Eevee Community Day is back—with special attacks for each of Eevee’s Evolutions! - Pokémon GO

Eevee Community Day is back—with special attacks for each of Eevee’s Evolutions! - Pokémon GO


Please reset the bloody name trick. Just for the days atleast. Don't wanna evolve a good IV one only to have it end up sucking


Or introduce Thunder, Fire, and Water Stones like in the main series games.


We already have a popup screen for choosing between multiple evolution options for mega Charizard. Just put that in place for the 3 kanto evos, and also include whatever else its currently legally able to evolve into in that screen too.


That's not even necessary, you already get multiple normal evolution options if you qualify for them. Walk an Eevee 10Km and get 70 hearts and you can see Umbreon/Espeon AND Sylveon options.


70 hearts are reduced to 7 during the event.


Realistically they'd probably just make it related to the corresponding lure type. It'd allow them to push another sellable product (fire lure) while also kind of giving players what they wanted.


This person niantics!


Not quite, that's a realistic and sensible option so practically 0 chance it goes in.


Why can't we just keep it the same but be able to choose which one we want to evolve it into?


Magnetic and Rainy lures already exist. Just piggyback that mechanic and add a flame lure for Flareon.


Or default to Flareon if there's no special lure maybe? So Magnetic lure for Jolteon, Rainy lure for Vaporeon, no lure for Flareon


Nah flame lure will be a thing because castform could also use it and form change has been data mined


Could just use the already existing sun stone


Or just trim the fat and replace existing evolution items with Kanto/Johto/Hoenn stones


Kanto wouldn't work on Eevee case. That's 3 evolutions on one stone?


Make it act like the Elite TM but for eeveelutions.


Well, they did recently update the game to show multiple Eeveelution options if your Eevee is eligible (ex. Umbreon & Sylveon). So I think it'd work fine.


All I want is a decent shiny vaporeon....says the somewhat indignant owner of a bunch of shiny flareons.


Flashbacks to spending all 8 of my shiny Clamperl from the research day on Huntail.


I got six huntails, zero gorebys. At that point I gave up and kept one last clampearl in it's not involved form and traded for a gorebys. At least that one randomly turned lucky


This happened to me with Gorebyss. I have a couple of shiny Wurmple too but I'm too afraid to evolve them


God me too, except I wasn't playing for that event, so it was just the rewards and beach hour from go fest. All huntails.


Damn im in the opposite situation I have multiple vaporeons and 1 of every eeveelution shiny except flareon


Lol, same here, except I’m the owner of a ton of shiny jolteons…….


I evolved a 100% Eevee as soon as Slyveon was released with the name trick because I didn't expect yet another Eevee community day. I also evolved a 100% to Glaceon with name trick earlier this week. Glad I didn't evolve for a PvP Umbreon. This community day will be hunting 100% to get as many as possible with the special moves. I still have name tricks for Leafeon & Umbreon left, so I'll use those


On the bright side, sylveon will only require 7 hearts during the event so that’s not an issue.


The problem is finding another 100%. I've only got one spare for Umbreon that I was waiting to get Last Resort on, so I either need to find more or decide between the two


I'm guessing that Psychic will be much better than Last Resort, because they're exactly the same energy cost & power output, but unlike Last Resort, Psychic can actually have some super effective coverage especially against Fighting. Steel already resists both. The only disadvantage I can think of is that Umbreon vs Umbreon Last Resort will be the winner...


I simmed it and you lose umbreon mirror, alolan muk, and mandibuzz. You pick up fighters and poisons. I’ll probably just etm my old one.


All of those are easy to do. The first 3 suck with out name trick


Leafeon and Glaceon can also be evolved with their respective lure though. Name trick not necessarily needed.


The moves are pretty useless if it's any consolation. It's a sidegrade for Umbreon in GL but much worse in UL. Sylveon looks to get a couple of bait dependent wins in UL but much worse in ML. Edit: Sidegrade in UL - gains Toxicroak, loses A-muk (I must've messed up sims 1st time)


It doesn't seem "much worse". It picks up the poisons (Toxi,Dragalge, Nidoqueen). What does it lose other than mirror and Mandibuzz?


