A greater insight behind the characters in the TVA: Hunter B-15 was originally written as a male character, and Tara Strong further hints that Miss Minutes will have a bigger role

A greater insight behind the characters in the TVA: Hunter B-15 was originally written as a male character, and Tara Strong further hints that Miss Minutes will have a bigger role


Miss Minutes is the true villain. Calling it now. EDIT: I was joking but actually thinking about it - it could very well be possible. Whoever it is, I imagine that we would have met them by now. It's obviously not Mobius, B-15 or C-20. It's clear that Renslayer is working for someone else so she isn't the main one. There's not really many more TVA characters that have made themselves known other than Miss Minutes and Casey. And I struggle to see Casey being a big bad. Also, Miss Minutes is a clock. What does a clock keep track of? Time. She is literally a Timekeeper.


Or she's the only living timekeeper hiding from either Kang or the Winning Loki who controls the TVA


Either that or the TVA forgot to reboot her and underestimate how sentient she is about the whole operation


I'm just hoping for a bigger reveal than she's the villain. Trying to temper expectations


God. I hated the, "Timekeepers are fake" theory because marvel has an absolute shit record when it comes to villian twists. Ben Kingsley was vastly more interesting than whatever Killian was doing. Talos was way more interesting than Yon-Rogg and the 4 faceless kree with him. And Sharon was just a shit choice as the Power Broker. The only time I think they've ever done it well is Gaurdians 2.


To be fair, it was pretty obvious from the start that Ego was the villain in that film, whereas Slattery and Talos could conceivably have been the villains in their films.


That movies plot was just the episode of futurama where Leela discovers her "home planet".


Oh my gosh you're right


It's because they (almost) always use the big name actor as the main villain. It worked on GotG2 but it wasn't surprising by any means.


That’s why I’m convinced that Melina’s going to become the Iron Maiden in BW.


That's what I've been thinking too. My theory is she the real leader of the Red Room program, and she is only helping Natasha to destroy evidence of her involvement.


The only villain I'm seriously content about is Thanos. Everyone else was so cliché tbh. Even when the actors were good, the way they were written was just too superficial. Edit: Zemo isn't that bad either.


I don’t expect any huge ginormous bombshells from this. If Kang is behind it all, which is just a big toss up, but if he was I would expect it would be like Thanos in Avengers 1 where he has a 5 second turn to the camera and smirk moment as a post credit scene. Given that this show has a track record of recreating iconic MCU scenes, I wouldn’t put it past them to do something like this. However, I just hate the idea of Miss Minutes being behind it all. Being the accomplice or complicit in the actions of whoever is pulling the strings is what I wouldn’t be upset with at all. But having Miss Minutes be the reason for the smoke and mirrors would leave me sitting there like “Really? That’s it?” which would suck for the show being on the best track to have a solid ending compared to WandaVision and TFATWS


I don't think it's that big of a toss-up. With Ravonna's presence, it's all but guaranteed that this is all Kang, unless Marvel hits us with the swerve of the decade.


I only say tossup to temper my own expectations and not put all of my eggs into a giant Kang basket. I will say that Ravonna’s complicity in the grand scheme of things while knowing about the truth of Hunter C-20, killing her best friend Mobius and pruning Loki even after the Time Keepers were revealed to be Robots shows that she definitely knows something and is involved/invested. I won’t use that as evidence too much because the show isn’t taking a whole lot of accuracy from any of their comic counterparts, but it is damning to say the least.


I only say it because it's the most logical option to me, especially considering Kang's future in the MCU. Of course, they could have something completely different planned (swerve of the decade and all that). But, unlike *Wandavision* and the whole Mephisto thing, the evidence so far supports the idea. Either way, the next few episodes will be pretty damn interesting.


So true. It’s also nice that we have had 0 leaks (as much as I love knowing what’s going to happen), which has made it a much more enjoyable watch. I’m excited!


She didn’t kill Möbius.


Ravonna seems to think she did though.


I think what we need to realise is that these D+ shows are setups for the movies. Not that they won't have a closed arc, but they will end on cliff-hangers, to get you to go to the movies (and to ensure those who don't watch the shows miss out on too much). So where if Loki was a movie, it wouldn't make sense to dump Kang on us in the last episode and call him the villain, as a D+ show setting up the multiverse, and an Ant Man movie they want you to go see, it kinda does.


