Lots of people want a 2v2 gamemode, but what about also a 2v2v2 mode?

Lots of people want a 2v2 gamemode, but what about also a 2v2v2 mode?


I just want a mode that's only dodgeball and no super/ultimates or whatever


Yes and it should take place in a gym like a proper dodgeball game with limited space.


I'm wondering when they will make an "arena" map where there's just open space and 2 teams. Can even go in a more traditional dodgeball rules and not allow teams to cross the middle of the court.


Lol, I love the maps, I just don't understand why the ultimate has to be a thing


How often are ya’ll getting hit by ults? Just dodge away once you hear the beeping or see the purple indicator. Often times the enemy will be vulnerable after exploding so you get a quick hit in.


I don't understand the ult hate, it's there to balance the game. It's a high risk / reward tactic. If you land it, awesome it's a free KO, if you miss it's a guarantee that you will get hit in the face with a counter ball. Also without the ult as an attack to force a group to scatter you would just have 3 characters all in a cluster all the time. That's boring. Ults help break it up. If I could suggest one edit it would be that throwing a character shouldn't be an instant KO but rather a normal dodgeball hit. I'm not sure of the value proposition and balance on that one - other than I guess it's kinda easy to dodge because you can't speed it up and also it means the other team is down a man for a moment because he's taking the place of a ball.


I think the instant KO is fine because its much riskier to throw a teammate than a normal ball since the opponent can catch the player and yeet them off the map


Yep. It's even riskier than getting thrown as an ult because it's so easy to get thrown off the map.


This. I believe ult bring balance to the game, they force groups of 3 people to split up and prevent stale situations.


I agree, it's not hard to avoid. I think I've only seen it abused about once. I just design apps (not video games) for a living, and the ult just boggles my mind as to why you needed to add it. Take a completely balanced, fun game with awesome maps, and you know what we want to add? Basically the noob toob from MW2. It's still balanced, but to me I just keep asking myself "Why did they feel the need to add this?". To me, since it's so powerful, it should be something you have to work up to, like the Tricky meter in SSX. Maybe if you get three KOs in a life, you can charge your teammates up. Then maybe increase the range of the ball to make it more viable. Idunno, just seems silly in a dodgeball game that anyone can turn in to a bomb at any point


I think it was smart to have it because if there is no ult then players can take advantage of the instant KO ballform mechanic. Players would just walk around with a fully charged teammate in ballform in their hands and get easy instant KO’s. The ult prevents that kind of imbalance. That’s also why when you pass a teammate in ballform they instantly turn into an ult because having them as a tier 1 fully charged throwable would be too imbalanced.


Well I think the ball form instant KO is also kind of stupid haha


Thats okay that you think that but then what the hell would he the point in balling yp for someone? Think about it. Its a risk reward factor.


Naw if you catch someone thrown at you, since they can’t be overcharged it’s easy, you get a free kill since you can yeet them off the stage


I think it’s mainly to combat the strategy of an entire team running in tandem and passing between each other and just decimating opponents, if a bombs coming you either get a few cheeky kills or at least split up/disorient them at the cost of being vulnerable and possibly putting yourself in a dangerous spot


Yeah, that's the most plausible reason to me, but I don't think it works well after a certain rank


Yeah my rank isn’t even that high and nobody really does it that much anymore, it’s become easy to avoid and it’s pretty much. a free hit for the other team or even a kill if they’re coordinated, if anyone balls up it’s usually when their teammate doesn’t have a ball or to get a cheeky off guard instant kill on an opponent


Yep, exactly! So I'd just like a mode without it all together somehow


Yeah i think that’d be a pretty good gameplay idea, it probably wouldn’t be hard to implement in a separate mode either, since if you pick up an opponent in a ball you can fully charge them to pink like a regular ball, so just put that charging method in for teammates as well and boom new feature


The problem with charge up times is it directly leads to snowballing for one team and would actually make the game less balanced


Thank you for managing to include 2 of my favorite games of all time into your comment


Those are bad ults lol. If the team is actually working as a team an ult will almost always get you at least one ko


there's nothing wrong with it? if you want it removed you're either bad at taking advantage of it or don't know how to dodge away or stand under cover for 5 seconds.


