Elizabeth Olsen Says Marvel Studios Doesn’t Yet Have a “Real Plan” for Young Avengers

Elizabeth Olsen Says Marvel Studios Doesn’t Yet Have a “Real Plan” for Young Avengers


That's a lot of character introductions to be a coincidence. There might not be a script or film plan just yet, but there's definitely some sort of plan.


So exactly what she said


The title is a bit misleading then.


Depends on your definition of real plan. She may not have been officially informed yet and hardly like she’s going to tell people tbf


The title is cautious, as it should be. There's a tenuous concept of what could happen and what shouldn't happen, guaranteed the focus is on giving the next films their deserved appreciation without constantly skipping ahead in the story. The journey is as important as the destination.


Life before death


Strength before weakness


I understood that reference XD


I think that's definitely an important part of it for them. I remember Feige saying in some interview a while back how he later regretted revealing Infinity War parts 1 and 2 before Age of Ultron even came out since it took away from a lot of that excitement for the movie at hand. They probably don't want to repeat the same mistake and announce something gigantic like a return to the Avengers brand for fear that they detract from the smaller stories that should have some of the spotlight.


this. Having IW be announced during the Age of Ultron centered 2015/14 (not sure) comic con thingy kinda killed the hype for some. Mainly because we knew most of them were coming back by default, and that Ultron wasn't going to be as menacing because he was obviously not the saga ending villain (because Thanos just got announced)


They have PART of a plan! I dunno, 12%!


Is it? Because “a real plan” could be defined as we introduce Wanda to meet Vision to get to WandaVision to get is her kids for her to go crazy to create/start multidimensional sheninagins to get her and Dr. Strange together to make things right to get her kids back, A “concept” is at some point we get all these kids together as the Young Avengers and they join the fight against “???”


>join the fight against “???” Based on how things are going, Kang probably. They'd be *waaaayyyy* in over their heads, but it'd be a fun taste of what's to come.


Not really. They’ve basically just introduced certain characters now for use in the future without thinking much further beyond that. Their plan is to introduce these characters through existing characters they are connected to and then use them sometime in the future when they have an actual story for them.


Only to those easily mislead.


Fuck man you got me.


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That would be the definition of a real plan lol. They’re introducing them but no idea when it will come into play.


Think it'll be a D+ show


Probably this yes. With the X-Men, F4, Moonknight, She Hulk, Blade (possibly Deadpool and Ghostrider) and now Loki characters coming.... wont be room for characters like the Young Avengers to be in the films.


There'll be room for them to be in films, but it's better for them to become a team on Disney+.


But disney+ is better than the movies anyways. 6+ hours are exactly what you need to adapt comic stories.


Have we had an actual six hour series yet?


I was thinking the same, i love this mcu shows but they are so short lol at least make them 10 episodes


I agree. It’ll be better for the young avengers to be a D+ show. It lets them explore and develop their characters and team dynamic better than in a movie.


I think they will just be the next Avengers lineup. Any kind if teamup us still at least a couple years, most of them are going to be in their early 20's by then with most of the older characters having been retired.


On the contrary I think there are going to be several different Avenger lineups. Young Avengers with Patriot, Wiccan, Speed, Hulkling, Ms Marvel, etc. Then New Avengers with Captain America, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Dr Strange, Shang-Chi, She-Hulk, etc. And then finally Dark Avengers/Thunderbolts with US Agent, Yelena, Abomination, Red Hulk, etc. Though I am unsure whether the Dark Avengers will act as heroes or antagonists.


Yeah, the kids they've cast aren't gonna stay young forever, they must have at least a vague plan to use them.


Some of them are really young though. I’d bet they casted them knowing about how many years it would be before they really got into the role in a big way.


Right, except the actresses for Kate Bishop and Cassie Lang are both 24, and at some point, they'll look miscast if they keep waiting. Besides, it's usually easier to re-cast child actors than adult actors, especially since children's faces change a LOT once they hit puberty. Also, they've cast big names such as Hailee Steinfeld and re-cast Kathryn Newton as Cassie Lang when it might have been cheaper for them to keep Emma Fuhrmann. I feel like they'll definitely have something planned out over a couple of years. Loki, iirc, was announced to Tom Hiddleston about a few weeks before Infinity War in 2018, and filming only started in 2020.


