Please don't threaten us with a good time. Make it happen already!


I can't for the life of me think of how this is supposed to work. Are all black people going to be white like that White Man's Burden movie or is he just going to be the one white guy at the head of a march surrounded by black people? Is he going to just repeat all the speeches line for line and it just not weird as hell or is it going be a conversative fantasy where he's white MLK shouting about antifa and the communist trans infiltration.


Yeah no matter who you cast the movie still has to be about civil rights. I feel like it would accidentally end up looking very artsy and thought provoking.


These are the same people that just made that Hunter Biden movie where Joe Biden was a heavy set mob boss. Do not assume they will be making logical choices about what the movie is about.


Don't underestimate their ability to completely fuck up the civil rights theme.


Tbf do you think that he isn’t trying to do that irl anyway?


All i can think of is Dave Chapelle's the black klansman


The difference is A: that actually happened. B: it was funny as fuck


I don’t know but I really hope we get the chance to find out.


It's weird, it's like you've succinctly pointed out in a single paragraph why it actually matters that MLK is played by a black person. Far deeper analysis than any I have seen regarding Ariel.


It will be the last bit. They would never sit through the actual speeches


For it to be a proper comparison, wouldn't it have to be a remake of the 1992 film Malcolm X with Denzel Washington replaced by Michael Knowles and the rest of the cast filled by similar cast as the original. So Knowles starring alongside a modern-day Angela Basesett stand-in (maybe someone like Lupita Amondi Nyong'o or Teyonah Parris) with a few cameos from some BLM activists (or just Al Sharpton all over again) I'd watch it


I just thought about Knowles giving the house negro vs field negro speech and think this might be the entire reason he wants to play Malcolm X.


Theyre gonna put him in black face and make it a minstrel like the shitstains they are 😭


The movie (if it was real) could probably work as a comedy.


I mean to be fair to Scarlett, my fat white man ass would never pass up the chance to play major. Unfortunately she did a piss poor job


Honestly this sounds hilarious and I'll definitely pirate it


BREAKING: Once again, the Daily Wire demonstrates that they are all idiots and massive bigots with the subtlety and grace of a tap dancing knight in full plate mail. "I really feel like the world just isn't convinced yet that I am the trashiest person alive," Matt Walsh told reporters. "There is no low I won't stoop to."


I would like to state that plate armour is not as heavy as you would think and knights were very mobile. There are videos of people doing flips in armour. But I can't defend the other guy. Fuck that guy.


I got banned from Twitter for calling Matt Walsh a cunt twice. Like, I called him a cunt twice, not got banned twice. Either way tho totally worth it cause he's definitely a cunt.


I would love to see a tapdancing knight in full plate mail


Take my free award


If they give white Malcolm X a fish tail I'll absolutely be watching it.


Malcolm X had red hair For real. His nickname was 'red.'


On the front or back? cause fish pigment blah blah who the fuck cares what color a mermaid is you idiots….


Wait what, he wasn't actually black and white? No way


Now I want to see OG white Ariel fucked to the gills on nutmeg


Specifically it was Detroit Red. He earned the nickname when he worked as a dishwasher with another red-haired African American man, Elroy Sanford. Sanford was known as Chicago Red, and later incorporated the nickname into his stage name “Redd Foxx”.


Oh right!!!


It's going to be Malcolm X, but with white power instead of black power. Really gonna change the narrative on that one, I'm guessing. It's going to be like a reverse [Clayton Bigsby](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLNDqxrUUwQ) \- but probably far less funny. (Edited to add: I disapprove of Chappelle's treatment of the trans community, but this particular work from his early career - before he made trans comments - is pretty funny. The actor playing "Kent Wallace" was the funniest part of the sketch IMO anyhow - how he did that whole thing with a straight face is beyond me.)


What'd Chappelle do to the trans community?


For people who don't get the problem with offensive standup "jokes": [Dave Chappelle Only Tells Half the Truth](https://youtu.be/S42DJr95Dfw) - F.D Signifier


Wow, 80min... Dave has been busy as fuck


He's done some trans-critical humor that had been seen by many people (myself included) as punching down, and cited his friendship with a trans comedian (one who coincidentally committed suicide) as justification of his behavior. Hundreds of articles have been written on the subject, which is why you're getting downvoted. There are rightfully a lot of concerns among liberals about Chapelle's LGBTQ-related humor, even if they largely enjoy his race relations humor.


