Attention, Trainers! #PokemonUNITE will be playable on Switch starting at 7AM UTC/12AM PDT on July 21!

Attention, Trainers! #PokemonUNITE will be playable on Switch starting at 7AM UTC/12AM PDT on July 21!


Be careful when selecting your skin tone and body type, as those cannot be changed. While this is typical of mainline Pokémon games, I’m not sure if it’s even possible to start over after you’ve set your profile up. All other features can be changed after the fact, so disregard the lack of eye color customization in the initial setup.


Upvoting so everybody sees this


Wish I’d checked. I’m basically a shut-in on my downtime, so I tend to choose the “pale as a ghost” tone, but I’m brown-eyed, so went for the…honestly not entirely distinguishable center-left tone, but this’ll still gnaw at me.


I gotta be real. The most recent trailer they had made me kind of excited to play this. If it's bad then it's bad and I didn't cost me anything.


I got into the mobile beta group. Played it for a few hours but then the pay to win mechanics really ramp up and I quit.


The opening animation in Unite is the best looking Pokemon content they have put out in years. I really hope the game itself is fun! I'll find out once I start playing lol


Idk what all the hate is about, looks fun, chill, and takes everything I hate about MOBAs and throws them away. Excited to at least check it out.




If you play League of Legends at all, do I have some bad news for you


They own iirc at least 5% of Reddit. If you’re gonna boycott them as a company, hop of this platform. No such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism, period. Our phones were made from slave labor and the switch itself was too. Fun game looks fun, I’m excited to play.


I'm not gonna take sides in this, but I just want to say "no ethical consumption under capitalism" isn't meant to say "your personal protest of capitalism needs to be all or nothing". It's to recognise that capitalism's grip is all-encompassing so people should protest in the ways that make sense for them.


This point is made under every single Pokemon Unite post, as it should be lol. Somehow people start getting irrational whenever someone mentions they don't want to play a game with Tencent behind it.


Yet the guy mentioning Tencent is a League of Legends player. Better not look into their corporate holdings.


fun fact, you can criticize things that you use I don't blame tencent for the aggressive monetization, but it's such a nonpoint to make such hilarious claims like "you can't complain about if you use "


Ah yes, abandon everything because capitalism bad, OR shut the fuck up and be mindless consumer. Bad argument.


Not to mention how much of Discord they own.




This game is literally free. You give Reddit more money through ad revenue than you ever would to this game.




Social media like reddit aren't free either even if you use adblock on it.


The point is they can be if you wanted it to... Reddit has paid options like gold and coins too, just don't buy them?


Lmao ok sure thing


I've given you silver so now money has been spent on you, therefore your presence on reddit has contributed to their profit


And *I've* given *you* an award for giving *them* an award and causing them to delete their comment out of embarrassment! Never seen that happen before!


You don’t have to spend lol


Pokemon Unite is free. On reddit your actually the product and your making them money without paying.


Nobody cares, league of legends is still popular af


> takes everything I hate about MOBAs and throws them away You enjoy pay to win mechanics?


The pay to win mechanics can go get fucked. You can get excited for that all you want though.


Hell yeah I’m hyped to play tomorrow!


What’s the cost?


Your time.


Ah so, free then? Good thing I got unlimited time because time is just A MAN MADE ILLUSION.


I wish! Please wipe the illusion and gimme my 20’s back then.


I hope you're alright man. I can understand that feeling


Hahaha thanks for your thoughts but I’m great my dude. Just wanted to debunk the illusion with some facts is all. Time is relative yet we all have it in common, may it come for us all yet treat us well. Best of luck trainers!!


Prove it


Only if you don't care about losing. If you actually want to win it also costs money.


I can’t believe someone took my trainer name on day 1. Now I have to pick a gross one.


Just downloaded and went through the tutorial and a few online games. Gotta say it’s surprisingly fun and I can see it being even better with friends. For free I see no reason not to give it a shot, games are only 10 mins long too which feels like a better amount of time than the typical moba


Recommended if you've always wanted to get into the MOBA genre but felt intimidated because LOL and DOTA are brutal to break into. The game streamlines the MOBA experience and it's clear it's geared to a more causal crowd but not to the point where it feels like baby's first MOBA. There is still plenty of depth and skill to keep most invested though hardcore LOL and DOTA players will likely turn up their noses to it. And as expected you have all the microtransactions though they aren't anything out of the ordinary for the genre and free to play games in terms of pricing and what's monetized. I'd say the game gives you enough free stuff you can play completely for free and still enjoy yourself but obviously you'll get more out of it if you pony up cash.