Except none of the shows have ended on cliff hangers. They’ve ended with questions still but that’s not the same thing. Whatever villain they introduce is going to be dealt with. Wanda dealt with Agatha. Sam and Bucky dealt with Walker and the Flagsmashers. The only open ending was what is going to be the characters adventures next cause their stories clearly aren’t over.


“This show can’t end on a cliffhanger because the first 2 didnt” feels like a somewhat shaky point. Sure, maybe if the D+ shows had been running for years and we had dozens of examples without a cliffhanger, I think we could make predictions based on format and structure. I don’t think we can do that yet.


I mean I could see Miss Minutes being a "final level boss" AI that was set in place by Kang, which still gives a satisfying ending in terms of the TVA being "defeated" while still leaving Kang open enough to be explored in Ant Man


It's Mephisto duuude


I mean if miss minutes was the big bad. I think it would be the person controlling miss minutes not the animated character itself


Here to say exactly this. Minutes will have a moment, but last scene will be the Kang turn and smirk.


I feel like given the comments about how late or rather unexpected they gave Miss Minutes an arc makes me believe she’ll have a shining moment instead. It’d be weird if they didn’t have the main villain in mind until then.


if they show miss minutes in the preview of finale, then she's definitely the big bad, maybe loki finds her true self in that broken mirror house something https://i.imgur.com/dk15W3z.png


She reminds me of Janet from the good place. Cheerful, informative, helpful etc


Shoutout dreadpiratedad on tik tok for this theory. He said he thinks it’s a portal 2 scenario where the facility, the TVA, was actually a real running organization but the Time Keepers (like the scientists in Portal) are long gone. Miss Minutes is the remaining AI running the org and she needed to fill the ranks using variants because the time keepers are dead. Would also explain the animatronics.


And why all androids and robots are disintegrated upon entry.


Why would all android and robots be disintergrated?


They may be more apt to see the plan if there is another Android or robot running the TVA. Or there may be other TVAs trying to infiltrate one another - but that’s probably not likely.


Magic doesn’t work but tech does. Security risk.


This would make sense. Scanning and melting down any other AI coming in is to prevent a possibly superior AI of supplanting Miss Minutes. Also, any other AI wouldn't be susceptible to the mind altering tactics Miss Minutes is using to brainwash variants to be MinuteMen, Analysts, etc. Ravonna might have become complicit overtime in the scheme of using variants as a limitless workforce (no one is going to miss them), but might not have been clued into how pruning only shifts them to a "demi-plane" of existence. It would explain her seeming displeasure in pruning Mobius and why she flinched in fear of being pruned herself instead of using it as a means to escape.


Oh Christ that would be disappointing.


Actually sounds par the course with phase 4 so far. A shit twist with a boring character for the sake of it. So odds are it's Miss Minutes. The DnD school of subverting expectations. They did it with Sharon, they apprently do it with Taskmaster. And so I'm guessing this is going to be it. Edit: And how could I forget Ralph.


Sharon at least was kind of cool in the episodes she was in, it was just a dumb twist that wasn't built up super well at all and didn't make any sense. Watch, NWH makes it so Tobey Maguire's Spidey is actually the bad guy or something.


Maybe that’s why the Morbius trailer had the graffiti of his Spidey with “MURDERER” written across it🤔


I cannot stress enough how much people would slam NWH if they actually pulled some bull like that.


Oh I know Source: am one of the ones who will burn Marvel Studios to the ground if they decide to trash on either Tobey or Andrew


I honestly wonder why that is there to begin with. I mean yes we have trolls in our society and yes we have those who would find him a murderer when he really isn’t or just hate Spidey but I mean… There’s the possibility that whoever that Spidey is screwed up.


I thought it was a reference to the mid-credits scene in FFH because Sony is trying to force their movies to be connected to the MCU.


It's just weird that they would have a pic of Tobey's Spidey in the first place for what should be Tom's. FFH was already out for a while anyways so it's not like it was a huge spoiler, they could have used any stock photo of Tom's Spidey. It's pretty lazy.


Honestly, I wouldn’t entirely mind if one of the alternate Spidey’s in NWH was the villain


I would quit the MCU, no lie.