Most of them are on the old side Elijah Richardson (Patriot) is 22 Kathryn Newton (Stature) is 24 Hailee Steinfeld (Kate Bishop) is 24 Xochitl Gomez (America Chavez) is 15 Julian Hilliard (Wiccan) is 10 Jett Klyne (Speed) is 12 Potential the last two are aged up and recast but maybe not. Not in comics but potentially in mcu’s Iman Vellani (Miss Marvel) is 18 or 19 Dominique Thorne (Ironheart) is 23


Elijah is actually 18 i think


I wouldn't claim to know it better than any of the MCU core cast actors


If you think the actors know much more beyond the scenes they are currently filming, then I'm sorry to say you misunderstand how the MCU works. It's well documented that with big projects, they will commonly only receive their own lines rather than full scripts. And at best they know what movies/shows they are filming for and contracted for, but not always.


More than you. I'm sorry you are not important at all for the company or the MCU.


lol go and run Marvel Studios. You seem to be the Messiah. He who knows everything!


She, and I don't claim to know everything. I just read articles. Don Cheadle, Anthony Mackie, Chris Evans, Tom Holland, and even Elizabeth Olsen have all said in the past that they have been brought in to read lines for scenes without knowing what project it was for. Sometimes they know the big picture, and sometimes they don't know what the MCU has cooking until the scenes are released in a film.


She is only speculating about how Kevin Feige would answer the question. > "**I have no idea.** I don't even know if — actually, if you even ask [Marvel Studios President] Kevin Feige that, **I think** he'll honestly say he doesn't know," Olsen said when asked about Young Avengers during a virtual Q&A with the New York Film Academy. "They really plan phases at a time, and then after those complete, they move onto the next phase."


Like 12%


A concept.


that’s literally what she said lol


I have a plan: attack


As much as I’m sure they share plans with actors, it’s hard to deny that the plan is in motion. So far each D+ show has introduced at least 1 Young Avenger. We’ve got at least 2 confirmed coming in future movies (Doctor Strange 2, Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania), 1 from the Hawkeye show. Then there’s the possibility of Iron Lad now that we have Kang. Plus the doors are open to bring in 2 during The Marvels and Secret Invasion. It would be like if they kept introducing characters in the movies, but never made avengers. They wouldn’t be cooking these up if the plan wasn’t to use them eventually.


Honestly even if this doesn't lead into a movie right away but instead leads into an Avengers Academy D+ show to start with, that would make me happy. It would give certain characters (Like Eli Bradley) who didn't get much screentime more time to establish themselves as a character, and then the bigger events can happen down the line.


I had the exact same thought. Because here's the "problems" I see currently with the Young Avengers: 1. They are introducing a **TON** of them right now. 2. The characters are all over the place. And have 0 reasons to meet/interact with each other. 3. Any threat large enough to justify a team-up can't work because the Adults should be handling it. 4. They have to address what all the parents are doing. And why the kids aren't in school. A retooled Avenger's Academy type story would elegantly solve ALL of these problems. Something something *Sokovia Accords requires that all young super-powered individuals be monitored 24/7*. ....and **BOOM!** everyone's together. The parents are out of the picture. And Disney shareholders can salivate knowing how lucrative the whole "Super Hero School" formula is.


But isn't this the X-Men's schtick?


There would be ways to keep it distinct. For one: With our current trajectory. Chances are it will be the Dark Avengers/ Thunderbolts who are running the hypothetical school. That in itself could make things... *interesting...* But this is just a thought exercise. I obviously have no idea what Marvel's plans are.


Yeah, for mutants. Young Avengers or an Academy for them could be all inclusive.


I think I see your point. But we'll miss out on the part where they're among the civilians and secretly meeting each other for their plans.


It’s tough. You can get away with stuff like that easier in comics. Meanwhile the MCU already has to perform hella plot gymnastics to justify Spiderman doing his superhero shtick. And that’s just one teen superhero. You can sorta keep the whole secrecy thing by having them do stuff that the school doesn’t allow. Not the exact same, but close enough in spirit.


*0 reason to meet* I’m starting to suspect that the Young Avengers will form because Iron Lad will recruit all of them but obviously won’t tell them he is actually a younger Kang


Yes! These series gave us a better view of the lives of Sam, Bucky and Loki


They’re not going to do Avengers Academy when X-Men exists and the “young Avengers” story is literally…… the Young Avengers


They could combine Young Avengers and Avengers Academy. I'm not saying they definitely will, but it would make sense to put all these super powered young heroes together for training. After all, the last time they left an enhanced youth to her own devices, Wanda blew up a building and started the Sokovia Accords.


