The Only Moral Abortion is my Abortion: https://joycearthur.com/abortion/the-only-moral-abortion-is-my-abortion/ A Defense of Abortion: https://spot.colorado.edu/~heathwoo/Phil160,Fall02/thomson.htm Resources: [Link 1](https://www.reddit.com/r/Anarchism/comments/vjrf9h/megathread_supreme_court_overturning_roe_v_wade) [Link 2](https://www.reddit.com/r/antiwork/comments/vjqs0r/calls_for_mass_walkout_of_women_across_america_if/idnh2ex) https://www.womensmarch.com/


Why am I not shocked they darkened ACB's skin to make her appear more diverse?


I was super confused by that. She's white as hell...


Isn’t she blonde too????


Sometimes she has blond highlights but no she has brown hair.


Her hair's not that brown nor is her skin that dark, though. It's like they mashed up ACB and Sonia Sotomayor.


>It's like they mashed up ACB and Sonia Sotomayor. Are you kink shaming?


I wonder if they literally didn't know who she was and thought Sotomayor was her.


_https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amy_Coney_Barrett_ Sometimes lighter hair but not blond.


Kind of ironic she was known as a handmaiden at her church


>In People of Praise, Barrett has served as a laypastoral women's leader in a position once termed **"handmaiden"** but now termed "women leader".[226][227] You snuck it in there didn't you? I mean seriously how the fuck did we end up in this timeline; the 'reality' is so much stranger than anything you could make up. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.


And why didn't they put the hispanic justice (Sotomayor) on there if they were boasting about diversity? These people are too dumb to even be good at being dumb.


They only included the wholly concurring justices. Even Roberts doesn't warrant being on their poster because he tried to sit on the fence.


And nice try from them showing Thomas smiling, as if that ever happens.


If you told me he had facial paralysis I’d believe you. I don’t ever recall seeing any expression on his face but “scowling while enduring indigestion.”




Also its pretty sad that they're trying to show the "most diverse court in history" with 3 white guys, one woman, and one African American guy


An African American guy who other African Americans use as an example of the whitest black person ever. It's pretty hilarious actually.




It's also arguable that it's the *least* diverse, since it's now overwhelmingly representative of Christian nationalism. It terms of gender it's no more diverse than when Ginsburg was there instead of Barrett, and the same thing goes for racial diversity.


This needs to be raised more often. This is not a case about race; it is a case about religion - specifically, whether governments can craft criminal laws around religious, and specifically Catholic, principles. So [let's consider it from that angle](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_the_Supreme_Court_of_the_United_States): * John Roberts: Catholicism * Clarence Thomas: Catholicism * Samuel Alito: Catholicism * Brett Kavanaugh: Catholicism * Amy Coney Barrett: Catholicism Catholics make up only [21% of America](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_in_the_United_States#:~:text=People%20with%20no%20formal%20religious,%25%20Catholic%20and%202%25%20other.), but a Catholic majority of the Supreme Court decided to allow state governments to impose Catholic views about abortion on the entire population. That is not "diversity." That is rule by a minority, and a small minority at that.


Fun fact: 1 out of every 6 hospital beds in the US is in a Catholic-owned medical facility, which follow healthcare directives handed down by the US Conference of Bishops. That means stuff like infertility treatments, contraception, and emergency care following or during a miscarriage will be denied, even if the patient isn't Catholic.


Sotomayor is also Catholic. Kagan and Breyer are the only exceptions, both being Jewish. It's actually pretty amazing given how much backlash Kennedy had early on for being Irish Catholic. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are also Catholic incidentally. I'm not sure if the three branches have ever been so non-protestant at the top level. I certainly wouldn't call it diverse at all.


You know how Republicans pretty much always project? And you know how they were screaming about Sharia law? Welp...


Ginsburg was Jewish, so it was actually MORE diverse in that respect


lol https://i.imgur.com/EmXrSiK.png


Lmfao wow, worse than I thought


Yeah, that's super cringe


Yeah, ACB is French and Irish. RBG was Jewish. Oh, and *also* had a vagina. So I'm lost as to how this is the "most diverse court in America's history." KBJ would make it the most diverse court in history. She is not pictured, and has not yet been sworn in, and was not part of this decision. The meme maker is probably not an idiot, but the people who are too stupid to remember that RBG was both a woman and Jewish *definitely are*.