It's the same ignorant bullshit as "I'm not racist. I have a Black friend." So fucking gross




And he's from Middle Earth, since righties seem to be annoyed by the fact that other races live in a place full of mystical beings.


Well last time they made him Jewish and gave him magnetic superpowers so why not.


I presume you are talking about Magneto, he wasn't originally based on Malcolm X(as far as I know and searched) "Writer Chris Claremont, who originated Magneto's backstory, modeled the character on Israeli terrorist-turned-statesman Menachem Begin,with later commentators comparing the character with the American civil rights leader Malcolm X "


You'd be surprised at the number of people that don't know who you're talking about. Especially since it's more LGBTQ+ rights now


So they either think Ariel and/or mermaids are real, or Malcolm X is fictional


My moneys on them thinking hes fictional.


I agree, they probably subscribe to Kanye’s view on reading books of which is simply, reading books is like eating brussel sprouts and brussel sprouts are bad.


And now you know why kanye voted for trump


Narcissists love that narcissist energy.


Why not both?


And also a person of some nobility or royalty. ‘Malcolm the Tenth’ or something.


This is a good one since they can only look ridiculous. Everyone will roll their eyes and laugh at them and they will fall flat on their face. Unless they actually read Malcolm X and. learn something


Of course he's fictional. The x-men arent real!


Surely Professor X is real, I saw him in the docu-series Star Trek!


Or they think that Ariel's white skin was an integral part of her story, like Malcolm X's skin color was.


Which is puzzling since they say they don’t see race and liberals are the real racists for making everything about race.


i had always thought the saying "every republican accusation is a confession" was kinda trite, but now? it's just... true 🫥


Their version of Malcolm X might as well be fictional.


Won't they have to get this approved by his estate to begin with?


Can we point out that a lot of POC characters have already been whitewashed in Hollywood for years. The oldest one I can think of the type of my head is John Wayne portraying Genghis Khan and the lastest one I can remember is the Alpha movie where Emma Stone character was half Polynesian. Also Angelina Jolie once played a half black character (there literally darkened her skin and gave her a curly haired wig.) The Original West Side Story movie only had one Puerto Rican and had the white actors wearing making to darken their skin. Scarlett Johansson, need I say more. And there's so many more examples but they don't care.


The other day some asshole told me that Hollywood don't cast other races as white in movies... Dude Lost the memo of Hollywood whitewashing characters and history for a Century.


Tell him to watch any Live Action Hollywood movie or TV show that original came from Japan. Death Note, Dragon Balls, and Speed Racer are ones I can think of the top of my head


There's a lot more, Ghost In The Shell, Wanted, 30 Days Of Night, a Beautifull Mind, Social Network... Those are from the top of My head too, but this goes decades long. And ok, nobody judges that on the merits of the movie or the actor, whitewashed movies can be good movies, but that don't change the fact that whitewashing is so normative in movies that people take it for granted. The recent outrage for Ariel is evidence of that, Disney whitewashed the original animated the little mermaid and people now are demanding to keep doing it with the new version.


Ghost in the Shell wasn't whitewashing. The Major was played by two actors, one was Japanese decent, IIRC. Johanson played the cyborg body, and you can make the argument that the series mentions it looks European. Which would make sense due to her backstory.


And Island of the Blue Dolphins


Holy shit, that's a name i haven't heard of since like grade school


i’ve been thinking about that book recently and couldn’t remember the name, thank you (:


Is he probably only watches Faux News, police shows and whatever lane sitcom Tim Allen is on.


Oh god. My parents loved Last Man Standing or whatever it was, and I just couldn't help but cringe at how anti "woke" it was trying to be.


Every 5 seconds it was "haha vegans and liberals" or "haha Clinton durrrr", so unoriginal.


"Libruls bad" was basically the entire premise.


