SBR to hedge my bets?

SBR to hedge my bets?


If you’re going to spend the money to SBR it…Spend $30 bucks and buy a stock. 🤷‍♂️


No. A rifle is only an SBR if it is in an SBR configuration, regardless of whether or not it's registered to become an SBR. Before you put it into an SBR configuration, you have to do all the things, engraving included. It can go back and forth between SBR and rifle and you don't need any paperwork when it's in a rifle configuration. You still have to follow the "born a rifle, always a rifle rule", though, for going between pistol and rifle/SBR. You know, arbitrary and confusing as hell. If you're not a felon, the ATF is going to do everything they can to fix that oversight.


Once it's an sbr the only reason to keep a brace is to save money from buying a proper stock.


If you file a form1 to cut down a barrel, and never actually get around to doing it - there's nothing wrong with it, other than you wasted time. You don't have to replace the brace, but why wouldn't you?


Because I like it in the configuration its in now. I'm just trying to beat the rush on e-filing a form1


Do not comply


Says the guy with 5 stamps. Lol


[Ha got em!](https://youtu.be/wnedkVrgFF0)


No and no. Ever since AR pistols developed, I've always recommended having one of each.


Why SBR if you’re not going to replace the brace? You don’t have to replace it, but if you’re not going to, it doesn’t make sense to pay the tax and have an SBR classification that just makes it more difficult to transport. I live close to a state line and gave up on filing the 5320.20 to be able to take it across the line and just return it to pistol configuration, now. Is it an 80%? If so, then you are supposed to engrave it with the required information, but be prepared for the extra wait for an unknown manufacturer/model. I bought a serialized lower with the intent to build a pistol and then SBR it, and did, but I didn’t engrave anything on it afterwards, since it already had a serial number. Having said that, I do engrave all my 80’s, though, just to be able to add them to my trust inventory sheet, and if in the remote chance that any of them are ever stolen, that I have some record/information to provide. If you’re worried about the proposed rule changes, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there, or not, too many unknowns right now.


Unless your SBR was transfered from the factory via Form 4, you have to engrave it with your info since you technically changed, or manufacturered” in the eyes of the ATF, it’s classification from pistol to now rifle (SBR).


Rules are confusing for sure. [Has something changed since this?](https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/do-you-need-to-engrave-your-form-1ed-sbr/) I guess I need to read through them thoroughly for myself, but I’m not a lawyer🤔


This is the worst, most poorly researched article you can find on an NFA subject, and has been debunked many times. It is "The Non-Truth About Guns." You are absolutely required to engrave your info if you are the "maker" of the SBR.


Worse, at the bottom,[there's another article](https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/update-atf-clarifies-form-1-marking-requirements/) from the same "writer" who indicates that an official written response from the BATFE provided the exact opposite answer. The lesson is a verbal question and response to an agent of the BATFE is not an authoritative or binding response. Individual agents may have a misunderstanding of the actual law or the implementation of it.


Intent counts, though, right?🤣


Not sure what the requirements were in 2016, but that’s either old news or completely false. https://www.nationalguntrusts.com/blogs/nfa-gun-trust-atf-information-database-blog/atf-nfa-engraving-requirements-walk-through-guide


Never understood stamp collectors.