Shamelessly copying an older comment of mine: Title: please give me the pacifier 💞👶 Cover: cute babygirl toddler ☺️👼 The plot: a witch reborn into a baby 🥰🌸 featuring child neglect, family deliberately starve toddler to die, family tries to murder a fucking 10 month old, uncle tries to kill toddler every chance he gets and even draws his sword at her before she ran away using magic, family treat said toddler like an animal they own after finding out shes useful and smart and act like they didnt starve a 10 month old kid a chapter ago. Not to mention the fucked up shit in the og novel. But noooo the reader is supposed to swoon because the uncle and grandfather are hot!1!11!1!!!


Title: Chitra Cover: A pink haired woman standing in the middle with three men gazing upon her lovingly. Plot: She gets to summon and keep real life gacha men and makes almost every single male cast her bitch.


Title: princess doll shop Cover: a pink hair blue eyes cute fl with dollson the display and summary about how she wants to be independent and open her doll shop. Actual plot: >!her mother had to be a single mother and when she finally found happiness and love the emperor decided to kill her in laws and husband to marry her. Forced fl and her mother to go through political scheme with empress and concubines plotting against them. Fl had to grow up watching her mother sleepwalking and for the first time when she asked for something was a doll. Her mother stayed up all night and the emperor son came that toime to r*pe her. Her mother ended up killing him and gets sentenced to death. Fl blames herself and thinks if only she had no asked for a doll her mother wouldn’t be a murderer and they would be happy. She develops sleepwalking as well and throws her doll out in sleep.!< this story was darker than i thought.


Title: I will be the martriarch in this life Cover: a brown haired little girl sitting on a couch with a smug look with a poor but handsome looking little boy standing with his back facing the couch behind the couch Story: The girl is an reincarnator then a regressor and she goes back in time with a goal to save her family and the boy is the second prince who is the ML(really recommend it)


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