You lose worse against Scrafty and Obstagoon and A-Muk, but that's a fair tradeoff in my opinion.


This 100%


It's about time we can CHOOSE to evolve into one of the Gen1 evos. Why not?


Yeah, just let the name trick work forever on Vapo, Jolt and Flare. It's not like anyone actually uses those.


> It's not like anyone actually uses those. Yeah, because people are paranoid about FOMO. My first 100% Eevee became Jolteon. The second became Flareon. I would use the name trick to make my third one Vaporeon, but if I have a desire for a shiny Vaporeon with good IVs, I'd be out of luck (like when I had to evolve several Eevee just to get my first shiny Vaporeon).


* Rainy lure: Vaporeon * Magnetic lure: Jolteon * (New) Lava lure: Flareon That would be perfect.


No. That would require us to buy stuff to evolve. Stop giving Niantic ideas.


I think if it was added on top of the current mechanic it would be nice, a lure to make it not random for shiny/good iv eevees but random otherwise doesn't force anyone to buy anything. Also I've never spent a penny on lures and have always been able to evolve with special lures when I've needed, I don't think this would really give Niantic a ton of money


I totally agree. If they added that ability to the other existing lures, then that’s strictly a QOL upgrade for players. Adding an additional lure module wouldn’t be bad if it is made available like the others.


Delete this before Niantic sees it.


Happy for players who missed Eevee's first day, but I'm super glad this is the reduced egg hatch distance CD. Makes it easy to skip this one for long time players.


Day 1 player here looking forward to walking and hatching lots of eggs. Reduced egg hatch distance is my favorite community day bonus.


Yeah, me too. Gotta spin the dice on Sandile and Galarian Darumaka hatches.


Those are finally getting releases?!?!?!? /s


Galarian Darumaka is available in 7km eggs, and Sandile in 12km strange eggs! You can check the availability in the egg page per egg.. Both are 5* rarity i think


It was sarcasm >.> Hence the “/s” but thank you for ensuring I knew they have been available. :) G-Darumaka has been elusive as heck for me.


Sorry to bother lmao, didn't see the /s and directly wanted to help. I hope the next egg you hatch will be a perfect IV Darumaka or Sandile!


No worries and thank you! I have gotten 2 ever despite a ton of eggs haha. But eventually I should get one that isn’t garbage!


> Galarian Darumaka is available in 7km eggs *in _regular_ 7 km eggs. During events, I’m not risking my egg space on 7 km eggs until the hatch pool is confirmed.


Long time player here This com day is the perfect opportunity for me to grind XL candy so I can get one of each eeveelution to LV 50


God speed, that's a lot of XLC, haha.


...Wow. 2,368 candy XL in order to have 296 for each Eeveelution


What is that, like 10,000 Eevee catches?


Mozambique here




I got to level 41 just in time!!! This is my moment.


Same here hit it Sunday!


Congrats! And Happy Cake Day!!!!


Yes! I hit 41 during GoFest and was just about to start evolving my Eevees today lol


Yay!!! Same, I hit 41 on Saturday.


can i get 10 million xp in 3 weeks


Can you? Yes it’s possible. Should you? Absolutely not.


What is the difference between 41 and 40?


41 requires you to evolve one of each eeveelution as part of the requirements to level up to 42.


Ohhhh fudgecicles I only just hit level 40 gah


As a returning player, I thought my recent chase to level 40 before Go Fest was the last time I needed to grind to a new level.


New cap is level 50, and each level now comes with tasks you have to complete in addition to the XP to level up. Level 41 requires evolving each eevelution.


I'm aware of the new level cap being 50, what I meant was the urgency to rush to the next level.


Wait what’s the point in reaching 41 before this event?


It’s not a big deal, but level 41 requires you to evolve one of each eeveelution before you can level up to 42. So if you can’t make it in time, save enough from the event to make it easier when you get there. I’m just enjoying the cosmic coincidence that I got 41 right before it!


It's good that they're reducing the requirement for Sylveon, but what about Espeon and Umbreon? Should we be pre-walking some Eevee's now?


