Guardian ape

Guardian ape


Like with any animal, Firecrackers are your friends.


Did you finish senpou temple already? If not, do that first, a certain item will help a lot with the ape. I just dont want to spoil.


I never even used that thing till ng3 and when I finally did i felt like an absolute buffoon


Baiting dung throws and running under him when he jumps to do it was my way. Get some hits in with either basic attacks or a quick art and you steadily make progress. Don't bother with parrying if you can help it. Too risky.


Flame vent works wonders. Constantly be on guard, deflecting/blocking all normal attacks. Avoid the sweep grab by jumping, and the jumping grab by running around him


General advice: When avoiding attacks don't spam dodge. Either dodge once or hold down the button to sprint, you can cover ground faster that way. Phase 1: Stick to him like glue and strafe around him. This is especially useful for his jump attacks. Try to avoid most attacks and slip in chip damage when you can. If you are going to get hit just block, deflecting isn't too useful here and can be difficult to do. Eventually you will chip all his health away. You can use spring flame vent/mortal blade CA to make this go faster. Make sure to save a handful of spirit emblems for phase 2. Phase 2: Tactics change greatly here. Stay at the edge of his sword and and deflect attacks. You need to deflect so he falls on the ground. Once he does, use a spear prosthetic twice to stab and retract it for massive health/posture damage. If he starts to scream just sprint away, it is much faster than spamming dodge. If he jumps and sweeps you can run away also, that attack doesnt have good tracking. Overall this boss is very different from most others and can be a royal pain. Gave me the most trouble on my first playthrough other than the final boss. Keep calm and analyze how you need to react to his attacks. If you panic and spam deflect/dodge this fight will be much more difficult.


This is what helped me kill him finally. Focus on a health kill when he is angry monkey, then a posture kill for scream money When he does the thing where he flails on the floor, move to his head and attack it- he take more damage to the noggin. When he farts, chase him. You'll get less poison buildup if you run forward, and he will probably miss with the poop throw. If you have the umbrella-magnet upgrade you can tank the terror scream. While he is trapped in the animation, circle around him and punish him when it is safe. If you hit a perfect deflect when he hits with the huge attack, he will present his stump to you. Instead of attacking, hit the stump with a spear drag to get massive posture build up.


Be aggressive, chase him while watching his moves, this will interupt his attacks and you need to watch out from doing long sword combos because you will need to evade him. Also, firecrackers.


I took the slow route. Trying to bait him into throwing his shit, running under and getting a few attacks in. And just wearing him down.


Stay on him. Play very aggressively. Firecrackers too


Firecrackers, flame vent and Mortal Draw for Phase 1. Loaded spear for Phase 2. Deflections for both phases.




Gud. git that.