What's the last game that made you feel something?

What's the last game that made you feel something?


I guess Dragon Quest 11 most recently. It has a way of drawing me in and giving a sense of amazement that most games do not. In previous years I've felt similar from Bug Fables, Sekiro, and A Hat in Time. Note the only one of these I played on Switch was Bug Fables 🤷‍♀️


Dragon Quest XI was the first time I've felt like a kid playing a game since I stopped being one and it was my first in the series not to mention first jrpg since the original FFVII.


Literally the biggest reason I continue to play DQ; every single game just takes me back to being a little kid, playing Dragon Warrior Monsters and Dragon Warrior on Game Boy, well before the Dragon Quest name became the universal standard. The second that title music kicks in I always have the biggest grin on my face. I really can't think of any other series that does that for me, and I think the consistency is one of the biggest strengths of the series; you know exactly what you're going to get with a DQ game. It's the ultimate comfort food.


Those gameboy games were great. I didn’t know a lot about gaming at the time but something about those games were charming and just fun.


I had a very similar experience with it! Also made me feel like a kid again.


Same. I'd wake up on Sunday mornings and just play it in bed for waaay too long. Truly a trip down the nostalgia lane.


Yeah I’m about 20 hours in on dragon quest 11, I’m absolutely loving it. I love how it’s just classic jrpg goodness, but with a ton of qol improvements to the formula. I’m also loving the tickington stuff as well just a great game with a ton of charm. It pulled me away from bravely default 2 which kinda makes me feel guilty lol.


Bug Fables is definitely underrated. It's the Paper Mario game (most) fans have been wanting for over a decade. I look forward to whatever the devs do next.


Yes! Aside from Builders, Dragon Quest XI was the first I’d played in the franchise. I’m not generally too concerned with a game’s story, but this one sucked me in. I really cared about the characters. It made me laugh, it made me cry…and unlike many games, where you can see what’s coming a mile away, Dragon Quest surprised me more than once. I hope there’s a XII, because after my few hundred hours in XI, there’s now a Dragon Quest-shaped hole in my gaming life.


You may have missed it, but DQ12 was announced just the other week. And it's one of the most popular and prominent game franchises in Japan, if not the most, so it will definitely continue.


DQ11 didn't really work for me, but I can't deny it has its charm.


Same here… after playing FFVII, Hollow Knight, NieR etc I kept waiting for something to happen in DQXI to really pull me in and it just… didn’t.


Return of the Obra Dinn, The Last Campfire, Röki, A Short Hike, Little Nightmares, Inside, Night In The Woods, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Gris... Special mention to **Outer Wilds**, though that game's still not out for the Switch (but will be! soon!) Mostly indies with a touching story and/or charming visuals. That's my go-to when I want to feel "something" playing videogames. Then I've recently enjoyed Pokémon Snap, Super Mario 3D World, Age of Calamity... But I'd categorize those games as really entertaining; not really emotion-inducing (I mean, amusement and fun are emotions, but you know what I mean)


Have you played "what remains of Edith Finch". That hit me in the feels.


>!that baby scene...!<


Yes! One of my favourites


I would say A Short Hike and Outer Wilds for me as well.


Outer Wilds for me as well. Been thinking about it for months


And it seems a DLC might be coming for it!


I'm really curious about what it could possibly add! I didn't have a whole lot of unanswered questions when I finished the game.


Sayonara Wild Hearts makes me cry every single time.


Night in the woods! Thats the game that's hit me the most.The soundtrack and the characters mixed with the scenery is art


Both Ori games are very emotional with very little dialogue. Specifically the 2nd one, Ori & The Will of the Wisps, had me tearing up several times throughout the story.


These were what I was gonna recommend too. Both Ori games are masterpieces. I can't imagine NOT feeling something when you play them, they seem like exactly what OP is looking for


Yeah Ori was amazing. It was a big upgrade on the series X so I wonder if a new Switch means they would upgrade that game alongside it.


