There was a woman in my law school class who asked to take her exams in a room by herself surrounded by her stuffed animals.


I was a 2020 grad, and I shit you not, I took the bar with the tattered remains of my baby blanket wrapped around my shoulders. When I got freaked out, I buried my face in it. I'm nearly 40 and have two kids of my own if that improves the mental picture. I passed tho!


my teddy bear came with me to the bar exam. he was wearing a button that said 'no animal testing!'.


You should have passed just for that amazing joke. No test needed. Automatically a lawyer. Bears even do cocaine now, just like real lawyers


I took that bar in a shirt saying “Go easy on me”. Worked.


I took the LSAT in my underwear because it made me feel at home, I had a shirt on of course but you know, people gotta do what they gotta do to move to the next stage ya know


Tell me you took the LSAT remotely without telling me you took the LSAT remotely #LuckyYou


Who said it was remote?


I hope they let her do it!




please tell me they let her do it


I need to update my accommodation needs.


i know someone who shook everyones hand first day of orientation saying "shes gonna be #1". Proceeded to ruin every group assignment after that.


Lol one time my friends and I were talking when we were 1L about how one of our other friends would probably be top of the class and another classmate butted in and said the equivalent of "let's not count our chickens before they hatch" in my language with the most pompous and obnoxious tone. Said classmate placed maybe in the middle of the ranking while our friend was consistently top of the class.


We had an orientation week prior to school starting and a Dean leading a seminar asked everyone to talk about what their ambitions were or what they wanted to achieve as an attorney or something to that tune. One kid stood up and stared his ambition is “to become the best attorney in the state” and he was stuttering the entire time. The dude doesn’t have a stutter, he was just so nervous as he said that…if you are going to say something so arrogant, say it with your chest haha


Did she tell them the tide was high but she’s holding on?


Holy shit




Wait…they did roll call at your school?


Not OP but in my school (not US), our class average is relatively small at around \~60-80 students and the roll would be called depending on the professor. Sometimes the roll would double as being called for recitation.


All of my classes have been under 80 and I couldn't imagine having roll called for anything but my class of six, professors just send sign-in sheets around.


I've always wondered about this because there were a decent amount of UHNW families at my school, but I never saw or heard about bodyguards in class.


I was standing next to a man worth 14 billion the other day and as far as I could ascertain he had no bodyguards He's like in the top 10 wealthiest in my country and in the top 200 worldwide.


It’s pretty funny, my town has an annual “richest” list published in a financial paper but there are just as many people quietly managing a $400m property portfolio whom no-one has never even heard of. I met one guy who never had kids and gave everything away (a hundred million or so it seems) to his foundation which didn’t even have his name on it. You’d just see him at a charity drinks thing discussing music or whatever.


It probably has a lot to do with personal notarity, like I could probably be standing next to a Walton and I wouldn’t know it.




Ultra high net worth


Ultra High Net Worth


Thanks! 👍


Learned Hand


A girl at my school was so stressed out she tried to jump out of the window in the middle of class. My friend saved her…..it was really sad for so many reasons


That is really sad. We never know what someone is going through. I hope she got help 😥


Sadly, she probably didn’t get much help. I heard her parents were really pushing her to become an attorney even though she clearly couldn’t handle the stress. She ended up leaving for two semesters and then came back.


We had a girl have a complete mental breakdown during an exam 1L year. I'm talking hysterical screaming and crying at the same time. It was really, really sad.


A gal brought her baby to class, which was no big deal. But then, throughout the seamster, she argued with guest speakers and pushed crazy-ass, fringe conspiracy theories. I then found out that she was a council person for a local city and there was a big scandal about her having sexual relations with and financial ties to a fellow council member. She was married. Yikes.


...Was she married to the fellow council member though?


i would assume no


Girl who slept with everyone, showed up to class 10 minutes late, didn’t say a word and graduated top 3 and clerked for Supreme Court of a State




I’m rooting for her


No rooting needed. She is a legal savant


What an icon


Girlboss move, 100% a slay. What’s her number so I can make sure I avoid her?


I had a professor that spent time in prison for manslaughter charges. I also had a classmate who referred to Native Americans as "savages" when the professor is indigenous.


