The poster was pure genius.


I’ve always found it a bit sad in retrospect given how people treated Jake Lloyd. It’s almost prophetic the way he’s stood there, just a boy, with this looming shadow turned into a monster.


Did jake lloyd do something bad irl


Not particularly. He'd just been bullied a lot at school and by bad eggs in the fan base for his performance in EP I. This of course led to a lot of issues with depression and he has since been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.


No, people blamed him for them not liking the prequels and he got bullied relentlessly for it growing up


Constant bullying post-phantom menace had a huge impact on him as a kid. He was also diagnosed with schizophrenia and has been in and out of jail since 2015. Now I believe he’s in a psychiatric facility for his schizophrenia. [source](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jake_Lloyd)


He’s had some trouble with the law, yeah (also was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia though, for context). But I was more referring to the way people built his performance into this abhorrent thing even though it was fine. It resulted in people bullying and despising a 10 year-old for his role in a movie. I can vividly remember how much people ridiculed Anakin in TPM when it was released.


People treated him like shit. I think he quit acting because of it. Then he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Dude got a bum wrap. I liked him as young Anakin.


I agree, [Sergio Aragones](https://www.madcoversite.com/features-shadow_knows.html) is amazing.


Not a lot of people know this but the shadow looks a lot like Darth Vader.




This is a subtle nod to the fact that it’s a Star Wars movie


I would have never guessed!


In the Remastered Ultra 4D version that will be released in 2035, when the technology has finally caught up with George's vision, the shadow will also be cutting down Tuskens. And not just the men, but the women and children too.


Will he try it in the shadow too?




Yo? Must be a reference to how >!Anakin becomes Darth Vader in the future!<. Just a theory.


Fuck how did I miss that


For those who are unfamiliar with Star Wars, Darth Vader's shadow just looks like a Karen wearing a cloak.




I think that blond kid becomes Anakin? But not sure what the relevance is of that weird shadow


Why do you kick taints?


It's a skill. Anybody can kick somebody in the balls but it takes real skill to kick a taint and miss the balls and asshole.


You're over thinking it.






My man was chillin’ fixing stuff and racing Pods, living with his mom.


Being a literal slave lol


Any different than going to work everyday for 8 hours or more, driving to and from, having three hours a day to yourself with crippling inflation and the like? I’d say we are all annakin for the most part.


I mean kinda yeah lol that’s still not the same as being An actual slave with no escape


He was kidnapped by the Jedi, forced to abandon his mom, thus setting off his fate as a Darth


I still remember when I first saw it in the theaters near my house growing up. Can’t be that long ago - can it?


A long time ago, in a theater far, far away...


23 years, almost exactly Fuck I’m old


I can’t imagine how insane it must’ve been for people born before the prequel era seeing the origin of Anakin turning into Darth Vader.


My kids watched the movies in chronological order. Never saw it coming. They still tell us how messed up Episode III was.


The Darth Vader reveal is so ingrained in Pop Culture that it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t know. Those who don’t have the best reactions


It was wild bro. I was in 8th grade when episode III came out. I remember being sad because I thought that was the end.... But look at us now


Then it would start again with Clone Wars


The weirdest part was that I don't know that any of us ever even thought that more movies would get made. They remastered the original trilogy, IIRC, and us 80s kids thought that was cool enough. But star wars was a classic. Part of history. It was crazy that they could make more.


That’s the thing, it would be insane not to make more. There are many different locations, time periods, and characters who speak 0 lines, but yet have like lots of lore attached to them. I can see Star Wars potentially lasting a long time. The main story is concluded, but there can still be stories within the time period of the PT, before the prequels, the OT, ST, and potentially beyond the ST


I said this the last time this was posted, but this poster is iconic. One of the most iconic posters ever.


It's my second favorite Star Wars poster.


What’s first?


The 1977 Style C Poster by Tom Chantrell.




I cant unsee Han holding Dooku's lightsaber


lol why is that $5000


I remember telling my mom that little boy was going to be Darth Vader, she wouldn't hear any of it.


What’s so amazing is how much the expanded lore spread amongst casuals. When I was about 8, none of my friends read the books or had access to the internet, but I’d heard all about ***a battle on a volcano, surrounded by fire, and Ani getting his arms and legs cut off***. It was actually a real trip seeing Ep 3 years later and genuinely being unsure if all those bits of “info” was real. All that trivia that I excitedly passed onto friends/ cousins/ anybody who would listen. Then there it was. Not just a volcano, a molten lava PLANET. VOLCANOS EVERYWHERE. A goddamn SEVENTEEN-minute swordfight or however long it was. And above all that, it matched so much with my imagination of it, while also exceeding it at several points. Thinking about it all, I may make a video essay about it, I’m surprised it hasn’t been covered yet - the Star Wars myth was seriously passed around like saucy ancient history amongst kids, and so much of it remained intact and accurate.


Random story- in high school, I had that poster but hadn’t put it up yet so it was in a roll on my floor. One day my gerbil, Anakin, had his cage knocked over by our dog and escaped. I finally found him hours later, huddled in the rolled up poster of his namesake.


Did he go to the dark side like Anakin?


