Buying mini sized bottles of liquor make you look more alcoholic than buying normal sized bottles.

Buying mini sized bottles of liquor make you look more alcoholic than buying normal sized bottles.


I saw a guy buying a dozen or more minis at a store one Friday night. Not minding my own business I asked why he was getting so many of those. He pointed to the jug of whiskey I had in my hand and said “because if I bought that I’d wake up about noon on Sunday and be divorced, unemployed, and homeless”. I felt terrible. It was how he self-regulated.


This is my problem. Once I start its very hard to stop until I run out. Its easier to just not drink. So I either don't drink or buy an amount that works for my needs. If I want a few drinks, want to get drunk, or want to get annihilated I know what size bottle will get me there.


I totally agree with you. when it comes to drinking, it’s either all or nothing for this guy.


after 8 I'll just keep on going. 8 turns to 16 without me having a say.


Hello me


Every time I frequent a new liquor store, the cashier eventually always asks the same thing "you come in here almost every day and buy a 6 or 12 pack, you should just buy in bulk so you don't have to come in every day :)!". Nah dog, if I did that, instead of drinking 6-12, I would drink until I eventually pass out at 5 am. If I have it, I'll drink it


That's a shit liquor store employee. It took me about a week to figure out who I'd see every day and it wasn't a mystery why.


Yep, me exactly. Last time I tried to stock up for the week I was still up drinking at 5:30 in the morning...so I'm gunna stick with my 200mLs bottles of rum.




My people.


I get the shakes bad when I work long shifts. Always have a few airplane bottles in my bag I bring to work just in case. Recently started a new job and one of the managers noticed me shaking and asked if I was okay and I told her I'm an alcoholic but I'm working on it. She seriously told me to bring airplane bottles, toothpaste, and a toothbrush. Said her father died from quitting drinking cold turkey. My best friend's wife is a substance abuse counselor and she told me the same years ago.


Good luck bud. Detox is serious shit and alcohol is one of the most dangerous substances to detox from.


Sounds like you're trying to cut back and you recognize the problem. Good for you bud. You *can* do it, even if it seems like sometimes you can't. Obviously you don't know me at all, but I'm rooting for you anyways.


Thanks. I'll get there.


Yup. Worked at a liquor store for 4 years and most of the regulars get nips so they can regulate and function during the day. It's sad, especially when regulars stop coming in and you find out they passed.


I was so happy to run into my old liquor store dude after I got sober. His excitement for me was overwhelming. Unfortunately he passed away due to this disease a few years ago. It’s a hard road indeed.


There were a lot of guys that I served with that couldn't function without a few shots in the morning and a few at lunch. The military encourages you to drink with their policies though, so I never blamed them too much.


We have a customer who leaves his car running in the parking lot, comes in and gets a few doubles, and jumps back in his car and gets home before the blow-and-go goes off.


And you still serve him?


I’m not a bartender, I don’t own the bar. What they do is their business. But your right, it exposes them to a tremendous liability (and the rest of society)


If you by history know he will drink and drive unlegaly I seriously question not only your company's ethics buy also if it is actually legal to serve him. One day he will be in a alcohol induced accident on the way home and then half the fault is yours as you did know he was going to get into the situation


I just help out in the kitchen for a couple hours during rush, it’s not my bar , I don’t tend bar. I’ve thought about doing a shot and go blowing in his machine! Probation violation.


In the eyes of the law, the bartender could be seen as complicit in that kind of a situation. But in real life, severe alcoholics are going to find a drink no matter what. Definitely not equal fault of a bartender for serving this guy.


It’s crazy the effect alcohol has on some people. I don’t drink that much these days, but even when I did drink more frequently it was never something I felt I needed to do or couldn’t say no to.


I would be drunk 24/7 if I wouldnt get horrible hangovers for even looking at beer bottles


When I was 18- around 25, I never really got hangovers. I'd get them maybe one out of every hundred times I drank. The rest of the time, even getting absolutely smashed, I'd pass out, sleep for 6 hours and wake up feeling great. It was hard as fuck to not drink on a constant basis.