Very bold move given that the professor is in charge of grades


There is this one person in my school who is openly racist (lowkey I think admin knows) and they allow it. It’s insane because the laws we’re supposed to uphold and the professional responsibility we’re supposed to have isn’t always what’s going on. And to think these people will be lawyers…


It's wild that the second one is the one that made me cringe much harder


That one girl who asked the prof permission to do sheep noises


Your honor, permission to *baaaaa*


It's story time


I don't talk to her, but from what I know, she's "quirky" and I've heard her reference a lot of stuff of Reddit. She sits most of the time in the upper right corner of the room. The prof was like "uhm, ok?". She then proceeds to go "baaaaa" for a while. the room is quiet the class continues After class ends, a couple of guys approach her asking her to do it one more time. She does it Again Again Again She didn't really talk to people before, but she does now, so I guess it was worth it.


Guess that's one way to make friends haha


You know, I hope she got a best friend from that.


RemindMe! 7 days


There is a 2L in the class below us who filed a lawsuit against the school alleging the *wildest* conspiratorial shit about a dozen or so professors and Deans. Ironically, he is seeking an injunction to prevent the school from bringing him before a behavioral/mental health type investigation board. One of the exhibits the school included in its response was an email to a Dean where he alleged capricious grading from his Con Law professor. Allegedly, said professor has a massive inferiority complex and thus colluded with the **FBI** to “get” this student and mess up his future career. He got an A- in Con Law. He believed he deserved the CALI. He also had filed a suit against the FAA prior to law school alleging they were intentionally flying planes over his house as a form of harassment. And the suit against the school isn’t even *pro se*! He actually found a real life attorney to put this in writing and file in federal court. And the best part - apparently this attorney was recently suspended from practice for a year for failing to conduct due diligence in a different case. I wish I was making this up. I would almost feel bad for the kid if he wasn’t such an unbelievable asshole. EDIT: oh i forgot, the pleadings spread like wildfire throughout the student population just after the MSU shooting. The admin had to send an extremely vague and non specific email to the whole school that their was no “present security threat.” Which only stirred up more fear and anxiety among everyone.


Either we are in the same school or this kind of stuff is way to common. A 2L in my school did the exact same thing + texted a random classmate about how FBI is brainwashing him + accused former Dean of students (now happily retired) of calling him a racial slur to his face + creeped out so many female professors and students that the school had to intervene.


Lol definitely the same guy. Left out a bunch of those juicy details for the sake of brevity.


These acts of schadenfreude are so delicious because you just know there’s going to be a massive character and fitness issue when he applies for his license.


This is the worst sentence I’ve ever read




Ted Berry of Maine, is that you?


The guy who used to online gamble during Contracts


Were you sitting behind me?


LS is wild sometimes.


jokes on you i won $124 in blackjack while u were learning the restatements


Bruh 💀


I was in law school during the first online poker boom, and it was common to see multiple people playing during class if you sat in the back.


LoL we had a classmate straight up playing League of Legends in class back almost a decade ago.


I may or may not have been playing Minecraft in evidence this semester.


Befriended a classmate who believed civilization was either going to collapse or end up ruled by AI. He explained this to me while we walked through a graveyard at midnight. Cool guy, glad we met.


tfw singularity


I started 1L with a guy who asked our crim law professor, "Did the defendant use a serrated blade? Because that will slice an artery so good, no doctor could stitch it up." and also stated, "That guy should have squared up before he shot - would have been a clean kill." The next semester, he showed up drunk to PR and passed out in the middle of class. The professor woke him up when class ended. The last time I saw him was during a writing class. We were discussing strict liability for dangerous animals. He interrupted the professor to inform the class: "You can't own a ferret in many places because they can kill 28 rabbits in 4 hours. Only need a couple ferrets - put 'em in a field, they'll kill 28."


Definitely either the guy who set himself on fire outside his girlfriend's apartment, after calling her to tell her to look out the window or The MD who came and got a JD while picking up emergency room shifts at the hospital. His first claim to fame: was in one of the OG cell phone ads because he had used his rudimentary cell phone (1996-ish?) to call for help after a jumper from a bridge basically landed next to his kayak, and he used the cell phone for rescue; His second claim to fame was decidedly more horrific. He was convicted of murder for (TW child abuse) >!throwing his infant out the window of a high rise.!< Oh, and there was also the guy who was convicted of the first major art forgery sale on ebay (again, back in the 90s or early aughts). He wrote a book. Island of the Misfit Toys. And a Tier 1 school, to boot.