Doubtful it'd be a real upgrade, but most likely it'd fix the frame drops and reduce how often it rendered at low resolution. The port was great and the game was gorgeous, but I'm not going to lie about its performance. Most of the time it was fine but sometimes it wasn't. Thankfully it was always fine when I needed it to be.


Oh yeah I bought it on switch and started it but then when heard about 4k / 120fps on series X I put it off and waited. I guess regardless of how it’s played it’s one of the best metroidvania games. The music was awesome also.


The last scene with the final boss of Will of the Wisps was devastating.


I sometimes re-watch the opening 10 minutes of the first Ori just to see if it still hits me the same as the first time, and it unsurprisingly still makes me bawl like an absolute bitch every time.


Just finished Will of the Wisps the other day... A masterpiece


My pinnacle of gaming is playing Journey going blind into it, for real if You have not played it already go for that experiencie (its on PC and PS), i cried with it as i realized that games can indeed be a form of art. The Last game that made me feel some strong things is Outer Wilds (not worlds), its a lovely exploration game where the progress You make is your knowledge of the World (You can beat the game instantly if You know what to do, so dont spoil yourself and unveil this World secrets step by step). Its comming to switch so probably will double dip when it comes.


Have you ever played Never Alone? That game is a work of art for sure. It's also very fun to play.


First time ive heard of it, ill Google it


Man you description about Journey made me think of one of my favorite game's as art creations ICO.......I remember how sad the ending seemed, until it wasn't...LoL.....incredible game that tells its entire story without dialogue.


Always wondered why they didn't remaster that one like they did shadow of the Colossus, aren't they loosely the same universe with the last guardian?


Journey's a classic, although the need to pay for PS+ will keep me from playing it again (originally played the PS3 version so everything was free).


You can meet other players even though you don't have ps+


Oh really? I wasn't aware, that's awesome!


Same….the stars aligned for me with Journey. I downloaded it because I had heard it was good but knew next to nothing about it. I didn’t even know >!it had a multiplayer component!<. But I fired it up late at night, complete darkness, headphones for audio, and finished it all in one sitting, and yeah I think in 25 years of gaming that was the most invested I’ve ever been in a game emotionally. It speaks volumes without saying a single word, without a single text prompt even.


I cried during *that one scene* in Origami King


Oh my god! That game had such a good story. I bought that at release and my daughter, who was 4 at the time, watched me play through it. That was like, what, a year ago? A lifetime for a 4 year old, but she *still* makes little paper Olivia's and Bobby's at school during Arts and Crafts and brings them home. I absolutely hated the battle system and still really like that game, the story was good enough to transcend the gimmicky fight mechanic.


I did not see that scene coming and had to turn my switch off for a bit because I got so upset. And then the end when I realized what Olivia had done.. who knew a Mario game could make people sad? Excellent story and very well done, though.


Subnautica. I felt fear. Buying Below Zero tomorrow.


Have you had any issues with subnautica crashing or corrupting your save? Others have and I'm on the fence.


They fixed a lot of it with the recent patches. No corrupted saves and I beat it and explored most of the map.


Calculator, without a doubt. I don't think a game had ever made me cry this much before.


What is math? Baby don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me. No more.


Looking at 'Piano' from the same publisher makes me cry too. https://images.nintendolife.com/a978b6501a016/piano-switch.original.jpg How can you fuck up the key placement?!?


Both Xenoblade games make you cry and laugh and feel amazement. Truly once in a life time experiences


Fire Emblem 3 Houses and Ori and the will of the wisp are the games that really like me in the level of Zelda BoTW and Xenoblade (both games).


Brilliant recommendations!


Bug fables. My boy leif out there living his best life.


Celeste made me feel a whole range of emotions, but I know how you feel


Celeste mostly made me feel that I was bad at playing Celeste. :) That game is pretty challenging.