People who got abortions and vote to overturn RvW will just use the excuse of them not knowing better and having gotten right with god since then. “I’d never do that now!” Of course you wouldn’t have done it now. You are gazing back from a place of safety and security, without fear of what your life could have been.


They're gazing back with the safety and security that abortion gave them.


It's kind of a stupid excuse, imo. Regret something you did before you knew any better? You think that thing is wrong? Do something about it, go to confession, or turn yourself in. Put your money where your mouth is and go to jail for something you believe in, and try to lead by example. More than anything, rules for thee and not for me is the single most exhausting thing about Republicans, even more than their regressive policies. If they at least practiced their policies I might have some tiny bit of respect for them.


+1 to this.... I could understand someone standing by the principle if they actually did so. Hypocrisy is maybe my biggest pet peeve.


Right? It's bad enough living under archaic and oppressive laws imposed on us by a minority of religious zealots, but literally the least they could do is abide by their own damn idiocy.


But judge, I didn't know God then. How could I have possibly known it was wrong to commit grand theft auto? I'm like, practically a different person now. I don't even recognize the person who could've done that. Your honor, we're good, right? >More than anything, rules for thee and not for me is the single most exhausting thing about Republicans, even more than their regressive policies. If they at least practiced their policies I might have some tiny bit of respect for them. Oh yeah lmao 110%. I don't care much for the hypocrisy angle (because intent is less important than outcomes in most cases) but it is so exhausting dealing with a massive portion of the population who are blatantly hypocritical and when you see it, they either pretend it doesn't exist or basically say "so what? What are you gonna do about it, pussy?" Like goddamn half the time it doesn't even feel like talking to an adult. I feel like I'm interacting with children.


That's like, the crux of Christianity though. You did something bad? It's ok, you accept Jesus now so it's all water under the bridge. It lets people judge others but feel good about themselves. Truly a parasite.


I've made plenty of mistakes in my own life that I never made again, and I would never judge another person or advocate for a harsher punishment for making the same mistake. Not that an abortion is a mistake of course, but people who try to hold others to "higher standards" than they held/hold themself to are assholes.


My mother-in-law is staunchly anti-abortion(I'm not calling these people "pro-life" anymore) and her belief is rooted in the fact that she got pregnant as a teen and her father forced her to have an abortion. It was a traumatic experience for her and I am sympathetic to that, however the irony that her trauma is a direct result of her power to make her own personal choice being taken away from her is completely lost on her. She would gladly rip that choice away from other women just like it was taken from her, just in the opposite direction.


Damn, I was coerced into an abortion at 17(not by my family) and I don’t particularly regret it; I was not ready to raise a child. But if I got pregnant today, I would absolutely not choose abortion, BUT I will fight for every child bearing person’s right to choose how, when, and where to bring a child into this world. Being anti abortion for myself doesn’t give me the right to take away the freedom to choose from all people with a uterus.


Nah, usually it's because they believe they're the exception. Everyone else who wants an abortion wants it for the wrong reasons. But not them. They're God-fearing, good people, so their reasons are the right ones and they deserve that choice. Everyone else is a sinner going to hell.


I know an older person like this. It’s a “family secret” but she and the whole family all vote extremely conservative and limit everyone else’s right to choose. It’s so hypocritical it’s unreal.


There are quite a few pro forced birth advocates where grandma, mom and daughter all had abortions.


It's ok, theirs were moral.


I’d seriously like to hear what bs justification they attempt to cook up for that, it seems so common but I’ve yet to hear anything


People judge others by the actions and themselves by their intentions.


The irony is that they're most often Christians who are specifically and in no uncertain terms taught not to judge others. But that's typical for cafeteria Christians where they just pick and choose the parts of the bible they like and ignore the rest.


I like that ! We call them “a la carte Christians” …. Just the things they like.


Aka they never read the bible but preach what some nutjob told them on tv or facebook.


I love the two face about the larger religion where I live. Don’t work Sundays, they get out of church feeling like a child of god only to go to a restaurant and force someone else to work on a Sunday (besides the fact the after church crowd is the worst!).


Worst tippers


When you're lucky enough to even get a real tip from them that isn't a fake bill that's actually a church propaganda pamphlet.


> People judge others by the actions I used to think this. Now I think most judge others by words. No data, complete opposite action and no one seems to give a shit as long as the words were what they wanted to hear. It’s bizarre.


