Gus because he doesn't spray my face and make me pass out


I kind of hate both, Gus doesn’t hunt in moderation and trophy hunts and Harriet acts you do that


Gus trophy hunts sure. But mostly he leaves it up to you, if you’re complaining about moderation that’s entirely on you because all he does, like every butcher, is buy what you sell.


I was so confused what sub I was in when I saw your pfp lol. Thought I was still in YRG


Lol me too


My answer as well - the one that doesn't drug me.


Harriet because she sprays my face and makes me pass out


Literally the only answer


Well I mean i think the fact that she does that is what makes her likable. She’s insane. But she’s pretty amusing.


Seth is insane and amusing. Harriet is crazy and annoying


Personally I like Gus because he talks nicely and he never sprays me.


Yeah, he has this buddy pal kinda personality


Gus. He has Ron Swanson vibes




​ ![gif](giphy|vG5ZBfUNU5sOaUPAxF)


I do like Harriet, and as an animal lover I really thought I was going to despise Gus from the moment he was introduced in that first cutscene in Strawberry. But Gus is actually just a rad dude? He's one of the nicest NPCs in the game IMO, and Harriet just sprays me in the face and dumps my body in dangerous wilderness areas every time I try to talk to her, so...


I like Gus. He's always happy to see me, buys whatever animal parts I have, sells nice outfits, and has explosive ammo that can one-shot pretty much anything but a legendary. Harriet... roofies me if I step on a squirrel and sells roofie bullets that take about half-dozen or more to kick in.


I love it when Gus yells, "Make me proud!" as I'm leaving his lil camp.


He doesn’t judge me, I could join peta or go on the carnivore diet, either way he’s always nice. Harriet however, if you don’t follow her beliefs she maces you then drags you to the middle of nowhere


to be fair she seems to treat animals as her friends so it's understandable why she wouldn't be okay with people killing the beings dearest to her lol.


Yeah, but at the same time she treats all animal related deaths as malicious. Oh you killed a deer that was suffering on the side of the road? Pepper spray & wilderness drop. Oh your horse stepped on a squirrel that you were trying to avoid but still stepped on? Pepper spray & wilderness drop. Skinned an already dead animal? Pepper spray & wilderness drop. Like we humans don't treat hitting someone who jumped in front of a car the same hunting down and shooting someone. Crap happens and I shouldn't be treated like a criminal for running over a suicidal squirrel. I mean I agree using that same logic it is messed up to then skin and sell the squirrel but Harriet doesn't pay nearly as much as Gus and the methods Harriet employees with roofie rounds is in my opinion messed up especially with how many animals I've overdosed that way.


well as annoying as she is she's sort of like an unhinged disney princess and I love her character for that. the animals that survive our characters tell her about the horrors they witnessed and she in return.. drugs us lol. would be funny if r* released a cinematic of our characters getting od'd by her as the final attempt to save the animals whenever they pull the plug on rdo.


I’m not sure about makes nice outfits.. most of the garmet sets are horrible


The bear coat literally exists


Bear pelt coat* not the legendary ones


It’s a pimp coat


Yeah... some of them are kinda silly, like the beaver and alligator ones. The fox and ram outfits are MUCH better.


I was gonna say I never take the legendary fox coat off😂


Don’t be dissing the zizi beaver like that


The night beaver op tho


If I ever had to work with Harriet in a vet clinic, snorting a line of oleander sage will count as my two weeks notice/official resignation.


Harriet sprays me ffs she’s a mean bitch


i really wish they’d made Harriet more “all animals have souls, you can kill them for food but not for sport” and maybe they could have added in a prayer you can do when hunting after you kill an animal ? i’m a complete and utter animal lover but she gets so mad at me when i’m just trying to get some meat to feed myself 😭whereas Gus is always so kind and friendly


I was always disappointed with Harriet. And the whole naturalist roal actually. I wish they combined both Gus and Harriet in to one native character, who could teach us how to respect animals as well as make unique clothing for us. It seems so obvious to me.


