiding for any of these mons that have boosted spawns?


Better ivs and rewards from raids, and your badge for raiding different pokemon


I believe since Pokémon from raids are always at a fixed level, the chances of finding hundos are technically higher than finding a hundo in the wild. Hundos still pretty rare though.


Absolutely, the floor IV of a raid Pokémon is 10/10/10


Is there dialga raid hour tomorrow?


Just got Shiny Lileep which is one of my favs


Nice! Gonna evolve it? I got a shiny Onix from the last research mission, could not hit that evolve button fast enough.


Don't like shiny Cradily as much - should have been the same purple as Lileep is. Its stats are also mediocre. Shiny Steelix is gnarly. That solid gold look.


Can confirm shiny Magnemite from #2


2 shiny Voltorb in 1 day. I want a shiny Shieldon... Shiny Dialga appeared after 9 raids.


I feel like the field research rewards are so underwhelming rewarding Pokeballs and berries. Only decent ones are win a raid or hatch an egg


Has seen any dialga or unown raids yet ?


They have not hatched yet for players in NZ.


Thank god porygon is back, I need 4 for last December’s special research


Yeah, I still need 10 for that December event too!, Barely any spawning around me even with incense, hopefully I'll see at least that many in the next 10 days!


Caught all the Porygon, now need bloody electabuzz and magmar haha, well... Will be waiting for another event for those guys.


Remember back last year where the featured Pokémon had boosted shiny rates around 1/120? Like Magikarp, Lotad, Kricketot... Whatever happened to that?


How to spawn porygons? Its been 2 days and a lot of incense and no porygons


How in the crap are we supposed to finish this? Voltorb are already pretty rare but PORYGON is a later requirement? I've been opening my game at all hours of the day looking for those Voltorbs and not *one* Porygon has spawned here.


Porygons aren't that rare.




There’s a timed research post with all the info on LeekDuck site (and posted here)


As someone who’s too weak for master league, is Diagla a worthy investment if I have one WB already?


Dialga is a stone cold killer for many non-GBL purposes too, whether it's raiding, team rocket grunts/execs, gym clearing, etc. If you get a good one, it's a solid investment


Dialga is almost mandatory for ML at the point


If I remote early for Dialga, do i still get the shiny chance?


Yes you do.


So far just a little over 24hrs in, I'm at 0 shinies, 1 4*, 1 nundo (first ever)


What is the cranidos shiny rate from raids? Same as wild?


Yes, shiny rates are per species, so don't differ between encounter types