Wanda was roughly 26 in Civil War. That's not youth exactly, and she was with her teammates. And let's not forget Spider-Man, a sixteen year old kid, who patrols the streets by himself.


Olsen was 26, but Wanda was referred to as a ‘kid’ by Steve.


They confirmed the age in WV.


Fair enough.


It’s just not interesting. Young Avengers has a cult following and clear cut roster. I literally cannot name anyone from Avengers Academy besides Reptil.


I don't think you're getting me, bro. I'm saying that they could composite Young Avengers and Avengers Academy, making the Academy the training ground for the Young Avengers. Not introduce all the characters from Avengers Academy.


I love YA and like Avengers Acadamy, but they should be seperate. I can name a couple of more Acadamy ones, but the entire point was that it was a program to prevent them to be used as super villains. And only Speed, who has been to juvie, fits into that category. Young Avengers on the other hand were always independent from the older Avengers who were also fucking shit up with disassembling and the Civil War etc. that making them their little pet project is kinda a disappointing sell.


Yes 100%. They’re a team defined by….. being their own team and being separate from everyone else. Doesn’t make sense that there’d be a ton of overwatch from the Avengers for the YA (I do think Wanda should be slightly involved because of her children but that about it)


The Young Avengers' stories have always been about the multidimensional villains going after them: \--Kang is going after Iron Lad; \--Wiccan accidentally summoned an interdimensional parasite; \-- Krees and skrulls are searching for Hulkling; \--Wiccan and Speed have to search for their mom because the avengers and xmen think Wiccan is dangerous. \--a parasite overtaken Wiccan's demiurge persona.


10 episode per season show with a bunch of comic Young Avengers


If I were to bet, I have a feeling that *Quantumania* will pull double-duty as a Young Avengers origin film. At the very least, we’ll see Cassie Lang become Stature, and I would not be surprised to see Kang’s formal introduction come with an introduction to Iron Lad. It’s not going to be a full Young Avengers movie, but just an introduction to those last two founding members (with the possibility of Hulkling having shown up in *Secret Invasion* or *The Marvels* already). Possibly hints at a team-up in a post-credit scene, but the real *Young Avengers* movie or show would happen later that year or in 2024. That’s all just me speculating based on evidence, but if that *is* the plan right now, it makes sense that they’re only now finalizing the post-*Quantumania* plan for the team, since they’d still be probably a year or more from needing to start production on whatever project that decide on.


The introduction of Iron lad would be interesting, as his arrival to present in order to stop his future self was the reason why young Avengers was created. In the comics, he used destroyed Vision's protocol which was set in case of disbandment of team.


Bingo. I don’t know if they’ll use Vision’s protocol but with the introduction of all of these Young Avengers, Cassie Lang being recast for *Quantumania* (usually indicating new plans for the character), and the confirmation that Kang was intended to be introduced in *Quantumania* (though with Loki getting a season 2, who knows at this point), there are some pretty easy dots to connect in regards to the introduction of Iron Lad and the formation of the Young Avengers team. They could go another way with it, but something close to what I described would make a lot of sense, even if I’m not 100% right


I know it's logical to introduce Iron Lad in the MCU especially when they are setting up Kang as a big villain but I don't think he is coming as we already have a young Iron Man-ish character coming soon(Iron Heart) . They may switch him with her in the Young Avengers team. Also we have Spider-Man who is basically Iron Man junior and War Machine . I don't know if they want any more Iron Man like characters in the Mcu


Devil’s advocate, nobody really complained when War Machine and Iron Man were teaming up in *Civil War* or *Iron Man 2,* and there were three suits of power armor in the big battle at the end of *Endgame.* I think if they are different enough characters, people won’t care if they have similar power sets.


Mephisto's Advocate would have been better


You're not wrong. But there was no doubt who the lead character was between Iron Man and War Machine. Not to mention that both were well established at that point. I think they'll have Ironheart introduced first and further down the line we'll see Iron Lad. I'd be surprised if both are introduced together


With Riri Williams having been cast already, I definitely think she’ll be introduced soon. I don’t know what the timeframe for her show is, but if they introduced her in *Armor Wars* or if those rumors about *Back Panther: Wakanda Forever* shooting at MIT do end up being related to her, that would give her about a year headstart on a potential Iron Lad introduction in *Quantumania.*


I think she'll show up in armor wars. I really don't want her to be launched from black panther.