This post is a LOT


Wow. Simply wow. Your class reunions must be something else.


I don't think anyone shows for the reunions. We're probably all still dealing with PTSD


There was this one chick who drank too much and missed a lot of classes. She clearly hid her giant case of imposter syndrome by carrying a massive chip on her shoulder. She thought everyone else seemed to "belong" in the law school atmosphere but her and drank to cope with inferiority. I heard she went on to have a really successful law practice but then lost it all to substance use disorder. I also heard she just took the bar for the second time 18 years later to be readmitted to the practice of law with the blessing of character and fitness. It's me. And I think I will likely fail but I'm okay with that. Can't stop; won't stop.


Thank you for this. I hope they readmit you and that you have what you need in place to succeed again without the substances 🤩🤩🤩


Hell yeah, you rule


I’m so happy you chose to return, and I’m sorry you had to go through that. I’m rooting for you.


Can't fall down if you never got up. Can't fail if you don't try. I admire you.


You got this.


You totally got this🙂


I believe in you!


Between the amphetamine [ab]users, the people that drank too much and said really anti social things, the tiny woman who got anxiety and cried, the hard-core gender warrior girl, the holier than thou snitch, the former military people, the guy that opened his porn folder by mistake while sitting in front of me, and even myself, trying to stay on top of things, be normal and have a good time, there are a lot of choices. And I love every one of my classmates. If I had to choose one though, it would be the third Reich enthusiast.


This sounds like a sitcom


There are a LOT of amphetamine users. Like both pharmaceutical and… otherwise. I have to say, I’m shocked. I get that it might help some people study but people who don’t need to be on it are really doing some damage to their brains at a very young age… hate to see how some of these people work in a couple decades.


We had a dude from the ivy league (our law school was public) flame out second semester 1L because of his massive drug abuse. Fortunately I heard he went back to his small town, turned his life around, and managed to graduate from his local law school.


It's extra frustrating for those of us who actually have ADHD. Like, the meds are supposed to help us level the playing field, not give neurotypical students an extra boost! I even know people who outright brag about getting accommodations for bullshit reasons. All it does is fuck students with learning disabilities over even further.


Yeah, I mean it is irritating because it makes it harder for us to get the shit that we actually need, but it also gives me a little bit of a confidence boost. Like lol, y’all have fully functioning brains and still need high grade psychotropic substances just to be adequate in reading school. I raw dogged my first semester with full blown untreated ADHD and depression and still busted through the median. Ultimately, I think cheating is an admission that you know you can’t do this shit on your own on a level playing field, and the people who need to cheat in that way are in for a rough wake up call when things catch up with them. (I’m better now that I’m medicated because my house and car were always a mess as were my personal relationships but my school was fine).


I think we went to the same school 😂


These all sound like the same person


i was the porn folder guy…


What’s wrong with us military vets? All the ones I’ve met have adapted pretty well back to civilian life to make it into law school.


He said he loves us bro


We love him too




Pie. I was a submariner.




It was just a very different vibe from the the straight highschool>college>lawschool students. Especially the ones who were going right back to join jag. Also it has kind of faded for the civilian population, but until recently there was still a huge number of people involved in frontline war on terror operations. I got along with them and am good friends with one.


1L dude sent fellow 1L a “sex contract” which specified how often they would hook up and how to terminate their (contractual) sexual relationship


This is Dennis Reynolds level weird but there are D1 football schools advising their players to do this to avoid potential future sexual assault accusations.


Ah. Clearly a man who sincerely believes in the Williston approach over the Corbin approach for determining consent.


Okay. I have a few. (1) I don’t know if she was crazy, but the one of the most “scandalous” people to go to my school was girl in my year who was a porn star who was going to law school to represent people in the industry. Kinda inspirational, honestly. (2) Another guy the year after me is currently awaiting charges for manslaughter after he killed his girlfriend in a hotel room. (3) One of the professor at my school was John Eastman aka Jan 6th wannabe Trump lawyer.