Celeste hit me on another level when I learned the game was a metaphor for its creator coming out as trans.


Hades. All roguelites should do story and dialogue this way!


Hades... so many emotions. Curiosity, love, hate. Oh so much hate. Love and hate. I never hated a character in a video game till now.... After finishing it, I don't hate that character anymore... At least not that much.😁


That will be a nah from me dog. I get that Hades is a vastly more approachable roguelite than most games. But after the epilogue the game doesn’t have much replay value. Compare that to Isaac, a comparatively barebones story compared to hades, where I have probably over a thousand hours across all my platforms. Hades is great but I don’t think it should set parameters in the future of the genre.


That’s a good point. I will be honest, I tried Isaac and I did not like it very much. I hope that from Hades stems a new genre of narrative roguelites. That’s a genre I’d really love personally! I will say though that even after I finished the epilogue on my first Hades save file I started another one with hell mode on, so I have gotten a lot of replay value out of it myself. The achievements in the ~~faded~~ *fated** list of prophecies makes for great replay value as well.


Don’t get me wrong. I played the absolute shit out of hades and thinks it deserves all the awards it has. I just can’t help but feel like it’s epic and duo boon system feels a lot more ‘canned’ than a roguelite like Isaac. Hades is easier to game the starting booms into an end game build that melts face,but to me they often feel predictable. Take the various tidal wave builds you end up with Poseidon where you’re just dashing everything into the rocks. It’s how most of my best runs end. But compare that to my run in Isaac with brimstone, ipecac and broken mirror. It’s absolutely bonkers. I didn’t win but it was far more memorable to me. And I definitely also like the idea of narrative roguelites as a future genre or sub genre. Picked up griftlands this morning and eager to check it out later today. However I have some unlocks in Isaac to work on too.


I don't know if this is what you had in mind with your question, but Spiritfarer will break your heart. I legit don't know anyone who didn't get emotional about at least one of the characters in that game. If you want a game that will make you "feel something" as in feelings, then this is great. The storytelling is amazing, there's a reason it was nominated for a Nebula award, which has nothing to do with games and is solely about writing. Once Spiritfarer has emotionally destroyed you, The Last Campfire will help put you back together. It's much more low-key in the tugging of the heartstrings, but I found it really touching and wonderful and the message is great. The gameplay is simple, but the game is fairly short so it doesn't overstay its welcome. They have a simple system and they explore it pretty well and then let you be done. As for games that you can't put down, maybe try Hades? I was very hesitant because I don't usually like Rogue-likes but Hades is built for fun, not for punishment. And by the way, that award that Spiritfarer was nominated for? The winner was Hades. The game is amazingly written and plotted, so rare for Rogue-likes.


I’ve wanted to buy Spiritfarer for the longest time, until I read reviews from others that they didn’t feel anything about the game, or feel connected to the characters because everything wasn’t explained enough, or you don’t get to spend much time with them. I assume you didn’t feel the same way, but what are your thoughts on comments like that?