It could work for me if she ended up being connected to Wakanda’s outreach programs that Shuri was setting up at the end of the first *Black Panther,* like if she showed up to a Wakandan-sponsored STEM summer camp and that’s where people realized she was a genius and got a scholarship to MIT or something like that, but if she shows up there I wouldn’t want it to be more than a cameo. I think she could possibly show up in both but I also agree that if we see her suiting up in a show other than her own, it would probably make more sense in *Armor Wars.* Especially if *Armor Wars* is like the comics and ends up being about people trying to replicate or steal Stark’s armor tech, a teenage girl who creates a similar suit of armor all on her own would definitely be of interest to that plot.


They very distinct characters Iron Lad wears a suit designed after Iron Man because he wants to do better than his future self while Ironheart copy's his suits because she wants continue his legacy. They are both distinct because of their reasons alone. Not to mention their ones getting their own series while one could show up in Young Avengers own movie/series. Riri will be well developed by then. Also it doesn't really matter who was lead. They were both shown their suits by the 1st movie and they weren't that different in the 2nd, one just had guns. The casual viewer might of forgotten by Avengers.


Iron Lad's suit wasn't really based on Iron Man's. The similarity was purely coincidental. For an MCU adaption, they can lean into the techno-organic look for differentiation. For instance, Iron Lad has an emoting liquid metal mask


I knew it was only design choice and It had completely different properties but I thought he designed to look like his, so thanks for that.


For sure. People realize that Cassie and Iron Lad date right??? Wouldn’t be surprised if she has a boyfriend, and it’s revealed later on that he’s the Kang variant and that’s why Kang has been after them the whole movie.


I mean it would fit with Ant-Man's comedy style for the film to be about Cassie dating this shady new guy (Iron Lad) who Scott is suspicious about. Hijinks could ensue only for it be revealed that Iron Lad is actually a good person trying to stop his more evil self, teaming up with Ant-Man, Wasp, and Stature to stop whatever nefarious plan Kang has.


Imagine Quantumania ends with "Cassie will return in YOUNG AVENGERS".


I think this is a great guess


Eli Bradley is also supposed to be in this film, or at least the actor went over to where they were shooting in LA to do something


Eli Richardson went to LA to shoot *Hollywood Stargirl* around the time FWS was done airing. While *The Marvels* might have done some LA shooting, the bulk of principal photography for that film and *Quantumania* is based in the UK.


Ahhh thanks for correcting me


Yup. I'm expecting Young Avengers to be officially formed in Quantumania, then the Dark Avengers (Thunderbolts?) to come together in either a announced or as of yet unannounced D+ show. Then, Young Avengers, Dark Avengers, and some form of prime Avengers unite in the next Avengers movie(s) against Kang.


They probably have vague plans to introduce Young Avengers characters for future use, but not yet specific plans as to how and when they'll assemble them.


> So far each D+ show has introduced at least 1 Young Avenger I'm blanking: Who was the Young Avenger introduced in Loki?


Kid Loki


Who has the kid avenger in fatws?




Forgot Ironheart through her own show and possibly Armor Wars.


What Val is doing with Thunderbolts (or Dark Avengers, whatever) is what deliberate setup looks like. I'm not seeing it with YA. Kathryn Newton and Hailee Steinfeld are A-Level choices, sure, but then we have BIlly and Tommy who are just little kids. And Eli Bradley in FWS was just sort of there. Same with Kid Loki, who just walks off in E5.


By MoM the twins will surely have grown


I’m pretty sure that despite how well the D+ shows are going, a lot of the major moves for the YA stuff will happen in the movies. I think that a lot of regular people will think that they can skip the shows, so even though Loki moved things so far forward, there’s likely to be a TL:DR for it in, say, Quantumania. Introducing the characters in the shows gives you a reason to feel like you got a little something extra out of the experience, but majorly establishing them as superheroes will likely happen almost entirely in front of motion picture audiences.


When they announced Ms Marvel would be in *The Marvels* I knew this would be the case. Maybe Kid Loki shows up in *MoM* along with Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, and I guarantee you Eli Bradley will be Sam’s sidekick in the upcoming *Captain America* movie. Not sure where Kate Bishop’s big screen debut will be but overall I totally agree with you. The movies are where the “can’t miss” events are going to happen, and the shows are where we get more context. Steve gave Sam the shield in *Endgame,* and we saw him feel like he earned it in his show, but if you totally missed the show then the last time you saw Sam, he was being handed the shield, and the next time you see him, he still has the shield. *Loki* showed the “how” of the Sacred Timeline’s collapse, but we’re actually going to see the effects of that collapse in the movies.


