I mean, this is the chick who totally accidentally did a nazi salute while speaking. Is there any bar that would be too low for her?


This is a woman who ate a casserole of old-fashioned lightbulbs and meat because it would “Own the Libs.” I am pretty sure that if people told her that “Liberals would hate it if you shot yourself on camera” and handed her a gun, there’d be a nonzero chance she’d do it.


Excuse me, I am not familiar with the woman and English is not my native language. She ate what?


English is my native language and I am equally confused by that statement.


She put a bunch of lightbulbs in a bowl and threatened to eat them to piss off liberals because they hate those lightbulbs. If you're still confused, that's what the rest of us have been living with since she did it


This is a better explanation than the ones that came before


Do conservatives not also hate those lightbulbs? They are such a shitty product. And LEDs have surpassed them on every possible level.


They hate any progress that's also environmentally friendly. Why? Because Fox News and other right wing organizations told them to. It's also why they hate electric cars and hybrids and do things like "roll coal". Apparently wanting to keep from destroying our planet is part of the "liberal agenda" so they have to be against it by definition.


Yup. See also: the abolition of slavery


Especially ironic since Republicans did that.


Liberals did that. Republicans were the liberal party in that time.


In theory, conservatism is about changing as little as possible. In practice, conservatism is a collective of people who don't like change that they don't initiate


Make no mistake though, the main thing they don’t want changed is the rich white hierarchy.


Is it even that anymore? Seems like it's devolved to just supporting anything that pisses off "libs."


Let's not forget about the guy that shoved a dildo up his ass to own the libs.


Gavin McInnes, ah yes


More like Havin' Dick-in-ass


Sauce: https://www.mediaite.com/news/watch-laura-ingraham-drinks-steak-impaled-with-lightbulbs-and-plastic-straws-to-own-the-libs/


….. lmao wait, wut? I’m liberal and I can honestly say I have never once given any sort of shit whatsoever about any sort of light bulbs. Maybe she could do everyone a favor and eat some glass for spite though (sorry, wouldn’t normally wish death on anyone, but… sorry, I’m to that point with conservative talk radio and tv ‘infotainment’ propagandists. They are bleeding warts on the ass of our society).


Old fashioned light bulbs like the old kind, during the Trump presidency he bashed the newer more efficient bulbs for God knows what reason. It was the hydroxychloroquine of the early Trump years. I fully understand why people don't remember this. That whole administration was...a lot.


Plus going out with a bang... That says a lot bout that admin. .


The administration turnover was...lets just say Wikipedia's page is expansive: [List of Trump administration dismissals and resignations](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Trump_administration_dismissals_and_resignations#Executive_Office_of_the_President)


I’m so confused by the Republicans hating this since it was Bush who signed for a phasing out of these bulbs


I have an English degree and I am confused by that statement. With honours.


I too am *confusus cum laude*




I don’t think she actually ate the lightbulb parts. But it was a pile of meat with lightbulbs and plastic straws sticking out. Because apparently liking better lightbulbs and not wanting pollution is bad, apparently.


Ok, ehm, let's say that eating that is... Understandable. Hypothetically. How in the world does eating something (whatever it is) make you "own" the libs? Or anyone else... I mean, eat it, so what?


It "owns the libs" because the libs aren't the real target audience. The real audience is people entertained by the idea of "libs being owned". You see it in right-wing "comedians". The joke itself isn't funny, what's funny is them saying afterwards "all the snowflakes are going to be triggered by that". There's two audiences: the libs (who may or may not be triggered) and the conservatives who are laughing at the first audience being triggered (regardless of whether or not they are). We don't understand it, because we're not the target audience. Us being confused IS the punchline to them.


Not enough credit for this thought out explanation


That makes sense. Wasn't there also a right-wing guy on some podcast/radio/whatever show who shoved a dildo up his ass to "own the libs"?


Talk about fucking yourself to own a bunch of people who don't know you.


The guy who started the proud boys.


I’m so embarrassed for them that they couldn’t come up with any better name than that.😂


I have no idea. Living your life based off of spite and wrath cannot be healthy.