I'm still like this today (no hangover, don't need excessive sleep after, feel great, maybe a little thirty but that's it). I only got DRUNK-drunk like 3 times in my 20s (enough times to figure out that "no hangover" is the norm, not the exception). Drank rarely the rest of the time; weekend nights every now and then a few times a year, not even anything crazy for holidays. Now I'm 33, STILL hardly ever drink. I feel like I'm wasting a superpower or something, but I just don't really care about alcohol. LOL


I'll never understand how people get drunk off beer. It must take an absurd amount to get more than a buzz. Not to mention the bloating and nonstop pissing


Didn’t have a sip of anything alcoholic the whole pregnancy and while breastfeeding. That first beer afterwards hit me like an 18-wheeler.


imagine going from a six pack everyday to a 12 pack one year later,then progressing through the years to "suitcases".🍻


This, I'm a teetotaler that drinks less than once a month and it's like holy crap how can you drink a six pack without just being defeated by the need to piss


I got wasted one 2 shots my first time—like rolling on the floor dizzy wasted—but I was a 5 foot nothing anorexic, so ymmv.


Even now that I "quit" drinking (by which I mean I've ended my dependency on alcohol but still drink occasionally) I can't get drunk from beer unless it's some high octane designer shit that's double digits ABV before I get too bloated to want to move and have visited the bathroom a dozen or so times. I think the major factor is that I'm 225lbs and used to drink a gallon of whiskey every 2 days, so anything short of falling over feels like a light buzz to me even now.


I'd guess it would have to be some stronger ipa's


I guess I'm just the kind of old-fashioned alcoholic who doesn't see the point in drinking anything less than hard liquor. If you're gonna get drunk then why not do it 0-100?


Most people drink socially to have fun with friends. Lesser stages of drunk are more fun than shitfaced


I agree, but I also see those people's perspectives too. I think it's a combination of their tolerance being lower, and preferring to gradually get to drunk so they can still be as social as they want to be.


"but whatta bout the dain bramage"?🥃


Jokes on you, I’m skinny-fat. I get my buzz around 5 beer, and will keep going until i wake up if she lets me


Some of the triple IPAs around you don’t need much


This is what made me eventually quit I just couldn't take the hangovers anymore and I never had the stomach to drink all day. I would just feel like absolute trash until late afternoon and then start drinking.


I'm right there with you. I could party hard as hell one night and be good for a week or two. I never even liked doing the "brunch" thing the next morning with everyone... uh no I don't want to keep drinking at 10am! I was the same with coke and weed too. Use a bunch at a party and be good for a month or two. But cigarettes? Yeah that was a hook I couldn't get off for a long time. Addiction is weird.


I'd come home from a 12 hour shift, shower then pack a bowl and drink most of a bottle of Scotch. Parade before shift the next day I'd barely be standing.


Ya that's how my mom did it as well. Even though the shooters are much more expensive.


I buy them to try other things without spending 30 bucks on something I might not like.


When I was newly in my twenties, I knew fuckall about alcohol or what I would like, and so I did this for exactly that reason.


I just wish they had more variety, feel like most of the ones they have are the boring big brands


That's actually a great idea how have I never thought of that


I wish there was more selection in the small 2 oz bottles. Where I am you only have access to schnapps and big brand spirits


When we have parties, i love to make pinatas. For grown up parties, i fill them with airplane bottles. I never thought about it being suspicious. Is i find them 2 for $1, i buy loads


Sounds like a fun party! Might have to borrow this idea.


I'm also a fan of using them for adult Easter Egg hunts.


Christmas tree ornaments.


Those little 50ml bottles cost $10aud each in Australia lol. $7.71usd for 50ml of booze. You'd be paying a few hundred dollars to fill a pinata here. 2 for $1... I would have drank myself to death a long time ago.


I live in the states and I have never seen anything close to 2 for a buck. That would be equivalent to a fifth for $7.50, which, outside of buying Kirkland brand at Costco, I don’t think I’ve ever really seen anything near that cheap (particularly anything I actually want to ingest). Especially since smaller bottles drives unit cost up. I wanna know where this person is buying their airplane bottles lol.


