Monster Hunter Stories 2 has shipped over 1 million units worldwide! Thank you, new Riders, for embarking on this adventure with us!

Monster Hunter Stories 2 has shipped over 1 million units worldwide! Thank you, new Riders, for embarking on this adventure with us!


That’s in less than a week after release on 2 platforms Pretty good for a spin-off series I’d say, hoping this leads to even more content and expansions down the road (the current roadmap is already pretty solid) Edit: a bit more than a week after release, 10 days. I thought it released on skyward sword’s release date lol


Steam sale don't count for these sales number if I remember correctly.


i think it counts, its capcom's own number, not "these sales"


It does. If we go off of "concurrently online" numbers, its around a third or quarter of total sales


That's awesome. I love this game. Maybe we'll get more! This is by far my favorite monster collecting RPG on Switch


It's kinda curious how we are gonna 3 completely different takes in the monster collecting RPG subgerne this year with MH Stories 2, Pokémon DP remake and SMTV. I'm personally gonna play all 3.


SMT V looks amazing but I think I'm passing on Diamond and Pearl Remake. If I want to replay Gen IV, I'll just play Platinum on DS. I personally prefer the visuals in the DS version over the Switch version.


The visuals have been and are getting worked on though. It’s starting to look a lot better


Yes, there have been visual improvements shown in the switch oled trailer that make such a big difference already. im glad the studio working on it is tweaking after initial bad reception


I wouldn't mind the game as much though now and I would most likely purchase the game in the future to show my support over how they embrace the criticisms and adapt to them compared to a certain studio called "Gamefreak".


i will buy the remakes just because gen 4 is one of my favourites, and playing it with 3d combats and other changes it's nice. Plus I KNOW diamond and pearl are good games. Cannot say the same from the new gen.


I'm more worried about the content of the game than the graphics. The fun thing about pokemon remakes is the new stuff the add on top of the old experience, like the pokeathlon, safari zone and platinum battle frontier in HGSS or the shiny hunting radar thing and the secret bases rework in ORAS. If it is going to be just DP with updated graphics and toned down difficulty, that is a skip for me.


We've seen evidence to at least suggest that all the content added in Platinum will be there, which is a good sign


Eh. The style is still a problem for me.


I agree visually but I want to use modern gameplay stuff like all of the new moves, not to mention fairy typing. Stuff like that. If this game ends up not using enough Platinum stuff I will probably just play it one day in the future….


I wish we would have gotten a new Dragon Quest Monsters this year. The one with Erik and Mia turned into Treasures so we were left into the dust. The Monsters sub series has been absent in the west for so long that an HD version of the 3DS remakes would be enough for me.


I’m genuinely the biggest DQM fan but the 3ds games weren’t great. I’ve played the fan translations of all 3. Terry’s Wonderland is borderline a bad game. It’s procedurally generated dungeons are so very boring. DQM2 is better but I got bored half way through. I couldn’t break into the in-depth breeding fast enough, and that’s what makes the games fun. Joker 3 is fine but it wasn’t a satisfying sequel to Joker 2 in terms of themes, and because every monster was rideable in-field, there were far far more recolours than ever in it, making the breeding a bit boring. I think DQM2 3ds is probably the best of them, but if I want to go back and play a DQM game, I play joker 1 or 2


What is SMT V?


Shin Megami Tensei V


Thank you!


[The upcoming 2021 Game of the Year](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gu_4XMujHNE)


Can you explain more about what you like about it so much? Genuinely interested! I tried the demo for the first one and this one and I thought it looked extremely lovely and had great music, but I thought the combat was really quite basic (more so than even Pokemon). I assume it gets more complex as you progress? Is the story enjoyable or is it quite barebones?


I mean Pokemon games themselves are extremely easy but Pokemon's underlying systems are some of the most complex in turn-based combat. So, I would not consider Pokemon's combat basic. It's pretty much the only turn-based game to become an e-sport. In Monster Hunter Stories 2, the systems are less complicated but at least I had to try sometimes to beat the game. :) But basically, I like Pokemon, I like Monster Hunter, so this game is tailored pretty specifically to my tastes lol. Also, IMO the presentation in this game is off the charts. Like I mentioned, some of the cutscenes in Monster Hunter Stories 2 are similar in quality to what you would see in a Xenoblade game, especially as you get later in the game.