Was Eastman whacky in school?


>porn star who was going to law school to represent people in the industry. I'm going to need her stage name for research purposes


Belle Knox/Miriam Weerks? When is she due to graduate?


There was a guy in my Con law class who tended to promote a bunch of… extreme political bullshit and remarked “who cares?” During our talks about racism and related con law cases, particularly integration/desegregatiom. Got very reasonably chewed out by the black girl who sat in front of him. No joke, everyone clapped.


This is when you get the whole school to simulate discrimination just against this one guy


We had a guy like that, although usually a little more subtle. Until one day when we were covering Korematsu and he claimed that Australia was holding non-vaccinated people in internment camps. There was an audible pause in the classroom, and the professor quickly moved on. One of my friends went to undergrad with him, and sat a few rows in front of him in von law. Every time he started to speak, she would turn around to stare at him because she knew he was going to say something dumb and/or batshit.


It’s me. Everyone in law school strives for perfection. I am just trying to survive.


I like the answer, I feel everyone is a little crazy and add the stress of Law School all it takes is a run of bad luck to make you do something absurd. I’m drunk right now so I’ll divulge a strange unrelated tale I’ve never told anyone, I told my friend in 8th grade to give a hot cheerleader that I never said a word too a hand written love note from me and I still cringe to this day about it. You know her friends bullied me for the rest of the year about it.








aside from the top 10% who are headed to biglaw, the rest of us are in the bottom 90%, and most of us will survive. just keep showing up every day.




Is that the guy who replaced Bartlet?


This guy - https://abovethelaw.com/2014/11/t14-law-student-expects-you-to-answer-185-crazy-questions-to-join-his-elite-club/


How many members did he get?


A handful before SBA cut off their funding after this article came out


this cannot be real


There was guy who talked about blood contracts and their magical powers during contracts. He got kicked out after threatening to bomb the school


We have this one guy who regularly comes to class and begins slamming his laptop violently against his desk. One time (and I shit you not) he quite literally RIPPED THE DESK FROM THE FLOOR IN A FIT OF RAGE. The desk was BOLTED to the floor. This guy would also regularly complain in the class that nobody interacted with him and wanted to work with him, using the fact that he was a mature student as the reason why. Essentially it always boiled down to ‘these damn kids are so obsessed with their phones they don’t want to talk to me because they’re ageist.’ The irony was that there were plenty of mature and popular students in the class and the reason everyone avoided him was because he acted like a literal maniac 24/7.


How is he still a student there? That shit is alarming and should be grounds for expulsion or at least a forced leave of absence to get psychiatric help.


I genuinely have no fucking idea. He randomly screams at his computer in the library, walks around with his laptop open, holding it by the top screen (surprised it still works tbh), comes to class with a lunchbox of miscellaneous pills and rattles them around publicly and then complains that he’s being isolated by the rest of the class every single time a group project is announced. Apparently he called my friend a racial slur during an exam for telling him to stop being disruptive too. In some ways I feel bad for him because he’s very clearly mentally unwell but I also don’t understand why the university isn’t doing anything about it.


Nothing too crazy, but our contracts prof gave us a small negotiations activity to do in class with a random partner. The whole thing took maybe 10 minutes. I was paired with the weird dude in our section who’d already outed himself as said weird dude numerous times during cold calls and when asking obscure, pedantic questions. We entered the negotiation with red lines on where we could settle respectively. The fucker just completely ignored them and negotiated in bad faith to get a “win.” 6 years later I still find it the weirdest one-on-one interaction I had in law school. Why would anyone cheat in some meaningless task that had no effect other than to show me, his partner, that he cheated? He continued to be a weirdo till graduation and wound up with a local govt job from which he was fired 6-months in for overstepping his authority. Good riddance. Edit: autocorrect


A guy who put his mic on mute and furiously screamed at the camera while I rebutted his argument during zoom moot court. After I was done he apologized to the judges and said he was yelling at his computer because he was having technical difficulties.


One guy said he wanted to be another Founding Father. Uhh good luck with that buddy.


Hopefully he never gets a chance to make that dream come true


Just you wait... when that guy is signing the declaration of martian independence the joke will be on you.