This. The concept of spending your entire career taking hollow shots at some invisible menace must be unsatisfying. But she’s just pretending to be mad so she’ll get views and likes, so she doesn’t give a shit either way. The part that’s weird to me is all the people who rep that brand like it’s a thing to do. I saw a guy with a shirt that said “let’s go brandon” with a little caricature of biden’s face for the o in ‘go’. Like, is that not just a pro biden shirt? I am aware that the brandon song is a trump thing or maga thing or whatever, but why wear an image of your ‘enemy’ surrounded by an inscrutable message? It looks like a pro biden shirt to the people that don’t keep up on whatever weird jokey thing the maga people are doing at a given time.


She isn’t pretending. Conservatives are pretty much all constantly in a state of rage over things that are completely made up. She isn’t smart enough to be one of the people pulling the strings of manipulation, she is just a conservative who drank enough cool-aid and was capable of increasing television ratings.


It's like when you eat meat in front of vegans. Some vegans care but most are just like "whatever retard" and go back to their potatoes. Republicans are 100% the party of "eating meat in front of vegans" as a metaphor for basically all their actions.


Do not try to apply logic to Republicans.


It’s only when your wealthy that doing strange stuff for what they think might matter to poor people means you totally get what they are going through.


If I were to guess "old fashioned" meaning incandescent vs the new energy efficient and significantly brighter LED bulbs. googled it. I was correct. https://www.mediaite.com/news/watch-laura-ingraham-drinks-steak-impaled-with-lightbulbs-and-plastic-straws-to-own-the-libs/ As a side note I was taught as a kid that incandescent light bulbs were gonna be a thing of the past anyways because we were running out of a material to make them eventually, forget which one it was now though.


Can we all make a post suggesting how triggering it would be if she actually did that? I would very much like to see that


I'm not really concerned with the details so much, I'm just glad I can now add "you light bulb eating whore" to my vocabulary.


She could still eat a bowl of lightbulbs and I would give as much of a shit as I do now. Zero.


>... accidentally.... We're still pretending it was a mistake and not a planned dog whistle?


“Totally accidentally”. I’m willing to bet it was rhetorical sarcasm, which is honestly hard to spot through plain text at times.


It didn’t used to be. Yes I’m old and bitter at the internet-at-large’s Eternal September


I miss when people knew what satire was. I made an obvious joke pretending to be a Republican who didn't care about civil rights, like super hammed it up, chewed the fucking scenery, everyone thought I was being serious.


I mean to be fair they say things seriously that would have been satire not too long ago


Police knocking at my door because I used sarcasm without an /s tag at the end


It’s not your fault, between the general lack of literacy and the right’s insistence on doing literally everything they can to make satire a reality, it’s not surprising it’s basically impossible to be sarcastic anymore.


more like a bullhorn


Well the whistles certainly aren’t for Life guarding, as they literally don’t care about children. **that aren’t white, easy to control, and goose-stepping morons.


I don’t know a thing about whistles but that wasn’t a mistake. She’s a racist bitch.


Sure are a lot of dogs around, showing up at pride events and children’s story time and pro-choice protests.


There's not a bar in the US she wouldn't lay down for.


These FOXscist boot lickers are so deep in the sewage they can’t even reach the sewer grate bars over their head.


Seemed more like RvW overturning was to distract us from Jan 6th hearings.


Pretty sure that's why they postponed the final hearings until July.


Well that aged like warm milk. Yesterday was the "shit just got real" moment of the hearings, along with last Thursday. Someone is going to flip and then several of these douch-nozzles are going to prison. Eat crow all you morons who claimed the hearings would do nothing. Ron Johnson probably lost his re-election from just one revelation alone.


How does any of this change trump voters minds? They didn’t care about this stuff before they don’t care now and are not watching.


Imagine if you will, going all in on something. Hate and rabbit holes and conspiracies.You've destroyed relationships with your family, your friends over it. But you don't need them. They're the enemy now. Vitriol is like heroin to you. So you dig deeper. and deeper. And deeper still. It has literally become your entire personality. Then one day, something starts to change. More and more places you once trusted are starting to talk about what you've come to devote your life to, and it's not good. You're starting to hear the person you looked up to and idolized might not be who or what you thought they were. More and more starts to come out. But you've come this far. You can't mend those relationships with a simple "I was wrong, I'm sorry." You can't, no you *won't* kick the feeling of that vitriol high. You don't even remember who you were before all this, so how can you get back to being them? You've dug yourself so deep, looking up you can't even see where you started digging anymore. You hear what they are saying, but you cannot believe it. Believing it means you were duped. *You're too smart to be duped*. "I can't be wrong, it's everyone else who's wrong" you tell yourself over and over. Your idol would never do that to you, he would never *BETRAY YOU*, he said he loves you. The echo of "I love you" keeps echoing in your head as you continue to dig.