Examples can be found here - https://joycearthur.com/abortion/the-only-moral-abortion-is-my-abortion/


Thanks, this’ll be an interesting read


Don't expect logical explanations, if I remember correctly at least one said their birth control failed but the other girls were slutsor something similar. Or "it'll wreck my future" but apparently not the other women's. They have no empathy before or after.


"I got mine, fuck you" is the GOP platform


Sociopathy and hypocrisy are two pillars of modern-day Conservatism.


It's crazy. Like... why do they think most people get abortions? The fun memories?


I once had an anti choicer try to tell me that some women have standing abortion appointments on Mondays and they go out to sex clubs every night of the weekend and then just go get it all sucked out Monday. They believe shit like that. They cannot possibly fathom that maybe, just maybe, the other women in the waiting room are there for exactly the same reasons.


My best guess would be "You can't expect a young girl to become a mother, it would ruin her life."


She has such a promising future, she made a mistake and was taken advantage of by that scoundrel... Those other women clearly dont have the same circumstances. Yeah, its all hypocritical bullshit they fabricate in their mind to justify themselves.


Precisely, it's hypocritical.


Maybe they are excellent swimmers and have so much potential.


Oh you mean like the rapist Brock Turner


The rapist Brock Turner? You mean the Brock Turner that raped an unconscious woman by a dumpster and then laughed when he got caught? That rapist Brock Turner?


I have heard of The Rapist Brock Turner. I heard he Raped an unconscious girl earning the title The Rapist Brock Turner. The Rapist Brock Turner has a promising future that shouldn't be ruined simply because he is a Rapist. I wonder if The Rapist Brock Turner lists Rape as a hobby or a skill on his resume.


"You can't expect a young *white* girl to become a mother, it would ruin her life." Let's not pretend like they care about babies born in certain types of neighborhoods.




It’s always the same. I’m more important than everyone else and my life rotates around a fictitious holy being or some old men that tell me lies to pretend they are on my team.


its the *fuck you, i got mine* mantra of “conservatives”


I have a friend that likes to carry on about how "Abortion is wrong!!" And "All these hoes should just keep their legs closed." I like to bring up to her that the only reason her daughter wasn't aborted is because I wouldn't give her a ride to the clinic, for a few reasons. I also like to bring up that when her daughter was conceived she was having unprotected sex with 5 guys she didn't even like, her words not mine (not to slut shame, but not about to let her act like she is an angel) At the time I asked her if she was worried about pregnancy or STDs she would say "Eh, I'll worry about it when it happens. Most of the time they pull out." After dredging all this dirt from her past up she defends herself by telling me "Well, that was different." I have no idea how and she won't tell me. She just changes the subject.


Same reason why Brock Turner walked. Those girls had "promising futures". Not like all the other abortions where it's just wreckless sluts who deserve to be taken down a peg.


They dont care and say “fuck you, what are you going to do about it ?” And they already won. They had illegal abortions and will have them again. So the question is—what are you going to do about it?


They just had a bad day but they asked Jesus for forgiveness and so everything is ok. /s


Grandma didn't have enough abortions


Somebody I know on Facebook, her granddaughter or something was in a relationship that she didn't agree with. Eventually got pregnant with the guy but got an abortion. She was relieved. Now she's mouthing off against abortion. There's millions of conservative voting women like that across the country; buncha hippopotamuses


I usually don’t condone it, but I think we need to out these people. If they post some anti-choice bullshit, just comment back “remember that time so and so needed an abortion? And in her time of need had access to a safe one?”.


My dad got thrown off the family message board for doing exactly that, many years ago. They all started popping off about how abortion is murder and a crime against god and so on and so forth, so he got on there and called out specific people and the specific years they had their abortions, then asked why it was they wanted to deny other people the same choice. He was not very popular after that. I don't think he was particularly upset with that.


He's popular with me now


Sounds like an effective way to trim some fat


Abort some assholes


Yeet the deadbeats


Love your dad. Let him know.


Your dad sounds like a cool dude. I hope he knows internet strangers respect and appreciate his solidarity.


I'm reminded of, [“The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion”](https://joycearthur.com/abortion/the-only-moral-abortion-is-my-abortion/). The level of hypocrisy some terrible people are capable of is mind-blowing, I have no idea how they sleep at night.


