Coin mode in nutshell

Coin mode in nutshell


Coin here! Coin here! I SAID COIN HERE


One time we had 7 coins, me and my friend both had 3 and the random teammate had 1. We both were guarding the last coin, our random walked right up to it, and started fighting an enemy instead of grabbing the coin and winning the round. We both died and then lost to the countdown.


yep, it's the worst mode to play with randoms


I wish I had a group to play with.


i befriended every duo i played with that actually passes the balls and eventually, found 2 players who play regularly


I've played 2 matches. And this happened to me in one, luckily we didn't die and won due to countdown


it was my least favorite mode played it once.


FACTS! I knocked em out...just grab em bruh!


I played one match and never touched it again


I really don't like the coin and diamond modes because your teammates never collect them


were struggling with the current playlist


Coin mode made me realize I need to actually join an active crew Playing randos is hard!


I played it once and I've decided it is the worst mode so far


Haven't tried it yet, is it worth a shot? I'm a bit of a Team KO and KO Chaos frog


The downside to it is it requires a lot of teamwork. Each player can only hold 3 coins at once. So if your team has 7 coins (3,3,1) then only one person can grab the last coin. If they aren't paying attention it's hard to win. Alternatively, if your team has 3 coins, and one person has them all, that person is a high value target for the enemy. The enemy can see how many coins each person has and they'll be going after that player


Sounds fun, but also like it'd be hell with randos


You are exactly correct


Basically Cod V2. Everyone just goes for kills.


I think this game mode is the worst out of the bunch


I played one, and we had a dc. And I realized it's impossible to win with a dc, so I never touched it again.


Damn my first matcy I was one of those people. I seen my teammates were not leaving the area and I was like wtf are they doing? Then I seen the one coin sitting there and mashed my up "duhh" emote and felt like a fool. So sorry to whomever


It's my favorite mode because it's the most fun and goes by the fastest. Problem is that playing Coin Hoarder with random guarantees they'll play it like Team KO


I legit am standing on a pile of coins hitting "Coin here!" and my two teamates are battling a rando on the other team with no coins on him. I think most kids trying this mode out think it's just like normal 3v3 mode. They adjust their strategy 0%