Can you write more? I kinda want more...


After that there’s like two options: 1. Dude goes postal and kills a bunch of people and then themselves 2. Dude commits suicide


see facebook


Do people still use that shit?


It’s just a toilet where boomers lie to each other now. I don’t know anyone that’s still active on there. No one under 25 uses it. It’s dying a slow death but it’s dying.


Far too many.


I go there once a month (through a VPN and with adblocks on full alert) to let distant family know my kids are still alive. Other than that I go scrolling for someone being a psychopath and usually close the tab after 10 minutes.


"Imagine If You Will" I got serious "The Twilight Zone" vibes from your comment and I love it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27oftOrROBI


Yeah, that's what gave me the prompt. Because that's where the fuck we've been for like 7 years now


What a strange spelling of The Scary Door. https://youtu.be/B5oGJTUpbpA


This perfectly sums it all up. Doubt yourself? Start digging deeper.


I keep hoping one day my mother comes back to reality


It’s taken my grandma and uncle. Fox is on 90% of the time I see them. They’re out to fucking lunch. Rupert Murdoch and his ilk are endangering our ability to function as an informed republic.


My father is 92 and same thing .y mother died a few years ago and he has no hobbies , friends etc . I sold my house and moved in to help out . He’s just bored and listening to these maniacs gives him a kick I guess. Thank god he doesn’t have a smart phone or know how to use a computer.


this right here is my vitriol heroin


This just needs someone with a good voice to read it and some ending sentence like "good night and good luck".


A man who has “joe and the hoe” stickers and “trump for life” stickers on his lifted truck, just took them off. You can see their shadow where they used to exist. It’s affecting some of them; just not all.


Is this actually anecdotal or wishful thinking?


I promise you...This is my reality. It’s also just one person.


Have hope. I know three Trump supporters who are having a moment of deep introspection right now, and for the first time in five years they're listening to opinions outside their bubble.


That gives me hope, thanks


They aren’t going to change but they are at most 30% of the country. Who you need to convince are Trump/GOP leaners and apathetic Democrat leaners.


It won't affect the hardcore true believers, but it's already having an effect on less committed Trumpists as shown in recent polling.


MAGA Morons are a lost cause. But it's the more moderate Republicans and *ESPECIALLY* independents where this will hurt him and the GOP the most. Calling it now - the mid-terms will soon be labeled "toss up" for the House. Which is huge as the GOP was expected to retake it a year ago. Another couple of bombshells like yesterday & last Thursday and the Dems could hold both chambers while increasing the senate.


they might care if he is charged with seditious conspiracy


That's just a deep state plot to stop him.


Truthfully though, my parents are like “well if they would just leave Trump alone…” excuse me?? The problem isn’t that they’re out to get him, it’s that he is DOING BAD THINGS


of course, they just need to leave him alone so he can keep doing his bad things that he tells us are good things /s


Literally overheard my trump supporting neighbor say “they’re just trying to blame it all on him!” To then it’s just a plot by Dems to take out Trump. There’s no revelation or realization by them, no snap back to reality. Just conspiracies and cult like devotion


They won’t. I know many very “otherwise normal” trump supporters that see him as Wisconsin’s version of him. He’s almost a way of holding onto their failed president. He even has a commercial on the radio that says, “why would you listen to radical left wing liars anyways?” He will continue to be voted in for Wisconsin because the boogeyman is that otherwise the radical left will take his place.




He wasn't wrong when he said he could shoot someone and not lose any votes


Gonna be funny when Trump goes to jail and they're like "Wut?!", well you should have been watching


There's no way that Trump got that many votes without a lot of moderate sensible people voting for him. I know that's not a good take on reddit, but most of the people that I know that voted for Trump never owned any MAGA gear.


What difference does it make? Trump has a literal 0% chance of being elected president at this point. Any Republican that challenges Trump will have an overwhelming amount of ammunition against Trump, the pandemic, Jan 6, Impeachment, oh, and let's not forget that he already lost to Biden, in a landslide. No, a Republican victory for president is possible (if at a disadvantage, even more severe now with the overturning of Roe v Wade), but not with Trump. Not at all.