This is exactly what I think of, and precisely my point. A disturbing number of women are vocally against abortion and yet have “family secrets” they don’t tell anyone about and it’s a load of horseshit. They talk out both sides of their mouth, unaffected personally, while they strip other women of their dignity and right to choice. It’s a disgusting betrayal.


Yeah I'm kinda at that point where I am hoping whistle-blowers out all the dirty laundry of these assholes. Edit: a word


Honestly yes. This is the way. Divide the house- their *one moral abortion* can't be the only okay one 10,000x over


Do you care if this person cuts contact with you? Just make a comment on her next post. Fuck it, cause an argument


*Fuck it, cause an argument* is my life’s motto now.


They are most influenced by peer pressure. That's why right wingers had their vaccinations in secret, some in disguise with a pleading "don't tell ANYONE!" If they're such followers that they cannot admit their own decisions on vaccinations, what do you think they'd say about their own abortions? The whole "sheeple" was sheer projection.


Call them put publicly. They don't deserve the benefit of the doubt.


[The only moral abortion is my abortion. ](https://joycearthur.com/abortion/the-only-moral-abortion-is-my-abortion/)


Bust them out. Why? ‘Cause Fuckem… that’s why.


I posted my displeasure with the ruling, a woman who I have known for years posted her resentment for it. The funny thing, she's always voted red and been proud of it. I politely pointed out how she's been voting red and this is what she was voting for. She deleted her post. It really is time to out them, politely as possible, we don't want to fight and make them hunker down.


I don’t agree with being polite. They are not. One person called my wife all kinds of names in the run up the the trump-fail and when he saw me in person acted like everything was ok. I was not polite. And I think that we people who care more about people than money SHOULD call out the hypocrisy as loud as we can. Fuck their feelings. They don’t care about ours.


I also have a friend who benefited from getting an abortion when it suited her. But now, she’s out there spewing hate and is rejoicing that something she needed won’t be there for other women when they need it. I don’t think I’ll be speaking to her again after this. Edit: she’s open about this on social media, but because she found Jesus it’s okay /s


I'd love to see how close we can get those 'how many Americans support abortions' to 100% if we eliminated the percentage of people that said they were against them, but had or provided someone in getting an abortion. The anti-abortion crowd would collectively have a heart attack as the number shot up to 85-95%.


Call her out. Ask her about it on Social Media. Make her explain herself.


Put her on full blast on social media she will crumble


They'll go through mental gymnastics to justify why theirs was necessary but these others are bad. I've heard of patients in clinics who have literally just gotten an abortion turning to the nurses and telling they think abortion should be illegal and the nurses/doctors should be arrested.


Doesn't matter. Let their own swarm eat them. Let the hivemind shatter as it tries to defend why *that one* was okay, thousands of times


Always the victim, the party of "personal responsibility" is anything but.


Put it on social media. She might convince some fence sitters with her righteous diatribe and they will be less likely to listen when they see what a hypocrite she is


I'd mention it every opportunity I got, 'tea, coffee, abortion? Remember that time...'


Bring it up next time she runs her fat fucking mouth. Ask why it was her right, but not anyone else's?


I’m not around them anymore otherwise I definitely would! Thanks to me it’s not a secret anymore though


The usual "things that happen to me are force of external circumstances, things that happen to others are result of their actions"


It's litterately the Leopards Eating Peoples' faces party


Conservatives only care when it affects them personally.


I never thought the leopards would eat *my* face!


My 64 year old mother admitted to having two abortions before deciding to have me. In her old age, susceptible to every conspiracy theory and right wing ideology, is now anti abortion.


My mother had an abortion between my brother and me because they couldn't afford it at the time. She said she would have gotten her tubes tied if she had to have a baby then. A year later they were in a much better place financially and were able to have me and my sister a few years later. My sister and I literally only exist because of sane abortion laws at the time.


Same! My mom had an abortion as a teenager, and then decided to carry her second pregnancy (me). I would not be alive right now, nor would my siblings who came later if she was forced to carry to term the first time. And you know what? If she decided to abort me, that’s fine too because I wouldn’t have ever known.


My mom is 63, had an abortion out of college, always told us kids she was a feminist, taught all her kids how to be independent and strong, and is now claiming that “women should be smarter and use protection” as a justification for roe v wade being overturned. It’s so incredibly disappointing. None of her kids would have ever been born, nor would she have been able to get two doctorates and highly successful careers if it wasn’t for her abortion… her life would be entirely different. And she wasn’t raped, it wasn’t incest, it wasn’t someone fucking with her birth control, it was strictly a choice she decided to make and now she’s okay with that choice being taken from all other women in this country. So much for the feminism I grew up with.