2 for 1 is a crazy ass deal lol but I have seen em by my house for $1 a piece lol


I moved abroad to central Asia. You can get a 500ml of vodka for $1. A fifth for under $2. "Good" vodka is splurging and spending $3-4 on a fifth.


I’ve seen those terrible cheap 99 proof liqueurs sell for $0.99. When I was younger I used to load up on those, now I cringe thinking back on it lol. [for example](https://www.totalwine.com/spirits/liqueurscordialsschnapps/fruit/watermelon/99-watermelons/p/115766050?glia=true&s=501&&pid=cpc:Core+Catalog+-+Shopping%2BUS%2BTEXA%2BENG%2BSPART::google::&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9_2OpeuU8QIVwT2tBh15QA7yEAQYASABEgLCC_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds) Also tons of $0.99 tequila and schnapps.


That might just be why they’re so expensive.


It's not "suspicious." Like even if they figure you're an alcoholic, that makes you one of their most valuable customers, it's the 80/20 rule. Also, I don't think the OP is even correct. My most memorable experience with minibottle buyers was at a bevmo and there was this guy literally buying one of everything with his gf, and I was like "yo that's some variety man, heck of a weekend" and he was like "yeah we're trying them all on our live stream tonight." I bet he made his money back 10x or something and got to try all the best liquor out of the bargain... Personally I buy moonshine minibottles because they come in tiny mason jars that work great for pickling peppers :D


Might be overestimating how much money the vast majority of streamers make.


I live in Alaska and thought dollar mini bottles were cheap, where do these 2 for 1 bottles exist!!??


You dont want then lmao, they're usually just shitty vodka


The only time I buy them is if I need something specific for a recipe and it’s not something I keep in my small home bar. Like cognac or rum.


You don't keep cognac or rum in your home bar? What if someone wants a sidecar or a cuba libre?


They go to the liquor store and gets the precise number of minis needed


I have never seen minis of cognac. Do they exist?


Ok, I get cognac, although it's in a lot of recipes. But Rum is one of the most basic spirits. Oder hast du ein anderes Alkoholrepertoire?


Used to run a liquor department at a grocery store and the number of people that would come in 5+ times a day to buy a few of those was staggering.


That wasn't the only thing that was staggering


I work at gas station and Im also suprised how many people are buying this and mostly early in the morning when many of these people are going to work. Its just sad.


I would get off work at 7 am or so, stop by the gas station for a snack, and yep. An absurd amount of people buying tiny amounts of drink. It's so crazy because a lot of the people that came in, you might not expect it (due to stereotypes, of course). Lots of women in business attire, etc. Getting their morning meds.


Thats what shocked me so many womens in those bussines atires.


Alcoholic and recovery here - buying a 1.75 on a daily basis is what truly makes you look like an alcoholic. The people that are buying the many bottles are trying to actually control themselves


What is a 1.75?


The big ass bottles with the handle I’m assuming


It is. The slang term for it is actually a handle.




Forget that, I got a handle of $10 rum, tastes fine.


Hahaha shit, you can usually find cheap plastic gallons of whiskey in the U.S for around $20, weirdly enough most of it claims to be Canadian. I used to drink a gallon of either Canadian Club or Windsor every 2 days, occasionally I'd polish one off in a night but usually those were D&D nights or gaming with da bois


cool kids calm them half gangs shortened version of half gallon


Or a homewrecker


1.75 L = 60 oz


America uses metric for alcohol, and Canada uses standard? Is that real?


The U.S uses metric for all of our fun and dangerous things, drugs, alcohol, firearms, etc. You can by a few grams of weed, a 750ml of whiskey, and a box of 9mm then go have one hell of a time with your buds


A handle. The big bottle. 1.75 liters of alcohol.


700-750 ml is the standard spirits bottle,1L is the duty free size. 1.75 is both of those combined. It's a shit ton of alcohol. It's probably around 60ish shots.