I'd love to agree... But I don't. What you say implies that voters would choose their preferred candidate or party in a logical way.


Trump's behavior while in office turned off enough of his voters that Georgia flipped. People who voted party line in 2016 voted party line again in 2020 except for the POTUS race - they left it blank. That was enough to flip it. The GOP clearly thought January 6 hearings would hurt them, and Trump thinks they're hurting him now.


Thats not what happened in Georgia, they didnt change votes. Abrams had an incredible get out the vote campaign based on helping people register that had never voted before and work through all the republican red tape that suppressed voters.


Before trump and the absolute fuckwittery of the Republicans, i don't believe anything will happen regardless of anything.


Don’t worry none of the rebuplicans are watching the hearing. And even if you show them clips of Ivanka denouncing daddy they will think it’s a deep fake since it’s not on her Twitter. https://youtu.be/hNIJH5gufaQ


Yo, I haven’t seen a Jordan Klepper bit in a while, but this one was particularly wild.


He does have an immense talent for speaking in a manner that sounds like he's agreeing with you while his words point out the absolute absurdity of your position.


My favorite is when he went to a woman-are-cattle rally and interviewed a bunch of middle aged woman holding "Choose Adoption" signs. He asked each one how many kids they've adopted, and each one said none. (Well, except for the one who said "I have 2 natural" or something like that, then when he pressed, said no they're not adopted)


Oh, there's one Republican watching the hearing. He absolutely melted down on his own fake twitter site yesterday.




Most republicans could not past a citizenship test. Toss some trump answers in there and 100% fail rate


Yeah, just like this tweet, it’s not about being factually correct, it’s to “stick it to the libs.” The right could give two shits about the truth, and because they’re a vocal minority with too much power, nothing will ever happen.


How many of those people, in the face of their family's and friends' death from COVID, did they still refuse to do something as simple as wearing a mask, and staying 6 feet apart? Like that's all they had to do but they doubled down and went stupider even harder.


> Ron Johnson probably lost his re-election from just one revelation alone. You have way, waaaaay too much confidence in us


Polls already out show it hurt him.


As much as I hope you are right, I remember the Mueller hearings.


> Well that aged like warm milk You’re completely missing the point of this. It’s not intended to be “correct”, so there’s no reason to use reality to judge the content of the post. It’s intended to reach those who have been conditioned to hate liberals SO MUCH to hate them just a little bit more. Everything they do and say has an anti-liberal message. Absolutely 100% of everything they do. It’s fascism and this is what they do. Calling them on their hypocrisy just lets them know which kind of hypocrisy is working and does nothing to shame them. Boil that frog and deny there’s anything going on until the last liberal survivor is in the dirt. This is what they want. They have already declared war on America and this message is intended to distract their cult from the J6 hearings.


> then several of these douch-nozzles are going to prison. I'll believe it when I see it. Merrick Garland hasn't done a damn thing as to a single one of them as of yet and doesn't give any appearance of actually charging a single one of them for any crime at all. I will be happy to be proven wrong, but as of this moment our Justice Department is doing fuck all about all of the people that openly tried to overthrow our government


The smart money says that the DOJ knows at least as much as the committee but won't charge anyone until after the midterms. If they charge Trump himself it won't be until next spring. People have very unrealistic expectations about how DOJ works, both in terms of speed and publicity.


If Reps take the House and Senate they can prohibit use of funds to prosecute Trump et al.


Makes you wonder if one of them has a burn book with that they intend to trade for immunity/reduced sentence. That would be epic.


I’m not hopeful but I would be thrilled if I’m wrong. I’m tired of the law not applying to the wealthy.


I consider it "nothing" until Donald Trump is in jail, or, if I'm obligated to be generous, barred from holding office.


The closer they get, the more likely folk will be climbing over each other to throw their co-conspirators under the bus.


I’m ootl, what was the shit got real moment yesterday?


These people snitch left and right. No solidarity


unlikely any of them will see justice considering the current makeup of the supreme court.


Well just have to hope some brave citizens do the right thing to these traitors.


“Mark, the president needs to tell people in the Capitol to go home. This is hurting all of us. He is destroying his legacy.” - Laura Ingraham


"Wiping ketchup from the walls ttyl"


Their "red wave" rhetoric is getting long in the tooth, not buying it.