I could see Andrew G's Spider-Man being a villain in the same role that Fisk took in Into the Spiderverse. Traveling through dimensions to try and find a Gwen Stacy that lived through the clocktower incident. Takes Emma Stone Gwen from a universe where she lived, and Dr. Strange/MCU S-M/Raimi S-M need to bring her back to her original multiverse in an attempt to save the timeline after the TVA isn't "protecting" it anymore. Bring in some villains from each spidy's past. Have the Ancient one have saved Doc Ock from drowning to help her harness the power of the time stone into the Eye of Agamotto. Bring back Green Goblin as a variant, he gets stabbed and the TVA takes him in, heals him, keeps him prisoner, and he gets free whenever the TVA goes under. Have Electro's "death" get him stuck in the quantum realm after he gets shocked. Bring back Darren Cross and Electro from the QR after Jim Paxton cracks how to get in, he hires them to eliminate Avengers/SHIELD/SWORD, and funds them. First target for Electro would be the Spidy's, and have it be a side story in Ant Man that Cross is back to eliminate Pym, Hope, and Lang. That's the only way I see a Spidy being a villain. Although when we left Garfield's character he was working past his grieving process so they'd have to like have him relapse or get pissy or something.


There's one difference here. The creators behind this show are a lot more in touch fan culture. I'm nervous too. But you know what? I belive in Michael Waldron, and I believe in Kate Herron.


This subreddit really needs to stop building up fan theories and get disappointed when their fanfiction doesn't turn out the way they want it to be.


I never had any fan theories. Like...at all. I think Miss Minutes being a twist villain would be lame and come out of literally nowhere.


There's fan theories and then there's shit writing. Miss Minutes being the villian is fucking terrible. At that point just keep the Time Keepers since they've been building them up as the bad guys for this show. Why make them robots if she actually does turn out to be the villian? Just to be replaced with a cartoon clock.


I mean it’s not terrible writing, when you don’t even know why she’s the villain...


Loki Episode 2's ending had me convinced the multiverse was unstable but that turned out to be resolved so I won't get my hopes high. Maybe the finale's post credits scene would focus on the Multiverse. We don't really know, so to all the guys saying "Hey we saw 4 other variants of Loki! Spider-Verse confirmed!?!?" Please keep your expectations in check.


Episode 3 made it clear that timeline bombing was a diversion to get most of the TVA workers out of the TVA so Sylvie can kill the 3 lizards. They just included the names of so many places we know to keep us on edge, nothing more to it.


That has nothing to do with what he said. Can people here stop parroting this?


Yeah I can’t help but laugh at all the “it has to be Kang!” responses. Dudes never been mentioned at all.


I think the Kang thing holding any ground is largely because a) he's actually confirmed to appear in a later installment, b) time travel/timelines and manipulating them to someone's benefit are all heavily involved in the show, c) why else would you use Ravonna of all characters just by herself in a job she's never had in the source material, and d) he's had beef with the TVA in the source material before so him overthrowing it or creating it for his own ends would be a decent adaption or compression of multiple potential story elements the MCU could go with. I feel like the Ravonna part is especially lending itself to the theory because given who she is and the fact she very rarely has anything to do with anyone but Kang, she either has to be working on his behalf or else this show is how she initially meets him. If they just used her here and she has nothing to do with Kang and doesn't appear with him in Ant-Man 3 / later installments then its a super weird misdirect to use her of all people in a show featuring time travel and give her zero ties to Kang. Mephisto etc held a lot less ground because there were no real strong ties or ancilliary characters related to him or "deal with the devil" stuff going on. Like if Blackheart or Ghost Rider or someone had shown up early on as a recurring character then maybe. Or specifically that Master Pandemonium guy that is the actual reason for Scarlet Witch's magic fake kids having souls and being "killed" later, Mephisto is kind of a side thing to that. Also thats all complex comic history stuff they probably cut for succinctness/to fit the MCU better. Given there's House of M elements in there as well it makes sense that Wanda would do most of what she did by herself. The kids have more to do with Wanda herself and don't necessarily *need* Mephisto to tell that story, just dome stand in of them not being completely real then being reincarnated later. Basically Ravonna showing up in a vacuum with no actual connection or hints toward Kang despite his general M.O. being addressed in the very same show would be like Microchip randomly showing up with no sign of the Punisher, or Aunt May without Spider-Man.


Well neither was Thanos in Avengers 1 (until the post-credits reveal).


Thanos wasn’t the bad guy of Phase 1....? You could argue that they might mention Kang or set him up, that isn’t the same as being the big bad of the show. No Marvel movie has had a villain of the movie show up at very end with no set up or mention of them.


If I'm not mistaken, the Chitauri Invasion was moreso Thanos' doing anyways. > No Marvel movie has had a villain of the movie show up at very end with no set up or mention of them. Good point, I'll give you that


It was but Thanos wasn’t the villain of the film. Loki was.