Never thought of that! Such a cool idea tho. The native Could’ve been located at wapiti or something


Absolutely! Would have given us a great reason to visit the beautiful location. I always regret not spending more time there


Oh ik for awhile I’ve been focusing on pvp but the past few days I’ve been putting my camp up in the grizzlies and hunting/fishing up there and it’s so nice


HUGE missed opportunity, especially considering the utter lack of native rep. considering how prominent they were in the story mode, i was surprised; especially since the rez was empty, meaning the wapiti haven't been forcibly relocated there yet.


Yeah make a native the naturalist rep, then we make a chinese guy the person that teaches us more melee skills. Representation, yall.


Niiice, yeah, the meele is so fun to me, i would love a fight club or secret fighting moves


Lol stereotypes ftw y'all


Imagine if they kept gus and this native man. both are hunters but with completely different honor


*THAT'S* the spice!


Yeah yeah this!


Also it goes for all animals so like if you get attacked by any predatory creature and kill it to survive she’ll get mad like Lady, what do you want me to do, die?


exactly !! 😭


I wish she was more like Charles


me too !! i loved Charles. he represented respecting and loving nature while also using it to live and survive !!


Harriet is just crazy and annoying and Charles is so kind


She doesn't say it explicitly, but I learned lassoing an animal, reigning it in until you're prompted to kill it with your knife doesn't count as a kill to Harriet, but rather a mercy killing.


She obviously wants us to starve.


Gus…. He’s way less hateful than Harriet and I really like how he gives off this “Dad” type vibe…. He is proud of your successes and doesn’t dwell on your failures….


I love his little comments when we get close to his camp with a catch or wearing one of his coats. He's a pretty wholesome guy despite his practices.


"First of all, may I say I fully approve of the headwear?" Yes, Gus. Yes, you fuckin' can.


Hey! Are ya stoppin???


When I first started rdo I farmed my first few thousand just selling pelts to Gus and had him make my first outfit. Definitely a nostalgic feeling talking to him now.


Bro when you lesve his camp he says 'make me proud' like a father


When reading the question my immediate response was, "Gus tells me I'm good. Gus is it."


Gus.is definitely my Wifu


Sometimes babygirl is an obese hunter from the 1890s


Sometimes the side chick ain't even a chick it's a burly bear hunter from the 1890's 😏


I like em big, I like em chunky I like em big, I like em plumpy


I’ll be honest, I’m surprised I had to scroll down this far for the thirst to start…


Gus is actually friendly to you regardless if you work with him or not. Harriet gets mad if I kill wolves in self defense. It’s a shame cause Harriet means well and Gus is just hunting for the sport.


I killed a cougar that was trying to maul me and got sprayed and tossed in a ditch. All for saving my own hide.


Yep. I guess she’d have allowed the thing to maul her to bits. She that the game wasn’t able to determine self defense acts Vs aggression. With npcs too. Couldn’t stand having someone start shit with me only to wind up with a bounty for self defense.


I did a poacher mission for her and when I got to releasing the animal it mauled me to death 😅


So you did the right thing, letting the animal kill you. So when you go back now you can tell her, "I let the animal kill me, are we still cool?" As one would normally be able to do in such situations.


I didn’t pass the mission lol idk what she wants from me 💀


It would. be pretty funny if they tracked it and next time you went she thanked you for sacrificing yourself for the predator


Almost feels like all she's ever known from any animal is friendliness bc she's a literal Disney princess, so maybe she just doesn't believe that everyone else gets attacked by predators lmao


That may be it, she can't even conceive of a possibility where an animal might want to rip someone's throat out. Just an excuse murderous humans made up to justify hunting them. Though it was seriously fun to wear full animal garb, buffalo or wolf head, furs, leather everything and walk up to her and taunt her.


Oh yeah I *love* pissing Harriet off. I mean I know she's gonna be mad at me anyway, might as well have some fun with it lol




Yep, her hearts in the right place but she has unfucking realistic expectations.