I'd think that has to do with probably the way they played. The game is not, in any real sense "difficult" mechanically. The travel is easy, there are not a lot of puzzles to work through or anything like that. If you were just played to reach the end then you can get a character off your boat relatively quickly by being half-competent at gaming. If you played like that, as the game as a system to work, then you can move through that system pretty efficiently and spend little time with any given character. If you engage the game more like a story to explore, which I'd argue is the developer's intent, then you will get a lot more conversation prompts from characters and have more opportunities to see their personality and experience their backstory. Also, you can keep a character for as long or as short as you want. If you send a character off quickly, future prompts that character would be part of are absent. There are definitely some things left ambiguous, but I find that interesting rather than off-putting. There is not any serious explanation about Stella (the main character) and who she was, though pieces of her backstory are uncovered through the game. Every character that comes in is tangentially connected to her previous life allowing you glimpses of her history, and how they crossed paths with her, but there are a ton of gaps and you never get the whole story (this is indeed one of the main themes of the game). If that is something that would bother you, it's something to consider. As for not feeling anything about the game, I don't know. There is a big breadth of character types so everyone I know found at least one compelling. But again, it might be part of how you go into thinking about the game. It's an "easy" game but it's not meant to mechanically challenge you, but to be more a story and system you explore, with some people along the way to keep you company. Edit: I see someone downvoted me. Maybe they thought I was implying some people were playing the game "wrong". That's not my intention. I'm just saying there is a way to play the game that makes you move quickly through it with minimal interaction with the spirits on your boat. If you play like that, I would imagine you would get less emotionally invested in the spirits. Other than that, nothing works or connects with everyone. If a person doesn't like or connect with the game it's not necessarily they did something "wrong". That game just wasn't right for them at that time. I've found that with books too. A book I loved as a child I don't like now, or a book I adored as a 25 year old I see more warts on as a 40 year old.


Thanks for this review! I guess the only way to find out if i’ll really have an emotional connection with this is through buying and playing it.


I agree with this. I'm playing through at the moment and it's a kind of storytelling that appeals to me - lots of the detail is around the edges rather than being explicitly communicated. It leaves ambiguity, sure, but also room for interpretation and personal connection. It's the first game in a long time that has given me such an emotional response. Not all the characters hit, but the ones that do hit hard.


Yeah, this sums it up well for me too. I lost a grandmother to dementia a few years ago so Alice hit pretty hard. And I have a small kid so Stanley was brutal. Like when he asked to go to the Door I just refused to play the game for a couple of weeks. I just knew I couldn't handle it. But like Micky just annoyed me, and Giovanni I didn't care about at all, though his story was interesting in how it gave context to Astrid. Also, I was letting my daughter watch me play that at first (she's 5) and she literally bawled uncontrollably when Gwen left. It wasn't her going through the door it was when we came back and saw the flower in her house and she was like, she's never coming back to the house, is she? And she just started crying quietly and couldn't stop. It was so heartbreaking.


I'm one of the ones who didn't feel anything so I'll give you my take. I actually spent a lot of time with the characters as I tried to figure stuff out on my own until I eventually gave up and looked up guides (there is a ton that's not explained and many items you need to make that is not obvious how to do so). To me the characters were all super flat and 1 dimensional. Sure they all had sad backstories but they lacked the dialogue to make it actually mean anything. They would tell bits of their past every once and awhile but it was generally implied- I know several people came away with different ideas of what was going on with several characters because of this. And in reading what actually happened (a deluxe edition had information which people shared). To me the implication would have been fine it wasn't the same for every character- there's some who it's very obvious what's happening and then others where it's not and its up to interpretation. Which would be fine if that's not all you got out of them aside from them demanding you to feed them. Maybe it's because I like dialogue-heavy story driven games, but I was pretty disappointed with what little was given and with what was actually said.


Ohhhh… very well-written point. I just said in the other comment that I will definitely purchase this, but now… i’m not so sure again. I love heavy storytelling as well, but not visual novel-like gameplay. And I really don’t like games that will push me to read walkthroughs on the internet because that will feel like a chore than a relaxing game after a long week at work. Thanks for your input!


Red Dead Redemption II


That game! I cried so much during that game. As a theatre kid it was such a delight watching everyone's performances. Everyone put on an acting clinic.


Divinity: Original Sin 2. Specifically the moment where I realized it’s my favorite game of all time was the end of Chapter 1. There’s this fight with excellent build up, my character’s connection is finally made clear, during the fight rain starts pouring which changes the battle field dynamics, some crazy enemy that has been alluded to finally appears and decimates shit, all the while my boy Ifan is antagonizing the ‘villain’ and reveling in the moment.


Have you played the first one? It's pretty rough compared to the second but it's just so weird I loved it. Same as you though the second is my favourite ever game.