It's 40 shots. A standard shot is 1.5oz, which is ~44.36mL. 1750mL in the bottle ÷ 44.36mL per shot = 39.49 shots.


It's like 35 shots. A normal shot is 50 ml


It makes me look like a giant


Place next to penis for scale


Anyone’s penis?


Everyone’s penis.


I buy the small ones for flights


It's a good way to have a large variety on hand to mix drinks for guests without buying a big bottle of something you wouldn't want to drink.


does TSA look sideways at this, assuming you’re in the states? There’s no crime in bringing alcohol into secure areas of the airport, but it is against the law to bring your own alcohol on the plane I think.


In my experience, having flown a few times with a 3-1-1 bag with almost nothing but spirits, TSA doesn't care as long as you answer about what they are if asked. It's technically illegal to serve yourself on a plane, but not illegal to bring onto a plane


I’ve done it ever since I learned about it. As long as it’s 3oz or less in a 1l bag or whatever no ones ever once questioned me about it. I know in the fine print it says you can’t serve yourself on the plane. But I’m just not obvious with it. I get my free soda and dump in my vodka. So 🤷🏼‍♀️


Give the crew a healthy dose of plausible deniability, and nobody cares. If you are obviously drinking your own alcohol, they have to say something. If they can’t tell what you’re doing, and you don’t get visibly wasted... 🤷🏼‍♂️


No, it's explicitly allowed. Just can't legally open them on flights. If they are bagged properly and under the maximum total amount of liquids you are good. https://www.tsa.gov/travel/security-screening/whatcanibring/items/alcoholic-beverages


I just go to different liquor stores throughout the week so they think I only drink weekly. That’s pretty alcoholic.


I work at a liquor store, it’s true. Mini bottles are for sneaky drinks often at their job.


I worked graveyard shifts a couple of years, so if I wanted a beer after work it was 10 or 11am when I went in to the liquor store. Amazing how often suits, taxi drivers or moms were buying 2 or 4 minis around that time....


I recently got a job delivering beer, I saw someone recently buying like 3 mini bottles of vodka and a bottle of Sprite at like 10:30 in the morning. He was clearly going to work.


Yeah, I’m by a couple restaurants. The kitchen and servers pop in during their shifts quite frequently.


I'm cheap. I would buy a couple of small bottles, then a big one for refills.


I suggest that all the time! No one has ever done it


That isn't how alcoholism works man.


What else clues you in to something being “off” about someone’s purchases, other than sheer volume?


Precisely. I had a lot of these in my purse for my coworkers and myself for our restaurant shifts during Covid. They were discrete, and one was enough to put you in enough of a good mood to deal with all of the Karen’s and grown ass adult toddlers.


That’s because they are designed for alcoholics. I say this with confidence because I am an alcoholic. Essentially all of those little bottles are bought by drunks to keep a shot in their purse or pocket, or to drink on the way home. There is zero pride in this comment, I’m just being honest.


I had to stop drinking because of a separate medical issue. I wouldn’t have otherwise and it was regularly becoming a concern. Anyway, the “tricks” and subconscious habits alcoholics have became comedically obvious as I was terribly guilty of all the red flags and still thought I was under the radar. Lunch? Better be a business casual place with a drink menu or bar… Movies? Which theater sells booze or stuff the pockets with minis… What day of the week it it? Marg Mon, $2 Tues, Wasted Wed, Thirsty Thurs, the weekend… And not to mention slips, falls, twists, bumps, bruises, and broken whatevers. Not into sports or gambling, but still at the sports bar or casino? Check… Avoid crowded bars because drinks take too long? I was at the tail end of my issues when the pandemic started, but I would’ve gone mad with dining restrictions and fear that liquor stores would close for 2 or more weeks, or that I’d get corona and then not be able to go out to get booze and die from withdrawal.


I wish you luck. I hope things get better.


What sucks is that they don't have the deposit like regular plastic or glass bottles. Homeless people would walk back and forth between the recycling center and the liquor store by my old house. On a walk one day I counted over 100 tiny bottles on the side of the road.