They both appreciate animals in different ways. Kinda feels like back then they weren't really as conscious about hunting because they didn't seem to realize how much hunting affects populations. Harriet doesn't seem worried about populations, just about the animals and their feelings. My perspective on Gus kinda changed when I heard him say "Have you seen the elk around these parts? Just magnificent!" Seems like he loves animals too, just that he appreciates the beauty in death as well. Harriet is one of those "animals are more important than people" types, I feel like she'd be another mislead PETA member if she lived in this day and age lol


Gus is an awesome guy.


I prefer Gus over Harriet. Hell, I shot a grizzly that was attacking me in Big Valley near her camp, and you'd think I shot and killed her first born.


Gus is the only person that's ever told me they're proud of me. Harriet sprays me with LSD if I accidentally fart in a squirrel's direction


I think they did Harriet real dirty. I want to support her cause as an IRL animal lover - but they make her so unlikable.


I honestly think she feels a bit out of place; not in the setting or genre, but more in the way of tone. RDO is Rockstar but it has a far more grounded vibe than Grand Theft Auto, but Harriet feels like an uverblown parody of an animal rights activist out of a GTA mission. I like Harriet in a lot of ways but feel like the mechanics attached to dealing with her can be a bit much. Some bad ideas were implemented with her, and I say that as someone who enjoys the Naturalist role


Literally. Grubby girl needs a bath.


Miss kettleman


That's most definitely on purpose: the moraly righteous person constantly criticizes you and knocks you out, while the money hungry animal killer is always nice to you.


Gus, he doesn’t spray me because a rabbit ran in front of my horse


As a character Harriet because her bat shit personality is funny. That said I wish I could get legendary animal missions via gus instead of harriet.


they shouldve had the naturalist role be either the naturalist or the hunter. (as in u choose to either sample the animals or hunt them down)


Isn’t that basically the difference between Naturalist v Trader


trader is more of just R*s rdo version of mc businesses... i mean i just kill the naturalist leg animals from the missions for the trader anyways so...


Gus is nicer but he represents the eradication of wildlife in the US by unregulated hunters .... Still harriet is just unbearable.


I think Gus is a great duality. On the one hand, he embodies the overhunting and disregard for stable wildlife populations that has led to the current day. On the other hand, he is a very fatherly like figure who appreciates what you do and crafts you clothing.


Gus takes care of his hair. Being well groomed is the only quality I look for in a person.


Politeness is key, so obviously marry gus , kill Harriet and kiss Horley


Gus is the man!




Gus. I’d be friends with Gus In real life


Harriet. People pay a lot of money to get peed on, and there’s no way her spray is not her pee.




Oh please don't say that


I wish I could say Harriet because I'm all for regulated hunting irl but she's a bitch


Genuinely like Harriet more. She's a conservationist wanting to study animals, and due to her deep connection to nature she wants to protect it. Sure her mechanic with killing animals is beyond annoying especially if you accidently kill them (I.e. bird stupidly flying into you are squirrels and rabbits running onto the road). She comments on how her rich family ridicules her (Gus does too because she comes from a rich family) for becoming a conservationist, but considering she is able to pay us thousands of dollars I've inferred that she's likely sending the blood samples to other scientific organizations for study. With every sample we sell we're potentially aiding the development of ecological science which for a game set in 1898 it's a big deal. Sure she's a bit unhinged at times, but her respect and caring attitude for nature is commendable in a setting where the majority of people don't give a shit. Hell we even see that with Charles killing poachers in Story Mode. Gus is a piece of shit trophy hunter without a shred of empathy, and as others have said he's nice to you to get things done for him. Helping Harriet is a difficult path which is rewarding. Gus is the easy path that leads genuinely nowhere apart from some mid cash payouts and ugly clothes. All in all I like her character but I will admit R* fucked the gameplay element with Harriet getting angry way too frequently. Maybe a trust meter could have been added where as you do missions and give her samples it'll off set her rage so you can go back and forth killing and sampling without consequence.


Gus definitely. He’s the uncle I never had.