The story wont be winning any awards, but I thought it was enjoyable. Im normally a "mash through dialogue and skip cutscenes" kinda player, because I find story often annoying to me, but I enjoyed the pacing and story beats. Absolutely beats the hell out of anything Pokemon's ever mustered up. As far as combat complexity, it definitely gets way more involved. Comparing again to Pokemon, the in game combat in MHS2 is far more engaging than in game Pokemon, but not as much as Competitive Pokemon, so it depends on what youre comparing to. Though, the latter cant really ever be outdone by AI, and the former has an equivalent with PvP. Granted, I have a feeling MHS2 PvP wont top Pokemon's brilliant PvP, but thats a tall order to fill. Its based on RPS, but you need to manage your choice in addition to special commands, powered commands, and AI controlled allies, so your choices will rarely be static. The enemies will also become more complex, often having different phases of attack style, shifting target priorities, and their own powered commands that youll need to figure out how to shut down/survive. Its not Dark Souls hard, but its got a good challenge to it. Its not "mash A with Cinderace" to win, youll definitely need to think, change strategy, and even grind a bit here and there.


Thanks man. With combat I was definitely thinking PvE so it's good to hear it 's more engaging than Pokemon. I think I'll grab it once I've finished some of my backlog!


what they should do is put the first one on Switch. Now I want to play it but I don't want to play on 3DS or mobile.


Gameplay-wise the second game is a step up in every way tbh. The story for the first game was pretty good tho.


this is a monster collector?? Honestly none of the marketing I saw for this game showed me that. Based on what I saw I thought it was a telltale-esque game. I might have to pick it up now…


Yeah it's a turn-based monster collector jrpg with elements from the main Monster Hunter series brought in like crafting gear from monster parts and chasing monsters back to their dens and all the weapon types. At first I thought not being able to directly control the party would make combat frustrating or simple but you can see their plans and work around it with the several layers of combat elements. The monster collecting is also fun, and there is a gene system for really in-depth customization and upgrading of the monsters. This system also gives you incentive to catch multiple monsters of the same type and hunt for ones with rare genes.


Will I be able to keep and use one or a few monsters throughout the game or will I be power crept and be forced to use another stronger monster to be viable? Also is there any farming or building aspect to the game?


There's a system to make any monster as strong as you want. I really like a monster called Arzuros (a bear with spiky arm guards) which is canonically a low tier monster in Monster Hunter (a tutorial fight in the main games a few years back) and I'm now at endgame still using him and feeling no repercussions at all. If anything, the game rewards knowing the opponent and constantly winning head to heads (clashes where the advantageous attack type wins) meaning the stats matter less than the player's knowledge. There's no farming or building in the Stardew Valley sense. Being Monster Hunter, it rewards farming certain monsters though, to upgrade their equipment - that said, I tend to have all my parts by the 3rd battle usually.


For PVE every monster is viable. I had one of the monsters from tutorial with me through 70% of the game. No farming or building (well, except farming for better monsters :P)


That Velocidrome is doing great yeah


The game is fairly easy and you could use the same monsters up until you enter high rank. Then you would probably want to get the more powerful variants of the monsters you like. But you definitely want at least one of each type of monster in your party (power, speed and technical). There isn't any farming or building aspect to the game. The game is like Pokemon but with a Rock, Paper, Scissors battle system instead. I've really been liking the game! If your interested try the free demo on the eshop, you get the first 4 hours of the game and can transfer your progress from the demo to the real game.


> Then you would probably want to get the more powerful variants of the monsters you like I'm still not done with the story, but I assume High Rank monsters only yield better genes, right? That means you could easily just keep your old ones and beef them up with the new genes. No switching necessary.


Better base stats too right?


Wait I’ve been waiting for this for so long. The original Digimon video game on PS1 worked like this. You issued general commands but you were basically coaching the actual fighter and it was so weirdly engaging to me. It made the training and build-planning so much more complex bc I couldn’t work it around a certain playstyle


Haven't you heard of Digimon World Next Order? That game is a love letter to the fans of the original.


YO WHAT I just looked at a gameplay trailer and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Thanks a million wow! Only thing that’s missing is the death/rebirth cycle but literally everything else about this game looks so exciting to me


Digimon world was awesome. Bizarre, but fascinating, and incredibly engaging. I dont see a lot of people bring that game up, either. To be clear though, MHS2 isnt like DW1. Its a proper turn based JRPG, where as DW1 was active. That being said, planning ahead does certainly matter-- the monsters have Attack type tendency that theyll be more likely to naturallt attack with. For example, a Nargacuga is Speed Type, so more often than not itll naturally choose a speed move. You can spend charge to change their move manually, switch monsters to force another move type, or Ride them to take control, so building the monsters with a variety of types can have advantages like this. So it might scratch that itch, but it isnt quite like the full on coaching from DW1.