That is a reason I want to do #tarshtag because of the minis and other trash in my town.


I buy the little plastic nips to sneak into sporting events to avoid the dreaded $20 beer so I can afford the dreaded $12 nachos and the $8 soft pretzel... And maybe score myself a $6 water as a chaser. I guess it depends on why you're buying them. Overall I'd say the guy buying a handle at a time of Kamchatka looks a little worse.


I bought liquor pouches on Amazon for this exact reason. They're all plastic and hold up to 8oz. Great for concerts, sporting events, and anywhere that uses a metal detector


Ahhh... that's clever. Never really looked into that but have always kind of wondered if they exists. Now I know! Is there a straw/tube that runs up from the pouch under your shirt to the collar line? 'Cause there should be lol I've also filled empty 5-Hour Energy bottles with Jame-O to sneak in. That's helpful in case you manage to get "busted" with them. Or just so when people see you drinking them they think you're just getting JACKED on energy 💪🏻


I like to keep a supply of fireball in my purse . It my version of breathmints


This is horrible...and hilarious. Have an upvote.


Like cinnamon mouthwash lol


Oh yea, peppermint schnapps for a little breath freshener and some liquid courage.


Lol YES! Party in your purse.


Omg fireball is the only mini bottles I buy. I feel this. 😂


They’re also purchased by those with no self control. But that also supports your point.


Agreed, but the minis still don't make you look like an alcoholic as much as buying gallon bottles of cheap vodka does. It seems that deviation from the standard sizes ranging from 500ml-1.5L is always cause for suspicion.


I would just assume party, personally.


The gallon jug of vodka I buy every five days, says differently.


Once in a while I buy them for cooking. Seriously. I don't drink. Sometimes needed for special occasions, no need for a +$50 bottle of Cointreau for example, but it's nice to add to cookies, cakes, jam, sauces, frostings etc. Washington State where I'm at has the highest tax on liquor and it's incredibly expensive. (Edit - Price is higher now than the last time I checked.)




Our liquor taxes are high and we have the highest sales tax rate in the nation as well


OUCH! ... 😳 I think most people trot across the border to Oregon for cigarettes and liquor. [Cointreau ](https://i.imgur.com/H3jlTWT.png) [Checkout cost for store pick-up](https://i.imgur.com/kAYWVy5.png) The taxes go to pay for healthcare for people who are very poor (government state Medicaid) and other things though. WA doesn't have an income tax so things like cigarettes and liquor are heavily taxed. "Spirits sales tax is based on the selling price of spirits in the original package. The rate paid by the general public is 20.5%. The rate paid by on-premises retailers such as restaurants and bars on purchases from distributors and distillers is 13.7%." - Washington Dept. of Revenue


They’re popular where I live with the thought process of “I can’t get caught with an open container this way.”


It depends on quantity and frequency. As someone who works in the liquor industry I see both sides of that coin unfortunately.


There's an episode of "Intervention" where a middle aged woman would just buy the airplane sized bottles of vodka b/c she wasn't an alcoholic (she was). Turned out well in the end, though.


Worked at a grocery store in the 90s. Little old lady came in every 2 days and bought 3 to 4 large bottles of vanilla extract. Never bought flour or sugar or anything else. Asked my mom about it and she told me the lady was probably a closet alcoholic trying to hide it from someone in her house. I gag just thinking about it.


I worked with a guy as line cook at a Perkins that used to drink the giant 64oz bottles of vanilla extract straight during our night shift. He had lost most of his teeth by age 50. That shit has pretty high alcohol content.


Former liquor store clerk checking in. YES. Once during my day job, end user support, I came across a few minis of vodka a secretary bought the previous evening. At 10:30 am they were empty. Small town. She never stopped in the liquor store again.


no, it makes you look like you don't care about the cost. people who buy those want a quick and stealthy sip for sure, but it's not really the alcoholic's move. anyone who is really bad about it will be buying in bulk, even if they pour the half gallon into a half pint bottle so you don't notice how much they've had


So most of the liquor stores in my city sell rumpleminze shooters for $1. The 1/5ths are $25. It actually makes economical sense to buy it by the shooter.