It’ll be a cold day in hell before I chose Harriet over Gus. She’s like the people in modern time who have a rich parents but claim to be hardline socialists.


Gus is a very sound bloke, and Harriet's an absolute psycho. But... Harriet's also a complete baddie.


Gus. I'd hunt every animal for my hunting buddy


If i had one bullet left, i wouldnt know, who to shoot: Harriet or Micah


Kill Micah Take his gun Kill Harriet.


Or kill Harriet Take the the spray Beat Micah to death after spraying him


Well, isn't it obvious? Thich bitch sprays me all the time, when I try to hunt








Bro tell me the last time Harriet said ''Oh! the excellent animal sample you have there.''


My view points are closer to Harriet's but I like Gus more as a person. I work in natural resources and some people I have worked with were Harriet's when they started out and either they quit or dropped those view points after a month or two. Honestly I wish Hamish's character would have been expanded for the naturalist role. A lot of old successful and sensible naturalist's I know are a lot like him


Gus, because Harriet doesn't even let you hunt for food


Gus. He's not a tree-hugging hippie so he's automatically the better of the two.


Gus, hands down. Man is a whole unit.


Gus never made me go night night. You ever been night night?


I'm team Gus. I'm not sure if it's because of the pepper spray or the fashion. Could also be that I find the Naturalist role really, really tedious... Harriet also seems extra.


Gus because he doesn’t make me feel bad for defending myself against a pack of wolves


I really like being praised and congratulated by Gus when I bring a legendary animal in. He is so chill and I vibe with him a lot. I enjoy visiting him a lot. He is so badass with that mustache and his scars. I like Harriet because she's cute but I don't like her attitude.


Gus, 1.000 times more.




Harriet is more of a thought out Character in terms of player character interactions/missions/ buyable items, if rockstar wasn't so lazy they'd add more to gus...exclusive animal sighting missions & tonics/consumables only he sells. But instead he just sells tacky garment sets & has a few one liners Like when you've been killing animals you get spritzed by harriet...if gus knows you've been a pacifist he should grab the character & toss them out of his shop on their ass or punch them


Harriet is the plug


Def not the popular answer but Harriet… she is misguided but she does care about the animals. She at least has a compelling back story and presentation. Gus is, we’ll just Gus. He’s fine but nothing exciting. I like Harriet.


Harriet is more interesting. Gus is just a hunter.


Ole dirty face Harriet.


harret, anmal friend


gus is a big meanie and while a lil misguided harriets heart is in the right place


Harriet bad


Gus, he feels like an actual friend to the character. Harriet on the other hand just treats you like shit. And Gus doesn’t care what you do, Harriet will beat the shit out of you like an angry mother in Target.


Gus. He doesn't get pissy about suicidal rodents diving under my horse.


They're both fine but honestly they're extremely typical for what I would have expected Rockstar to create if you'd given me the prompt "What character would R* create for X and Y to fill these roles?". If that makes sense? I remember saying this a year or two ago, but I personally would have loved it to see these two character archetypes completely reversed while keeping the actual character traits they have in-game currently. What I mean by this is I would have loved to see Gus being a sort of upper-crust, well-to-do, genteel animal conservationist. Extremely full of himself as he is currently with his same voice actor and, mannerisms, etc. but he took on Harriet's role as the conservationist. Meanwhile Harriet is still the kind of nutty, a little bit lost-her-marbles woman who is now instead OBSESSED with hunting. She was clearly once well-do-to, but has gone a bit feral living in the woods, completely overtaken by the idea of getting the perfect furs, the perfect trophies, etc.


Gus. Also for the same reason everyone said. I can’t stand Harriet. She reminds of a modern day liberal / feminist


Gus. Wish we had more interaction with him. Also wish he'd keep that snark to himself when I have to work with Harriet. Mind your business, big fella, and make me my legendary moose coat. Also Gus because what Harriet has you doing is borderline animal abuse. Like, hol'up... you want me to go pump a majestic perfect condition 3 star beast full of .22 caliber rounds, sample it and send it back into the wild full of .22? If that isn't animal abuse then I'm not sure what is. Gus honors the animals sacrifice through provision and clothing.