I’ve really struggled to find any game that’s actually similar since, apart from the Chao mini games from sonic adventure 2 and some really low-quality flash games from back in the day. But this sounds like it’s at least worth the price. I love training/optimizing hooks in jrpgs and I kinda killed the fun in Pokémon by having every mechanic and strategy memorized at this point.


> Chao mini games from sonic adventure 2 That was dope. I played the main game just for farming for the mini game.


AI controlled party members really isn’t so bad unless you’re relying on them to heal you. That was pretty much my only real issue with it in Persona 3.




Check out the demo.


Yes! Me too


Did they ever fix the fps issues on docked mode?


Nope. But at least it runs smooth in combat. It can be annoying while you're exploring some areas, but it doesn't affect being able to perform gameplay tasks.


Have you tried Monster Sanctuary? 👀


Proud Monster Rider here. Without spoilers, I have been enjoying the journey so far. The story became much more engaging passing a certain point.


Post game has been my favorite part.


What are you doing in the post game? I rolled credits last night. The post-game progression is a little unclear to me. I haven't run into a high rank monster that's given me trouble yet. I'm also not always sure where to find a given hr monster.


Apparently there's an NPC without a questmarker near your house in Mahana, which opens up a whole new quest line (or so I've heard, since I'm not quite done with the story) The first game also had a pretty big postgame dungeon (I assume similar things exist here) and then there's obviously the standard monster collector "beef your monsters up until they are the best" goal you can set for yourself.


There are a few things to do that I'm still working through (spoiler warning of post-game content, obviously). 1. Go to the Scrivener's lodge in Lulucion, someone there will give you a series of quests to hunt down either elder dragons or deviants (I forget which) 2. In Lulucion, make sure you do the sub-quest from the person near the layered armor forge. She asks you to search the ruins for something. Once you finish that, another NPC in Lulucion will give you quests to hunt down the Elder Dragons or Variants (forget which) 3. Do the 9-star slay quests. I actually finished most of those by doing Trial quests. Some of the rest have their own subquest dens. The rest are mostly found either in high rank rare dens where the quest says, or in their original location if they were a story monster. 4. Do the elder trials. I haven't started this yet, but it's in the forbidden grounds where you fought the last boss you can talk to an NPC and it's a thing to do. From trying not to spoil myself it sounds like a big battle tower where each level has specific conditions to win, sort of like the trial board. Lots of high rank monsters here. 5. SR hunting, co-op expeditions, grinding for rare eggs and genes for your monsters 6. General grinding for materials, monsterdex, armor, weapons, etc... I think in general the design is for the elder trials and the SR hunting make up the bulk of the post-game experience.


I could be completely wrong as i am not close to post game, but if it follows traditional monster hunter rules post game is likely online co-op content for more fun / challenged


Can you say about how many hours into the game you were at the point where that thing happened?


I didn't keep track of the hours. Maybe 12? Let's just say that the egg is the catalyst.


I'm enjoying it to even though I wasn't sure I would.


More people should really try this gem because y’all are missing out a great experience. If you like or don’t like games like pokemon you should give this a shot. I even heard great praises from people who hate turn-based games. It’s not only a beautiful game but also a well-made one.


> turn-based games This is part of why I'm liking it so far. I can put it down if my parents want me to do something, and not fail the quest.


Yeah this is a great game for people who work at home too. You sometimes just have to stop playing and it's sometimes a problem in an action game or online-heavy titles. I can only play MHR online when I know nothing will interrupt me suddenly.


Great game with the flaws being frame rate related. It may be well made but it isn’t optimized at all.


I would say that I think anyone who is a fan of Xenoblade Chronicles would like this game. The cutscenes are action packed like the ones in a Xenoblade game and there's an overworld ability system that is much more elegant than the one in Xenoblade Chronicles 2


I wouldn't say the overworld is like a Xenoblade game. It's smaller in scale. I would call it a mid-point between XC2 and Dragon Quest XI.


I’m in the 3rd area, but the over world is not near as pretty as either of those games. Still, I am really enjoying this game.


Oh I would definitely not consider this an open world game like Xenoblade Chronicles and it does not have a crazy plot like a Xenoblade game but it has several Xenoblade Chronicles tropes. Another one would be that it has a shitload of sidequests like a Xenoblade game. What I meant is that there are things you can only reach by using certain overworld abilities, which was a thing in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 but it was a clunky system. Whereas, I think in Monster Hunter Stories 2, it adds a nice strategic element to team building.


dang, wasn’t thinking about picking up this game but with a reference to xenoblade…now you’ve got my attention…


Can I suggest trying out the demo? That's what won me over. Its pretty hefty, could beat the demo in about 6 hrs or so And the best part is that if you decide to purchase the full game, your save from the demo carries over so you can pick up where you left off immediately. Since again, it's a large demo that imo would not be fun to start all over.


now i gotta check it out. thanks!