I was a hardcore dota player for years and am having a lot of fun with this game. It feels like the best streamlined version of a moba you would wanna play on a console. And the networking has worked surprisingly well for a Nintendo game 😅


Sorry but monetization in this game is definitely not standard for the genre. Dota has all 100+ characters unlocked the second you launch the game with all purchases made being a hundred percent cosmetic only. In this poor excuse of a moba you can buy power ups that increase the effectiveness of your character. This ruins any competitive game and the fact they did this to a moba is disgusting. It’s like being able to purchase higher damage punches and better frame data for your favourite fighting game characters.


I mean, sure I wish all MOBAs gave 100+ free Characters, but I think Dota is the only one that does that ( feel free to correct me ) and most just find ways to give you 5 - 6 free off the bat. This "buy power up" thing, while I'm not saying it's not P2W, can also be done by F2P players through grinding. This "pay to progress quicker" is not actually considered P2W by mobile players since F2P can also do it through hard work, but I guess this might differ for console/pc players. Also, all items are capped at Lv. 20, so I'm guessing after a month or two everybody will have them around the same level or so. What is considered P2W then? Most gacha games since you can infinitely spend money to become grossly overpowered, and not something even the most hardworking player can do since free pulls are often limited, and paywalls. Paywalls are the worst.


You are right that P2W has completely infested mobile gaming and I think it is the one major factor that makes me hate it so much. So much wasted talent just for some moneybags CEO to come through and fuck over what could be amazing games. Pay to Win specifically refers to games that allow you to get a quick advantage over others in a PvP environment through simply purchasing things. Just because its commonplace doesn’t make it ok.


Loved the Japanese beta. Can't wait


I'm really excited for this, it looks like a lot of fun!


It has P2W features.


Does anyone know if it can be played across regions? When you first start the game it asks for your region/country. I am from Brazil and i am pretty excited to play this with a friend from Canada, but I had to figure this question first as it says the country cannot be changed afterwards


I think there is no region-lock. My country (Turkey) isn't even listed and had to choose other in Asia as Europe didn't have one. Started playing with Chinese nicknames in the morning and then saw some European ones. They say beta didn't have one either so I believe things are still the same for now.


Nice! Thanks for the reply!


Can’t say it’s gonna be a trainwreck as I play fire emblem heroes and that’s a gacha with pvp elements like this, but that’s probably one of the best gacha around in terms of fairness for F2P players (except fallen Edelgard. Fuck fallen Edelgard), so I have faith nintendo (or “partly” nintendo. Do gamefreak have majority control over this?) will run it pretty fairly, if even for just a few years :) Still doubt I’ll bother with it tbh. For mobile gaming fire emblem heroes already fulfils everything I need and I’ve never been a huge pokemon fan regardless. But I hope those of you who play it find it enjoyable :)


Now that this is out of the way, will we see a Pokémon Presents soon? Apparently Diamond and Pearl got a juicy graphics upgrade.


I feel like people are really setting themselves up for disappointment again by expecting a graphical update to Diamond and Pearl. What comes, comes, but it's not the first time rumors made the final product come out underwhelming.


I mean, we *know* that they've updated the graphics of the battles, at the very least. It's not entirely unconceivable that they might have added better lighting to the overworld or some such thing. They're not gonna change the whole chibi-style, naturally. But to expect some graphical updates isn't as unrealistic as some other things people have claimed about *Pokémon* games before.


Dude look at the image, get your graphical update fix, and make your own assumptions from there. They aren't going to put out a trailer for "graphical improvements."


This looks amazing. Downloading this ASAP.


Funny how it's worked on by tencent, a Chinese company and yet the game wasn't actually released in China today. I've never had a switch game that I couldn't play here and suddenly this one is unavailable regardless of what region I had it set to. Irritating


there’s offline mode, right? ..right?


In a moba?


Massive offline battle arena?


Does it support docked mode, or is this as shoddy a port as Cafe Mix was?


It supports docked, yes.


Fools and their money…