I didn't love the prequels overall, but this was a great poster.


Too short for Vader


Maybe Vader someday later, now he's just a small fry.


He left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye, singing soon I'm going to be a Jedi.....


This song legitimately chokes me up as an adult. I used to sing along as kid thinking how fun it was that I knew the words to the song and that it was about Star Wars! How “in the know” I was because, even though the song literally explains Anakin eventually becomes Vader, I knew already knew it. The Fall of Anakin Skywalker is legitimately heartbreaking to watch unfold over the course of the prequels, even with the quirks they have and criticisms they garner. The lines exchanged during his fight with Obi-wan are just tragic. Anakin almost snarling: “I hate you!” (Delivered in a thoroughly convincing manner in my opinion) Obi-wan pleading: “You we’re like a brother to me, Anakin! I loved you!”


It gets exponentially worse after watching Clone Wars


Oh my my this Anakin boy




Thank you


Would you think 11 year old anakin would be marveled at the technology that vader has. A mobile life support that brought back a burnt person


Anakin is 9 in TPM.


9 year old Anakin wouldn’t be that impressed


His best move was spinning. Not the mark of an intellectual powerhouse.


It’s too bad it wasn’t in any of the movies.


Could be Vader someday later now he’s just a small fry


Episode I: Boyhood


old enough to remember that great poster before the film came out -- if only it lived up to it


Wow. Haven’t seen this poster on this subreddit all weekend.


The prequels had arguably more hype than any other movie ever. Especially Episode 1. I love this poster and I love the movies.


People who weren’t around then really can’t appreciate how big a deal they were.


I worked at a movie theater when they came out and let me tell you, they didn't compare at all to Avatar. It's crazy because opening night for the prequels was literally a cultural event and it was pretty busy for the next couple of weeks. Avatar opening night was basically a snoozefest. The next 3 months were an absolute fucking zoo.


I feel like someone just posted this last week or so Edit: Why are you booing me I'm right


This exact post makes the front page every week or so.


I remember some friends claiming there was one or two frames in the movie where you can see Vader in Anakin's shadow on this domicile like in this poster. I could never find it. I couldn't even find a scene with a decent Anakin shadow on the dome at all.


Great poster shit movie


Go rewatch it. It's not really as bad as a lot of us felt 20 years ago.


It’s my favorite so far.


You must be like 12


Maybe mentally 😂




This one is also one of my favorite Star Wars posters


That was an epic poster




The marketing was great! What a shame.


The whole marketing for TPM was fantastic (and it worked). Shame I wasn’t alive to see it.


Well, at least you didn't have to deal with the absolute crushing letdown of seeing TPM in the theaters. Imagine waiting 20 years for GoT s8, oof.


I still have mine!


It's a good one for sure


I regret losing mine in college. Survived years of elementary-high school only to be torn down by a leaking pipe in my dorm room.


Art imitating life considering the impact this movie had on Jake.


My heart breaks seeing this poster. Anakin was just a boy. He had nothing but his mother. He was a sweet and intuitive child who represented an innocence. He wanted to free himself and his mother from a world of oppression. And life forced his hand in making decisions that would burn away his identity and then make him the very oppressor he sought to destroy. Edit: switched “who” for “he”


It’s the 🐐


Yeah this was so cool! I had this as my wallpaper on my desktop for most of 1999 Until the movie came out and we all hated it. It’s aged well though.


Iconic. My old neighborhood movie theater left this poster up for like a year and a half. It was in the far theater poster box. I must have walked by it a few dozen times. I forget what I was seeing when I noticed it was gone but they had replaced with a Save the Last Dance poster.


Here are a few things I would have done to make this film better (and it’s actually quite decent, especially by the standards of the trilogy that will not speak its name) 1. No jar jar. This one’s obvious 2. Give the Jedi different outfits than what Obi Wan had in ANH. He’s supposed to be in hiding for God’s sake. Why would he be wearing jedi gear? This would have done a lot to explain why he was able to hide in plain sight all those years. 3. Have Anakin come from a place other than tattooine. Any other place. Another desert planet, fine. A jungle planet. An ice planet. Anything. Just not the remote outpost where they decide to hide Luke. 4. I forget the details about the trade delegation at the start of the film. Seemed like a kind of weird thing to start the whole saga with. Also maybe have Palpatine not be such a powerful character in the beginning? Would have been cool to see him gain power and influence. 5. Lose the racist tropes. I don’t know if this was intentional. Im willing to give Lucas the benefit of the doubt on this, but then it was awfully coincidental. But it probably happened by accident. Still should have been caught though. 6. Never felt like Natalie Portman’s character was quite fleshed out enough. That and maybe choose a different actress. Don’t think she was very good in this at all. Seemed like she was just mailing it in.


Terrible movie but an amazing poster


I wonder why Darth Vader is the shadow of this little boy? There might be a connection somewhere.


A New Hope


Best example of foreshadowing ever


When something so simple can mean so much.


I had this as a puzzle. Poster sized. That sand was a bitch, but it was worth it. I love this picture.


The shadow kinda looks like a tube of toothpaste


Can you tag this as a spoiler? Thanks!