So is the first one on iOS the same kind of gameplay? I notice the first game is turned based.


It's essentially a port of the 3DS version so yeah. The first game was one of those late system life gems that still holds up rather well with the sequel staying mostly the same but with a few updates to quality of life and combat. Very much recommend checking it out if you enjoy MHS2 as it's more of the same.


Is it an improvement on the first game's story?


First game was an excuse plot compared to Stories 2. I'd say around halfway into the main story, shit hits the fan and the story doesn't really let go of the gas pedal until the end. The game is not scared to talk about the concept of death, for one.


Are the plots of the two games connected, or is it separate, so new ppl don't need to play the first to understand what's going on?


You don't need to play the first game at all!


Separate. We really need companies to make unconnected sequels to be like "MH Stories: Book 2" or "Volume 2" Like Bravely Second is a sequel to Default... But Default 2 isn't a sequel to Second or Default


I want to experience it. Ordered with Amiibos and so it’s been delayed shipping till August 4th, can’t wait to join everyone on this adventure


I checked out the demo, but I really disliked the combat.


I also tried out the demo and was disappointed about: - the camera controls - frame rate - the visuals weren’t actually that impressive to me. The characters and monsters have a nice BOTW-esque design, but the environment seems much less stylized and kinda was jarring for me


The camera controls can be fixed by increasing the camera rotation speed in the settings, plus ticking some other option in the camera settings (can't remember which one at the moment).


Heck yeah. I’m about 20 hours in and I’m totally hooked.


This game it's so good. Honestly the ultimate move animation for each monster, the fight system, the story. The game has its cons but the pros outweighs it. I love Pokemon but the recent games haven't gotten a hold on me like this since I was a kid playing Silver Version. P.s. I do play MH games but I really thought when I downloaded the demo that this game was going to suck until I played it. Hooked day one


The ultimate moves are a way better selling point than they sound like. It's basically just a (skippable) cutscene but they're all so cool and over the top on the level of like, FF7 summon animations, and there are like 100 of them and they happen infrequently enough that you may not even want to skip them. It's a little thing but it reinforced to me how much love was put into this game


Yeah, I just wish there's a way to play at 3x speed without having the kinship skills be skipped..


If you put it at 2x speed, the kinship skill still plays but will be faster


Yea I know that, but I'd love the 3x speed haha


Laser Ambush. So good I'll watch at 1x every time.


Considering the first did only 300k on the 3DS this is great news for continuing the series.


I think I read the first one only sold 300k units in its lifetime.


that is correct, tbh they didn't advertise it much iirc. they been advertising this one a lot. is a good game tho


I don't think advertising would've helped. MH was only just showing up in the West and it was a spin off made for children at the end of the day It also released like a month before Sun and Moon (in Japan, 6 months after the Switch in the West) and was the same genre.


True. If i knew about it back then i would've gotten it over SM. Sun and moon was such a let down...i did end up playing stories a few months ago before 2 came out and i know id like it more back then too lol


Yea, I been pretty active on various gaming subreddits since like 2015-16 and never saw the original one until like years later.


Yeah I was surprised they took a gamble on a sequel. The first game was excellent but came out 6 months or so after the Switch and most people kind of forgot about the 3DS at that point, a shame as we got stuff like Metroid Samus Returns and Monster Hunter Stories that are definitely worth checking out.


I honestly wouldn't mind the original being ported to switch as well, for being such a great and expansive game they chose and awkward time to release it


I love this game, 65 hours in at the moment and still not done with the story line. I’m too busy farming parts of monsters for armor or weapons, looting cool monster eggs or chasing a rainbow egg. Last egg was a Rainbow Nergigante which took me about 3 hours of rare dan exploring and switching between day and night. I loved the hunt. Never played a Monster Hunter game before. Got this one as a gift, best gift ever.


Just started playing it today!


I was 100% sold on the demo. The turned based mechanics are fun. Collecting and customizing your monsters is fun. And while the story isn't particularly deep, it's full of heart and sucked me in. More games need demos!


Pretty dope game. I’ve spent too long farming for brute tigrex and zamtios and have barroth and regular barroth haha. Can’t wait until I have the chance to farm the silver nargacuga.


I'm looking forward to September when we get Molten Tigrex as a Monstie (still hate that word).