No, what needs to stop is this tired narrative. The previous Disney+ shows have had awful writing when it comes to their villains, and it's not because some redditor was hoping it was Mephisto buddy.


Seconded. In Wandavision they cast the actress who played Anya in Buffy as a red herring to trick fans into making false theories about her character, because they knew the fanbases overlap and we’d recognize her as being too good for a tiny role. That’s just one example. She admitted that in an interview and people in this sub still go on every day about how it’s the fans’ fault for doing the most about theories as though it wasn’t written to promote that. Apart from that one I didn’t participate in theorizing at all, but this high horse narrative that it wasn’t bad writing, it was bad fans, is obnoxious


Judging by these comments (which are part ridiculous given the show hasn't even finished yet), it seems no matter what Marvel ain't gonna do anything to satisfy people now. If the Time Keepers were real everyone would've been on the it doesn't make sense train like they were during the 1st 2 weeks. Time Keepers and the TVA are bullshit and now they're mad if Miss Minutes is actually partially sentient, even though her being sentient would have to come from somewhere. Like, I don't know, the far future...


What if Miss Minutes is Kang's Operating System! Like, an AI that's used in sci-fi all the time. At the end MM hologram flickers and reveals Kang is the true villan, setting up more sauce. 😆


Miss Minutes being Kang's equivalent to Tony's Jarvis or Friday would be cool lol


The Timekeepers are always watching and where is Miss Minutes? Everywhere. At their desks, in the tvs, in their tablets....MM is definitely in the running for the big bad or at least their right hand woman.


Right after that robot timekeepers twist, and remembering Tara Strong's statement, I also think that Miss Minutes is the villain or at least working for the villain. I can imagine she's a timekeeper in disguise, or an entity sent by the timekeepers to keep an eye on TVA. Or maybe it's an entirely 180⁰ turn and the bigger role that Tara Strong teased was that Miss Minutes will become the real hero, helping Loki and the others and defeating the timekeepers.


Miss Minutes was sus from moment one.


Nah y’all weird as fuck. It’s definitely not Miss Minutes. You let Bohner brainwash you. It’s the guy that doesn’t know what fish are obviouslyy


I don't think she's the true villain but I think she's probably the actual entity in charge of the TVA. Put in place by the bigger bad to keep the TVA humming along and preserving the desired time line.


i really hope not. it just wouldn’t feel right, it would feel like another bohner situation (i’m sorry don’t downvote me for bringing this up once again). she’s literally an animated clock. it would be terrible writing and impossible for me to take her serious.


There’s an alligator Loki. I think an animated clock fits right in.


He's a prince of Asgard. Put some respect on his name 🤣


yeah i guess i can’t argue w that lol


Well it could be she is the one working for Kang. Like an AI he create to run the TVA for him while he did world conquering.


The idea that Kang made somthing as goofy as Miss Minutes is really funny to me and I hope it happens tbh Just imagine him sitting in his workshop, ironing out the bugs on his Cartoon Clock AI


Imagine if Kang has absolutely nothing to do with this show 😭. He literally is the Mephisto of this show. All the direct references and even connected characters in WandaVision lead to a Bohner joke. I'm not saying don't be excited, just please keep your expectations in check and take things for what they are.


People say tempering our expectations for the conclusion and possible reveals or cameos happening is just trauma from what happened in Wandavision, but marvel have showed time and time again that just because a character has a history in the comics being associated with someone huge doesn't mean they will show up in the end. So, whole heartedly agree here that everyone needs to speculate with that in mind.


tbf there is more evidence for kang in this show then mephisto in wandavision with the renslayer connection and the fact that kang is literally cast and going to be in an upcoming film.


The Renslayer connection is honestly just as loose of a connection to Kang as the twins were to Mephisto, though. The Mephisto theories, while they spiraled out of control, were rooted in reality in the earlier episodes. The twins are pieces of his soul, there was multiple devil/demon references, etc. The MCU has proven time and time again that deviation from the comics is something they embrace and do often. I'd be very disappointed if Renslayer isn't connected to Kang, but she may have been rebooted in the MCU as a stand alone character. The fact that she had to work her way up to Judge instead of being planted in a role of authority makes me suspect it more.


Precisely. Before she was a Judge, she was Hunter A-23. Like, watch how she reacts to Young Sylvie escaping. She's not secretly Kang's wife or anything. She's a brainwashed variant. People blinded by comics connections are not seeing what the show is doing.


