What the hell are they even talking about?


Abortion = white genocide which is a Jewish plot, per fash lore


Also Jewish law supports abortion


By extension, so does Christian




[Idiocracy is literally (probably unintentionally, but still) eugenicist](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o52zD-aGqjA)


Abortion is not only legal under Jewish law, but mandatory when the mother's health is in danger.


Ah thanks. I've heard of replacement theory of course but hadn't heard it couched as a Jewish sacrament before.


The Torah calls for mandatory abortion accesses if the baby is a product of rape or incest


Good. I approve of that. But is it a sacrament? Or forced on anyone, and especially anyone who isn't Jewish? I don't know very much about Judaism but I did read a number of books back in college and I was under the impression that not making other people follow your rules was a pretty fundamental idea.


How… the hell do you force choice on some one hahahab na the rule is that you HAVE to have the option in those cases and the women HAS to have the choice to make it according to the Torah. As for if that goes for all non Jewish women. That’s kinds of …irrelevant? Cuz ya pro choices is the way hut why would religious law be thrust on to some one outside of it ? (Yes I know Christian’s are doing it now but I mean why should it matter if they aren’t making laws to make it so)


Well exactly. Edit: my "but is it a sacrament" comment was meant to point out the absurdity of the original post, not to actually question whether it is. Of course it isn't.


It's a an old antisemitic trope called the blood libel. The idea that jews need fresh Christian blood for ritual purposes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_libel


You are attempting to read the words of a rabid neo nazi ideologue as if they communicate anything of value. Here’s a hint: this person is not an expert on anything that they’re talking about.




Some combination of "jews support The Great Replacement via abortion" and "jews eat babies"


Don't you remember back when TEH JEWS forced Christians to get abortions?


We all know they only put the "Judeo-" part there so they wouldn't be accused of enforcing christianity on the country, despite that being exactly what they have been doing.


Fun fact: Jews are one of the most left leaning demographics in America. Since 2000, the smallest margin we've gone for the Democrat in a presidential election by is [39 points](https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/11/09/how-the-faithful-voted-a-preliminary-2016-analysis/). Just anecdotally, I'm Jewish, and I know many more openly LGBT Jews than I do Jews who actually follow the religious laws.


people who have faced generational oppression tend to be liberal. white Christian think someone say "Happy Holidays" is a hate crime.


I don’t know about that anymore, a ton of Hasidics and orthodox folks threw their weight behind Trump because they all believed his actions in Israel was all for them (it wasn’t).


You are completely wrong. Those people do exist, but they are a small minority of Americans Jews who are not at all representative of the community as a whole. Fun fact: [a 2019 Pew Research poll](https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/05/06/u-s-jews-are-more-likely-than-christians-to-say-trump-favors-the-israelis-too-much/) found that American Jews were more likely than American Christians to say that US foreign policy favors Israel over Palestine too much.


This is a common myth. Jews, as a whole, vote more liberal than any other demographic except Blacks.


That dickbag put "judeo" in there bc conservatives and nazis stan fascist Israel. Also they believe that by getting all the jews there they will trigger the Rapture and go to heaven.


nope, actually, the term judeo-christian was originally a term to try to lessen antisemitism by making it seem more tied to christianity, but then it quickly became a way for Christians to try and convert Jews covertly. Also the only reason Nazis like israel is because it puts the jews in one concentrated place and the surrounding countries hate jews. Makes their job easier, the Arab countries were all nazi allies during ww2 after all.


Also, as the only non-Arab country in the middle east, it's the lesser of two bigotries. Until recently, the PM was a smarter Trump that actively pushed expansionist, authoritarian, religious right policies despite the population largely opposed to all of it. And evangelical Christians believe that the second coming of Christ can only happen if the state of Israel exists.


The judeo part is because of Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro


If you can't blame it on anyone else, blame the Jews... Fucking trashcan of a country


Someone oughta tell him that the Ten Commandments were handed down to Moses and not to Jesus


Jesus was a Jew.


**HISS** HERESY!!! /s


"The Jews are no longer able to impose their religion on the rest of us God bless America" The contradiction is literally right there how the fuck can these people not see it? (I'm aware references to God in US law don't refer just to the Christian or Abrahamic God and rather this concept of a creator, but these people do specifically mean the Christian God when they say God)


Don't believe that last part when people try to tell you that. The in God We Trust aspect is totally a ploy by Christians in the furtherance of a Christan ethonstate. Also mentioning God in government cpacity is by its nature religious discrimination as there are plenty of peoples who belive in multiple gods, in goddesses, and also people who don't believe at all. There should be NO mention of God in a anything that has to do with government period.


I’m surprised it took this long for me to find an openly antisemitic take on the topic


They're talking about the values that come from the book that tells you how to induce abortion? Right?


how to induce abortion as punishment. in other words, the life of the baby is all important, until the mother commits a crime, at which point the baby should be killed against the mothers will great family values


As always: The cruelty is the point.


Nazis gonna Nazi.


How much you bet he's circumcised and proud of it? I bet 10 bucks


Tyranny = being allowed to make your own choice


Ben Shapiro is under the impression if he just tweets bullshit that validates these people long enough, they will no longer want to kill him. Welp...


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_libel This is just the blood libel


"Judeo-Christian" is just a verbal tag assuring "totally, 100%, not a nazi, nope, absolutely, no nazis here, uh uh, no sir. See we have *JEEEEEEW* ish friends" It has absolutely no meaning otherwise.


Why is the name censored? He has a blue checkmark, name and shame


I hope this shitstain is reincarnated as a European jew in 1943


I get the animosity towards this shitbag but please don't invoke our people's suffering rhetorically.


Wow, they really do scream the quiet part out loud don't they? Jeez this Supreme court ruling really emboldened the NAZIs.


I knew a guy who said the jews did 9/11 because according to him it happened the day of Shabbat and no jews were in the building. The Shabbat is saturday. 9/11 happened on a tuesday. So his theory was already stupid, but also based on fake facts.


> no jews were in the building. Quick google search reveals that an estimated 10% of the victims in the WTC were Jewish. Ah well.


Facts dont care about your feelings 😎 /s


what do you mean? they’re not currently talking about how they hate muslims or non religious people, and that’s the only context in which “judeo-christian” is a thing


Atheists are religious according to these looks, remember?


Looks like they’re going for [Positive Christianity](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Positive_Christianity)


American Christians only care about the values that let them hate and exclude people.


Fucking what?


The Jewish people were forcing them to abort? News to me.


They do know Jesus is Jewish right


Of course *not* being a repugnant antisemite, I hadn't thought of it from this angle.


Church and state?


Jesse what the fuck are you talking about


i hate this country so fucking much why do i have to share a species with these fucking braindead nazi scum


Judeo Christian refers to this guy, Judeo, from back in the day, who was like super Christian.


Judeo-Christian anything is a lie, and its just supercessionism. They’re completely separate systems of belief. Judaism is not “Christianity without the Jesus” as I’ve seen many Christians say.


Because “the jews” want to kill “white people”… which even the Ashkenazi aren’t considered (for some arbitrary reason) for some vague “world domination” conspiracy theory.


Race is complicated. Ashkenazi Jews have never had full access to white privilege and their white status is still entirely conditional and extremely precarious -- pretty much to the point where it's more useful to think about them as a racial/ethnic minority with partial white privilege than as fully white.


I hate that you have to block their name