Theyve talked loudly about it for a while. Maybe theyre making sure everyone hears it, so if it doesnt happen its because of fraud.


I think you're right and I think they're doing it because they realize how many voters they lost to covid


They also don't understand the backlash that's brewing now that Roe has been repealed.


They're the dog that finally caught the car..


Unlike 2020 where Republicans were 10pts behind in all the polls and the results reflected it, this time they are ahead


There was totally a red wave... drawn on the wall of the oval office with ketchup.


It can happen. Conservatives vote, liberals don't. In a state where 600,000 Republicans vote year after year, the same state has Democrats swinging from 400,000 to 700,000. Liberals have the majority, just don't mobilize enough to use it


I would agree with this statement had RvW not been over-turned. Any extreme changes in policy typically lead to high voter turnout. We will see though.


Honestly everyone’s just fucking depressed cause even when we vote the fuckers in they backstab us and don’t get anything done. It’s already extremely hard to get the time to go vote, but not only does it not accomplish anything, it doesn’t accomplish anything even when we win. The dems run on literally “well we aren’t as bad as them” and it’s fucking bullshit and exhausting


You aren’t wrong about anything you’ve said, but IMO it’s going to be a lot more exhausting for everyone who isn’t a white Christian male if republicans get their way.


>if republicans get their way. Lol if. I guess youve been asleep for the past week


Unless you are in a hotly contested district with lines around the block, not voting at this point is just lazy. Apathy or whatever excuse, its a moment out of your day. People want to talk about rights all the time, its your right AND your obligation to vote.


Case in point: kyrsten sinema. During her bid for US Senate, she won the primary handily against the progressive candidate, Deedra Abboud, taking 88% of the votes. She barely won against the republican candidate Martha McSally, and by the looks of it, barely seems any different than her. It's very frustrating, but my understanding is she wants to seem like a centrist to the moderate republicans, and the independents in Arizona that make up a third of the voting bloc in the state


I agree, it's exhausting, it's depressing, and they're not doing the job they were hired for. There's a bunch of excuses and reasons for why they're not, but ultimately, they could be doing more and they're not. And we \*still\* need every person who legally can to vote for the half-assed, lazy good for nothings - because they don't get much done, but what little they do get done matters. The things they stop matter. Even if you're just in it for your own benefit, your options are vote blue every time, move to a saner country (and vote there), or watch the world burn around you until it engulfs you too. And it really sucks that those are the choices, but you play the cards that are dealt.


Couple that with conservatives doing everything they can to block people from voting and you have the current situtation.


Its a dumb metaphor because they cant come up with anything on their own so they steal things like "blue wave" and change it to red without understanding that it changes the whole meaning bc waves ate supposed to be blue, not red. Red waves are full of blood. Are they going to all kill themselves? It doesn't make any sense.


Also red waves cause death. They're not a good sign for anyone.


Someone remind them about the traditional colour of communists.


What fucking red wave. Repubs win when people forget how much they suck. We haven't had one break from these assholes. SC mighta just won the dems the midterms. It's political death to talk about stacking the courts when you don't actually have the votes in congress to do it. It gives them a huge campaign talking point, and people are constantly scared of radical change. But it's gonna happen the second it's possible.


You mean the silent majority? That group that is neither silent nor the majority.


>I think . . . > Laura Imgraham couldn't even get two words out without telling a lie.


In all seriousness though, get off your ass, get out and vote, or the wicked witch will be vindicated because people complain but don't do anything about it


Posts like this are "yelling at the choir " as I like to say. The people who need to see it arent here.


I believe the term is “*Preaching* at the choir”


Yodeling to the choir


Fisting the choir?


Which church is this and how do I join?


Mongolian Throat singing to the choir


I thought it was preaching to the choir


It also gives off 'If you want to buy a house, you should stop going to coffee shops and buying avocado toast" vibes. Shits broken and stacked against us.


Yes but still get out and vote in every election you can


there are a lot of people, especially on reddit, who refuse to vote because "it doesn't do anything".


And there are a lot of people on Reddit who encourage that belief. Some real, some paid.


Voting is a bare minimum. Get involved. Call your representatives' office in your local area to let them know how you expect them to represent you in government decisions. Hold them accountable for their actions. One of the things that's bothered me the most is the fact that anyone would call you an idiot if you let a personal assistant have access to your day planner and checkbook without telling her what you expect her to do and never check up on her unless she shows up in the news...but *somehow* it's acceptable to do the same thing with government officials.