Look I'm not saying Kang is at all involved in this show (I think he isn't) but look up Avengers Vol 1 #23. It is all about Kang and Ravonna. A-23 was her helmet number? That is a fat Easter Egg.


Sure. And we saw a grim reaper helmet in WV. Easter eggs are what they are. The story is what matters, not comic book nods.


The only real evidence for Kang so far are scoopers' claims he's in it. Ravonna need not be connected to Kang in the MCU. In fact the show has strongly suggested she's a variant, like all the rest.


that would be fine with me bc then it’s really kang pulling the strings. but if it’s all miss minutes and no one else, then it’s like cmon man


Idk how to feel about this if thats the case


I hate you. You stated this theory and now I can't stop thinking if this is indeed what they are going for. I would absolutely hate it. But then I don't think Micheal Waldron will do this kind of shit. Charles Murphy is also theorizing that it's Kang and not Miss Minutes and he's usually right on the money with his theories and scoops.


We barely know Michael lol think about it


The writing has ben pretty good so far so I don't think he'll do this


Yeah that I can get behind. But just saying, we haven't seen any full piece of work Michael has done, he could do something even more weird OR he could also shit the ending.


I feel like there's going to be a secret room in the TVA for Miss Minutes, and once we enter; we just see Kang sitting and talking in weird ways with a voice changer


You are kinda sending me down a rabbit hole here


I called this too the other day :-P I dont know how they will pull it off but she will definitely play a part.


Well the Time Keepers were fakes so there is a surprise villain in this series a la Agatha and the Power Broker. It’s not satisfying story telling wise to just have some new character out of nowhere in the third act to be behind the strings all along so it’s gotta be somebody brought up already in some fashion.


It's Casey/Pillboi!


Man this really makes me want Manny Jacinto to join the MCU in some way since Jameela Jamil was cast for She-Hulk




I like to think that she’s an ai created shortly after secret wars meant to keep another secret wars from happening. But she decides that the simplest way to stop such an event is to eliminate alternate timelines all together. So she picks out variants from different timelines and creates the TVA and the time Keepers to keep everyone in line.


I guessed this since the first Tara Strong interview and I'm disappointed that it's likely true. I just find it a lame reveal, especially since Phase 4 so far has one fakeout after another, that I'd rather have something grand to be building towards, not this nihilism that I feel like we've been getting.


Renslayer is a true believer - that much is absolutely apparent from everything we've seen, but from this week's episode in particular. ​ To be so devoted to preserving the TVA that she'd try to prune Loki *and* Sylvie even after the Time Keepers are revealed to just be robots, she's got to be in on the bigger plan behind the scenes. I hope it's Kang - I really do hope it's Kang - but I'm not gonna rage if it's not. I'm just fascinated that Renslayer is getting more depth and agency as a character than just "Kang's Girlfriend."


This is exactly why I think she’ll be carried over into AM3 as opposed to Kang showing up as anything more than a Post Credits cameo in Loki - if he even has a presence beyond a possible name drop. Her character screams “Monica in WandaVision” to me, as in “we have this character in an upcoming movie that could really use being fleshed out ahead of time”.


When Sylvie holds the pruning stick to her throat, Ravonna says, "do it." It's not bravado. It's a plea. Ravonna ain't the villain, or the villain's girlfriend of whatever. She's a variant like the rest of them, fighting for a cause she's been led to believe is just. She's just lying to herself better than the rest of them.


Or she knows pruning doesn’t actually kill you...


> Ravonna ain't the villain, or the villain's girlfriend of whatever > She's just lying to herself better than the rest of them. I don't think you realized that those 2 sentences together could also lead more credence to her possibly being related to Kang in a way. Lying to herself so people don't suspect she's behind all this? It's a possibility....


Other than her name, nothing points to her being connected to Kang, assuming he's even the TVA mastermind. E4 more strongly suggests she's a brainwashed variant like the rest. She started as a Hunter, after all. I now think the name was a purposeful misdirect to trip up fans who try to be one step ahead by projecting comics lore onto the story.


> I now think the name was a purposeful misdirect to trip up fans who try to be one step ahead by projecting comics lore onto the story. So everything is now a misdirect to troll comic fans I guess. Bringing in Ravonna without her being related to Kang at all would be like bringing in Lady Death in the Infinity Saga only for her to have nothing to do with Thanos. The MCU didn't even adapt Lady Death at all so I just don't see it being likely that they'd bring in Ravonna Renslayer only for her to have nothing to do with Kang (whether in the past, present or future of her character).