There was [Johnny Depp](https://www.straight.com/files/v3/styles/gs_standard/public/2013/07/MOV_LoneRanger_Depp2_2375.jpg?itok=p8dZS6Sh) in Lone Ranger


That movie was painful to watch


Blackface as a thing. You are correct.


betty boop was based of a black woman but made white to appear more marketable


To be more specific, Betty Boop was based off of a white woman named Helen Kane who based *herself* off of a black women Baby Esther. Its weirdly more complicated than that


They should instead make a Shaft remake starring Michael Cera


Who's the black private dick that's a sex machine to all the chicks? (Shaft) You're damn right Who is the man that would risk his neck for his brother man? (Shaft) Can you dig it? Who's the cat that won't cop out when there's danger all about? (Shaft) Right on They say this cat Shaft is a bad mother (Shut your mouth) But I'm talkin' 'bout Shaft (Then we can dig it) He's a complicated man But no one understands him but his woman (John Shaft) ....Seriously - Michael Cera being Michael Cera anywhere around this would be comedy genius.


Way back in the thirties, I believe, one of the studios made a movie of The Good Earth. They cast the only well-ish known Asian actress as an extra, and a white woman as O-lan. 🤦‍♀️


20 odd years later John Wayne played Genghis Khan in The Conqueror.


I'm with you on almost all of them. But the Scarlet Johansson one actually makes sense in context, and it was welcomed by Japanese audiences (at least, amid all the criticism for how shit Ghost in the Shell turned out to be).


Like 90% of movies set in Egypt have had an all white cast until very recently


>Scarlett Johansson, need I say more. Is this about Ghost in the Shell? She wasn't playing a Japanese person. She was playing a robot. If they'd cut to the flashbacks before she was a robot and had Scarlett Johansson wearing a kimono and pretending to be Japanese you'd have a point...but that isn't what happened. Robots don't have ethnicity and it shouldn't be a problem if one is played by Scarlett Johansson. In costume, she also looked quite a bit like the original character. It's not like it was a casting totally out of left field.


Not to mention, Motoko is portrayed by Kaori Yamamoto in all the flashbacks from before she got 'borged.


I thought that was the case. Actually said that in my comment originally but then second guessed myself and took it out because it's been so long I couldn't remember the flashbacks. I think it's a great point. When she was a human who was supposed to be Japanese...she was played by a Japanese woman.


Most people complaining haven't actually watched the film. The film is literally a story about capitalists colonizing PoC's bodies for profit. What critics are complaining about is literally the same thing the movie itself, in it's primary text, is fighting against. I think it's really good at what it sets out to do.


The actual creators of Ghost In The Shell had absolutely no problem with her in the film, and were kind of confused why people were up in arms. Getting offended FOR someone instead of asking what their opinion is first approaches white saviorism, and that's as shitty as whitewashing.


The guy who plays Oscar zeta Acosta in where the buffalo roam...


The Emma Stone one, I think I remember reading something about how she was based on a real person Cameron Crowe knew who was half-Chinese but looked like Emma Stone and always had people disbelieving her ancestry.


Fuck it. Go for it pussies. Maybe you’ll actually learn some black revolutionary history in the process.


There's about a 100% chance they'll portray him as a conservative because of his not liking liberals.


Which is stupid because his hatred of liberals was due to a their, as he perceived it, addiction to the status quo and refusal to help the movement in any meaningful way. In short: he was a leftist.


"...and that's how I ended up earning a soul. Also why I'm in prison."


I'd love to see a white man in blackface playing a civil rights leader just to show the world how fucking racist they really are. Or a white man straight faced playing a black man and literally nobody acknowledges it which sounds like a comedy powerhouse of a movie.


I hear [Robert Downey Jr.](https://wegotthiscovered.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/robert-downey-jr-tropic-thunder-1200x900.jpg) is looking for a new role.


I'll prepay for tickets now either way


I am going to make a movie about the Daily Wire. Every character is going to be a dog's asshole.


It’s the Cats movie, but the version with buttholes


I assumed they were just going to keep the face as is.




This…..is…..hilarious as to how it will blow up in their face


Blow up in their blackface




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Malcolm X isn’t a “character”


Malcolm isn't a character though, he was an actual human. Mermaids aren't real. Even if they were, marine mammals usually aren't white. Except of course the beluga and the narwhal, but fuck those guys. Ariel should also have like way more blubber.


A lot of marine animals are white on their ventral (belly) side so that they're harder to see from below.


True. Just make her an Orca. Everyone loses, best outcome lol


"The Little Mermaid - 90 minutes of pure violence and terror."