I've noticed that would people have a moving experience with a particular game, they naturally want to find something that will repeat the same feeling. the problem is that chasing the same feelings will likely lead to disappointment and burnout. I would recommend trying out something new, something quite different that will cleanse your palate.


Great life philosophy....applies equally well to girls/partners as well.


And Drugs.


I can confirm this


The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening...no spoilers, but give it a try




The Witcher 3 (play it on PC if you can).


Xenoblade Chronicles DE


Firewatch is something i always recommend if you wanna get into your feelings lol


That game builds tension so well! I generally only get to play "grown up" games after my daughter goes to bed, and so I was always playing it at night in a dark house, and it had me jumping at sounds every night!


Surprisingly (?) enough, age of calamity. No spoilers, but the bittersweet ending really got to me.




The Last of Us (first one)


persona 5 is the most emotional ride I've ever had in 20 years of gaming


Zelda BotW. Made me feel like a kid again playing video games for the first time :)


YS VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. Holy shit that game.


not emotionally but dark souls really clicks as a game for me. progressing is just really rewarding, the combat is fun and more engaging than something like the witcher 3 to me, and the atmosphere and design choices are so on point. so engrossing


What Remains of Edith Finch. So many little stories that make you feel things. It's best to just play it in one go as it's only a few hours.


Okami! Did no one put that title XD so awesome


Not on switch. But if you havent i recommend playing mass effect.


Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2. One of the first Switch games I played along with Three Houses. Haven't felt strongly about any other Switch release since then. In general, probably LoZ Twilight Princess with it being my favorite game of all time and all.


I've been playing Tales of Vesperia. It's a decent game, but it's starting to make me feel like I wish it would end. It seems to go on forever.


Spiritfarer. :)


Xenoblade is an amazing franchise! XCDE and XC2 are both amazing switch games! They have big colorful worlds, a good story, lots of lovable characters, and endless side quests if you want to grind (but totally optional if you don’t want to). Seriously can’t recommend them enough.


Both Ori games, they are very minimalist in the story like hollow knight. It’s still super impactful and once you reach the end 😭 play them in order, I doubt you’ll regret it.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2


Tbh im feeling the same way but a lot of us have been playing games for years. Breath of the Wild 2 and Shredders Revenge got me hyped though.


Soo excited for Shreddars Revenge and Zombies Ate My Neighbors!!!


Yeah I’ve gotten to the point that I’m going back and playing old games from my childhood and playing a lot of old games that I never got. There were so many games that had heart put into them. Game creation culture has definitely changed though I understand why.


I spend almost as much time retro gaming as I do on the current stuff. I guess when you have been gaming since the dawn of the whole damned genre then there is a lot of stuff to go back to. I will always recommend to anyone playing Castlevania SOTN either once or again....also I have played Suikoden I and II multiple times, but last replayed them on PSVita. More recently after getting Nintendont on WiiU I replayed a number of GC classics like Star Fox Adventures (looks and plays great for a game almost 20yrs old) and Viewtiful Joe 1 and 2.


Fire emblem 3 houses


Signs of the Sojourner. You really feel bad for not being able to connect with people, especially your childhood friends, as you go out of town and have to adjust your style to communicate with outsiders.


I got that game in a bundle, and I’ve just double dipped during the sale. It is such a cool spin on a deckbuilder (which I apparently collect). I loved the setting, I loved the story, I loved how well the mechanics fit the story.


it's the only card-based video game I've ever enjoyed. I think, like you said, the card mechanics were so well integrated with the world it worked so well.


Subnautica makes me feel terror


Alien Isolation will creep you out if you want the horror angle.....I just thought the pacing was a bit slow but that is often the case for that genre of games.


Still playing Ni no Kuni, and must say, it's a rollercoaster of emotions, cried and laughed many times already.


I read that Ni No Kuni can be difficult at times. Is there an easy mode for people who suck at battles and would only like to go through the story?


