Stupid, illegal, and dangerous. But, at least you admit to your idiocy.


Trying to repent my driving sins


Even better than repenting: Learn. Remind yourself that you were lucky to get out of that without a scratch. More importantly, as for getting *into* it in the first place: that wasn't bad luck, that was on you.


The pickup truck is also an asshole. He cut off the white car in the turn lane, no? Keep learning and stay safe!


Yes, he pulled out because the car in front of OP was turning, but he was cutting off the white sedan in the oncoming lane - in the rain no less. OP was wrong, which he admitted, but so was that truck.


I didn't see anything like that. It looked to me like there's a bicycle lane and the pickup was just taking the turn at a reasonable (slow) speed.


Oh I mean the other pickup that pulled out and turned left from the right side of OP.


That car was in the left turning lane from the looks of it.


Yeah, so the pickup that OP almost collided with should have waited for the pickup in front of OP to go, and for OP to go, and then for the white car before turning but decided to just yolo it out into traffic.


The left turn pick up didn't do anything wrong. The white car clearly slowed down, they either waved the pick up on or were going to turn. The left turn pickup didn't start making their turn until the right turn pick up was clearly turning right, meaning they were clear. This is a normal situation for city driving. OP was the only one who acted unpredictably.


Person on the main road has right of way, so the person on the side street has to wait. The correct order here would have been pickup in front of OP makes a right turn, OP goes straight, white car makes a left turn when safe to do so, pickup OP nearly hit makes a left turn when safe to do so. Waving someone on instead of following the rules of the road is the definition of unpredictable. On the road, be predictable, not polite. While OP is definitely the biggest idiot in this situation, the pickup he nearly hit isn't exactly a genius either.


I understand the rules of the road, this isn't a question of legality. The white car let him in. While that move is stupid, at that point the pick up turning was *very* predictable. I see this exact situation, minus the OP crossing double lines to pass, multiple times every day. It's illegal to speed but people go over the limit all the time. The real world can be different than a textbook. Context is important. In this exact situation, the pick up didn't do anything wrong. There's a clear distinction between cutting someone off and that person waiving their right of way. The white car shouldn't have by any means, but I'm discussing the pick up specifically.


Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see anything suggesting the white car let the other pickup truck in. The white car is in a turn lane and I can't really see any indication of letting the other truck go ahead. Looks to me like the pickup truck simply turned when he didn't have right of way.


As OP starts to cut over the double yellow, the white car appears to be stopped already. I can clearly see he's stopped well before where the turn would be made. He had at least ten feet to go before making that left turn. It's logical to assume he waived his right of way. There was no reason for him to be stopped short, unless he was already anticipating the pick up turning left. At 4-5 seconds, the white car is already stopped when the pick up starts to turn though, so I don't think he was just being defensive. I don't ever waive right of way personally. You're 100% right about being predictable, not nice. If I was in OPs viewpoint though, I would've seen this unfolding before actually seeing it. Where I am, this is normal. The left lane can't turn because of the right turning car, so the car that's supposed to give way takes advantage.


Maybe? I don't like to assume things like that personally, but I agree it happens all the time. I think part of the issue here is the perspective of the dash cam, we don't really get to see what happened just before OP went through the intersection.


The best way to do that is to not look at it as a one-off mistake, but rather as the inevitable result of bad driving habits. Nobody just does something like this once, out of the blue. It's an habitual type of behavior that comes from poor self discipline, poor self restraint, and lack of patience. People do shit like this because they see driving as a selfish game of "dodge the traffic" instead of a collaborative effort to all get where we are going safely.


I puckered up a little on that one...


Why hurry so much? It has no point. I did it in the past and it does not worth it. Safety first. Balance speed with safety and economy


Not to excuse the maneuver here, but a delivery driver working for tips has a financial incentive to hurry. Faster deliveries means more deliveries in a shift, means more tips. Capitalism frequently incentivized speed over safety.


Saving two seconds doesn't mean you can deliver any more orders, though. You'd have to do that 1800 times to save an hour.


Yeah I’m sure those few extra tips you get will cover an increase in insurance costs or traffic tickets.


*guy almost causes crash* “Fucking capitalism”


Guy asks: "why hurry?" Answer: "money"


Poor excuse. Find something else to blame your sad life on.


> Not to excuse the maneuver here...


Damn near fucked there Jim. Glad you made it but even without the close call ya gotta know that's probably not the best way to save a bit of time. I like efficient work while on commission too but yeesh man, lol


Don’t take this the wrong way but fuck you.


Appreciate you for admitting your mistake..really appriciate..drive safe bro...:)


Kudos for admitting your mistake mistake sharing it with us in order to hopefully prevent a similar mistake by someone else. Stay safe.


Well you may be a moron, but at least you have a good reaction time


I deliver for a living, so trust me. The gains from driving fast for 5 years without issue will be undone by a single incident. I do stupid shit off the clock because I want to have fun, to make money it makes no sense.


Be safe. Drive safely.


Learning from mistakes is the best thing you can do with mistakes!


Thanks for posting, the only seconds that matter are in the bedroom


it's never going to be worth it man, ever.


Deliver an order... if you mean for Doordash or a similar company, quit today. Their system is so predatory on drivers, it encourages you to rush for no reason.


whoah! that was VERY close


Props to you for admitting your own fault


Cool, don’t do that again


Casually trying to murder your fellow roadmates I see. Glad you realize it's a mistake but it's really disappointing that someone like this can get a licence in the first place. It's pretty fucking obvious the double yellow lines aren't optional and even a driver with no physical experience should know that.


Now now, you did save a couple of seconds.


Tells us to drive safe after driving like a dip shit


Who’s better to give advice: the one who has been there and done it and knows how it is or the one never experienced it?


Well, I'd take driving advice from OP after literally anyone else


He just said to be careful. He isn't teaching us how to theshold brake or clutch-kick in rally driving.


You give me way too much credit. But thank you.


Listen to the message. Not the messenger.




Save that move for the McDonald’s drive through spilling into the road ;)


Damn that was some reflexes. Be safe out there. I bet you need new pants after that one though


This is what I imagine the first chapter of Snowcrash being like.


Been delivering lately and I find even worrying about the next light is worthless, drive the limit and ya get there when ya get there. Not worth risking anyone’s well-being, an accident or a ticket. Glad you learned your lesson! Drive safe