Yup, I wanted the most for the cheapest. Plastic bottle handles does the trick.


I was the same. Buying minis limits you because its more expensive. Plus buying more than a sleeve of minis is weird.


people who are on parole buy half pints. most people who buy 99 bananas or something are just broke asf and buying it the second they get their hands on a couple of dollars


Occasionally it can work out cheaper. There are 15 shots in a .750 so if it’s dollar shooters it can be close or less


spoken like an alcoholic who has money. there are many more shots than 15 in an 11 dollar half gallon.


Like 37 shots in that…the handle size is always the best value. Just for those with self control


i think it'd be hard to spend less on airliners because you can't get past 5 dollars worth without passing out lmao


With the rubbing alcohol ($11) half gallon that is for sure! Haha. I’ve had a guy buying one of those almost daily. I hoped it was shared, but based on his appearance I’m not convinced.


I rarely drink and I've always liked the mini bottles. I would never go through a big bottle and I like variety.


Classic Alcoholic move to “forget” how much you are purchasing each and every day however


I remember reading something on an AskReddit thread about a store clerk who said that's exactly what functional alcoholics do, they buy smaller bottles so that they don't get too drunk.


You're not supposed to drink them. They're supposed to make you look gigantic.


My buddies and I used to buy minis and a case of beer before we would go out clubbing. We'd sneak the minis in the clubs and whenever we'd go out for a "smoke break" we'd chug a beer. We did it because we are cheap though


I am one of those people. Like one person said in here, part of it is self regulation, rationing out is easier. But for me another part is availability during the day. I can't take a handle to work, but I can pocket 2 or 3 doubleshots. I also hide the extent of my drinking from my family, so it's easier at home to sneak one in the bathroom.


Good luck, you’re on a terrible path


I get them because I don’t have shot glasses, and I also don’t want to pour them from a giant bottle. They’re just easier to handle, and I don’t want a full shot, I just like a sip from them before I smoke, cause I just drink beer outside of a sip before I smoke.


One year long ago my brother and I tied dozens of the little things to our Christmas tree and called it the Boozletree. We are both sober now, but yeah I'd say that checks out.


Ha! That’s a hell of a Christmas tree. Keep up the sobriety!


I’ve given small bottles as gifts like stocking stuffers but never purchased a bunch at a time on a regular and never even thought about it in general like what it would mean if I did….interesting shower thought indeed.


I never would have thought of this. I usually only buy minis or at most fifths because I only drink a couple times a year generally and dont want alcohol sitting around forever.


All aren't 2 for $1. Just sometimes you happen upon a liquor store with those bins. I buy lots for pinatas. Most are $1 or $2. I'm in Tennessee. We can purchase beer and wine in grocery stores, but spirits can only be purchased from liquor stores.


Or just trashier. Source: 3 years working in a c store.


I’ve spent time contemplating the economics of becoming an alcoholic and how this is likely promoted by manufacturers. Generally bigger bottles end up being cheaper in bigger volumes. It almost should be illegal because it does encourage people to buy more at a savings.


I only buy them cause I think they’re neat


I had a friend who does LRP that likes them cos they make great potion bottles :) especially airplane ones cos theyre plastic and cant break


Alcoholics I know buy big bottles, because they cost cheaper. Also for what I've seen, small bottles contain some expensive drinks. So here, in my country, buying small bottle makes you look rich as fuck


OP doesn't know any alcoholics.