“The only moral abortion is my abortion”. Pretty much sums up the hypocrisy of these types.


The brainwashing is so scary.


Seriously! We frequently talk in circles around what beliefs she has about others that come from real encounters with real people or from overblown/inaccurate stories she hears from the news or Facebook. Then I get accused of being a conspiracy theorist for pointing out that the media run on the Moto “if it bleeds it leads” and that the Facebook whistle blower showed us that Facebook runs on the same Moto. The only time I get through to her is when she’s smoking a joint, then she forgets about all the good points I made the next day 😂


>In her old age, susceptible to every conspiracy theory and right wing ideology It's really depressing watching my mother have the same issue. She's about to turn 67, and she's smart enough to know that this country is going off the deep end and that the GOP has changed and isn't good anymore, but she's spent the last 20 years going head-first into conspiracy theories and woo, so she thinks the way we're going to have a civil war is because the "new world order" and "Biden puppet" (who is pure evil, and who she thinks is "an antichrist" like Obama was) are ruining the country. It's really sad. Especially saddening to me is the fact that I was born when she was 40, so I almost haven't known her as a sane person in my lifetime. I don't feel like I actually have a mother half of the time. The other half of the time I'm just sad because I know she loves me and she's just tricked.


I said something along these lines to my mom when she came out as pro birth. I thought reminding her of the 2 abortions she had after having my sibling and Me would end up bringing her wrath. Surprisingly, she had a big moment of self reflection. She’s trying to find time to go to a pro choice rally now. Edit: I’m not sure why people assume she forgot? She didn’t really forget so much as she wanted to deny they happened/hers was different. She wanted points with her ultra conservative, sanctimonious Facebook friends. When I privately reminded her that my dad, sister, and a few others know about her abortions and that she is just the same as those she judges, she realized she was becoming the church bitch. Church bitches are why she took a break from attending church 15 years ago. My mom’s intelligent, but was raised in the rural south of the 1960’s. There’s a lot of stuff she has to unlearn. Scoring points with judgy church people isn’t that important.


Did she give any explanation of why? I’m so puzzled by people who have had abortions and are still anti-choice


My mom had one with my dad before my brother and I were born. She "doesn't remember it" and has since gone full anti-abortion. Never underestimate peoples willingness to be impacted by cognitive dissonance.


Same with my mom. She said "it stays with you forever" well so does a baby Ma...


I had an abortion after being pressured into it by an ex. It was probably the worst emotional experience of my life. The outcome: I am more pro-choice than ever, because it must *always* be the woman's choice. There are a thousand sound reasons why women need access to safe abortions, and none of them are my business. To deny that to other women because "I didn't really want an abortion" would make me a huge, disgusting hypocrite. To women who are anti-abortion who also had an abortion in the past, I ask you don't deny this right to other women in an attempt to "make up for" your own abortion. It doesn't work like that.


You'd be surprised at the amount of people who have never actually questioned why they believe something and just believe whatever they get told first. For most people its religion telling them its a sin and evil so that's all they ever believe and never think to reflect on it.


Sad thing is it isn’t even stated in the bible that abortion is a sin and Jesus shows mercy for Pregnant Women


Bingo. Abortion being a sin is something Catholics cooked up around the 1500’s, and then conservative Protestants picked it up in the last few decades. It is not a Biblically-supported position, so they are making shit up for political reasons.


"MY abortion was different!!!"


"Even though I'd make the same decision again given the chance, I still have a bit of nagging guilt about having had two abortions -- therefore to make up for it, I'll crusade to take away anyone else's right to have an abortion"


Ding ding ding, it's psychological compensation.


Main character syndrome. Redemption arc.


Never underestimate the power of a church to coerce people to conform.


+ Facebook memes


Yep. They love their "redemption stories" of people who have been born-again^^tm, while at the same time advocating for medieval punishments and no mercy for any crime. They're all hypocrites and deserve nothing but contempt and pity.


Fuck church now a days tbh


>Did she give any explanation of why? Have you met humans before? We have infinite context for our own decisions, and always believe the decision we made was the correct one. When discussing other people we only have a small view on their context and can imagine all these other options to force them to take that we would never have ourselves. It is an area in which humans are fundamentally hypocrites, and it takes a ton of work and self reflection to even make a dent in it.