Harriet lives in the 1890s. We can’t apply our modern understanding of animal abuse to that period. Plus, these bullets are meant to be tranquillisers of some sort, not .22 rounds. Gus isn’t a clean man morally. He can and has killed animals for little reason. Gus has dialogue where he mentions killing a dozen elephants in Africa purely because he lost a bet. Gus is an unapologetic killer of wildlife. His crafting is just as a business. This isn’t me being completely hateful of Gus, but he isn’t morally well.


Always wanted to bag a wood nymph but Gus is the clear winner.


Harriet is annoying and has very bad views on hunting overall. Gus is hella dope, he is friendly, and knows what he is doing.


Gus is a sweetheart. Always happy to take your business no matter if you're being a hippy or not, he's very cuddly looking too 🥰 We love this thicc hunter!!


Gus. I have a vendetta against Harriet after she drugs you innthe beginning lmao. That and everytime I hunt she gets made. Kinda annoying but ya know


I think Harriet’s the worst so I’ll go with Gus lol


Well one poisons you and doesn't let you continue using their role for a time


Maybe Gus? But if you accidentally step on the little table in front of him in St. Denis he can be kind of mean.


I use Harriet because she pays you more money for the samples and the completed sets, Gus is just for clothes which I rarely wear, I still kill animals and let her spray me she gets over it lol


The amount of time I accidentally step on small animals just to get shit on by Harriet is annoying. Gus is just nice even if I helped Harriet 99% of the time


Harriet. Sometimes you just gotta be punished.


I was surprised when I actually loved Gus considering that a lot of my views align with Harriet's, but I just hate her so much. Like.. so much..


Gus because he’s hot, the end.


I like Harriet, her character is fun and interesting and I like what she stands for. I get that with real life activism it's important to be disruptive to get your message across, but this is a game so all it does is create an annoying game mechanic that discourages the player from working with her or hearing her out. Maybe if working with her gave you access to some sort of alternative, like being able to harvest a new plant based ingredient that is close to as effective as meat at filling cores and/or is just as valuable to sell. And maybe if there were some specific metric for how you treat animals (like the honor system) and she won't work with you when it's above a certain point.


This just feels like a roundabout Gus appreciation post. SO I'll put this here. I'm gonna throw in with Harriet. Between her cute haircut, wild attitude and funny ass expositions on becoming one with nature, I find her entirely refreshing and endearing. R* characters are mostly violent killers. And she is too! Like -- she puts hits out on animal poachers hahaha. Just so far removed from what I'm used to seeing. "Oh! Listen to this -- *bunch of weird af clicking sounds* That right there means 'hello, I'm Harriet!" Straight buggin' She was shoveling rabbit shit in her tent to some manner of receptacle? Telling me about flowers that make me one with rabbits. Most of her dialogue makes me shake my head with a smirk. When she gasses my homies I'm like: "Remember to keep your heart open!" EDIT: A tip: Lassoing your targeted animal and approaching it until you're prompted to stab it in the neck with your knife is considered a mercy kill and Harriet doesn't count it somehow. I've been apart of this sub since rdr2 came out and these Gus vs Harriet posts are always roundabout Gus appreciation posts and Harriet complaints. Y'all really find that fun?


I like both but Harriet is a more funny/entertaining character in my mind.


harriet is my wife idc how crazy she is! <3


After looking at OPs profile. This guy clearly hates Harriet. This IS a Gus appreciation post! Hahahahaha The circle jerk continues


I think I have a bit of a crazy fetish (the non homicidal kind), and I was pretty hooked on Harriet with that laugh she gives in her intro after they say she should be thrown an asylum. She can drug me all she wants, I'm team batshit 100%.