Would be kinda sad if they are all reduced to sidekicks, since the comic Young Avengers were always unattached to the older ones. Plus it wouldn't feel right considering they are all from underrepresented demographics. Even Kate isn't his sidekick, but just also ''Hawkeye'' with not training needed from him.


He wouldn’t *stay* a sidekick, but I could see him getting his costume and equipment in a movie before spinning him off into the *Young Avengers* movie or show


I would feel weird about that. Eli was Patriot not to honor Steve, but to honor Isaiah and his Uncle Josiah who were on their own Captain America and underground heroes for the black community. And even with Sam instead of Steve it would not fit him. Plus Cap played the role as the person who had to be the buzzkill and discourage them from being heroes considering what happened to Bucky in the comics.


I’m not sure where you got “honoring Steve” out of my comments, but I think in general you’re reacting to my comments a little too literally. I’m not writing these movies, I have no idea what’s actually going to happen. I’m using words like “sidekick” but all that I’m ultimately saying is that I believe Eli Bradley will have a supporting role as Patriot in the next *Captain America* movie. That might be because Sam goes back to Isaiah and asks for help, Eli is inspired by Sam’s example, or Eli wants to be a counterpoint to Sam because he feels like Sam isn’t doing enough to be a hero to the Black community, I have no idea. The only point I’m trying to make is that, as a character connected to the legacy of the Super Soldier Serum, and in the absence of a second season of *Falcon and the Winter Soldier,* Eli Bradley will likely become Patriot on the big screen in Sam’s *Captain America* movie, being the logical continuation of the story that he first appeared in.


You are making complete sense here, for sure. Especially with Isaiah having shown so much reverence for Sam by the end of FatWS, he could easily chase Sam into superheroics tomorrow and it would still be honorific to Isiah. Sam more than earned his relationship with Isiah, so Eli basically feeling an engagement with Sam would totally be an extension of that already existing story. It would still be a mentor-mentee relationship though. There is no way Patriot is going to suddenly become the lead to that relationship.


Oh he definitely wouldn’t become the lead, but I could also see them not really having *any* relationship other than working together on whatever the problem is.


I think its going to be the opposite. The YAs will be kept on Disney+. Way too many "Adult Characters" coming into the MCU.


Based on WandaVision they can pretty easily show up at any age Marvel wants in their next appearance.


We are getting America Chavez in Doctor Strange and idk I would argue that Wiccan and Tommy can be aged up when Wanda reunites with them. I mean they aged themselves up really quickly in Wandavision but that could also be because of the Hex. With Kang in the cards, Iron Lad should not be too far away. Also Kid Loki could very well be aged up too and who knows which variant they might play around with. I really do believe they are deliberately setting up young avengers but it might be a while before we get the actual team up.


I personally hope it’s a while. Like a good while. While these shows are great explorations of the characters, it doesn’t have that same “ASSEMBLE!” feel as OG avengers and that I think is a big selling point.


How long is a good while?


Maybe three years or so?


less than that won't be for sure. Quantumania only comes out in 2023


Ah exactly! I hope it a good while away too! I want to see these guys weave in and out of movies with the Avengers they look up to first. I'm a bit of a sucker for mentor-mentee relationships so I really want marvel to build on that or have their solo movies that really get into their characters but with the older avengers showing them the ropes. As cheezy as it sounds I also want the young adult angst, I want there to be awkward interactions, some general wariness of each other. I want some of them to build up one on one relationships with each other in other movies/shows before the actual team up. When it finally pays off after having seen the younguns grow up literally and figuratively and get out of the shadows of the older avengers, ah thats something I would love to witness when they actually come together.


I read somewhere that marvel was worried about diluting the avengers brand, so instead we're probably going to get the thunderbolts by name, dark avengers in practice. And similarly, see the Champions acting as the young avengers stand in.


Thunderbolts are very different from the Dark Avengers though, and IMO far more interesting to have characters with dark pasts trying to do good but being manipulated rather then the Dark Avengers just being psychopath versions of the avengers


That's exactly why I don't see them going for a serious take on "Dark Avengers" that will probably be an in universe name used derogatorily towards this group val puts together. Probably with general Ross as a part of it too


I think young avengers is too popular for that to happen


Are the young avengers too popular? I mean I doubt casuals have ever heard of them.