I’m personally excited for this! Wasn’t able to play for most of it the last time and only managed to get two shinies. Time to finish the Shiny Eevee collection!


Last Eevee community day, I evolved five 3 star eevees and got all Jolteons. Not getting excited for this again.


Well at least you can influence the evolutions of the ones that are actually good


PvP thoughts: -- Vaporeon: Scald- Not great unless it's changed to do -1 Attack or something to resemble Burn in the game. Doesn't help that it's the same type as all the other non special moves. -- Jolteon: Zap Cannon- Such an expensive move. Doesn't help that it's the same type as all the other non special moves. -- Flareon: Superpower- Well, this one is interesting. Powerful attack, cheap, and a different typing which could be great vs. Rock types. -- Espeon: Shadow Ball- Interesting but a somewhat expensive move. It's squishy as it is, and without a fast charging fast move, maybe not the best nice choice. -- Umbreon: Psychic- This one should be good but I dislike how prominent it already is so prepare to see more Umbreons probably in UL. -- Leafeon: Bullet Seed- Doesn't add coverage but much faster energy gain than Razor Leaf. Honestly, Bullet Seed + Lead Blade/Last Resort sounds more scary than Razor Leaf. -- Glaceon: Water Pulse- Adds coverage but it's a semi expensive moves with not that much DPE -- Sylveon: Psyshock- Cheaper than Last Resort and adds coverage vs. Poison types. Honestly, needed for it because of it having Charm that's bad at energy generation. Hope they buff Draining Kiss sometime. EDIT: Elite Fast AND Elite Charged TMs in 1280 box??? That's worth I think!


> Elite Fast AND Elite Charged TMs in 1280 box??? That's worth I think! It's still more than $10 for two TM's, imo a bit of a scam...


They always are a scam but this feels a little less scamful since it's 2 of them. About a months worth of daily Coin hoarding.


The Dec CD ticket gave one of each ETM for $0.99. Still overpriced, but vastly less than 640 coins a piece (plus other junk that is not the selling point).


Could you buy multiple or just 1? That seems like a steal compared to this


It was part of the event ticket, so just the one.


> -- Flareon: Superpower- Well, this one is interesting. Powerful attack, cheap, and a different typing which could be great vs. Rock types. > > My problem with this one in particular is that the main reason I want Fire is to beat Ice and Steel. Superpower just overlaps and makes me a sad panda and makes me think Flareon will see no change in usage. Umbreon and Sylveon are so far and away the winners here that it's crazy.


Yes that's true, it just gives it a different typed move if you're stuck against like a water type. You'll most likely lose that match up but at least you can at least make a dent in their HP. I can see using it with Overheat/Super Power if you want to go for pure fire power and hope they don't shield


For that it has Last Resort though. I think the biggest benefit would be nuking Bastiodon but I can't see Flareon cutting it in GL with its stat distribution. So then it becomes a matter of Ultra League and there the biggest thing I can think of is the advantage against Empoleon which is important with how common Empoleon is, but I don't think it's nearly enough to make a difference.


That's true. Last Resort is 55 energy and Superpower is 40 which is something else to consider. If anything, it just adds an option. Bright side is even if an Empoleon shields, you get -1 defense so the waterfalls knock you out faster and less energy farm from it haha


fwiw superpower flareon does perform a *lot* better than the second best moveset in sims. It's a significant improvement, just still not enough to actually make it good.


And doesn't Superpower have self-debuff, don't know how it will effect strategies.


It does, although it's also a cheap move so if you want to lead Flareon you could get out of the debuff quickly enough. I suppose that's a small positive of it.


Galaxy brain: using last resort umbreon to counter psychic umbreon


Psychic gets Fighting types but loses to Dark types. Last Resort is neutral to both. It comes down to the rest of your team really. Bigger brain move: Get Psychic AND Last Resort


The last thing my toxicroak needed was an umbreon with psychic...


Luckily, your Scrafty will love an Umbreon with Psychic.


isnt Jolteon with Zap Canon better for raids that one we have now?


