Yamao and Ace simps going crazy




And kaido banner still isn't released.




I think it was 50 last time


Holy shit we actually beat Uma Musume! I feel like it's kind of a meme on this sub nowadays but I know many of you are serious - yeah no the game is **not dying**.


That's actually insane. That game blocked Dokkan for TG so many times


Usually not on ios tho, Dokkan usually gets cucked on play store.


I can't believe this game actually beat horse girls either, when some other gachas much more flourishing weren't able to overcome that hurdle.


Making dupes useful again for everyone and actually having good steps does crazy man


tHiS GaMe iS dYinG


People say this about nearly every gacha, even Dokkan.


Lol no one with a brain thinks dokkan is dying lol


I know, but like I said when there is like a dry month in any gacha people are like: "OMG, the game is dying."


Haha I feel you


Even though I know this game hasn’t been in a period where it actually was dying it still made a lot of annoying decisions where I wished we could say that so the game could try getting its act straight


The point is not that the game doesn't make money, we all saw the financial result. What's dying down is the money that Bandai is putting into the game. And while yoshi is a Bastard for US players, it must look like a God from his superior and colleagues perspective, he is cutting costs but the game makes more money.


There's a difference between being popular and a complete lack of content. For example, see Overwatch. There hasn't been a major content update in years and in the past few months even the regular content hasn't been maintained. Yet it still has a healthy playerbase and is widely popular (even with the negativity (actually that adds to it). The Overwatch 2 beta just dropped with closed access and is already generating a lot of buzz for being a beta that doesn't solve any of the content issues with 1. Battlefront 2 has been officially announced to never receive updates again for over a year now (or was it longer) and still sees a healthy playerbase for being Star Wars. Titanfall 2 is still beloved and played. That said "X is dying/dead" has always been a meme that translates to "do better". No game can actually die unless the plug is pulled entirely and it becomes impossible to "legally" access (and even that's still debatable with communities pulling out mods and private servers). Other than that a game is never dead. There will always be someone playing it from time to time. "This game is dead" is just people venting frustration at its current state, which if fair, albeit not useful because its not particularly constructive (doesn't tackle specific issues or problems to be addressed).


Ohh it’s dead, the soul of OPTC died long ago.


Well it’ll be top grossing in America soon since they managed to get me to spend $10 a few minutes ago


Now 2 things can happen 1. The developers learn that giving players items. making good steps in banners and "good shop packs" makes people want to spend or 2. They see that they make money and keep being assholes


What they learn instead (half serious, don't kill me) : \- Parts of sugos starting on later days gives money \- Anni Parts 2-5 sugo structure is similiar to monthly end of month sugos so they don't need to improve those \- Spam only popular characters on celebrations (we already have 9 out of 11 most popular characters getting units this month - 6 of them being legends, maybe with Law getting something soon too lol)


I hate to see the same character repeated but it is true that it is the only way to make profit. Is like telling to dokkan devs that they should stop doin Goku/Vegeta units for ani


> - Spam only popular characters on celebrations I'd even throw another fun fact : we complained so much about Sanji getting legends non stop, so now, they don't do legends. Instead, they made a RR Onigashima Sanji in **March**, followed by another RR Onigashima Sanji in **May** xD Like...what? 2 regular RR Sanjis, from the same ark, barely 1 month in-between... I think that's a new low for RR-repetition. *The Sanji simp at Bandai still works, apparently* xD


Since the increase in revenue coincided with yoshi's reign of terror, it's number 2. If anything they will check how much assholery can they pull off before they start seeing negative effects


The game is clearly dying 😭


But some of y’all swear the game is dying lmao


stop feeding a a dead game ... wait, there are pullable waifus again, shit must withdraw some money




Damn, I think this is the first time TC surpassed FGO on top grossing. Too bad its just for this month, though.


Will Global get those too ?


50 gems received :)


Where? Will global get something as well.?


On JP, in the mailbox, don't know about Global yet


Nothing ok global. I bet we will get nothing


There's a notice in global saying everyone gets 50 gems but doesn't say when.


Just check your mail, I didn’t get a notification but checked anyways and it’s there.


the steps are so good its time for a mortgage


1 word... Dupes


Well thats a first. But will we get gems for this like dokkan does every week?




I remember back in the day we got top grossing way more sad it’s only anniversaries or very hype units these days.


Unfortunately the game didn't improve that much and except for anniversary and download celebration, the game is always boring and dry af


Dat Sanji <3