Facebook. It was like a contest over who could be the biggest Bible lover with her high school friends.


Unexpected end, at least she was able to change her mind but strange that she happened to…..forget having 2 abortions. Doesn’t seem like something that would slip your mind.


One of my ex girlfriend’s moms was like that, I think she had five total. I know part of it was the abusive husband who refused to use protection, didn’t allow her to use birth control, and definitely had influence, but to experience all that and still be against choice regardless of the circumstances. What her mother went through was horrible, but her mother was a narcissistic piece of work, it’s no surprise the last time I talked to me ex, she was estranged from her mother.


[The only moral abortion is my abortion.](https://joycearthur.com/abortion/the-only-moral-abortion-is-my-abortion/)


What a great article, thanks for sharing.


That just broke my heart. Like those women cant see past their own nose and realise every other woman going in there has the same story as them


Yep, scrolling the comments just look for this link


It's pinned at the top.


Is there like an actual term for this in general? Like in regards to all decisions or a cognitive bias? I feel like I see this in people all the time and have no idea how they reconcile things in their minds.




[Cognitive Dissonance](https://www.simplypsychology.org/cognitive-dissonance.html)


Complete lack of empathy.


Her mother had one at 19, not her. She’s still a horrible hypocritical piece of shit but let’s get our facts straight.




Diversity = 6 Catholics in a secular government.


I can’t get over how, with the exception of Clarence Thomas, they tried to make all these white people look brown.


It is wild. Barrett is French Irish and looks like she's been living in a tanning bed in this drawing.


Have you seen their Jesus - as white as bleached sheets with beach blonde hair; not a surprise with this


“Diverse” four of the five are Catholic, and Gorsuch was raised Catholic.


They also basically all came up through the supreme court justice circuit as law students, too. 8 are Harvard/Yale, 1 is Notre Dame (which is a poverty level 8th in obtaining clerkships).


Every conservative on the court is or has been a member of the same activist organization, the Federalist Society. There is zero diversity of thought on the conservative side.


What's up with Amy Coney Barrett? I mean, she's white-white


They're trying to make ACB their AOC


Ex post facto?


You are thinking in the right direction. This is a hugely legal-wonk-nerd point that I only know because I researched it recently, but it would only be ex post facto if it was due to legislative action (ie if the legislature passed a law retroactively criminalizing abortions). If they tried to prosecute someone for a crime that, at the time they act was committed, it was legal (and the law is not retroactive on its face) it’s a due process violation.


I don't understand how a court with two rapists could ever be considered valid.


A court? Try the whole American executive and judiciary systems


Or one where a full majority were nominated by presidents who were inaugurated despite losing the popular vote. Without the EC, the Supreme Court would be aligned in a completely different way. Gaming the system and seizing the courts is a Republican power play. Also, if anyone's going to comment about how "Two were technically appointed in Bush's second term, when he won the popular vote," you're gonna have to explain the ludicrous idea that Bush would win in 2004 if he lost in 2000. And if anyone's going to argue that the EC is good, actually, please come up with an argument that isn't horseshit. Whining about how "big states will decide elections" (a) doesn't make any sense in a system where states would be *irrelevant*, and (b) the EC just moves all that power to a small handful of swing states, which is *worse*.


Jesus H Christ, you killed her dude!


No, no, no, don't you get it? Rules are for the lesser classes to obey, not the good Christian white men and women who rule this country by God's grace as it was written in the Bible /s


Just think of all the politicians who were in fraternities. If theirs were anything like those at my school...an abortion clinic was always on speed-dial


Ok, but those fine young men weren’t the ones who had the abortions, it was those trashy college girls of low character who tempted them into sin with their shoulders showing and skirts above knee length who were the real sinners. /s


It's always the shoulders :(


That's exactly the kind of people who run this country, too. Fucking frat bros.


yeah, but Jebus forgave them.


Wasn't he crucified for hazing the disciples? Judas finally reported him to the Roman authorities


Well they told their priest they were kinda sorry, so.... all good, right?


Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect.


One of my favorite quotes…


​ These Justices would not be on the Supreme court if the senate hadn't suspended it's rules


They finally gave their single issue voters what they promised for the last forty years. They will not overcome the insane blue wave that will be coming to every corner of this country. First we vote them all out, then we protect all of our rights, and then we pack the court. 9 isn't a sacred number. Fuck the GOP.