Yeah, that was a terrible choice.


Razewing Ratha is such a cool name Razewing Ratha Monstie is such a lame one


Excuse me the silver WHATCUGA?!?!


Yeah dude. Or the Stygian zinogre.


Bless you!


Wait you can get Deviant Monsters on your party!? I'm getting this game now!!


Damn!! MH is really killing it ever since world released! Very awesome


tbh they always have. Even before world their games would sell 3-8m Worldwide. (i was curious a few weeks and looked at their other games selling amount lol)


No game reached 8 million. Those inflated numbers were usually people tossing base games and expansions together. Before World, the best selling MH game was Portable 3rd with 4.9 million units.


I see Rise is almost at 8m i think? I think i saw an article a month ago it was at 7m? Regarding 4m still was pretty good. Only reason world was successful cause it was on every platform. But i wouldnt say its the sole reason the games sucessful like everyone is making it sound 🙄


World was successful because it streamlined the series pretty hard and was super popular out west (When compared to previous entries). it being multi-plat helps but if you break down sales, there are impressive numbers on all three platforms


Rise released after World though and the comment was saying that no game prior to World had reached 8 million.


Honestly is the performance a bother? Really thinking of picking this up


The town section in the second area (forest runs absolutely horrendous, but the rest seems pretty okay. I definitely rushed through that section to get out of there lol


It's extremely jarring in terms of frame rate. Change the camera just right, it's like mh4. Rotate just a little and it's low 20s. Really impressive botw and Rise run as well as they do.


I know this is the Switch subreddit and a lot of people play on the go, but if low frame rate bothers you, then try the PC version if you can. I'm about 20 hours in and I've been having a blast at around 120-144 FPS. It's a very good port IMO. My only complaints are not being able to pause during cutscenes (which the switch can do via its suspend function) and the grass render distance being far too short for what the platform can handle, but those are very minor issues. There's a demo on steam too, if you're not sure if it'll run on your PC. On another note, does anyone know what engine this is running on? I can't imagine it's the RE engine considering Rise's great performance.


It's running on MT Framework, Capcom's old in-house engine they used for most of their games starting with the 360/PS3 era, as confirmed in the credits. If I'm not mistaken, the last Capcom games that ran on MT Framework before Stories 2 were Mega Man 11 and Monster Hunter World.


Yeah, even Ghost and Goblins uses RE Engine. Not sure when this game started development to still use MT. Like I think it started development soon after the first to not switch over. I know RE 2 Remake in 2017 was the first to use it so ... I guess that could be around when the project started


Omg that explains so much. Bummer they didn’t have it in RE engine, but I think rise was their first attempt at making it work on the switch and stories probably started development around the same time.


At first yes at least for me but it kind of grows on you eventually like it wont be as noticeable like in the first hours. Also to note, frame drops are only in specific areas where there are a lot of assets but there are areas that can reach 40 fps


I played about 60 hours so far. I can count on one hand the number of times the frame rate bothered me. Try the demo. Your progress carries over.


It is not great in the first area and really bad in the second village but after that the frame rate range from not bad to decent. It seems like it has issue with rendering grass. after the second area is snow then desert which has minimum grass and it runs better with lesser frame rate dip.


It's on PC anyway if you want better graphics


I bought mine digitally, I wonder if it counts


Gaaah I wanna get this game since I loved the first game but it's too much for me right now :(


I'm not a fan of monster collecting game since the story & gameplay tends to be overly simple & aimed for kids (ex. Pokemon) but I love SMT Series because of a much more complex story & gameplay since it's aimed for adults. But now I'm kinda interested, should I try this? Looking at the kid protagonist I was under impression that this game falls under the pokemon category.


