I remember driving into town and seeing ut being built when I was a kid.


Imagine if they say “no no not that one the smaller one behind it”


He also designed the Petronas Towers in Malaysia (formerly the tallest buildings in the world) and the athletics office tower at Duke


Just stayed in the hotel there on Wednesday! Lovely building, one of my favorites


So what?


What an ugly building. Edit: it’s still ugly, even with the downvote.


I like the classic styling and I think it fits in nicely with the rest of the downtown. And it's fricken massive. Most aren't that wide. They could have done more with that cap don't you think? ​ Something specifically that makes it ugly for you or just an impression? Nothing will ever beat Empire State building for me.


I will concede that it's not the most beautiful building. But, there are some aspects about it that I appreciate. At the time it was built, there was a lot of public pushback about it being taller than the Terminal Tower. Years earlier, there was similar pushback on the adjacent BP building. In my memory, the pushback actually worked and the BP building was redesigned to a lower height. Anyway, Key Tower is taller than both Terminal Tower and the (formerly) BP building. But, if you're in Public Square and look at the other buildings, you can see that it tries to balance matching these other buildings while having its own style architecture. This fitting in is typical "context sensitivity". The color tones of Key Tower match the other two towers. The shape and scale of features similarly match the scale of the other buildings. Its dominated by stone but only up to the point it begins to vertically pass the other towers. Once it reaches this level, it phases in to a more modern style dominated by bright metal cladding, glass, and lighting. It's not really remarkable for its own appearance but it is for how it fits in with its neighbors. Unfortunately, it completely shits the bed with the Mall and the Group Plan. But, that was ruined long before the Key Tower was built.


Wait a minute I've always thought that the key building was the BP building. I thought it just changed names.


you have probably figured it out by now but the brownish, stepped tower between Superior and Euclid is what used to be known as the BP building. I think it's currently called the Huntington building and for a while went by its address number.


Yeah 200 public square


What do you not like about it?


That’s just like, your opinion man.


“Come on down to Cleveland town everyone. Take a look at both of our buildings” Edit: Downvoted for the Cleveland tourism video even though I love downtown CLE.


My friends from Columbus love that one. And yet if you got rid of those two, the third is still taller than any cbus building. And recently, Cleveland’s additions to the skyline have been more impressive than the rest of Ohio combined.




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Is that some City Skylines Youtuber?


.... But it's not even art deco