Hoping Crash don't get it. There's so much more potential.

Hoping Crash don't get it. There's so much more potential.


I cannot wait for Leisure Suit Larry to be in


You madlad. Yes


YEEEEEEAAAAH! (What an amazing comment)


I don't want Crash as an actual fighter. I want him as a Mii costume, [for obvious reasons of course](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLdQczq3NMM)...


I honestly would love this even tho I want him as An actual fighter I really wouldn’t mind a mii costume


I would love him as a mii costume but it has to be like the commercial costume. Otherwise I’ll hate it


That..... is acceptable.


Eh, Mii costumes suck.


Imagine if knuckles got in but it's just little mac with the benefits of sonic.


So... Little Mac, but slightly faster & able to recover?


Little mac, but he glides




If a Sonic character would get in, it'd be eggman probably


Egg man over shadow, knuckles, silver and tails? Lmaoo


Yeah he'd be the most unique. The rest would have yet another spindash not to mention alternate costumes would be impossible for shadow due to physical similarities to Sonic


Valid point can’t argue that ☝🏻


But I do agree that there should be echo fighter dlc and Sonic for sure would get one with either shadow or metal sonic


not to mention this game's gotten a lot of iconic villains that have joined the roster, egg man felt like a no brainer for the base roster but I guess I had too high hopes for that


Bro, we have a potted plant in smash. Anything can happen


I mean anything can happen but anything can't happen too, there's no middle ground


Shadow could get in though. They could give him chaos control moves, boost and gun


I mean….Yeah, he’s kinda the second most recurring character


Shadow is literally the most popular sonic character along sonic himself, he got his own game so strategically he’d be the smartest character to drop from a marketing perspective. Tails is like on almost everything sonic related, features and is usable/a part of more games than Eggman, hell he has his own game as well. Both shadow and tails would be very different from sonic as they specialize in different ways to combat. As a final dlc I’d much rather want to see Them make it over Egg-man. (Sadly knuckles more than likely isn’t even a option to think about)


Agreed. But I wouldn’t *exactly* be disappointed if he got in either.


For me the only things that matters, its that is fun to play. After that, it can be any character.


Same bro. No fucking idea who pyra and mythra are, but their moveset is super fun and their one of my favorite characters. It can really be anyone as long as they’re a fun character.


Lmao this sub hates Crash’s guts to death, they’ll find a reason for him not to join


Conversely, this sub loves Crash’s guts to death, they’ll find a reason for him to join


It's the same on both sides tbh


Honestly at this point I could care less of who got in. Sure the guy I want most (Scorpion) probably wont make it, but these dlc passes have just been outstanding with how they can represent a series in a way that fits the game and in a way that's fun. As long as the last character can be as fun as the others, I'm fine with whoever it is.


So you could care less? That doesn’t really say a whole lot does it?


Ye Olde "it's supposed to be you COULDN'T care less. If you COULD care less then you care at least a little" Comedie


Hoes mad


When you learn how the common use of language works, you'll look back on this moment and cringe just like everyone else is doing


[so I guess this meme is correct lol](https://www.reddit.com/r/SmashBrosUltimate/comments/oeu2gy/smash_fan_after_getting_a_job/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Really loving the trend of characters that no one has really thought of. Sephiroth, Pyra, now Kazuya. Hope they keep that up and surprise everyone


Yeah me to basically everytime a character ive never heard of gets in I end up finding a new game. I would've never expected to like. I actually thought I hated rpgs before I played all the ones that made it into smash.


Which one did you play? FFVII, XC2, Dragon Quest XI, Three Houses? Also if you did play XC2, which you're flair makes me think you did, might I suggest XC1. The combat is not as deep, but the story is better than xc2 and the characters are really good.


> Pyra Um, what? People have actually wanted Rex in Ultimate since it was first announced, and this was the best way to implement them.


People wanted Rex but assumed he wouldn’t be added because of the mii costume. No one actually expected Pyra and Mythra, and no one even talked about wanting them except internet funny man alpharad


Ok so Rex and pyra/mythra are different characters


People still wanted a xeno 2 rep


Kazuya isn't far off. It's basically Jim before tekken 4.


I think plenty of people thought of those characters


You mean like a crash head wrap with your Mii face popping through? Lol


I'm just going to say it. No one is going to live to anyone's expectation...unless it's Goku.


Nah, Sora would destroy the internet , even crazier if they add Goody and Donald to his ultimate lol


Actually yeah. Cloud AND Sora.? That would be insane. Unless.... Goofy. Skip Sora and just have Goofy


Imagine if it's just goofy? Lol new main


Can you imagine how disrespectful it would be to hear "hyuck" and get bodied?


Idc about his gameplay or movesets The only reason I don't want him is because I hate his face


Truer have never been spoken.