Yes they are.


I feel like I’m in the minority (could be wrong there but the other day when an article was posted about Julie Louise-Dreyfus, a lot of the comments weren’t positive) but I’m so excited about Val and I think JLD was an awesome choice as a “dark avenger recruiter”.


That's odd, I've seen essentially nothing but praise for her and the character.


That’s why I included the caveat of “maybe I’m wrong” lol. But there were several people that referred to her as “annoying” and “a useless character”.


Those little kids were babies a couple episodes before. They'll most likely become teenagers by the events of MoM.


We know that they've at least been introducing the characters but I feel like we're getting Dark Avengers in the MCU first (given as you said, the deliberate set-up is clear with Val recruiting people Fury-style). I feel like the Young Avengers will be assembled sometime after Quantumania comes out (like 2023/2024).


I feel like Young Avengers is what Phase 5 is going to build up to. They're putting all players on the table for the next phase. Think about what they're doing. They are setting up a clash between the New Avengers and Dark Avengers. We're about to get Norman Osbourne. Played by **Willem DeFoe**. Right before Secret Invasion. This phase is all about transitioning from the original Avengers team into the new one. Then after Thunderbolts/Dark Avengers, where they all clash at once (Probably the Phase 4 capstone), everyone will be *sick* of the Avengers (in and out of universe), who keep fucking up the world. Only *then* will Young Avengers happen. They need all those characters fleshed out so new audiences accept them rather than reject the newest generation. I After we have the new generation of heroes in play, then comes taking out Kang, ending in a giant multiversal battle, ala Secret Wars. This will be the new MCU finale, probably towards the end of the 2020's. Once Secret Wars is done, old characters can come back (OG Avengers may have had their non-Marvel careers already and want to come back, while some characters die or leave. Then they'll take a break from the MCU for a few years, I think, before rebooting the entire shebang. Roll Credits.


That she knows.


I feel like some of you are misinterpreting this. The franchise has never really had a “real plan” to begin with. That can be corroborated with numerous interviews not just by Feige but the producers & individual production teams as well. They may use characters and these characters may or may not have been involved in particularly iconic or impactful comic events or stories but, by all accounts it seems, most of, if not a large chunk of, the utilization of certain characters is up to the current writers/directors of whatever production they’re on. Feige may stir them in some direction but it’s not like when Thanos was introduced at the end of Avengers he knew the “plan” was on how to get him to Infinity War. Or when Wanda was introduced that the “plan” was for her to become the nexus being that we know she is in the comics via Agartha. Like, yes, those story beats/character traits/whatever you’d like to call them are there but by know means do they have it all together and a complete “plan” on how they’re going to execute they’re underlying ideas. I think that’s what she means by real plan. I mean.. man, they *just* had a multiverse meeting like two days ago.


Exactly, the MCU is not as meticulously and methodically planned out as some want to believe. Like you said, Fiege and James Gunn have even revealed this in regards to the Thanos/Infinity Stone story arc. There are so many things that almost played out completely differently like Red Skull or Ezekiel Stane being in Avengers 2012. Honestly I think it works better that way.


Exactly. I do find it hilarious seeing all these replies basically trying to say Olsen is dead wrong when we know nothing beyond guesses and theories. Great for fun discussions but can get out of hand sometimes.


Maybe just sowing the seeds then. Still looking forward to it when it comes.


But I want it now :(


Broke: Marvel planning the introduction of the Young Avengers with the introduction of Billy, Tommy, Kate Bishop, America Chavez and Kid Loki in the MCU Woke: Marvel introduces the existence of Throg in Loki, which can set up the Pet Avengers in the MCU


Would Elizabeth Olsen really know that much though? Maybe she'd know more if Scarlet Witch is directly involved in the MCU Young Avengers. The YA will definetly be assembled though, we've been getting a lot of character introductions. Can't be a coincidence.


I wish I understood what the appeal of a Young Avengers team is.


The Young Avengers are more LGBT focused than other hero teams.


This community is notorious for reading too much into what ultimately end up just being easter eggs or coincidence. I'd say it's surprising that we never learn, but...


Introducing a member of the YA in virtually every D+ show far...is an easter egg? We have Chavez in DS2, Kate in Hawkeye, potential Teddy in SI. We already have Billy, Tommy, Eli, Cassie, Kid Loki. That's no coincidence.