I buy them when I have to fly. You can take them through security and it's a lot cheaper than airport bar drinks


I've been drinking a handle (1.75L) of gin each day for almost the past year - if I don't have it for more than a day then I become violently ill for at least two days, and it's not unusual for me to go 4+ days without eating. It's terrible and the liquor store cashier asked me the other day "you used to always drink vodka, what happened?", it's not a good feeling when the cashier knows what you *used* to drink and asks why you switched. I was sober for \~3years and moved away but when I relapsed and moved back, the first time I went to the store he said "hey, haven't seen you in a while!" - they don't know my name but they recognized me. I would appear much less alcoholic if I started getting 2-3 mini bottles or just stopped drinking altogether, which is what I'm working on - 1week so far. Felt like I had a stroke two weeks ago after I almost filled a 5gal bucket with vomit overnight and didn't sleep or eat for several days. I still struggle with sleep but I've been eating like a pig for the past two days, which I've really needed.


I buy like 4 dozen every Halloween to pass out to parents. I won’t give a shit what you think my habits are.


I wouldn’t care either. And as a parent who doesn’t really drink anymore I’d find it pretty cool to get that from you on Halloween.


A lot of shooters are $1 where I live and are 50ml. So I can get a 750ml bottle for $20 or 15 shooters for $15 and it’s the same amount of alcohol. If I’m wasting money on booze I’ll save money where I can, that’s just common sense. Edit: $1 cents was originally .99 cents, bad original edit on my part.




How much money is $1cents?


I always buy the small ones for people's 18th/21st birthday parties. It's a good 'cool uncle' present.


I feel like this should be in r/unpopularopinions


TIL I learned that beer drinkers look more alcoholic than wine drinkers, because most beer drinkers buy 12-ounce cans, while most wine drinkers buy ~25-ounce bottles.


When I was drinking heavily I'd drink the 24 ounce cans. 4-8 of them a day.


Well it's usually someone buying a plastic bottle of vodka and they throw the minis down in the parking lot so yea, if the shoe fits.


Frequency my good friend its frequency of either


You can get rid of open containers.


Hahaha, yes. So true


A wise man with one bottle able to make it feel good But when he meet are friends Making the day wonderful


I used to have a woman come in each Saturday to buy a ton of those UV mini vodkas. Came shrink sealed in dozens and she would always by two sets unless we didn't have any wrapped ones still, so she'd mix and match loose ones. Always said she had two a day, and I never questioned her on the math for that


How so?


The opposite is true if you're a dwarf.


People who buy mini sized alcohol are misers in the alcohol class


At Christmas time my mom puts ribbons on them and hangs them on a little Christmas tree to use as a liquor advent calendar, every day leading to Christmas she uses a different liquor as the base for a drink.




I usually buy them to bring on fishing trips and short camping trips. Always nice to have a little whisky or cognac with your coffee after setting up camp.


No it doesn't


They put them right by the register like candy. It is a little bit troublesome for people in recovery (me). It’s so easy to grab 2-3 for the hell of it while checking out. It’s bad enough giving the liquor section a wide birth and a fuck you, now it’s at arm’s reach for impulse buying. One absent minded little decision away from complete destruction.


I don't buy then myself but sometimes i feel like starting a collection of various spirits for their unique bottles. I reckon i could amass a decent selection relatively quickly and easily.


It's the I'm drinking with friends vs god I need a drink


They are easier to hide eveywhere


Had a roommate who would drink 2 shots of the 99 whatever drink and then just cry about literally nothing for the rest of the day. And when I say nothing I mean you could be talking to someone about a chore that's not even hers and she'd start crying because she thought it was her fault it wasn't done. Owner of the house we were in just straight up cut her off and she was way cooler after that


I have negative 100 dollars in my bank account. The only food I have is ramen. I had $3.50 in dimes and nickels in a drawer, today I walked to the liquor store with all that change and bought a steel reserve ($1.89, 8%ABV). Aint that fuckin depressing lol?


Imagine having tooth ache due too too many Baby Ruth's. Then when you go the store intent on not buying any Baby Ruth's, but instead a small snack size version? Why? Either you can't stop and have a problem or you keep giving in to urges. Just, you know, don't? Got to start somewhere. (goes back to another game of Rocket League.)


Well the big bottle isn’t going to fit in my purse I can tell you that right now


I just whish that companies would make more of those mini bottles. My wife is the drinker, im a teetotaler but not all the time she wants to buy a $70 bottle just to find out she does not like it.