I don't find it too hard but still have lot to go through. Don't know about easy mode but it probably has.


Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth : Hacker's Memory was the last one for me. I will preface that by saying you would probably want to play the original Cyber Sleuth since Hacker's Memory is a story that happens alongside that one. But Complete Edition has both games in it, so it isn't too difficult to do that. The characters were honestly amazing in my opinion and the emotional beats of the game always managed to hit home. On top of that, the game does a pretty good job of not over doing things with the humorous moments.


Night in the woods


Xenoblade Chronicles DE. That being said, I had more "feelings" at Xenoblade Chronicles 2. (probably cause Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was my first experience with that kind of genre. It doesnt matter if you start with 2 or 1 btw)


xenoblade Chronicles series. play them if you haven't. well worth the money.


Cuphead. It made me feel something alright...


Ghost of Tsushima


That is an awesome game but if we are adding other system's games to this conversation then add Death Stranding and its hard to get better story and emotion in a game than The Last of Us 1 and 2.


All the feels!!


Gal*Gun Returns definitely made me feel... Something. Honestly a great game with a great sense of humor, but pretty perverted so it's definitely not for everyone.


What it made you feel was . . . shrinking pants?


Among other things :P


Does it have to be Nintendo? If it’s any game I would say The Last of Us 2. On Nintendo, bravely default 2 made me feel something for a while and I put in like 70 hours of gameplay because I was excited to see a turn based JRPG like the old days


Resident Evil Village had me feeling unadulterated panic at House Beneviento.




The last game that had a huge impact on me was BOTW, before playing it i had been playing for a while just for entertainment, but BOTW made me feel passion, passion that i haven't felt since i played OOT years ago. Last game that made me cry was twd s4, i waited for years to play it and it was worth it.


Pokemon Snap. I hit a Shinx in the face with a flufffruit and felt really bad about that.


I end up playing either Skyrim or Stardew Valley since january, so I'm always playing something I really love. It seems to me that you are into a period of game hangover, and nothing would do for you now.


The Talos Principle


Such an incredible game. Fantastic atmosphere too


Tetris 99, I always feel so excited when I get into the top ten. So much adrenaline.


I think Hades - definitely teared up a few times as the story unfolded! Also had plenty of laughs and just plain fun too!


For games in general, Outer Wilds was the last game that blew me away. It’s coming to switch at some point. Just a really damn good game and mystery. On switch, I’d say Rain World. I can’t really explain it well, but the experience along with the overall theme led me to question a lot of my beliefs in the real world. As dumb as it might sound, I guess that game was one step in a process that helped me come to terms with loss and changed me in some fundamental ways.


Dragon Quest 11 gave me the feels and I was NOT ready to spend over 130 hours on it, but oh well.


Soma will always stand out as the game that made me feel something serious.


just finished RDR2 for the first time. It was a lotta advanced cowboy feelings I wasn't ready for


Subnautica definitely. Terror. And wonder.


Ori, Spiritfarer.


Project Zomboid. Pure, unadulterated terror and overwhelming anxiety.


Crash Badicoot trilogy. Never had opportunity and money to have PS as a child. Now as adult I can fulfill my childhood dreams to play crash on Nintendo during during traveling 😊 happy


Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice


Pokemon Snap really made me feel like a kid again. Every time I'd see a new Pokemon, I'd be like "Wow, Tentacruel*!". It really speaks to how well everything is presented. Show (in the game), don't tell (in a Pokedex). ^^^^*Interchangable ^^^^with ^^^^other ^^^^names


I haven't had much free time to play as much as I used to the last couple years, so forgive me if these are a little dated. I still play games but I haven't finished many in a while. **Super Mario Odyssey** was an emotional ride for me, with New Donk City's concert, the bonus castle stage, the final challenge stage and the melancholic tower climb with Cappy getting me feeling all types of ways. **Splatoon's** final boss stage was possibly the most hype boss level I have ever played thanks to the music, though I've heard Bravely Default achieves something similar. **Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons** and **To The Moon** got me ugly-crying several times each. **S.O.M.A.** blew my mind and I couldn't stop thinking about it for weeks after finishing. **Half-Life: Alyx's** ending was just \*chef's kiss\*.