But Jolteon is so bad for raids anyway. Electivire, Magnezone are non-legendaries that far outperform it. The former had its CD and the latter is a somewhat common spawn this season. Also they have Shadow forms. And of course we also have Shadow Raikou/Zapdos, Zekrom, Thundurus-Therian... even regular Raikou/Zapdos are better than Jolteon.


Hi! That is true but Jolteon is a good budget pick especially for newer or lower leveled players. Those options are great but besides Magnezone, those are rare/Legendaries/costly to power up.


I actually don't know much about PvE so can't speak on that. It's got best DPE. It's better than Thunder which is it's other 1 bar Electric move


I think thunder is it's worst pve move, it goes thunderbolt>discharge>thunder AFAIK


Atleast give jolteon wild charge man...


Pin missile or Dig would have been at least interesting. Zap cannon is extremely slow.


dig is such a garbage move in pvp and we have galvantula for bug electric coverage for coverage in pvp the only good option is weather ball wild charge improves its performance in pve and its a better move in pvp than jolteons current electric moves


Dig can easily get a move update at any time. There's no reason for it to be 80 energy for 100 damage. And making it jolteon's CD move could have been a prod to finally make Dig useable. Giving Jolteon any kind of coverage would be preferable to slapping wild charge on yet another thing that doesn't really need it.


I am a huge eevee fan but 2 days worth? I guess a big XL grind but oi vey.


They did this the last time. It's due to the amount of evolutions and the time based ones.


2 days will never be a problem for me. Less likely I’ll have to force myself to play on a day I really can’t. I hope they continue this going forward


I'm down. I just play for my shiny dex on home and this is nine new entries, compared to the usual 2 or 3 from a CD. gimme gimme


I’m gonna catch around 8 shiny eevees and evolve them into all the eeveelutions in sword and shield Can’t rely on the bad pogo eevee evolution rng, heck, might accidentally end up evolving my shiny eevees into jolteon and flareon


My research shiny eevee evolved into a flareon....


My summary prediction of poor /u/JRE47 ‘s PVP update and CD breakdown. >”They’re all bad moves. Get XL candy for UMBREON OR SYLVEON. What you think I’m going to write up 500 words for each mixup?” Voiceover: *”yup. He’s dedicated and he did”*


It's like you don't know me at all, mate! 😂


So nice to live above the Arctic circle and not being able to get umbreon because there is no night time.... But actually the 15th of August is our first sunset of the year


Would be cool if Last Resort is TMable during the days.


I wish Niantic buffed Dig and gave it to Sylveon. Then it could hit both of the types that it's weak to with super effective damage. Too many people are sleeping on Sylveon getting Psyshock, but that gives it a SE move against Poison types, which just got a huge buff recently. Psychic Umbreon loses the mirror match, but it's now dangerous to fighting types. The other moves are just blegh. Good chance to grind XL candy, though.


This sounds like a nightmare. Also reset the name trick please?


I'm really interested to see how this event goes, because yeah, evolving Eevee is one of the most poorly implemented user experiences in this game IMO


Yeah, this sounds awful.


I've been heavily into writing (and now finishing!) a big article on next week's **Ultra League Remix**, but I will absolutely be analzying all of these for PvP as mid-August approaches!


Woo! Eevee XL candy. I can finally get my perfect Umbreon to level 50


Literally eeveeryone calls them "eeveelutions," Niantic. Come on!


Happy about the moves & reduction in hearts for Sylveon so I dont mind the repeat tbh.


Okay I am VERY intrigued at Scald for Vaporeon. It's an awful move but about time for an update


I'm hoping they update it (and water pulse) and make it widespread. Instead of slapping Surf on everything they could have three different mid energy options.


Agree agree agree. I'd really like to see them updated prior to CD so people know what they're getting, but I doubt it. Scald has so much potential as a move that maybe decreases opponent attack and/or defense. Maybe a Tri attack clone? But yeah, at the very least, do it with the Season 9 GBL update. Still tho, sooner would be better.