Harriet, she has the moral high ground


Harriet. She's a more over-the-top and interesting character. Gus is just a gross big-game hunter. His dynamic with Harriet works, but she's definitely the one with more dynamic screen time. As a character, she's the better I also would just straight up hate Gus in real life. Fuck big game hunters


I still didn't meet any of them


Harriet bad asf


Gus of course, harriet hates me too.


Gus cause he makes good chicken


Gus because it doesn’t cost $10 to talk to him




Gus because unlike Harriet he's actually funny


I like Harriet more. It can be frustrating, especially when an NPC steps in front of me so our horses ram and theirs dies or my horse happens to step on a dumb rabbit, and then I get punished - but I kind of appreciate the sort of consistency she has. I imagine it this way: Whatever and whoever is reporting these deaths to her is likely doing so with simply a tally. A situation of “this, this, and this died”. If I was told that after telling someone do NOT kill anything if you’re choosing to work with me.. yeah, I’d be kind of annoyed if not pissed off then to livid depending on how much was killed. I’ve only been drugged by her twice, one was pretty expected and the other was frustrating, but my own fault, as I’d killed a legendary the day before I had played and forgot that the time spent away from the game wouldn’t be considered time IN game. Fair enough. I adore her dedication. The bits of dialogue we can sneakily hear when coming up and she’s talking to a critter. The love and joy she expresses in caring for animals. Even the hate she exposes for poachers, comparing them to nasty blisters; it’s all so extremely, and honestly? I love that about her character. Someone dedicated to animals and these sciences SHOULD be extreme, especially with work partners that are meant to be in the exact same mindset. Gus isn’t a bad guy in my book by any means, I don’t mind him. He just sort of.. falls flat for me. Yes, you hunted. Yes, you’ve got the epic scars and stories of the times. But what enrichment does he bring? Overall, nothing. It’s just boring interacting with him after a while.


Gus because cool mustache


I like Harriet but the role makes me feel very bottlenecked when you’re supposed to be a rough and tumble outlaw using the land to survive.


Harriet has drugs


Harriet is bae.


I’m prepared to get the odd hallucinogenic spray and possibly many animal born diseases for Harriet


I like and hate them both to the same degree but for different reasons. Gus is nice and the kind of guy who’s chill to talk to and is a rad dude personality wise, but he’s kind of a subtle embodiment of capitalistic greed and over hunts with no regard for what he’s killing, nor does he really respect them as living beings. Harriet is kind of annoying and overzealous in her beliefs, but she can be kind and her craziness comes from a place of genuine care and concern for nature and wildlife, and her want to know more about the things she adores is admirable. I can also sort of understand why she’s a little off her rocker; she’s probably gone most of her life being called crazy or dumb, even if she would try to express her ideas calmly and rationally. I’d go a little nuts too if no one ever took me seriously and pinned me as a nut job


Harriet because she cares about animals and nature like I do. I'm also a vegetarian.


harriet 🤤🤤🥵


love my unhinged nature lady


Harriet is hilarious. And she had a winter dialog about her mother making her come for Thanksgiving and trying to set her up with a man. She says I would know what that's like and it sounds a bit like she's hitting on me. I also credit the insanity arc of my character to her constantly drugging me and leaving me for dead in the wilderness. Gus is just not as interesting.


Harriet bad af ngl


Harriet cause shes hot


Gus is chill, but can be a douche. Harriet is mommy, but will spray you in the face


I would say Harriet for several reasons- 1. She’s pretty hot. Gus is rather portly for my tastes. 2. She’s bound to have tons of drugs 3. She remarked today when I went to see her that sometimes she wakes up naked in the woods or something. 4. See 2. And 3. 5. I bet she could teach me to talk to my horse 6. Free tranq’s and animal revivers 7. I wonder if you would get positive honor for banging her? 8. Does this mean she’s vegan? 9. No she would have said “by the way I’m vegan” 10. Hope she’s not vegan


Harriet is a crazy chick and that's all it takes for me to sign up


Harriet, she's annoying and Gus seems like a swell dude but I have a soft spot for animals. I only kill them out of necessity


Harriet is my unhinged vegan teacher wife 🧍‍♂️


Harriet is a baddie


Chad Gus for the win F* you Harriet you beta cuck soyboy.