Seal gets flipped eighty feet in the air, “AAAAaaaa WHOOOooole NEEEW woooooRLLLLD!!!”


The shark chase except the shark is the one fleeing in terror because she wants to eat his liver


That's Aladdin.


You know that part in the magic carpet ride where they skim the water? Yeah, Mer-Orcas take them out and finish the song as their bodies float dead in the sea. Orcas are psychos.


They'll just point at some of the historical dramas where they cast people of our ethnicities. There was one where they recently with Queen Elizabeth played by a black actress. Therell always be something else for them.


Sadly that is correct. There's always another "war" for them, another "enemy".....I'll never understand how people can live that angry.


Nothing better to do.


I agree with all of your points except the mad shit you're talking about narwhals. They're the god damned jedi of the sea and they are sworn enemies of Cthulhu. I saw a documentary about it so watch your slander of the whale-icorns!


Fair enough


Reminds me of that movie made by the ex mma woman fighter. Entire marketing scheme was "they tried to cancel her"


It was advertised on this very site.


imagine being this much of a worthless fucking hack


It’ll not really have the same impact if this is real


“Fighting back” You guys are the only people fighting at all.


I’m pretty sure this is satire.


I hate that I had to scroll this far to find someone to finally point this out


The problem is that it actually sounds like it could be real. The right wing has become so reactionary that this sort of thing sounds plausible.


fIgHtInG bAcK jesus christ they're so dramatic


Ariel’s not even a woman anyways! She doesn’t have the biology that is the only determining factor if someone is a woman or not. We need to see a chart of “her” chromosomes before we even begin talking about representation.


You know, this is a good point. According to anti-LGBT conservatives, there's no way to know for sure that Ariel is a woman until we see her vagina.


Full under aged fish pussy OR you’re a groomer.


I think you just found the GOP slogan for this fall's election.


The left is when Disney


Why the fuck can’t these people understand the difference between altering a fictional character and a real person? Fucking hell.


Hahaha, Jesus Christ


Twitch react streamers are gonna make bank on this one...


If I wasnt in a public place, Id be laughing maniacally at how absurd this timeline is


chris rock should play Elvis in a movie black elvis


This isn’t real. The writer of this tweet made it up either as a joke or deliberate fake news.


I would actually like to see that. Call me crazy.


Yes please, waste money to make a movie almost no one will watch just to prove a point be much guest


I wish I could just sit around, say stupid shit all day, and pretend to make movies with my Nazi friends, all while getting paid unconscionable amounts of money. Like Adam Sandler, but a Nazi, and even worse at making movies.


John Wayne as fucking GENGHIS KHAN is just sick to death of characters being cast as the wrong, not white race. Mostly because John Wayne was a racist piece of shit who couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag and just played the same role over and over like every terrible conservative actor.


The differences Wayne could move tickets.


>Mostly because John Wayne was a racist piece of shit who couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag and just played the same role over and over like every terrible conservative actor. [There was a song about it and everything.](https://genius.com/Mdc-john-wayne-was-a-nazi-lyrics)


You have that right. Just don't be surprised when you're called a racist piece of shit for doing it.


The little mermaid was green on the books but whatever


This is just huffing and puffing for their base, but seriously I hope they really do it. I'd love to see them put in a whole lot of their time and money, (it would have to be self-funded or financed by like-minded morons), for something that their fans don't actually want to see, and that most normal people outside of their weird echo chamber are neither upset about nor interested in watching. Plus in writing the script, they might actually learn something about civil rights. Just imagine the box office numbers. Not that it would reach actual cinemas, but imagine the direct sales numbers. They'll be hilarious.


Lmao they're definitely gonna erase the parts of him being a socialist, or, yknow, a *black* rights activist


I actually don't have a problem with this. Do it. Hell, remake Roots with white folk. If it's a faithful interpretation, then I'm all for it. Go ahead and learn about black history in your own weird ass ways. As long as you're learning it.


Translation: We figured out even the poorest of you morons will pony up the dough to see this poorly written, acted, directed, and designed "movie" on which we will cut every corner so long as we tell you that it will make liberals (who you're afraid are your betters) unhappy.


Right-wing extremists : "Why won't allow us to voice our hateful, bigoted, and racist ideals! ok, fine we will make our own _______ !" Right-wing extremists then make their own platform/film/app that fails miserably and only serves to further their feelings of persecution.