Hear hear!


You don't even have to get off your ass in a lot of states just go online and request a mail in ballot and you don't have to ga anywhere to vote.


Hey wait, aren't those hearings literally led by a Republican?


Cheyney doesn't count anymore, according to MAGA .


She has been unpersoned by the committee.


If the Roe vs Wade overturning happens when the left has won on all fronts, I shudder to think what a right victory would look like




A lot more "some animals are more equal than others" type shit.


Cry harder, Laura


Joe Biden *is* a deeply unpopular popular president, and many people are frustrated by the inaction of his administration in comparison to their campaign rhetoric of supporting middle-class and working-class families. Which just underscores how criminal, heinous, and treasonous Trump's reported actions truly were. Sure, Biden is presiding over an economic disaster and an insane skyrocketing cost of living and he could alleviate that for many through legislation or Executive Order. But Trump tried to **overthrow democracy.** Two people can be bad and one can still be worse than the other.


There's actually not a whole lot the president can do about inflation. The fact that it's a worldwide problem should tell you that it's not due to mismanagement on Biden's part and instead is influenced by exogenous events. I'm not a huge Biden fan by any means, but pinning the shitty economic situation on him is just falling for cheap bad-faith Republican talking points.


When Covid lockdowns hit worldwide I theorized a few years after Covid we would go into heavy inflation as companies try to earn back lost money from lockdowns. And here we are. My next theory is that as more basic human rights are lost, and they will be lost here soon in a few years, that that will be the catalyst for another civil war. I hope I’m wrong about this one.


Civil unrest, more likely. Civil war requires secession on the part of a territory and a military struggle against it.


Laura Ingraham: "I think -" Doubt-O-Meter: *explodes*


unfortunately the republicans only lost on two fronts


Is she saying Dems are losing because of the recent SCOTUS rulings? Those are losses for all Americans, not Democrats.


What social media has evolved into is an amazing science that one day, if not already, will taught to the masses.


I’m scared for kids who grew up with this stuff in their lives since day one. A lot of kids have a social media presence (via their parents) before they’re even able to form memories. I only had to deal with it from age ~16 on; I can’t imagine how kids growing up on this stuff will turn out in their 30s.


Laura Ingraham as a political public figure should by law prove her claim is true. Not just post claims and not defend them.


Laura Ingraham is a nazi. Not like an insult nazi, a literal nazi. And even her family hates her.


Anyone else kinda wonder if Roe being overturned is to distract us from the Jan 6 hearings?


Bitch, you did a Nazi salute onstage. Sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. Count your millions and be happy you're not dead.


Go easy on old Laura. She's just cranky because they forgot her bag of oats this morning.


What fucking surprise? Were we not expecting there to be an investigation when crime happens?


#TheWorldSupportsLauraIngrahamKillingHerself. #NoTearsShed


I really wish someone would slap that bitch. Far too many Republicans have never gotten the bitch slap they deserve.


Feels more like American citizens are "losing on all fronts," regardless of political stance. Politicians are taking away human rights and have done very little to improve livelihood so they can cash in on bribes from special interest groups.


Republicans and big oil are an asteroid headed towards earth.


Isn't that the lady who abused her daughter?


Its amazing how easily she sets herself up for savage responses like this.


She must never leave her house, because I can't imagine she could exist for long in public without someone slapping the blonde out of her hair


Laura Ingraham...go fuck yourself, you ridiculous whore. Ok I call you a whore as an unintended insult to sex workers, but it's accurate because you both do offensive shit, TO offensive shit, for cash. Only for cash. In this way you are an insult to mercenaries, prostitutes and objective reality all at the same time. may your intellectual and social rot be manifest in your physical and financial self as soon as possible and as long as you are on this rock. You silly twat. Apologies to twats. I have enjoyed many of you and expect to enjoy more but you know what I'm getting at.


She is complicit. Just as guilty as the one who pulled the trigger.


Her and Marjorie Taylor green are trash human beings. Anyone that voted for either of them should be fucking ashamed.


Laura is a news anchor


So, doubly worse if you voted for her!


Stop thinking logical you democratic sheep!


I was told it was going to get SO much better when Trump was voted out…I’m still waiting.