They absolutely will because they're just moving the goalposts again. Next up is coming after federal ban on abortion, then reversing marriage equality and access to contraception. All those single issues voters still have the same single issue to vote for: Christo-fascism.


>access to contraception Are there people who really want to get rid of this? I grew up in a deep red area, and went to a christian high school, and I've never heard this. It was always "abstinence and waiting till marriage is best, but if not, use protection."


Sadly yes. Plan B and IUD’s specifically, since they can both prevent pregnancy after fertilization even though medically you’re not even pregnant until implantation. In the case of IUDs, I believe they stop fertilization the vast majority of the time but there are rare cases it prevents implantation of a fertilized egg.


In the 90s, abortion was just a means for the right to drive religious conservative voters to the polls. Republican politicians knew it was strongest in threat, not in action. Unfortunately, the True Believers took over the party (as predicted by Goldwater), let the dog catch the car, and that subtlety was lost.


Too bad you can't get rid of justices


You can impeach judges. Needs 2/3's vote in the senate. Which would fix the problem considering: \- Thomas lied his ass off to protect his wife. \-Kavanagh's perjury is well documented \-Barrett is an illegitimate justice as Lady G broke Senate rules to advance her to full Senate vote.


Good luck getting that vote for any of them


> Needs 2/3's vote in the senate lol


You can. I'd say there's enough evidence to say Thomas should be impeached


Considering Trump got impeached twice and still ended up clinging to the office until his term was over, I don't think we actually could achieve anything.


And will be allowed to run again 🙄


Not to mention impeaching the last four who all lied to Congress about Roe v Wade being settled law. There needs to be consequences otherwise it opens the door for every future justice to lie their way into a lifetime appointment.


You can if you have enough votes to expand the court and codify a set of ethics into law with real consequences


>insane blue wave Fair or not, I doubt this. Inflation and gas prices may honestly be enough to quell the swell. I have little confidence in any blue wave


Supreme Court has lost all validity and their word is no longer law imo


The fact that ACB wrote an entire paper on how the justices should recuse themselves on cases like Roe vs Wade if they are religious, and then she herself did not do so? Pure hypocrisy, and that (according to the Bible so many pretend to care about) is worse than herecy. But the right continues to not hold themselves accountable.


Just some sources for the above... "Catholic Judges in Capital Cases", https://scholarship.law.nd.edu/law_faculty_scholarship/527/


maybe I'm just thinking too deep here but does anyone think it coincidentally got overturned now after years of corporatists (who pretty much own the politicians through lobbying) have been complaining about not having enough workers now... but especially have been worried about the low births in the US(because people can't afford a child) effecting the economy and employment in the future. (aka their future slave workers for unlivable wages) so now people will be forced to have kids to replace workers retiring in the future and keep the wealthy corporations businesses running and their pockets fat. -edit if your confused by what I'm talking about Google anything along the lines of "Millennials aren't having enough kids to keep up with the future economy" and you'll see the articles they've been bitching about for years not understanding that we aren't having them because we can't afford them! -also, sry for my run on sentences, I did well in alot of subjects in school but English class (mainly the grammar part) has always been my downfall. edit: About the article posted directly below- I tried to find an article to post here AFTER I posted this and thought of this maybe being one of the reasons why Roe V Wade overturned and found this one from 2019 and found it funny that "teen pregnancies dropping" & "rise of contraceptives" cited as being reasons why.. I truly believe now there is big truth to what I'm saying. Roe V Wade being overturn also can have a big effect in the future on restricting accessible contraceptives to people(look it up). https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna956931


This is really unfortunately just sort of a fact as far as I'm concerned. A lot of politicians are owned, and this benefits the people who own them- and nobody else. No one can tell me "adoption or safe havens are ALWAYS options" while a woman can easily incur hundreds of thousands of debt giving birth if she has no insurance. That is a crippling debt, that immediately collects massive interest. Food costs will continue to spike, as will housing and basically everything else (except wages and social programs)


Hopefully my tin-foil hat isn’t peaking out too much but we did lose over a million lives to COVID. This created a lot of workforce problems + certain situations in the economy are leading to less pregnancies (from what I’ve seen on data surrounding this, can be wrong since I haven’t looked it up in awhile). It’s a plausible theory if you’re a believer of an empirical agenda by the govt