Those somber moments with Cappy are weirdly poignant.


This war of mine.


Persona 5 strikers is the first game that comes to mind


Not a nintendo game, but rdr2, that game hits you in the gut repeatedly, never ceases to amaze me how passionate devs can be if they don’t sell out.


Fire Emblem and both Xenoblade Chronicles for immersive experiences. If you're going more for the feels, I recommend Spiritfarer and A Short Hike.


Spiritfarer had me sobbing for hours - you definitely have to have some knowledge of the game before getting it as it might be sensitive to some, but genuinely one of the most beautiful, intricate games on the Switch, and i know that no other game will make me feel similar to what Spiritfarer did


Cried a lot during Xenoblade 2. The world feel so real.


The ending of XC2 hit me like a truck... two times. I loved it.


Dragon quest 11 S Xenoblade chronicles 1 DE


Definitely Xenoblade 2 for me Bought XC:DE but it was so-so for me. Sure the story was nice and all but the battle system looks clunky at times (specially vs flying enemies). XC2 is vastly different. It reminds me of that old game in PS1 (monster rancher) where you unlock monster using disk and you train them. XC2 has that similar feel and randomness that I enjoyed. Story was also nice. They delivered it like an anime (childish as times) and probably why some people prefer XC:DE over it. But the story was nice enough for me to get me hooked. Already bought torna. I had to buy it from China since its the only place that has a physical copy. So yeah XC2 definitely for me. Revived the old RPG gamer in me.


Just wipe your save and replay BotW. Game takes me back to link to the past(my first and now second favorite zelda game)


Xenoblade 2 the game actually made me cry


Xenoblade Chronicles 1 and 2 (*especially 2*) and Dragon Quest XI S, for sure, but since those have already come up multiple times, I'll add another to the mix. Ys VIII Adol and Dana have a close and meaningful connection, and without spoiling too much, the farther you get in the game, the more urgency you feel to stop what seems to be an impending doom. The ending is sad, and the music does a good job modulating your emotions. And for something considerably shorter and more casual, *To the Moon* is a sad game which plays closer to a visual novel than it does a JRPG, but it's only 4 hours long and lovely.


Any Console: Days Gone, because it is the most recent thing I finished, ending made me cry. Zero escape is AMAZING, all of it. The Beginners guide is so sort, but so amazing. Life is strange. Last of us 1 and 2. Danganronpa 1-2, I still haven’t finished 3. The Longest Journey series. On Switch: Steins;Gate was the most emotional, A Short Hike’s ending made me emotional, I cried a little bit at a plot point in DISGAEA 5, what remains of Edith finch. Superliminal. I started If Found… that seems it is headed in the right direction. Tangle Tower was funny and made me feel like a detective. Bio shock 1 and 3. Undertale. Tale tales the walking dead season 1, everyone should play this in some form, maybe don’t continue afterwards. Game brought up often in this convo that I didn’t like: DDLC, it’s fine as a free game, but if you have played any 3/5 VN it’s going to be subpar, it’s way too long. Good luck finding something :) I just found out Talos principal is on sale for ps, so that’s next for me. :)


The last few games that have that feeling for me áre. 1. Hollow knight 2. Both ori games. 3. Celeste 4. Bug fables (currently playing and about to finish)




For me it was Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity made me get emotional or just start to cry out of excitement because the story and characters are so fun.