Scald AND zap cannon being featured gives me a little hope that we'll see an update. Both are straight downgrades in all scenarios as it stands


This is the only community day since they started that I haven't been interested in in the slightest There are 898 pokemon, I don't know why they feel the need to do repeats


Well, mostly they want to retain new and returning players who missed out on the prior CDs. That decision comes at the cost of dissatisfied long term players. However, they figure long term players are unlikely to quit the game because of a single repeat CD, so the cost benefit analysis is on converting new and returning players into long terms players. That's especially true since some long term players might be interested in XL candy for a Lv. 50 PvP Umbreon (and trying to find a hundo if they don't have one). They are also scheduling the CD at a time when long term players can focus on the Ultra Unlock events, as well as giving Eevees new moves to grab the attention of living pokedex collectors.


I'm literally only excited for it since I just hit level 41 and now need to evolve every eeveelution.


Maybe for the newer players that missed it last time?


Which would make sense for other pokémon, but Eevee has been featured in so, so many events to the point where it's one of the most common shinies to have


My major opposition is that within a year they've released a new Eeveelution as well as made it so that people *have* to evolve each Eeveelution to get to level 43. That means that a *significant* portion of their playerbase has used a lot of the names, which means getting specifically Flareon, Jolteon or Vaporeon, especially if you have some Lucky Eevees or worse yet, Lucky Shiny Eevees... well, you can roll the dice to get the one you want. If they make the name trick infinite use for the CD that's fine. But they won't.


My 93% lucky Jolteon named "Oof" says hello


Yet i still only have 2 :( 1 from the research and 1 from last years gofest.


Features and bonuses available throughout the weekend **The following bonuses will be active from Friday, August 13, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. to Monday, August 16, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. PDT (GMT −7).** When you evolve Eevee into any of its Evolutions, that Pokémon will know a special attack! Vaporeon: Scald Jolteon: Zap Cannon Flareon: Superpower Espeon: Shadow Ball Umbreon: Psychic Leafeon: Bullet Seed Glaceon: Water Pulse Sylveon: Psyshock Eevee caught or hatched during this time will know Last Resort. Evolving Eevee into Sylveon will require only seven hearts instead of the usual 70. There will be special Timed Research available that rewards a Mossy Lure Module and a Glacial Lure Module. There will be a special one-time-purchase Community Day Box available for 1,280 PokéCoins, featuring 50 Ultra Balls, five Incense, an Elite Fast TM, and an Elite Charged TM. Features and bonuses available during Community Day hours only **The following features and bonuses will be available on Saturday, August 14, 2021, and Sunday, August 15, 2021, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time on each day.** Eevee will be appearing more frequently in the wild. If you’re lucky, you might encounter a Shiny one! Take a few snapshots during Community Day for a surprise! For US$1.00 (or the equivalent pricing tier in your local currency), you’ll be able to access the Eevee Community Day-exclusive Special Research story, What You Choose to Be. Stay tuned for when tickets for the What You Choose to Be Special Research story go live! Tickets are nonrefundable (subject to applicable law and the exceptions set forth in the Terms of Service). Please note that this Special Research will not include an in-game medal. Eggs will require one quarter their usual Hatch Distance. Incense activated during the event will last for three hours. Lure Modules activated during the event will last for three hours. ___________________________________________________________________________ Do they usually reset the Name Trick for Eevee CD's? Please tell me they do that. Also, TIL Umbreon can use Psychic.


>Do they usually reset the Name Trick for Eevee CD's? Please tell me they do that. They did not do that the last time, as verified by the fact it took me 17 shiny evolves to get a Jolteon thanks to RNG


As an owner of almost full hundo Eeveelutions collection, I'm glad the new CD moves aren't relevant much. As a player who had to skip previous Eevee CD, I'm glad for a chance to complete my shiny Eevee Dex.


Really happy about this repeat event. I was in a bad place mentally during Eevee's original CD and I couldn't muster the energy to do much of anything. Post-College stress was bad. I've only found 3 shiny Eevee in the 3ish years from its release, excited to get the whole line.


Hope you’re in a better place mentally now!


Yeah, I got a job shortly after Eevee CD and that helped most to my bad feelings. Being several months out of graduation and not hearing back from the countless places I applied to was really getting me down.


I've been in the same boat and it's awful, I'm glad you're doing better. I'm a fellow owner of 3 shiny Eevee - excited we both get to hunt for the whole family now!