Some scholars do consult on international constitutions, so it is possible.


Some ex-military guy that was friendly to me throughout law school, but then threatened to kill me one day out of the blue. I think he was on some kind of meds, eyes were glossy and seemed out of it.


Guy was really into Marijuana. Sold some Marijuana and got busted. Funny story though. When he got busted he was doing a phenom red playthrough while listening to reggae music and he recorded the cops busting down his door. He then published it on YouTube but it has since been taken down. He was then expelled from Law school for harassing, sexually and otherwise, a fellow student. He went on to get multiple other charges but has since stated filing frivolous law suits in federal court. His defendants range from Best Buy, to runescape, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the marines. Just look up Amro Elansari. But the weirdest part. He would stand outside in the sun with his arms out. Said he smoked so much weed he could do photosynthesis


A girl who doesn’t believe in prison for any reason, including for pedos, child killers, and repeat pedo child killers. She would have a breakdown whenever we discussed anything like charging or sentencing. She saw everything as racist and unjust. She would look up peoples contact information online to scream at people for giving counter arguments she didn’t like during class. She tried to get an excellent crim law prof fired for covering rape (he warned us and said anyone could sit out/no cold calling). She had a gaggle of insane friends that followed suit. They were crazy, and made 1L miserable for staff and students alike.


Those people really suck. I’m sorry you had to deal with them.


This sounds like my entire school


Lots of people don't believe in prison for chomos and child killers.


What do you mean by "lots"? Who are these people?


They would largely be people with a larger sense of moral indignation than concern for the accused or convicted. It is rumored that a lot of people in the California prison system feel that way.


Okay that's not really answering my question. I meant more like, do you actually have numbers to support this claim? Or at least know a lot of people who feel this way? Not sure if the part about the California prison system is meant to be some kind of double entendre about pedos in Hollywood or if you're literally saying that government officials in the prison system feel that way. If you mean the latter, why would prison system officials want fewer people in prison? That's like a McDonald's owner wanting people to go on diets.


I am referring to the inmates who stab many of them on sight.


A bullet is much more efficient.


Username checks out


This is my entire graduating class


Your entire graduating class don't believe in prisons and will call their classmates' personal phones to yell at them for expressing differing opinions in class? You're either lying or being hyperbolic lmao


Me. Almost 40, 3 kids, an hour from campus, and married to someone who works graves.


A guy that asked “what’s so special about consciousness?” Re: consent


That's right next to "it should only be illegal if you crash" (re: drunk driving) on the don't fucking talk to me again scale


A friend of mine took a really bad mental health turn 3L and the first year after. Ended up in the psych ER, then the mental ward for about a month. Ultimately ended up in federal prison for leaving threats on the voice mail of the firm that fired him. I think that ranks fairly high on the crazy meter.




First dude is a legend though.


Myself, literally psyho


A pimp named slick-back


A girl at my school violently sabotaged every new friendship she made at my school, to the point to which everyone thinks she has serious issues. She would steal peoples (assigned) seats in class for no apparent reason, wear top to bottom Chanel that her millionaire boyfriends got her (kinda cool) but because her outfits were like easily worth 14k it was difficult to understand who the HELL IS SHE WHATS HER PROBLEM


A white supremacist, confederate-flag-loving Orthodox Jew from New York. His Facebook page was bugfuck crazy. He had a nephew named Stonewall.


Someone in our cohort told stories about how one would have a pet squirrel (unprompted) during the torts discussion about that cat that got out and made the driver crash their car. Lol now every time she talks my friends and I send each other squirrel emojis 🤣


This person graduated law school in my class (and apparently never practiced). He was very strange, arrogant, and argumentative. A few years later was arrested for pretending to be a doctor conducting research for a “new medical device” and soliciting female participants on Craigslist whom he allegedly sexually assaulted. https://www.sltrib.com/news/2017/11/01/utah-county-man-who-impersonated-doctor-on-craigslist-charged-with-17-felonies-related-to-sex-abuse/ Spoiler: he was convicted, and the conviction was upheld. (TRIGGER WARNING: this is not for the faint of heart. https://casetext.com/case/state-v-mottaghian)


This is horrific.