Honestly don't remember the last time I *felt* anything for a game. could be that I'm an adult and real every day drama makes fiction harder to focus in and enjoy


Spiderman miles morales Oh wait you people wouldnt know lol


Ori and the Will of the Wisps made me cry multiple times. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate (I only got it recently) has made me feel feelings of frustration and victory, but not other emotions like Ori.


the good endings of haven and dragon star varnir made be really happy, and both of their bad endings made me cry


Before Your Eyes It's not the switch but its genuinely one of the saddest games I have ever played


I just finished Gone Home. I’m still talking about how it made me feel.


Breath of the Wild rekindled my absolute love for gaming.


Red dead 2


Just about every game makes me feel something.


World of Warcraft TBC Classic.


I'm kinda surprised nobody mentioned Dead Cells yet


Hades was this. I couldn't get enough. I've played 130+ hours and still get new dialogue. Every run is unique and dying and coming back to the house to progress the story was even more rewarding than the escape runs. Game is just incredible. Also Celeste, BOTW


The last 3 (in reverse order) were World's End Club, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, and AI: The Somnium Files. AI gets special mention for being the only time a game has gotten tears out of me.


Beat Saber makes my arms hurt


Yeah I just played Ori and the Blind Forest and I wept my eyes out several times. Started up Will of the Wisps and thinking about >!that baby bird losing her mother !


Try playing some shorter games maybe? I got like this as well after playing several 50+ hour games back to back and have since been playing a bunch of sub 10 hours games and it's been a blast. Stuff like Abzu, Journey, A Short Hike, Gris, etc. Even the Steamworld games are about 5-15 hours long and were very fun.


Play darkwood, in a dark room, with sound 😉 you will feel doodoo in your pantaloons when night comes (in game)


Hollow knight for me too


peach ball ;)


Dota 2 and it was hat what I felt


Not sure how you'd classify visual novels but The House of Fata Morgana is extremely well written and made me feel A LOT of things.


Phantasy star 4!!! Best rpg ever! And Lunar.


Senran Kagura.


Sounds like you want an experience with immersive gameplay and story, Monster Hunter is definitely not that, and I'd be surprised if Mario Golf is. Have you looked into Fire Emblem Three Houses or Xenoblade?


Superliminal made me feel a LOT of things.


Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess That ending was an absolute emotional gut-punch


A Short Hike


Miitopia made me feel pure joy. I haven't laughed so much at a game in ages.


So many great games on Switch and many go without much notice. If you have never played Mark of the Ninja then do, its one of the best stealth platform games ever, has a great progression system, has multiple Ninja 'styles' that you unlock and then can play the game totally different for each style. The story is decent but the gameplay is superb. Also from Klie Invisible Inc....its sort of a rogue lite SRPG but very good and ideal for short portable sessions. The last game that I put 200hrs into would be Fire Emblem 3H.....played all 4 paths, and the DLC...if you like SRPGs you should play this. A game I consider in the same quality range as HK is Steam World Dig 2....great Metrovania, great unlockable, great fun, not much replay value after going thru once. Last platform recommendation is Iconoclasts. I really liked the story, it had some emotion and mystery and tight gameplay. For something different try Kentucky Route Zero (story adventure with great atmosphere) and also a recent release called Signs of the Sojourner...its a card battle game but fairly unique. Oh yeah and its been around a long time but Ni Ni Kuni is a marvel. Tear jerker story, great RPG, incredible animation.




Fire Emblem: Three Houses. That game not only has hundreds of hours of content, it allows you to largely make your own choices in the story. You can easily get attached to the characters, or skip that all together as you please.


Most recently, the Nier: Replicant remake. Complete masterpiece of storytelling and made me feel like I did playing Ocarina of Time for the first time. Some might not totally agree and there are aspects of the game design that are a little dated, but I loved the cast, world, and lore so so much that it’s quickly become one of my favorite games ever.


EVERHOOD but that is on PC I THINK, not sure. Smash makes me feel anger if that counts


Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana Incredible game More people should play it And best of all, it's pretty much a fully standalone game (There are references to old games plus one character from an older game but those are not important to the story of this game)