>So everything is now a misdirect to troll comic fans I guess. I didn't mean like that. This mindset that a narrative misdirect is trolling fans is knee-jerk. If you simply go where the story is taking you, as of E4, it's leading you away from the connection. It's all there in Gugu's performance IMO.


> It's all there in Gugu's performance IMO. That's fair, she did look like she was genuinely surrendering tbh




They can still solve the conflict without revealing Kang, but hinting he was behind it all. Similar to how Loki was the main villain in Avengers but it was revealed the whole plan was orchestrated by Thanos to retrieve the Infinity Stones on Earth. I don't expect Loki to confront Kang or anything, but when the dust settles and Renslayer lives, we get a Kang reveal or something.


If she’s to become Kang’s love interest, then I hope she’s behind everything at the TVA and not just a pawn. Then we’ll get two villains in partnership, and not a pretty girl that fell for a bad boy and only did bad things for him. Maybe Kang’s introduction is their meet cute at the end of time, at the end of the season.


It is possible it is the whole experience that makes her interested in Kang post-show. Because she still believes even if it turns out it was just Loki behind the scenes.


I thought initially it could be that older Loki variant but I'm glad it's not. Someone said here that they're not introducing a last minute villain and I agree but I think in this season the villain is the agency itself. Also, why are all TVA agents humans? This has to have a connection.


Why can’t it be that that Renslayer is the big bad? I don’t get why everyone says “Has to be Kang!” Ren is running everything. Hiding everything. The only thing above her is the time keepers and they’re fake. We’re almost at the end of the show, do people really think they’re going to introduce some new character? The villains going to be someone we’ve met already. So it’s either Ren or Miss Minutes (or both).


That's worded poorly on my part. I'd have no objections if she is - as I said, I love that she's getting more depth - I'm just really hyped for Kang is why my comment is phrased the way it is.


Kang is variant Stark, Miss Minutes is variant Jarvis/Friday. If i post it enough it'll actually happen


I kind of had the theory when Loki ask Miss Minutes if she is alive. I was like sounds like something J.A.R.V.I.S. would say. MM could be an AI that Kang made that runs the TVA for him.


Could be a sad retcon though. I would much prefer if Kang is from the Richards ancestry like in the comics, so that that would easily make him a major Fantastic 4 issue to deal with in the MCU later on.


But remember this is the MCU, where everybody is an Iron Man villain: Ultron, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Baron Zemo, Spidey’s entire rogues gallery.


In what world is MCU Zemo an iron man villain? Most of his plot dealt with the superhero community as a whole and if anything he’s Bucky’s villain.


Sokovia, which radicalized Zemo against heroes, was directly caused by Tony making Ultron.


deeply overstated take, you'd be pushing it to constitue anyone there other than Ultron as Iron Man villians. Being an antagonist doesn't mean any aspects of your origin can't vaugely relate to anything other than the protagonist


That would be really really really confusing for people who don’t really understand kang (idk if this is Tony is kang joke)


Yeah you're probably right tbh. They would never go that big in a show. Realistically the big Kang reveal isnt going to come till the Ant-Man movie


I mean, I feel like MCU people have said Ultron could return. The more I think about it, MM being a female Ultron variant makes sense. Loki::Sylvie as Ultron::Miss Minutes


Remember Emma Caulfield said Dottie would have a bigger role. I don't want to be hyped again. Lol


lmaoo she did didnt she. Bt you know, with all the stuff they dropped after the show wrapped, I wonder if Emma was telling the truth but changes happened behind the scenes. I cant wait for the Art of Wandavision book.


I think by bigger role it'll probably be less "Miss Minutes is a time keeper" and more "Loki will have a mini boss fight with a crazy miss minutes" tbh. Like it's somthing Kang made or somthing.


Agreed. This is the one of the safest bets to expect on. Either she's yet another puppet or pawn of the main villain, like you've said... or she could also be some cosmic entity with her own agenda or something.


Yeah. Her role is really small now, so even a side villain, minor one is bigger.


We still haven't seen the 'teletubbies sun' homage that's been hinted at, so I imagine Miss Minutes will have some sort of creepy reveal in the coming episodes. I'd be very disappointed if she was revealed to be *the* villain, as opposed to another piece of the puzzle though.