The radical left corporations keep casting black people as fictional characters, therefore we will cast an un-charismatic white guy to portray a non-fictional, black civil rights leader


AOC should be cast as Donald Trump in a biography of him. The GOPedophiles won't know whether to love it because it's about the Orange Dorito or hate it because they see a non-white person


... Malcolm X is a PERSON, not a character.


You’d think they’d cast, like, an actual actor, at least, no? They decided to cast a news commentator who happens to lean hard right. Almost as if they cast him for…political reasons?


Even if the film could be thought provoking, I doubt Knowles has the acting chops to play X.


I mean what do you expect from someone who thinks teaching accurate history is racist against white people


1. Ariel is a fictional character whose skin color has no affect on the story, in fact she was literally blue skinned in the original story. 2. Malcolm X is a real person 3. All this shows is that Michael Knowless is incredibly stupid and there's a reason why his acting career failed.


I'm SO triggered! No, wait, that's gas. Ya know what? You go have fun with that, you racist idiots.


Malcolm in the middle X


The real question is, are they gonna make a film about a Communist who praised the USSR and PRC, and was assassinated by the FBI? Or are they gonna make a fictional version of Malcolm X based solely on the "white liberal" speech and nothing else


The Mandarin played by Ben Kingsley Motoko Kusanagi(Japanese) played by Scarlett Johansson The Ancient One (a Tibetan man ) played by Tilda Swinton Ra’s al Ghul played by Liam Neeson Tonto played by Johnny fucking Depp But there are 2.5 black actors in the newest Batman even though he’s white and a black woman is playing the little mermaid and this justifies basically whitewashing American history?


Do they not realize The Little Mermaid is fake and Malcolm X is a real human being?


Congrats to Matt Walsh for inventing White-washing. Truly an original concept that has never happened before.


I hope they actually follow through.


I feel like this would be unintentionally hilarious.


Anyone fact check this? Not saying it wouldn’t happen but I’m not finding any sources for it.


Please be real. It'll back fire so so horribly.


"Fighting back" against what? Letting little black girls be represented in childrens stories?


Matt Walsh continues: "please give me attention for the love of Christ I'm begging you to pay attention to me, what do you want me to do? There are no depths that I won't go to for a shred of media attention please oh god please just look at me I need this."


No way. This has to be a joke... right? Are they seriously this delusional?


this is satire right? Please? Say it ain’t so


It’s fake.




Oh, God, it's just an excuse to put Michael Knowles in blackface isn't it?


Right wingers dress in black face and use the n word.


These fuckers are soooo butthurt. The sad thing is…they even recognize, a black person may play a ‘white’ *character*, aka not an actual person. But sure having someone play a true historical figure is totally the same.


They should cast Bryant Gumbel with Wayne Brady in a supporting role.


Wayne Brady as LBJ.


No balls


I want to read their script.


Nick Fury would like a word with his ass...




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No, no, please, go ahead, do it. I don't care, noone else will. Spend the money, spend the time. If you make a good Malcolm X movie, I'll watch it. Nobody gives a shit... See how easy that is.


“Fighting back” against black actors existing. They’re not even attempting to hide their racism.


Once again I love to remind them that a white man played Michael Jackson


So putting to one side that this is probably a troll , Michael Knowles does this and is then mercilessly trolled by the black community for the obvious and everyone else for what will be an awful performance


Should’ve gone all in and went for whatshisface who plays Stamets on Star Trek Discovery. Peak white dude.


1) ariel, dwarves, stuff like that is fictional 2) Malcom x was very much a real dude and to undermine black civil rights movements like this is beyond racist 3) I doubt they’ll paint Malcolm X in a positive light


Damn these white boys are fragile




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What’s the most Oscar awards anything has ever won?


Never in my life have I wanted to smack my face down on a table as much as now. There's so many things wrong with this that I have no words.


They’re such nerds


“This man is fighting back by continuing the status quo. Give us money We need it.”


This is truly the stupidest timeline


is that real? searching "malcolm x daily wire" doesn't come up with much of anything


Can’t be real. Until someone kidnaps me and points a gun to my head I will refuse to acknowledge this is real. And maybe not even then.


Losing money to own the libs


I wonder if he knows Jesus isn't white