Job hunting is a full time job in and of itself and it can be super humbling. Glad you’re on the mend!


I'm glad you're in a better place now, and get to celebrate it with small white fox things


So many better choices for a Comm day that wouldn't be a repeat, fatigue fast setting in, might be time for a break from the game


Take a break. There isn’t much else happening between now and then other than Dialga, Palkia, heracross, etc…


I’ll gladly take more shiny Eevee’s I can transfer to Home




I am still hoping for flower crown eevees to show up during cd. *sighs*


They should put them in Field Research like they did with sunglasses Squirtle. Would make so much sense to at least give long-time players THAT now that the CD itself only really caters to newer players.


Vaporeon is forgettable. I’m sticking to Aqua Tail, or even other Water-types. I’d rather have Ice Beam. It gets extra points for the reintroduction of Scald to the game. If it gets buffed, then it’s worth stocking up on. Jolteon is too frail for such an expensive move like Zap Cannon. Wild Charge would obviously be much better, even in PvE. Flareon with Superpower is interesting for Bastiodon and friends, but it’s still very niche. Incinerate would be my choice. Espeon with Shadow Ball is interesting and better than Last Resort, but still not relevant and it is also completely outclassed by Hypno. Umbreon with Psychic is theoretically amazing, but you sacrifice damage vs. Dark-types for counter coverage against Fighting-types. Leafeon with Bullet Seed is very spammy. It’s basically a bulkier version of Sceptile, but with worse coverage. It functions exactly like Bellossom. Water Pulse Glaceon is terrible. Psyshock is significantly cheaper than Last Resort, especially on such poor energy gains like Sylveon’s. I’m curious to see how this plays out.


Oh so leaks were true.




RIP those who used an elite TM for Last resort Umbreon, Psychic is now better for coverage against Fighting and super effective damage in general.


Last resort provides more coverage. Sure, you do less damage to machamp and toxicroak, but if you run psychic then you are walled by Mandibuzz, Scrafty, Goon, and the mirror


Umbreon with last resort strictly has more wins in UL premier according to PVPoke.


Do a matrix battle against the UL meta, Psychic takes no losses and picks up a win against Toxicroak.


Psychic automatically loses the mirror at the least.


The mirror is more common that toxi. And because of umbreons weak attack stat it basically needs to be using it on a mon that's already taken substantial damage or his 4x weak to psychic. Overall I see this being one of the many new moves introduced to an already good mon that's popular for all of a week before becoming very niche


Scrafy and Goon can just farm you to 100 energy with Psychic.


Is it? I would say Psychic is worse, loses to other darks even harder and last resort hurts the squsihy fighting types anyway


not really, you're now walled by darks


Um, wrong. Psychic gives it coverage against NON-DARK fighters, which seem more popular than pure fighters anymore anyways. So either hit Machamp for SE and Obstagoon and Scrafty for NVE, or hit all 3 for neutral. Pick your poison. I doubt non-STAB Psychic landing on a Machamp one shots it anyways.


What this does is adds another layer of mental games to the fighter v. Umbreon match-ups. If Machamp is worried about psychic, it is more likely to shield. So now you have to decide whether to throw a Foul Play to bait the shield (doing NVE if you guess wrong) or throwing Last Resort/Psychic and wasting 20 energy if it is shielded. And on the flip side, the Dark Fighters and the Mirror will be less likely to shield, increasing the chance you can hit them with Last Resort (if you have it).


Lame...so many Pokémon in game that could use a Community Day and we get Eevee again...


The game isn’t geared exclusively for new dex entry / collection players tho. It’s okay to have an event that’s good for pvp players sometimes.


I know people probably won't be hyped about a repeat comm day, but at least it's a good chance to farm for XL Umbreon if you're into PvP. Also Umbreon with Psychic looks super interesting, although since it doesn't seem like you can't get Last Resort that should make it so the mirror matchup is worse..


Theoretically, you don't actually need to have psychic for it to help umbreon. You can now throw a foul play a fighting type and they're kinda priced into shielding in case its psychic and you can keep last resort for the mirror.