Miss Minutes is Nu-Nu the Living Vacuum, confirmed /s


Did anyone actually read the article? Miss Minutes isn't the main bad guy. She helps Loki get info and past something to become a better person. I don't expect Kang. I actually think the main bad is.....Loki.


Come on, what did you expect?


> Did anyone actually read the article? Of course not.


I'm pretty sure that President Loki is the ruler of destroyed New York, which is a circled time loop of a destroyed timeline where Loki won the battle of NY. Maybe where you're sent is variant-dependent...and dumping Loki's into the ruined victory of his big defeat is a special torture. Maybe Mobius is pruned to Egypt because it's the one place he'll never see a Jetski?


You know Egypt is bordered on two sides by major seas, right?


I'm in denial about it My thought was more that he was trapped in the desert for his prune prison - it's too conspicuous to love jetskis and be in a desert. I'm not sure if they'd have had them in the 90s. Could they actually handle salt water in their first iterations?


Honestly if she is a magic construction of The Evil Superior Loki it is possible that is how they end up connecting. I am with you. It is Lokis all the way down. Anything else seems like a roll eyes moment.


turns out miss minutes was senor seconds


I'm happy that Marvel is trying their best to avoid Gender bias and giving us strong female characters.


inb4 there's a giant Miss Minutes that roams around the weird pruned dimension city that kills the variants that get sent there.


*giant miss minutes rises from the ruins of pruned New York* "TIK TOK VARIANTS!" -


That would be rad as hell haha


I think if the reveal is MM is the villain, then there’s a face behind MM, like the Wizard of Oz.


Imagine if they went "Miss Minutes is the time keeper" but then Kang's face showed up on Miss Minutes lmao


How about some Ultron-as-MM He got boned in the original movie. Could be puppetted by Kang


I do think the villain is an AI that will be personified in the form of Miss Minutes, maybe created by itself in a singularity event during the previous multiverse wars. the AI shutting down is going to get the ball rolling toward Secret Wars. When people are pruned, they're sort of 'digitized' and put away into a 'server' which is where our Loki is now. Ravonna is a Kang variant, and she and Jonathan Majors Kang were the first variants to fall in love. These are my current theories, they change every week!


Dude I’m legit starting to have a feeling that Miss Minutes is the main antagonist of Loki xD!


this is the reason why they soldiers called Minutemens xD


I just wanna see Croki man


wouldn't be surprised at this point if MM is the one who created the TVA


I don´t think Miss Minutes is the villain. I believe she will be helping Loki to discover who is behind the TVA. Reading the Tara Strong interview, i got the impression that we will be having more interactions between her and Loki: *“The show was already done before I stepped in, which was such a great gift,” she explains. “Had I gone first and watched a placeholder, it wouldn't have been as magical. But getting to sit there and witness the animation, and how cute it is and how stylized it was, and of course, to play off Tom Hiddleston, who's so brilliant, it was really a gift to have it all come together in front of me.”* *“She knows so much about the TVA, and it’s her job to relay this information to Loki,” says Strong. “\[She needs\] him to get past some of the things he's done \[in order\] to improve himself as a member of this universe, and how to grow and help. I \[navigate\] these moments with him, careful to not give away how much I actually know in the world.”*


So Miss Minutes is Frigga?


Keep in mind, that quote perfectly describes her actions thus far. For example, the line about not saying too much could easily be a reference to the timekeepers not being real.


Miss Minutes just lurking out there… waiting


Okay I’ll say it. Miss Minutes is actually The Beyonder!


She's Hugh Jackman's Wolverine! I'm not putting my expectations high but I hope she introduces the X-men, Kang and Tom Cruise's alternate Tony Stark!! /s


No, she’s Ralph Bohner


We already knew abt MM didn’t we?


LMAO miss minutes as one of the strongest entities in the MCU confirmed. She definitely Kang’s right hand gal


boy howdy would this place go further if people read before reacting lol


I think Immortus is big bad here, and miss minutes is his rogue AI


Hehe boi


Besides Doom, who else uses bots? Ultron. Miss Minutes is Ultron, & the Time Keepers are his bots.


I’m choosing to believe this only because I feel Ultron has been wasted thus far in the MCU.


Most likely they will hint or introduce Kang by the end of the series.


I have a feeling kang is watching though miss minutes.


Come on guys, we already know that Ralph Bohner runs the TVA.


I think this’ll get downvoted but the old guard of voice actors always overhype their involvement/the importance of their roles. I think voice acting is one of the most incredible forms of performance, but it’s becoming an ugly trend of 80s and 90s VA’s to hype themselves up these days usually at the expense of up and coming performers and I‘be seen that Tara is among those.


