Which Guardian

Which Guardian


Well if talking of conquest, I think Xing is probably the best support, followed by Terra. Jorm and Cabra are good solo laners, but Terra and Xing are viable. Cabra is the only really viable jungler of them all. He can be built with a damage focus and basically 100 to 0 people in his combo.


Tl;dr: Best traditional backline Support: Terra, Best damage dealer/Jungler: Cabrakan; Best frontliner Support/Solo: I'd give the edge to Xing Tian, but Jormungandr is close behind. /tl;dr I'd say it depends on the role. In my opinion, Terra is the best traditional backline support since she's got easy ways to peel enemies off her carry with her stuns, a fairly powerful heal to help in the laning phase, and a big ultimate that makes her whole team harder to kill. For high aggression and raw damage, I think Cabrakan takes the cake pretty easily. He's got great single target damage between his stun, cone attack, and ultimate while his ability to pound the ground is great for clearing both waves and camps. Honestly, I think he might be best as a Jungler, though he makes a good Support and Solo. I'd say Jormungandr and Xing Tian (along with Cthulhu and, to a lesser extent, Cerberus and Cabrakan) are best off as frontliners. Jormungandr's passive is pretty selfish, it reduces the effect crowd control has on him but makes him take more damage, and along with his ability to use his pools to control the lane and quickly clear minions I'd say he's best off as a Solo. Similarly, Xing Tian might be best as a Solo since his passive rewards him for trading blows with the enemy by giving him health sustain, his root takes a while to get off so it's unreliable as a way to safely peel someone off your Carry before they get killed but it's good for locking down an opponent so your team can get damage off on them, and his jump doesn't do much to help protect your backline but it's a good way to start a fight or to escape from one. His ultimate also seems best as an aggressive way to force the enemies out of position. Between Jormungandr and Xing Tian, the best frontliner depends. Neither one is really meta right now, but according to Casual Smite (link: https://ranked.casualsmite.com/mode/conquest ), Xing Tian is performing *sightly* better than Jormungandr, so I'd give him the edge.




I'm happy to help! I've started playing Jormungandr and Cabrakan a decent amount recently, and I've got a couple of friends that play Terra in parties with me pretty often, but I'm less experienced with Xing Tian so my comments on him were mainly based on his kit and how I've seen other people play him. While they're all good at different things, if I had to pick just one as far as which one is the 'most meta' for trying to climb the Ranked ladder, I'd probably go with Cabrakan because his solid damage makes it easier to carry in lower level games but he is still a better tanky support than other aggressive options like Jormungandr. Terra would probably be a close second.


Ok I see, thanks


For support conquest. Terra and Xing, Cabrakan can be good in ranked if you go a bruiser build. Jorm is trash in support and mediocre in solo, kinda needs a buff.


Xing tian, IMO. Good mobility, high damage reduction, stun with low Cooldown, and very strong ult


Cabrakan or Xing Tian. Idk how good Terra is atm. Jorm sucks right now.


I like Xing best out of those 4


A good terra is scary; Jorm seems kinda weak rn, the other two are pretty good. Mostly up to your taste then I guess


Best for what? To take on a date? To be a pet? You have 4 different guardians with 4 completely different skill sets. We need more info than that.


xing and cab are probably the best options depending on how good you are, xing is only really good into auto attackers so i would say get cab