True, yeah just having the possibility of psychic (even if you don't have the move itself) adds a lot of pressure. Especially since LR and psychic have the same energy cost it'll be really easy to mindgame.


I recently Elite TMd Last Resort on Sylveon. Yay!


You would’ve had to anyway. It says the special move for evolving into Sylveon for CD is Psyshock


Psychic umbreon sounds interesting for ultra. Slightly disappointed that it's a repeat. But I am looking forward to several things. Dexing all shiny Evo forms. Random trading shiny everyday to get lucky shiny and maybe even a shiny hundo for umbreon. Personally, since I am a kanto and eevee fan, I am going to try and get several lucky by random trade to get a fully level 50 eevee evolution family for fun. I won't trade for xl but with the rate I encounter them daily I think it's not a unrealistic issue. My most disappointing cday was swablu. Better than that for me.


I've already got all the shiny eevelutions and, ironically, caught another shiny eevee two hours ago so now have two spares as well. However, because I don't think the game revolves around me I have no problem with it and good luck to all those players who need/want more shinies. I will go out for a couple of hours and catch as many as I can because I like playing the game.


> However, because I don't think the game revolves around me I have no problem with it and good luck to all those players who need/want more shinies. Thank you for looking at it this way. Too often I see people down on Community Days that might not be good for them personally, but are for a lot of other players. I already had a near-perfect shiny Gible before the Community Day, but was excited for others to get the shiny. I've evolved four shiny Eevee into shiny Vaporeon and am still missing several shiny evolutions, so I'm excited to have the chance to finally get them all.


Recycling again? :(


I really want a shiny espeon!! This should be a good opportunity


If only they add flower crown back...maybe just for a moderate ratio.


Happy for people who need the eevee shinies, and good opportunity for XLC farming, but imo the 8 exclusive moves is a really sh*tty thing to do. Elite TMs are already incredibly scarce / expensive, and most people who want to make the investment in level 40/50 eevees will have already evolved and be on their way to one with good IVs - some will have even used ETMs to give Last Resort (I did with Sylveon, and Umbreon). I understand not all of the changes shift the meta a great deal, if at all, I just think that these should be available via regular TM given the item and dust investments people will have already made.


Finally a worthy fast move for Leafeon! Bullet seed/leaf blade spam will certainly make it a nice treat in GBL ;)


Bruh this is literally ALL I wished for since the last one, there is nothing I wanted more in pogo than this returning. I love eeveelutions so much.


I know a lot of players are disappointed about the repeat but as someone who couldn't play during the previous Eevee CD, I'm excited to collect all of the shiniest.


Cool, another weekend off it is.


I'm getting Charmander flashbacks. Guess I'm skipping this community day...


Community days are over. Rip extended gym and stop Distances . rip more damage on remote raids.and rip double inciense and non walking pop effect.


Why not give all of them weather ball for better coverage? For example, Vaporeon for Fire weather ball to defeat grass type Pokemon and Jolteon for Ice weather ball to conquer ground type one.




I'm actually so excited for this. I hope I get a hundo Sylveon!


Awww yeah, my favorite Pokémon is coming back!


Just when I thought I was in, they pull me back out


A two day Community Day with a three day evolution window. But it's Eevee. I missed the original Eevee CD and I'm still not excited.


Sweet. I'm about to hit level 41 so this will be handy for the evolve eevee task. Comm day box seems a bit overpriced imo. Won't be grabbing that.


Good moves, trash can community day


So, only Eevee gets Last Resort. When we evolve them, the eeveelutions lose Last Resort and gain the other CD move then? So how would I go about it if I wanted an Umbreon with Last Resort still, do I still need to ETM it?


Yeah, you have to use an ETM to get Last Resort Umbreon here. Evolving any Eevee into Umbreon during this event will only give you Psychic as the event move.


I regret using Elite TM on my Hundo Umbreon


Why? Last resort is still strictly better. With psychic, you get demolished in the mirror and by obstagoon in ultra.


Last Resort is still just as good if not better than Psychic.


My Umbreon needs all the XL candies!


I just hit level 41, this will be very helpful!


Guess my level 50 umbreon is getting a new move