Our #2 not seeing any problem with January 6


Bro - in our legal methods class we were learning about copy right and likeness etc. we were learning about how in Times Square the “the naked cowboy” sued the m&m for making a lookalike m&m naked cowboy for advertisement. Our professor asked us “who is the victim in this case” students said “the defendant” “the plaintiff” etc one student said “the m&m”. I’ll never forget that answer I laughed so hard and my husband and I joke so hard to this day. The real answer was the “judge” because according to my professor it was such a dumb case he was the victim


Josh Hammer


Lmfao. Dude was dating one of my friends and I was so confused on how the hell they ended up together Edit: they had completely different personalities. And my friend was gorgeous and he looks like Sid the sloth


Still a 1L, but there's this guy everyone thinks is mob family who we also think lives in the hotel across from campus. First semester he would often come into class ~30 minutes in and leave ~30 minutes before class ended, walking out and talking on the phone loudly. When he was in class, he'd always have two cans of monster and open them fairly loudly. Also he would *always* ask questions whenever the subject of DUI's came up. This isn't even half of it, he is also positively jacked, but for first semester showed up with crutches. He never *used* the crutches, but would rather carry them to class and toss them aside in the back. I never asked him about it, but he said to someone else he got some special leg implants or something (kinda thing he said had to get done in Malaysia). Now he shows up with a zero-g lawn chair and sits in it in the back of class. His LinkedIn also says he served in the Space Force. I originally thought he was crazy, and I'm embarrassed by that. This man is what we all wish we were. He is the irl sigma male.


Guy played league of legends in every class


We had an unhoused (lived in his car) octogenarian former medical doctor. He wanted to be a lawyer bc he had a lot of malpractice suits against him and lost his license. He would drink the garlic butter out of the papa johns pizzas. Shortly before 3l finals, he was trespassed from campus for sleeping there. Others were just run if the mill law school tropes, including me, the token weirdo.


Pretty sure its me because I can't think of anyone crazier than me. I remember during Crim law in one of those small group sessions, I was just randomly telling my group how climate change wont be too bad for Canada because with the perma frost gone, we would be the bread basket for the world and become the next super power after the U.S. collapses because of said climate change. One of my peers was just staring at me silently with shock and concern after I finished my spiel.


But where's the lie??


In 2000, there was a woman who dropped out half way through my first semester of first year. On her last day, she gets up in property class dressed as Brittany Spears (pretty close resemblance, actually) and proceeded to play Baby One More Time while dancing up on the bench desk. The property professor merely sat in his chair, legs crossed, and watched the spectacle unfold without raising an eyebrow….


Either the guy who just got sentenced for stalking or the woman who would fly in every week for classes and then fly back to her home state and spent thousands to fly a dog from Korea to pay for its surgery and said we shouldn’t let homeless people be too comfortable. But probably the first guy. Nuts.


gotta be the guy who posted in a public discussion thread that he was foregoing the Feb bar and would instead be publishing his 95 page manifesto and going to bomb pipelines to draw attention to environmental issues lol. I think he ended up graduating


Samuel Alito visited my school, so....


Probably me. I’m a 43 year old 1L and most of these kids are half my age and so very full of optimism (I hope they don’t ever lose that!) At the same time, there are other non-traditional students who are older than I.


Guy (who may have worked at Guantanamo Bay) screenshotted a weekly con law class post of mine saying expanding the draft to include women was stupid and posted it to his Facebook calling me a white suburban woke kid, probably with dreads, but he also agreed with me. He said he was tired about people in our school talking bad about behind him behind his back (I had no idea who he was). I found out later and replied to the post saying this is weird then he doubled down. Said our con law professor called him a war criminal but he had earned that right and I was out of place. He also threatened to make me the poster boy for something about people hating veterans.