Harriet might be a “Karen” of her time but she’s one of the sweetest characters in RDO


Gus because looks and talks like the guy in the blacksmith show, forged in fire if i remember correctly


Harriet a straight up psycho. She got you Killin folks just cuz they hunting.


Harriet pisses me off but its a well written character in my opinion


Imagine if both of them would be able to send you for legendary animals. Harriet helping you by masking your scent, hiding you from the animals and Gus sending you with some hunters as a backup instead. There could be a dynamic reputation system for both of them, with Harriet perhaps giving you her analog of legendary pelt outfits with some floral aesthetic in the style of the animal you were looking for. You wouldn't be able to have a good reputation with both of them but perhaps you'd be able to betray your group by killing Gus' hunters and sedating the legendary animal instead or killing the animal instead of doing whatever Harriet asks you to do in her mission.


I like them both really BUT Gus has free stuff at his camp, bottle of gin, dried meat, apple, cigarettes etc and he’s always so cheery. Harriet gives me head girl vibes


I can't help but smile when Gus compliments my hat


I think Harriet’s goal of documenting and understanding is admirable…. But she’s also kind of a bitch and a hypocrite. First of all gus never sprays me with hallucinogens. But also clearly, she comes from money and can afford to live a pretty decent lifestyle judging on her clothes and camp. We can’t harm animals even if they attack us or for subsistence. But she’s perfectly ok with killing working class people for poaching. Like obvs poaching is bad and Gus’ methods are unsustainable, but executing people for trapping a wolf seems a bit much… especially after the wolf turned around and ripped my face off. Like I think there’s ways Harriet could be better written and more compelling than a screeching bitch in the woods, but as of now Gus is a much more personable and likeable character. Also Harriet’s missions get me killed more often because either the animal turns around an rips my face off or people shoot me for tranquillizing their farm animals


I’d say Harriet because I started her quest with a friend and the fact that she drugged us prompted the most heart-to-heart conversation I’ve had with said friend, where we agreed that “It was one hell of a threesome” and how “she couldn’t resist the roguish charm of our two murder hobos” (both of our characters are dirty, crusty, old men)


Harriet, bc them thangz be thangin’


Harriet, I can relate more to her


It's not about liking, it's how useful they are for me. So I have to say Harriet, because she gives missions too. I bring Gus once this or that, for an expensive fancy coat etc. and that's it. Nothing else. He does not have missions or sells sedative rounds or I can sell samples to him 😉.


Dude FUCK HARRIET r/fuckHarriet What kind of fucking stupid design is that??? An extremely unlikable character that doesn't let you do their shitty missions because you ran over a fucking squirrel on the way over. She's got the fucking moral ambivalence of Satan. "Go save this one star wolf by killing all the men that caught it to try and feed their families. Kill them. Kill them all." She's annoying as fuck and whenever I walk up to her and she starts yelling I get flashbacks to wen I was abused by some bitch for a week. She's fucking awful and I started killing random animals because of her. SHE MADE ME A FUCKING MONSTER Terrible design, even if it was done to be ironic? But I can't fucking justify anything about her as a good character or even something that was remotely thought out. She is writers room garbage. Even on paper you can read what she's about and what shes like and be all like "Are we really making this character? Shes supposed to be the good one that we wanna side with right? Okay lets make her FUCKING UNBEARABLE." Meanwhile gus has never judged me or asked me to kill a man. He just enjoys hunting and is a very supportive guy. Jovial even. Harriet is a fucking annoying piece of shit that I would gladly shoot in the fucking face over and over again if she had a death animation. Fuck Harriet.


Harriet is the girl you wanna take home from the bar and call her an Uber first thing in the morning. Gus is the guy you take on your fishing/ hunting/ drinking trip with your buddies.


Harriet, you know she’s gonna spray you if you kill so not killing is kinda the obvious thing to do


Harriet is just me with way more audacity, we're homegirls all the way