Monster Hunter Stories 2 - Important Notice Regarding known issues in Ver.1.1.0

Monster Hunter Stories 2 - Important Notice Regarding known issues in Ver.1.1.0


The "Corrupt data has been found. You cannot accept this quest." error when joining multiplayer for the first time that some players have bumped into (both PC and Switch) can apparently be fixed by using a Character Edit Ticket. Unlike MH: Rise, MHS2 unfortunately doesn't come with a free Character Edit voucher. I hope they fix this soon, because having to buy DLC to fix a bug isn't a great solution!


If it can indeed be fixed with it, i wouldn't be surprised if they announce a free voucher whenever it's going to be fixed


It’s kind of ludicrous it costs $3 or whatever to edit your eye color and name. Not clear why it isn’t just something you can customize any time.




Theres no reason for that dlc to exist in the first place <_>


"Corrupt data" "a lvl 99 will revert to lvl 1 on certain condition" wait what what why how geez,just finished the story and was going to finish the sidequests/do some endgame,but I guess I'll take a quick break until it's fixed then ._.


Whatever causes the "Corrupt Data" error seems to happen before the player unlocks multiplayer (chapter 2). If you can access multiplayer (online or local), e.g. by creating a password protected room, you aren't affected.


so,not going online till it's fixed and no lvl 99 grind for now,I guess.


Based on reports in /r/monsterhunterstories and the MHS2 Steam forum, there is a strong likelihood that the corrupted data is caused by something that happens at some point before you try to access multiplayer for the first time. As far as I know, nobody that was able to access multiplayer got the corrupted data error later on. It also doesn't seem to affect anything other than accessing multiplayer features. But I still test my save games after every playing session before overwriting a good save! (Just by creating a password protected room, then returning to the lobby.)


Some people are saying it's from not having a default skintone (I assume that means one of the preselected ones?), but I'm certain that I don't have a default skintone, and my data isn't corrupted. Some people are thinking it's from doing the Anjanath glitch in the full game. I obtained the glitched Anjanath egg in the demo, and hatched it in the full game. I don't think it's any of those things. The data seems inconsistent. It's been interesting watching people try to figure it out.


Not for me, I got the palamute egg, and then the game did the corrupt data error




Metroid Prime fans are still waiting my man.. stillllll waiting....


Well, back to Skyward Sword until they patch this.


im betting its from ppl screwing with the demo glitch well most im not sure tho


nope, my glitchanath is fine and well doing online stuff with friends