Not even just in RTS, there are really recognizable music out there. Every league players knows the "Welcome to summoners rift" sound, or even soundtrack of specific events. This actually is a real cool topic, because music can convey SO much without any words; you can feel eeriee, calm, pressured, motivated just by hearing a music or soundtrack. Would love an interview or something of the sort about music, ost and sound engineering.


Exactly! Also I think its very difficult especially in an RTS like Stormgate, since you'll be hearing the same music and voicelines probably over and over again. Also good weapon and death sounds can make a big difference in how epic a battle feels. There are few things more satisfying than the splash sound of a blob of Banelings exploding into a group of Marines followed by their death screams :D


An example of what they are cooking in the music oven: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/CKMY-oTngGU


Yes I believe sound to be even more important than visuals. Thumbs up. Hope it's good.


I’m definitely frustrated by some issues in SC2, like lurkers which are generally invisible, having a thin beige/brown attack which is hard to see in the thick of combat, and also having a very quiet “shlick” sound when they attack… compare that to like a colossus or siege tank attack, super loud and highly visible, I feel like it’s an underlying strength of the lurker, that sometimes you don’t notice them until the second or third volley, and it’s too late at that point. Point of this is that it’s so important to have visual clarity complemented by sound design and it can reduce player frustration! Another example, if you are engaging in a fight and your enemy drops your base, it is fairly easy not to notice the visual or audio alert. Would be nice to have a very clear dynamic prioritization of alerts and sound effects based on what is happening.


Much of Hearthstone's early memetic popularity was due to the cards' voice lines. Just look at Disguised Toast


I've recently gotten into Company of Heroes 2 and the unit callouts are absolutely crucial to my situational awareness. Every single unit has several generic "CONTACT!"- type callouts as well as unit-specific callouts for every non-infantry enemy they could possibly encounter, *and* callouts for when they have "spells" casted at them like when they get grenaded. It's overwhelming at first but once you're tuned in it is incredibly immersive *and* useful. I also really appreciate Homeworld's style of voice acting where every unit (in Deserts of Kharak specifically) has 3 "intensity levels", *calm*, *hyped up*, and *under duress*, depending on the combat state of the unit.


need dynamic music