Pokemon is strange because it tries so hard to balance its appeal to both the older and younger players in its audience, but I think it ultimately falls short of that goal most of the time. I think "older" players who really like Pokemon games (as in they play beyond beating the elite 4) are people who are already sucked into the "meat" of the game. They're fully on board for following stats sheets and grinding through Pokemon to breed something worthy of multiplayer. If you're not one of these people, though, the game's "deeper" systems can feel pretty obtuse. I have never had an easy time making heads or tails on whether a Pokemon I caught was any good beyond how cute they looked or how cool a move sounded in concept. I think MH Stories 2 does a *much* better job of appealing to both age groups, though. For younger audiences, the art style is immediately appealing, the young protagonist is easy to connect with, and the game mechanics are easy to learn but difficult to master. For example, all attacks in the game operate within a "rock paper scissors" rule set: Speed beats Power, Power beats Technique, and Technique beats Speed. Easy to grasp, right? The quality of your Monstie is much easier to understand too. The stats are easy and straightforward to read, with elemental weaknesses and strengths readily highlighted for you. Your Monsties also have "genes", which are basically passive/active special abilities that are laid out in a 3x3 grid. Each ability is explained simply, and there's fun stuff like a "bingo" mechanic where lining up three abilities of the same type in that grid gives your Monstie a bonus. There's more to these mechanics, but at a base level, what you see is what you get. The pace of combat is also very forgiving; you can switch out your weapon *and* your monstie on the fly without giving up your turn. So if you realize your Speed based monstie is a poor match up for a Technique based monstie, you can swap out Monsties and still land an effective attack without skipping a beat. But at the same time, there is a lot of depth to be had here. Every monster has its own patterns, weaknesses and strengths to familiarize yourself with and learn. You have the rock paper scissors system, yes, but you also have to keep in mind that some monsters can do things like call for back up, special attacks that can be triggered, and can become enraged. You may be facing a Speed Monster that suddenly starts doing Power Attacks when enraged, which can throw off your usual strategy and catch you by surprise. The game starts off *very* easy, but that difficulty curve builds gradually and very nicely. You can get away with playing things fast and loose at the beginning, but you *will* eventually hit a wall if you're not fully engaging with the combat system. It's not impossibly difficult or anything, but it *will* challenge you. That's a really nice feeling in comparison to Pokemon, where most people argue that monster choice and party composition doesn't *really* matter until you get to the end game or you jump into PvP. Anyways, sorry for the tangent, but I really wanted to try and convey some of how this series is different from Pokemon. They may look the same, but I think MH Stories 2 is a superior experience. It may only have 90 monsters, but each of those monsters are far more detailed in their models, animations and attack patterns than the vast majority of Pokemon you would meet in single player. The process for catching and managing monsters feels a lot more interesting as well, but I won't launch into another paragraph here, lol. Give it a shot!


You completely ignored navirou lol. If you don’t like kids games, play the demo and see if the main character cat (palico) is too annoying for you. I don’t mind him, but I’ve been playing MH for a decade now so I just read cat puns as if it was normal English.


Didn't mean to ignore him! More just wanted to focus on the gameplay elements. But I suppose I also don't find him anywhere near as, uh, *controversial* as a lot of other people seem to, lol. Like you, I don't really mind him so far. At best, he makes me chuckle, and at worst he's just there. >but I’ve been playing MH for a decade now so I just read cat puns as if it was normal English. *This is the way.*


I’ve finished the story and have about 60 hours in the game. I love this game, and would certainly recommend it, but to be frank, the story falls where I would say is right between complex and simple. The overall plot has a few interesting plot points (although some are fairly obvious and underdeveloped), and does have some scenes that are actually genuinely emotional and very well presented. On the other hand, it has plenty of the “Saturday morning cartoon” tropes, and in particular, your small companion named Navirou single handedly creates the entire “kid game” vibe, constantly spouting cat puns and generally taking tension away from any scene he’s in, almost as if you threw a cartoon character into a semi-serious world. I’m found him tolerable, and even a little likable for his positive outlook, but if you dislike those kinds then you’re going to really hate him.


Yeah I'm 20 odd hours in with the main story being reasonably compelling, which the first game did well too I think, but Navirou ranges between entertaining and annoying as hell. I think he works best in light hearted moments but when the drama kicks in his constant yelling and unreasonable expectations really put the brakes on my momentum. I get it, bad thing happened and the characters are upset, that doesn't mean anyone is going to listen if you repeatedly yell "Hey meanie stop being mean!". Not a game ruiner by any means but I'm really hoping it turns it down a bit later on.


Navirou was really endearing to me with Japanese voice. He's basically a little kid, so I can't imagine that English voice fitting very well.


> your small companion named Navirou single handedly creates the entire “kid game” vibe, constantly spouting cat puns and generally taking tension away from any scene he’s in Yea i feel this. Perhaps I've just gotten to old for it, but man this cat is really bugging me. I can deal with the silly puns but its the constant interrupting in conversations or serious moments to say some stupid thing that is pulling me away from a pretty decent adventure story. Its just making me hate him.