I think he fits way better than other proposals. and i'd go as far as calling him iconic, he'd make a great addition to the roster.


In terms of iconic, he is one of the three great console mascots of the 90’s alongside Mario and sonic. He’s FAR more iconic than banjo was and banjo is in smash, so I’d say crash has good odds regardless due to that. But I ain’t putting money on anything anymore :) I have who I wanted (a new Xenoblade rep) so I’m personally happy with whoever it ends up being. Crash would be my pick though if I HAD to choose…


Banjo only got in because of his former connection to Nintendo. Crash doesn’t have that.


But the hype would basically amount to nothing though. After fans have been anticipating crash, then he gets announced. It'll be like a day of hype then we'll go back to complaining about it


yeah but isn't that true for every wanted character? can't remember one who the fans wanted and didn't complain about. And there's always someone who didn't want character X and is complaining about it.


Personally I had no idea what was to come and I didn't care. When they released I formed my own opinions about them, such as Banjo being a waste and Hero becoming my primary. I don't care about speculation or predictions but the more we hope for a character the more their entire entity will be underappreciated. Then slowly go into that "F tier" section


yeah that's true i'll give you that, i personally have to say, the characters i wasn't prepared for and/or don't know (Terry and now Kazuya) were the best additions for me. But i still kinda want Crash. He could be an "easy" character without any gimmicks and such and i think that's badly needed. Just.... a character.


You may have inadvertently provided an argument against Crash getting in here. The team has gone out of their way to include a special mechanic (or gimmick) for all of the DLC characters; it's even something Sakurai noted they were doing at one point, to set the DLC apart as cool fighters and incentivize people to buy them. I've never played a Crash game and I have no idea what kinds of moves he would have if he got in, but I do know he needs something they can make a big deal out of with a flashy mechanic the rest of the cast doesn't have. Banjo got wonderwing, Joker has Arsene, Pyra can turn into Mythra, etc. What will Crash get?


Byleth doesn’t have a gimmick and I’d hardly call Wonderwing a gimmick. You could do something with crates and wompa fruit with Crash pretty easily if you NEED a gimmick.


Having multiple weapon types is intended to be the gimmick. You can disregard it if you want, but that won't change the developers' thought process.


I mean Steve literally broke Twitter


"Hey plumber boy, you're worst nightmare has arrived"


i want amaterasu. but it probably wont happen. so im happy with anyone at this point, even if its another fire emblem swordie. actually, i would be a bit disappointed at like fortnite jonesy but at that point i can just play melee


Oh man, Amaterasu would be great. I'm a fan of the villains they've been adding to Smash so I was thinking I'd want Ghirahim but a sick new protagonist from a unique IP would be great. I'm sure they would find a fun way to implement all kinds of stuff from the game into her moveset. At this point I'd be fine with most anyone *except* a Fortnite character. But even then, that'd be huge for a big portion of the gaming world.


I mean activision exists so don't know what they are up to


Does anyone have this meme template? It's a masterpiece


And he only has like one move in his games


It’s so obvious it just may happen.


It's gonna be 1st party because there is no 3rd party character that could reach the excitement of the final character in the ultimate smash game (except a Sony or Microsoft rep won't happen tho)


Referring to my last post I hope kratos from god of war gets in


While i desperately want him, being my childhood and favorite character of all time, I don’t expect him at this point. Instead I wish for whoever pisses people off the most


So Conkur 👀




I want the last DLC character to be a character everyone wants, but nobody expects. No DLC character has really been like that except Banjo. Nobody expected Hero, Terry, Byleth, Pyra/Mythra, or Kazuya, but there are plenty of people who don't like these characters and felt like the slots were wasted. On the other hand, tons of people wanted Steve, but after Banjo came out everyone saw it coming.


It probably won't, agree that its too obvious. Its probably going to be a chatacter that we dont know because it not popular by mainstream media but interesting if we get to know where they are from.


What about Octo-Dad or Parrapa the Rapper.


We really talking moveset when G&W and an entire roster of copy and paste FE characters are in the game? Lmao


Idc who gets in cause the games fun either way




Is it just me or does every person playing him just fishing for grabs.


Make it Sweet Tooth from twisted metal


Nah. Crash, Spyro, Rayman and Wah all deserve a place for waiting for so long. It's a shame Crash and Spyro won't be in it. If they were, we'd have almost all of the 90's mascots from when Smash was released. It would be beautiful. More potential? Kek! Like Genos or Master Chief or Doom Guy or another sword fighter or something stupid like Ezio? Yeah, thanks but no thanks.


Give me sly cooper!


At least Crash is unique unlike Sora who is just another anime swordboy


Waluigi, It is time.


Phoenix Wright gang


For this last time, I will still hope for Diablo.