>Kate in Hawkeye The series was long in the works as a vehicle for Renner, and inspired by the fraction run that included Bishop. It's existence on its own is no guarantee of YA. >Cassie She's a character who's been integral to AM franchise since the beginning. She was aged up, but that's an organic consequence of EG's plot. Recasting her *might* be a sign they wanted someone who could go to toe to toe with Steinfeld though. >Billy, Tommy Also an organic choice for WV story. Wanda and Vision, married in suburban life are going to have kids, so that just makes sense. Had they been aged up to teenagers, that would feel more like they were teeing them up. >potential Teddy in SI A rumor? Where are you seeing this.


Teddy in SI just makes a lot of sense since he is the heir to the Skrull Empire and eventually is the King of Space (sorry Loki) and Emperor of the Kree/Skrull alliance, it would be weird if he is at least not alluded to.


The skrull storyline is already different than the comics. There's no reason to assume things will will play out the same or involve the same characters or stories.


I totally get it, but the community was also certain about Mephisto being in WandaVision (people STILL bring him up in just about every theory thread). I'm just saying it's possible for there to be the implication of connections that aren't really there.


Too many characters from YA being introduced into the MCU for them not to have a plan. Maybe the shows and movies aren’t mapped out but you can’t say they 100% don’t have a plan. YA is definitely coming to the MCU.


I think the plan is introduce them now and figure it out later.


They don't really need America Chavez in MoM, but why is she there? Eli doesn't need to be with his granddad, but they chose him to be around.


I know Disney feels like they are at the mercy of foreign markets, but I wish Young Avengers a film series instead of a D+ show, but because of the LGBT+ characters, I know they won’t get the platform they deserve. It genuinely bums me out, so I really hope Disney proves me wrong and give me wide release films, even if they can’t get into foreign markets.


I think a series fits them better. Yes the logistics around subject matter is part of it, but also I think they better fit a longer form story with more time for character development and downtime. And there are certain things that can work in the context of a show that would be harder to stuff into a movie.


The reason we love the main heroes we know today are because we’ve got to see them grow and build characters over the course of a decade. They’re a part of the culture now. Introducing the next generation now is a great way for them to build an emotional connection with the audience so when we finally get the big team up it won’t be handwaved because everybody is still so attached to the originals. Marvel has perfected the long game


Feige: “The plan will reveal itself to you when you’re ready to see it.”


And Johnathan Majors said "WTF is Loki"


Definitely they'll be formed after Dark Avengers ruin things...including the Avengers name. Now whether they're the ones that go after the Dark Avengers or whether they just form to re-build the Avengers name...hmmmm


How would she know?


They will be the best team ever


I'm of the belief that they're setting up four teams -- Thunderbolts, Young Avengers, New Avengers and West Coast Avengers. They could amalgamate the last two, but with so many adult superheroes running around (and at least a few on the West Coast, including Ant-Man, The Wasp and Shang-Chi) it's definitely feasible. White Vision is a key member of the WCA too.


Yeah, no. They're literally introducing every single YA member aswell Kang which is a common YA villain and has close ties to them. Maybe no movie/show planned yet ? Sure, but they will almost definitely make a Young Avengers project eventually.


It’s not a coincidence they’re going to or already have introduced the majority of the Young Avengers.


I just hope that when they are introduced that they don't erase parts of the characters or hold back on the LGBTQ elements associated with it. I highly doubt we'll ever get a Hulkling and Wiccan wedding on screen. Not enough acceptance today




Ah this has been a slow day


Of course the actors of the MCU are unaware of the full plans of the MCU, they're not Marvel Studios staff.


I love her but I also am going to choose not to believe this for personal reasons


At least there have set them up, whereas they just came outta nowhere basically in the comics. It makes a lot more sense and will make them feel more natural to the universe when they assemble.


I think they're just waiting for someone to make the right pitch. ​ It is weird since one of the Russo brothers said he was interested.


I mean considering how much cloak and dagger "I didn't even know the part I was reading for" stuff Marvel does, I wouldn't be surprised if some actors might genuinely not know what's going on unless they're in it. And even then . . .


I know studios didn't always share there full ideas with actors so who knows how much they're planning, but these small set ups are great if they/when they decide to pull a Y.A team together. Worst case would be a few reacasts due to wanting to get a bigger name (i.e what was done with Cassie Lang) or to age them up like Tommy and Billy. Or they can just decide down the road they don't want to make anything and just leave them as side characters.