I found the gameplay was more mature than pokemon. Essentially it follows the same items, monsters, and weapons from monster hunter so it doesn't have a kiddie look. The story so far has actually been engaging as an adult which I haven't had happen in a collect em all game since I was a kid (the humor has been good, the characters are engaging, the story has stakes). As far as fighting and collecting mechanics go, there is some skill and complexity involved which I'm still figuring out after 15 hours in. They do add more complex mechanics that you're actually excited about as the game goes on adding a lot more strategy to the game. Plus all the fun armor and weapon building MH is known for. Overall I like it a lot more than pokemon SS, and there's a stupid long free demo available which really sold it to me that you can try too if you're curious.


check out the demo! its a solid 4 hours of game (its the entire first chapter!) and is a pretty good introduction to the game. the only disclaimer id give is that the battles in the first area are pretty easy


Try the demo and see for yourself


Play the demo. It's the entire first chapter of the game. I don't think the story is particularly strong or mature. Despite that, I was totally engaged and invested. The cutscenes are really well done. They're dramatic, funny, and endearing. Your progress in the demo carries over into the full game. You'll know if it's for you or not.


I bought it on release day by impulse 'cause I our local game store had a promo for it when I bought Astral Chain. Lol. I should open it and play it soon.


Pretty impressive for a JRPG to hit this milestone in 10 days! Capcom continues their upward streak.


Remember when we thought Inafune leaving Capcom was its death blow and then we learned he was the one doing the "westward push" and we played Mighty No. 9 Now Capcom has dug themselves outside their hole and are shipping waaaaaay more hit games. Hell, Megaman is back


How enjoyable is the game/experience if you have never played or know anything about the first one?


I'm about 12 hours in and so far nothing about the first game has come up, although I have heard that there are some cameos of characters from the first game.


I see a lot of good comments here, but was taking back by the performances. Is there any honest video review/comparison around?


I consider myself relatively sensitive to poor performance in games, and I play PC games at high framerates. In handheld mode, MHS2 performed fine for me. I didn't find the framerate to be an issue. Docked mode was a bit different. Here, the erratic frame rate stood out to me in some areas. So if you plan to play exclusively on a big screen, I'd consider the PC version over the Switch version (also provided multiplayer isn't a key feature to you; the Switch version has the bigger player base and no region lock), But in handheld, I never once thought the performance was impacting my enjoyment in about 60+ hours of playing. The demo is a good indicator. It isn't different from the rest of the game as far as performance goes, so it gives you a usable idea.


Play on pc if you care that much tbh. It's decent but it's not perfect by by means


Best game of 2021 for me so far. It's not perfect but it's really good if you're like me wanting more gameplay out of a pokemon game


LETS GO!!! Let’s see that 5mil mark in 3 months!


Why do Nintendo fans supposedly care so much about units sold, I only see these kinds of posts on Nintendo subreddits


I’ve seen a lot of posts like this on PS4 and Xbox subs, as well as for a ton of AA and Indie games. No clue what you’re talking about here.


the "muh turn based is archaic and dead" people debunked again


Is that only physical switch copies or everything across all platforms?


Just bought it today! I'm not planning on playing it until I beat the first one on 3DS (which I'm loving so far) but I'm glad I'm able to show my support for the series.


Great game. Definitely surpassed my expectation. I hope they eventually do this adventure RPG style with the combat of regular monster hunter games.


Been stuck on the fkin Nergigante for 3 days.


suggestion thunder weapons at lv 2-3 use a gunlance for faster kinship recharge (if you win H2H during burst fire it fills all the way up) or use zinogre bow for paralyze if i remember correctly i had lv 3 tigrex armor and level 3 astalos hammer, idr the sword i had tho. good luck, hope this helps!


I just beat him finally! Took 20 tries but I got it


Congrats! Yeah took me awhile too x.x


After reading this.. do you have to farm monster pieces in stories like in mhrise? Killing monsters, looting them... I thought you choose a weapon at lvl 1 and most of the work is done by the monster anyways.


In the first game on 3DS/mobile, the rider was really just support for the monster. In Stories 2, I'd argue both do equal amounts of damage at base and when more optimized. So upgrading your weapon is beneficial. That said, each monster's weapon for the story only has 3 levels (as does the armor). You'll rarely fight the monster more than 3 times to upgrade and even then, follow-up fights can often be skipped by using "quick finish" (a feature that lets you instakill groups that are weaker than you) Armor also comes as a set. You don't create individual pieces. Compared to the main games, the equipment crafting process and the associated grind have really been toned down. The focus definitely lies on kitting out your monster.


You do need to farm loot (by killing monsters) to craft/upgrade your weapons and armor. You and your monster work together in combat to get the job done. The crafting is not as deep as Rise, but there's still plenty of options for your gear. As you progress, you'll be crafting better gear to replace older gear. You and your monster level-up with experience like a traditional RPG, but there's also a "breeding" type of system where you relocate and improve monster genetics (combat skills) to make your monsters stronger.