*the Knight the Knight the Knight the Knight the Knight*




Still praying for Waluigi


He’s already an assist trophy, when are y’all going to let him go?


Simple once he's in smash


When implies I will


I don't care what you think I still want him ![gif](giphy|srk64M0dMy6syQm8or|downsized)


On one hand, I want Crash as a Mii fighter costume for [nostalgic reasons](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLdQczq3NMM), but if we get him as a fighter his victory screen NEEDS to have the dance.


The only way


i like you


Well so do I


did we just become friends?!?!






He would have such a boring ass move set


You mean like how everyone thought Minecraft Steve would?


Completely different games though


"He would have such a boring ass move set," says player who uses a character whose entire moveset is big sword swing


You literally use cloud bruh and it’s still more diverse than anything crash can do


I'm not the one saying Crash would have a boring moveset lol, that's all you. I'm fine with simple and straightforward. You like swinging a sword around and there's nothing wrong with that, but you can't tell me Ike has this complex interesting gameplan you can't find with anyone else. Ike is one of the most boring characters in the game, and my swordguy isn't far behind. Why is it wrong for other people to get their "boring" character?


Tf does crash do other than spin his arms and jump. There’s a ton of things to do with a sword but tf is crash gonna do with only two moves to work with


This argument you're making is one of the least well-supported by the history of the game. There have been several characters introduced to the roster with movesets the devs invented wholesale. For example, Cpt Falcon's moveset was created completely from scratch and he's been a fan favorite for years. If you had asked this question of Falcon back in Melee days, literally no one could tell you what this guy would do in a fighting game. His entire character in F-Zero is that he drives a car. Take ROB for example. This is essentially a controller Nintendo used for two games before abandoning it until Brawl rolled around. Also has a moveset with almost no inspiration from his original use. The idea that a character has to have clear moves for their moveset to be included in the game has been thoroughly refuted. I also find it amusing that you're telling me you can do lots of things with swords when Ike has 3 of the same aerial attack and half of the rest of his moves are shared with other sword users


Also why the fuck are you ignoring all of Ike’s specials like tf?


Are you ignoring the whole character that is sonic? His entire move set is spinning in a fucking ball. Plus there’s already like five characters on the roster with movesets similar to what crash does. There’s just no way for him to be unique


Dude you have no idea how to argue a point and it shows. I'm gonna let you believe you won this one because this conversation is not worth my time


It’s literally a conversation about a video game stop acting like a pretentious douche bag when you’re literally the one writing fucking essays. Sonic and banjo are characters extremely similar to crash and much like him neither of them had many mechanics to work with and the end result of them being added to the game was some of the most boring characters to play on the roster. If crash’s dumb ass really does get in he’s not gonna be any different and there’s nothing you can say that can convince me otherwise


Next time you should start with that so nobody wastes their time trying to change your mind


Misa hopping for the impossible specter knight




Look up, Shovel Knight, Specter of Tourment


Waluigi needs to be in smash.


Hoping you get the wrong order next time you go to a restaraunt, getting what you want would be too obvious


The only difference is a restaurant would correct my order if it's wrong.


Bold of you to assume that they'd correct it


Bold of you to assume I've never worked in one.


Have you ever been to a restaurant..? Getting your order remade if it was made incorrectly, free of charge I might add, is pretty typical service industry stuff in the US, and we're not even huge on hospitality over here like some other countries are


Most times i've been to a restaurant and my order was fucked up, they usually refuse to accept that the order was messed up. It's not usually minor stuff, either; it's entirely different meals. That being said, it's almost entirely uncommon with businesses/family-owned restaurants from other continents/countries for either to happen, and I don't dine at them as often as i'd like.




Don't worry. He has a 0.01% of getting in especially with a couple facts to back that up.


I'm really hoping for Ryu Hayabusa. He started off on NES, and he would be fun as hell to play.


Wait this sub doesn’t like crash? I thought I was the only one


I don't want crash not much of a move set and we all know how that goes with banjo


Die he say more potential than Crash?


He's got like one attack in his games lmao


True. He COULD end up like sonic… But then again he has quite a lot of tools/gimmicks throughout his career… fruit bazooka, wumpa fruit throwing (from crash 2), Nitro/TNT crates, the classic spin, hell he could probably run death tornado spin as his horizontal recovery and equip his crash 2 jet pack for his Up B? A lot of potential. Though Tbf sonic also has a lot of potential and look how he turned out…


the difference between Sonic and Crash is that they're charging 5 dollars for Crash


I'm pretty sure you never played any of the games


There is still a moveset potential with Titans games combat system, weapons and the usage of crates and Aku Aku masks. The "games" you're talking about is just Crash 1


Bandanna Dee or Doomslayer


38days later and you’re weird..