If there’s anything we should have learned by now it’s that nobody in the MCU confirms anything until it’s been announced officially.


They dont have a real plan. They have a bunch of fake plans that they circulate amongst the actors so that they dont go around spurting confidential information. And it worked perfectly fine in this instance.


LOL marvel does but shes not in the know. remember marvel keeps a tight lid on most things.


I'd happily take a Young Avengers film over another Ant-Man film anyday


We have part of a plan .


There is deliberate table setting, but they may want things to grow organicly. It seems like Marvel Studios likes to place lots of hooks that could be used by future writers if they want to.


They can keep giving them appearances until they reveal the official “Young Avengers” title


News Flash: Elizabeth Olson doesn’t want trouble with Marvel’s snipers


D+ show, timeline during Secret Wars…. Villain…. Ultron. Theyll be on earth when the hero’s and villains are gone…. Ultron will come back and they have to stop him.


imagine if she says "they have a plan!" Youtubers: **Elizabeth Olsen CONFIRMS Young Avengers Movie release SOON.** I think they do, tho idk in which space this may happen


Quoting *"It seems like from my perspective that that could be a possibility"* I guess they are teaming up *"but I don't think they have a real plan for that yet"* well, nothing been announced yet, right?


Hey Kevin, I'll write and direct for you no problemo. I mean the obvious decision here is to do the 2005 run right? I'll do it no doubt!


Then they may have jumped the gun a little there because these youngs *will age*


That’s cause most of them are queer. So of course they are dragging their feet. We don’t get to be heroes.


Who are they gonna fight? The school bully?


Well Billy found out he had his powers when he electrocuted his, but their actual villains have been Kang, Doom, a multiverse space parasite among others.


Their first villain is Kang. Then next are the avengers and Xmen because they're scared of Wiccan's power. Wiccan teleported the gang to anywhere he wants to Wolverine's annoyance. He hates the little shit who can easily turn him into a frog.


If none of these kids form a group, Batman will take them!


And I say that Elizabeth Olsen is adorable ❤🧡


I’m not surprised. They’re just trying to get all the characters on the board. For years people have always said that Young Avengers is too convoluted to happen, and I didn’t disagree… but then we got WandaVision which introduced the most complex characters and now we’re well on our way to an entire lineup


These movies are by and large made up as they are produced


lol so why did we hear billy and tommy at the end of wandavision….lizzie thinks she’s slick


Not that she knows of anyways


I doubt they have a script or director chosen but I’m sure they have a general plot or direction in mind.


She probably knows nothing and just doesnt know what to answer with


They've forced America Chavez into Dr. Strange 2. Of course they're doing Young Avengers.




Yeah, doubt there’s any real or major plans. Is it something they’ve discussed? Sure. But until a director or at least a writer is hired, there are no concrete plans. Same with the team. They now have a large pool of characters already set in motion for the team; but it’ll be up to the eventual director to pick which members will serve the eventual desired story best.


There's A lot of stuff comeing in the years ahead (Dark Avengers, Multiverse war, F4, X-Men) where would they fit?


Marvel can teach a master class in bold face lying


Marvel is Star Lording the Young Avengers. Just part of a plan.


If there is it’s not like she would say there is. This statement reveals nothing, she could either be telling the truth or (the more likely option) is full of shit.


When the time is right they will. That or she’s just deflecting away. Maybe both.


Actually they don't need to.. they got a lot of plot to cover in this phase which is itself a very hard task to do


This is par for the course, everyone thinks they map everything out but most of the time they just tend to build really well off what was established. When they started making phase one they didn't know they would be able to make avengers but it was a dream of theirs. And the end credit scene with thanos was Joss Whedons idea, they had no plans to fully introduce him yet.


Just imagine if post credit scene of Iron Heart is very similar like the original post credit scene of Iron Man with again Nick Fury. btw, i believe both dark avengers/thunderbolts and young avengers as D+ shows before New Avengers movie. Crazy things will happen at MCU in this decade. in addition, wouldn’t be crazy to think that they will put asap X23 in YA lineup, maybe in a season 2. With Dafne Keen portraying the character again as she acted very will in Logan movie, now she is 16 so in 4/5 years she will be in the correct age. A female badass version of Wolverine would sell very well with casual audiencies.


Dark Avengers, My theory is that the Dark Avengers completely overshadow the original avengers and the superhero scene is changed. The answer is the Young Avengers