I never said it was hard to avoid nor do I want it removed. I just want a mode without it


Because its cool


They're really easy to avoid


A traditional rules game where catching equals an out? Sounds like a fun limited time mode!


Catching is really easy so maybe only perfect catches are outs and if you miss the perfect catch window it bounces off your hands or something?


The ultimates are just so inconstant. Sometime it will hit when it clearly should and other times it will miss when you land right on top of them.


Don’t know if someone mentioned it already, but on the website, it says that a 3v3 with no special balls is coming later this season


If you look on the official knockout city website, it says they have plans for a 2v2v2 mode.




I know this will prob be lost in the comments but this game would be so cool to have a enclosed space like rocket league. The boost pads would be replaced with balls and movement could be more fluid with wall running and a sprint function. How cool would it to be passing a ball back and fourth from one teammate on the ground to another wall running, and the opponent not knowing where the balls gonna come from


Wall running sounds like it could be fun. Maybe they can add it into it's own test game mode to see how it works, get it beta tested, and also see how the community like it


Great idea maybe even just add wall running pads in a new level as a special gimmick


I want a hot potato bomb ball only mode


It took me a frustrating amount of time to learn to time those bomb balls better. I would always throw them with just enough time for a person to catch and throw them back before they explode. I'm sure the other person loved it. It made me want to plant my controller in a brick wall. Ugh.




I want a mode that’s just pure chaos. Like a 10v10 thing or something lol.


sounds like ultimates mode only considering how dense the map will be


Already coming: [https://www.ea.com/games/knockout-city/season-1](https://www.ea.com/games/knockout-city/season-1) >Triple Team Chaos - 2v2v2. Hold your own against the other two teams to come out on top.


Is it live? The website makes it look like it's already live. Now I just want to finish work to go play with my friends 👀


Not that I know of... they also mention a normal 4v4 which isn't live either, so my guess is these will replace expiring playlists eventually.


4v4 is confirmed to be coming on Tuesday


Probably when 3v3 expires next week




I’ll do you one better. What about a 2v2v2v2 game mode?


I feel like you say this as a joke, but I honestly think it would work on the bigger maps


I do think so too


They already have a 2v2 mode, look in private match game modes. It's just not in the street play rotation yet


The whole rotation of game modes is stupid to begin with


Why do you think that?


Because why not just have all modes avaible at all times? It sucks knowing that you will probably have to wait weeks or months just for yourfavorite mode to be in rotation. No other game does this


Uh… lots of games do this actually. Fortnite is a big example. The reason why it’s done is to prevent the user base from splitting too thinly. They don’t want to add modes that cause wait times to sky Rocket. So how they get around this is having a small selection. It also helps keep things fresh too. By having modes cycle in and out, there’s less burn out.


\^\^\^\^This exactly, cant let the player base get spread too thin


Longer wait times is preferable over game modes you dont enjoy


Plenty of other games have limited time modes, this isn't a new concept. I was playing Rocket League earlier and they had Tactical Rumble in casual only for a few days. Other limited modes I've played include Rocket Labs, Heatseeker, Gridiron, Spike Ball, Beach Ball, Boomer Ball, etc. Keeps the game fresh with new ideas. No need to have all the game modes accessible all the time to split the player base queue times.


Yesssssss great idea


In the new season they should add 3 small 2v2 maps but yes the 2v2v2s would work perfect on the normal maps


2v2v2 would be sick. And they already have 4 colors in game. Wouldn't be too hard I feel like.


this would be amazing. suggest it in the discord man


They should add a game mode thats special balls only when we get a few more special balls