I think the actual Mastermind of TVA have been there from the beginning and we saw him already , I am talking about Casey. I believe he is posing as a regular TVA working agent so he can keep eyes on everyone but in reality he is Immortus- another powerful variant of Kang the conqueror. I think he overthrown Time keepers and has been ruling TVA since then.


Maybe Miss Minutes is kind of like Kang's Jarvis or something that sees everything and analyzes everything. I'm now sure for a fact that Kang's all behind this. Whether it is a name drop or an actual appearance by him, there's no other person who would fit this "time" story better than Kang.


Do people just not check spoilers anymore because Jonathan Majors is going to make an appearance in episode 6. There are 3 separate people who have confirmed it (Brandon Katz, GWW and The Ronin) and also Murphy’s Multiverse. Also on IMDB one of the costumers is labeled for Mr. Majors. And Charles Murphy knows how the show ends and he is all but sure Majors will be there. He was casted right when they were filming and it was said he would make other appearances besides AM3. And this show has 2 major characters connected to him (Renslayer obviously and the Time keepers). Like I really don’t know what more people need. My only question though is how he will connect to AM3 after making an appearance here. That’s the one thing I have trouble figuring out. But time will tell. Cant wait to see him in the finale though!


Most likely scenario would be that Kang takes over the TVA to reform it afterwards and then that sets him up for Ant-Man 3 where he's ruling over the TVA which is actually revealed to be in the Quantum Realm (Outside of Time)


The most likely villain is Loki, the one who won on the apocalyptic version of New York. Then the main threat is Loki VS himself sort of like Vision Vs White Vision. This way we see how far this version of Loki has come, he'd defeat himself in the finale and then Mr Majors (Kang) would take over the TVA. Then AM3 reveals the TVA is the city in the Quantum Realm we saw in AM2 and we'd have them investigating the city in AM3 finding Kang as a dictator.


If that's true, the first 3 D+ series would have a hero fighting an "evil" version of themselves (vision/white vision, Captain America/USAgent, and then Loki/eviler loki.


Like the top comment by /u/HalfBloodMockingjay, I'm resigning myself to the fact that the "big bad" will likely be Miss Minutes. Marvel doesn't like to deviate from what works *too* much.


As soon as I saw the Timekeepers were androids, I gasped and yelled “Miss Minutes”! So she better be the bad guy.


I feel people are only hyped for Miss Minutes because we’ve been told to be hyped for her. She has not featured prominently at all to warrant a supporting character role, we’ve seen her like once. Maybe 5 and 6 will shed light, but I just don’t see it right now.


Who cares if B-15 was originally a male character? She isn’t now.


miss minutes is responsible for the mind wiping of the tva workers and the creation of the minutemen


There's 2 episodes left, at least part of which is going to deal with Loki escaping ruined earth. When the hell will they have time give fuckin' Miss Minutes an sub-plot?


I'm telling you. Climax of the final episode: Loki(s) fights against a giant version of Miss Minutes.


Miss Minutes is a Loki variant that is actually the big bad. Everything about the show to me has hinted that a Loki variant will also be the main villain.


i remember one of the trailers, there's a scene of Loki behind a clock. Perhaps he will meet Miss Minutes in physical form?


I find it unsettling that it’s been 2 episodes past and we hadnt seen her. Im guessing next week.


Someone watch the latest episode with a voice modulator. Tara Strong voiced all 3 Time Keepers.


Miss Minutes will be the Ralph Bohner/Mephisto of the show. I don't expect anything huge. She's probably just an Avatar the main villain uses to oversee things and communicate with Ravonna.


Okay bear with me here. With the introduction of Battleworld, what if the big bad _of this series_ is actually the beyonder, not kang. Kang may be the overarching villain of this phase, but seeing as the beyonder is the creator of battleworld, a celestial (we all know they're big in phase 4), has a huge part in the secret wars comics, and has his origin deeply seeded in the multiverse. Could definitely be wrong, but miss minutes just makes me think of the beyonder using her as a conduit to speak to the TVA in the same vein as he spoke to the heroes and villains of the secret wars comics.


>but seeing as the beyonder is the creator of battleworld, a celestial What are you on about? The Beyonder isn't a celestial. His race are called the Beyonders. They come from BEYOND the multiverse. Celestials are strictly universal.


Yeah that's on me. I just mistyped and didnt think about it.