My 1L was remote, but we had this diversity requirement sessions where we had to listen to a speaker talk about the African-American experience and how, as future lawyers, we should be mindful of the experiences of others, of minorities, and anyone who might be underprivileged. Pretty basic stuff. But then, there's this guy who unmuted himself and butted in. The speaker said something about how, for most African-Americans, leaving the house could be an uphill battle. The guy took issue with the use of the word "battle." He said that the speaker shouldn't use that word because "battle" implies that they might not comeback. Then he goes on a tangent about how NFL and NBA players referring to their games as "battles" and how that's a spit on the face of our veterans who actually go into battles. The speaker diffused the situation by explaining that it was a hyperbole. It was an exaggeration to prove a point. It was quiet, but then the guy chimed back in and started complaining about the supposed insensitive use of hyperboles. One student chimed in and said that's normal in everyday speak, they gave the example of "starving" being used to emphasize that someone is hungry but not literally starving. The guy got mad and said "This is like when people say they're poor. They are not. I've been to third-world countries where their houses are huts made out of mud. Those people are poor!" The speaker just let him go off until he was done with the rant.


This girl accused multiple people of SA first semester. Every accusation was a lie, she was dropped due to academics then next beginning of second.


A dude who was absolutely livid about having to wear a mask during Covid times. He came to school wearing a clove of garlic. Yes he took a clove of garlic, a whole clove, put it on a string and wore it as a necklace. He said that it was more likely to have a vampire attack you than get Covid which was why he was wearing it. He ended up getting kicked to online only when he decided to show up in class wearing a burka and refused to take it off. I’m not talking about a headscarf/hijab/niqab, I mean a full on Afghan style blue burqa that completely covered his face. He was trying to make a comparison that the mask policy the school was enforcing was akin to the Taliban forcing women to wear burkas. He got booted to zoom only for that one due to the anti Islam nature of that statement. He ended up graduating as far as I know in December. Crazy thing is that he is a military officer in the reserves so he legit has people underneath of him who he is responsible for….crazy how people slip through.


Definitely the professors at my school who talk about sexual and gender based violence like it's HILARIOUS. The tort professor who thought it made sense to spend two hours asking us how to caculate the "right amount" of damages be withheld from a rape victim (holding she was contributorily negligent for opening the door to her hotel room when she heard knocking). Made 20 or so students cry and then yelled at them for getting emotional. Same professor proceeded to have a fit a few weeks later over a case featuring bedbugs at a hotel. Also gave 0 shits about teaching. Another former tort professor got removed for similar reasons. Wo and behold, he runs a conspiracy page on Reason and gives talks on shit like "How google converts people to ISIS" and Then there's the crim law prof who equivocates rape with sex joyfully. Gunner in my class also asked, "Can you get sued for giving someone an STD if you REFUSE to get tested?"


Chick never really showed up to class. Never took notes. I was confused as to how she was allowed to just come after not seeing her. Then she asked to sleep with the professor and never saw her again.


Thought this was me until I read the last sentence… definitely not me


Judge John Marshall


Probably me. HAHA


Our dean was Alexander Acosta.






Joe Lieberman


Omarosa Newman. If she can sit for the bar, anyone can


It was a few classes ahead of me, but in the hall there were photos (headshots) of all the previous graduating classes. One girl was wearing bright red devil horns. Asked how she managed to get away with that and someone said she wore them every day so it was just part of her whole deal.


Well, there was the guest speaker in one class who told us “Hitler was a great leader.”


Maybe I was the crazy one, but I strongly suspected a guy in my section was some kind of undercover LEO or private investigator for the school. He was in his 40s and tried to be the cool guy, always trying to get the scoop on who smoked weed and whatnot. He tried to talk several people (separately) into flying to Colorado to bring back a bunch of weed whenever our student loan checks came through. Mind you, he claimed his wife worked for the DEA (no one ever saw anything to support her existence). He also had this whole big life backstory that just never checked out. I realize a law school would probably be the last place to send an undercover LEO. The most rational explanation I could think of was that he might have been some sort of plant by the school, which was for profit and shut down immediately after I graduated bc they lost their accreditation/ability to receive federal student loans. 🤷🏻‍♂️


That guy who frosted his bagel with cream cheese every morning. That's not how you eat a bagel, my dude.


What are you going on about? I wouldn’t eat a bagel *unless* I had cream cheese. You sure you’re not the crazy one?


No like, he didn't cut it. He put it on top, like a donut.


Okay that’s slightly weird. I could see not wanting to make crumbs in class, but I’d at least have to break off chunks of bagel and schmear them as I go.