I picked this game up on a whim and haven’t been disappointed


How is this game?


I know my fellow Monster Hunter fans don't like to hear it, but I'll say it anyway: Unless you're already a Monster Hunter fan, this is a pretty mediocre game. The story is just serviceable, the characters all have zero character, and the fighting gameplay is just one step above simple rock-paper-scissors. If you're a MH fan, it's great, but unless the idea of riding a Lagiacrus, fighting side by side with a Tigrex, or sneaking around with a Nargacuga makes you wanna jump with joy, you should probably wait until it's on sale. I know that there are exceptions, like I know somebody who started playing Monster Hunter World because she first played MH Stories 1 on her phone, but still.


In comparison to the other guy. I really enjoy the story. its pretty "whatever" till something with this egg happens and then its pretty good. There is a side cat character who is... The worst I like the exploration as its sort of a mix of Monster Hunter's "Get stronk" and Pokemon's collection Performance is whatever but I sat through the weird frame drops in the top down Link's Awakening remake so this didn't bother me as much for a full open 3D world Overall, try out the demo. It caries to main game


I want it *badly* (beat the trial demo!) but SSHD dropped too close, had to get that first. Will get MHS2 asap, though. It was super enjoyable so far.


This is my first MHS game, and it's sooooo good! Though post-game now, it's grindy :(


I've really enjoyed it so far! :D


Got it thinking it’d scratch the Pokémon itch - It doesn’t. I’ve never played a MH game before, but I love this one. Glad I jumped in but it does kinda run like crap. Kinda wish I got it on Steam (especially now with the Steam Deck launching).


To do that in such a short amount of time is just awesome. Also, you're welcome, but I'm admittedly taking a detour rn with Skyward Sword HD. I crudded on the button controls before but now it's getting pretty fun and easy to master. And then came the lava rock ball guy and GOOD GOD I hate him.


Very tempted by this as my first journey onto the MH world. Need to decide between this and Tokyo Mirage, which has gone on sale (which rarely happens in the UK).


So I'm a fairly newer MH player, started on World, loved that and Rise I'm nearly through the Main Quest (kinda dropped off for other releases recently) and saw that the first game is also coming to iPhone is this worth picking up?


I haven't picked up a copy yet, I'm still playing through the first one, but I definitely plan to!


And thank you Capcom for the unstable nausea inducing framerate!


Capcom loves us so much they just wanna make us vomit!


well had no clue this was released. cant wait to buy a switch again...


also on PC, even a demo.


Ah! Great! Then I'll just buy it on steam with their new handheld!


Well deserved! I had to force myself to stop playing it. So fun!


is the first one ever getting ported to the switch to play the full storyline or is this standalone?


It's a new game.


I know it's new. Is it a direct sequel or a standalone


Standalone sequel. You don't have to play the first game, mechanics and the gameplay loop are pretty similar in both games.


It would be a sequel as it makes reference to the main character of the first game and there are a number of flash backs that talk about the first game and has some of the same characters.


It's kind of both? The second game takes place 4 years after the first game, but they recap all of the important events as you meet returning characters. I would recommend playing the iOS/Android version of MHS1, since there hasn't been talk of a Switch port.


It's a new storyline so you'll understand the main plot without having played the first one. That said, some of the recurring characters work way better when you know their backstories from the first game. It's not necessary, though.


That is awesome, I also really enjoyed it until now, I played 18 hours already, even though I do not have that much time to play games


Sweet. After the 3DS version got overlooked, I was hoping this would catch on. We need more monster collecting games/franchises out there and after playing the first one and the demo, this is one of the best ones that's not pokemon.


Definitely interested on buying this. But do I need to play the first one or are they not connected?


Some lore and cameos show up but otherwise its seperate


That's very good considering that it's probably not being paid attention to by non-monhun fans and likely confuses many actual fans who don't know what it is or think it's for kids strictly. Hopefully word of mouth keeps it selling well through a couple million more lifetime. This is the finest monster collector on Switch, imo.


I just got out of the first area, I’m really enjoying it so far and it’s my first time playing since I skipped the first one!


Just played the demo and didn't expect anyhing. I like turn based (j)rpgs and i love the artwork and general style of the game. I really like it so far and hope that it gets a little more challenging. Great suprise and probably gonna buy it the other day.


It’s been pretty great. Now if Navirou could just stfu then that would be great. Yes Navirou, I can see there’s no monster here. You don’t need to tell me every single time..


Liking it so far but the story is frustrating me. The part between the 3rd and 4th area specifically.


How is everyone finding the multiplayer?