Finally tried making some Link kaizo the other day - I think there’s a lot of untapped potential with this power up

Finally tried making some Link kaizo the other day - I think there’s a lot of untapped potential with this power up

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My god this looks amazing. Too bad I dont have the talent to play it


Keep practicing buddy! I'm pretty garbage but I spend hours playing levels like these and when you finally get that one perfect run it's like injecting hype straight into your bloodstream! Eta: that said this is an entirely differently level of kaizo and even with the first video I don't think I could pull it off


Lmao I wish I had the patience. This is one of those games I realized I enjoy better watching someone good play than playing it myself. Shell jumps and whatnot are one thing but this seems close to inhuman


Too long, downvoted






You people are nuts.


This is kaizo like I have NEVER seen before, amazing job!!


This looks super friggin awesome, but I think it could use some serious indicators. Specifically one to indicate when to use the sword.


Hard kaizo levels, like this, usually require (or recommend watching) a clear video. There are so many inputs you couldn’t indicate them all or get it to the point where you don’t need the video.


Hi, I’m new to Mario Maker 2, I just had a question. I really enjoy a lot of the hard stages I find on here, but they take me a lot of attempts to complete sometimes. Does playing the same stage over and over hurt Maker points? I’ve read a lot of weird stuff about Maker points, so I just want to make sure I’m not like griefing people trying to complete a hard stage. The stages I find here are high effort, so I do like what I play, I just want to make sure that playing too much won’t be harmful. Thanks to you and everyone who makes cool stages by the way!


I can’t pretend to know how maker points work but I’m close to positive they aren’t negatively impacted by having a low clear rate on your levels. When making tougher levels like these makers fully expect the clear rates to get pretty low. I think it’s important not to worry about how long a level takes you to clear if you enjoy it. Some people are incredibly quick at clearing hard levels and others take much longer on the same stage but I think basically anyone will appreciate if someone is willing to grind 1000+ attempts on something they created. Best way to get better at clearing hard levels quickly is to keep playing ones that are challenging to you


Playing doesn’t affect your maker points. Only your levels affect those


So if I play someone’s level a lot their points won’t go down? I’m not worried about my points


Ah, that I don’t know. But I wouldn’t worry about it anyway. The people that make hard levels don’t care about maker points.


Very impressive. This really highlights how lacking we are in Link Kaizo notation. There's an opportunity for someone out there to establish it.


>This really highlights how lacking we are in Link Kaizo notation. How so? There's a pretty well established set of indicators for Link, the problem is they wouldn't help this level. That's what the clear video is for 😂


Simply use P switch block outline or arrow sign with P switch block outline.


This is so mesmerising holy shit


Oh shoot boys we got the sipwater on Reddit.


I like to drop in every once in a while, replies tend to make me regret it


Paging /u/Thabeast721


How long did it take for you to upload this?


I think around 2 hours of attempts. Took a couple weeks and a lot of tinkering and testing on every setup to make things consistent though so by the time I was uploading I had lots of practice


This looks absolutely amazing. Link is easily my favorite item in the game. May actually try a serious grind of this one. What's the code?


I’m reuploading it when I can play again early next week, I’ll drop the new code here when I do! Link having bombs in a half height level means it’s prone to cheese lol but it’s an easy fix


Awesome! Sounds good to me!


KXK-1NK-MQG, ended up getting it uploaded again this morning


Jesus Christ


Holy shit reddit sucks lmao


Lol honest


Loving the indicators. Oh shit..... Well no one is finishing this.


“The best indicator is no indicator”, but I don’t think the maker understood what that really means lol. There’s just no way to do this level without a clear vid.


Ok I’ll reply to one. I understand what that means don’t worry. I could riddle the level with tracks and arrows to have the 3-5 people that actually try to beat the level use the vid anyways, or just open it up to allow the player to see what’s going on. Nobody is pulling this in endless and running it blind, with or without indicators


I understand this level will never be friendly to endless, but it still feels like you didn’t try to make compromises to make any of it more intelligible. Indication normally involves weighing which indicators really add value. Since you didn’t do that, clearing it doesn’t just require a clear vid, it requires looking back and forth to rewatch the clear vid over and over. I know that this isn’t what you are going for, as this level looks to be more of a personal challenge to yourself. **And that’s fine.** However, I feel like you could have done more to help other people also get into and have a good time with your level. Or at least rewatch the clear vid fewer times to memorize.


For sure all valid points. Like you said it’s more of a personal thing than anything. I just think in the grand scheme of things the difference they’d make is very minimal and with setups that people are less familiar with they become redundant.


With or without indicators noone is clearing this without looking back and forth from the clearvid. Indicators for this level would add literally no value. There will be multiple people who will clear this level and I assure you they're quite happy with it the way it is.


It'd be fun watching Aurateur take a stab at this. Well done!


Dear god


Unclearable lol


That's sick!


What the ever loving fuck?!


How the hell do y’all make these kinds of levels haha


…nope I’m pass. That would take me weeks to beat


Looks pretty simple. You basically mash buttons right? /s


Where has Mario gone? The good ol' beautiful fun and peaceful Mario levels with breezy environements. AND, why are people still using SMB1 graphics? Anything lower than SMW is, to my opinion, not good anymore. Okay, I'm done my complaining. Even though I hate those levels, I still will congradulate you and upvote for the excellent effort!


Ah, yes, 40% of the game’s content should never be used.




SMB1 and SMB3 are actually my favourite. Restrictions in what the player can do makes it easier to force unique setups. Also they look the best, but it’s all preference!


if congradulate were a word. I'd agree with you on the looks, 15b minimum, but the NES themes forbid holding, spin jump, and rotating blocks.


My french and english messes up my writting, I confess. But still, I am more of a visual person that complicated timed levels. But again, I really am impressed by those creating these levels and also completing them.


That's Einglish/Latinate Norman English, not English, as English has been dead for 1000 years sith Norman Conquest. Nonetheless *ingrat*, *gratitude*, and *gratuit* are Francish so I don't see how you could misspell that Latin root. writing; than


I thought of what I wrote too late after I posted my comment LOL. I struggle with how we pronounce, write and dictate. I just learned that I shall not write this word anymore or at least as less often as can be. I should have said simple 'Good job'. And I am not the best english writer there is neither am I the best french writer also. So I was not expecting to be nit picked with my spelling for a Super Mario Maker 2 level video. And I know nothing of the roots of any languages so I could not say anything about what you just said, but okay...


That double Dair on top of the shell. You’re a monster.


I got lost after the first jump^(what is wrong with me)




Good god man!


It looks amazing….. to be that good.






it's a cool level, but better put indicators so people are willing to clear it.


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