just make all challenge xp double


That would probably be the best option. If all challenge XP were doubled we'd have 556,000 XP of wiggle room which is about 5 weeks worth of quests, or a bunch of annoying milestones


It ain’t even about getting to level 200 in one week. It’s about being able to get there in a reasonable amount of time and effort. I don’t play only Fortnite, and I have a life outside of games in general. I don’t want to play for hours a day for weeks on end just to get Gold Vader or whatever there is this season.


I started last season late, but was able to juuuust squeeze out getting lvl 200 with a solid month of consistently playing. I was hoping to be able to spread that exhausting month of playtime across the whole season this time so I didn’t feel burnt out.


Same here. Last season I hopped on with 2 1/2 weeks left and was able to grind to level 190. Was hoping to spend this season taking it nice and easy assuming they’d keep the same XP system. Guess not 🥲


This. I tried getting to level 200 last season and I couldn’t. I shouldn’t need to do an xp glitch or afk xp in order to get something that I should get from just quests


I had the time for this effort like three years ago with no job and no rent. Now I’m an adult I guess fortnite just hates adults :(


Nah, they don’t hate us, they love us! In fact, they love us so much they gave us an option to buy not-real shit with real money! So we don’t actually have to play! Ain’t that so nice of them???


Perfectly said


I agree. Bonus rewards should be hard to get but not hard where you have to put hours out of a day to get it. I'm lucky enough to have stw but if I didn't I would have only been level 2 by now


You play 2 games a week and want the max lvl rewards?


I have pretty much already decided I am not bothering with the BP, which means I am not bothering playing at all. I did not make it to 200 last season and it seems like it eon't happen without making the game a complete chore this season, so I am not going to waste my time, or my money. Its also just feels bad. I have not played a lot this season, maybe 5 matches, but I did not even gain one level. Like WTF. Hell the BP isn't even that exciting. I am more interested in this momth's Mecha club skin (which I won't get since I refuse to support this with money.) And it won't matter. I miss a cycle and chances are I will simply be out for good.


Haha what a post. God bless you my man


The season is longer.


This Season's XP is so demotivating.


It makes me wanna play the game less


Honestly same here. Logging in and seeing that I'm barely halfway through the first page is just so damn demoralising. Actually just playing the game gives such little exp now that I've mainly been getting my dailies a snap piece or two and logging off jts too daunting


I've actually decided to just drop the game. I might jump back in in a month or so to get Indiana, but I've decided I have better things to do with my life than allow this game to occupy not only my time, but also my mental space. It was fun, but time to move on I think.


It's backfiring on Epic it seems




It always does. The greed/grind killed halo infinite in 2 months. And that game had a lot of hype behind it


Let’s be real, epic has always been quick and responsive when the community lashes out. 343 doubles down and insults the community


Right? I played several hours on Launch day, played a fair bit yesterday too and I'm barely scratching level 7 after finishing all dailies, weeklies and a number of milestones. It made me close the game out of frustration three times already. Not because the season isn't fun, but only because I'm not getting rewarded AT ALL for the time I'm putting in. I'm not big on this season's battlepass to begin with but not even getting battle stars to reward myself for all that work is what's really killing the fun.


Same, I just reached level 7 today and feels really slow.


Likewise. I usually like to play a few matches after I do my daily challenges, but right now it's such a chore.


True! Now i only play when friends call...


Epic’s intentions for increasing the XP like this is to convince people to either buy levels or play so much that they can show potential investors it. The results will be people deciding not to buy the Battle Pass or not finishing it


People will be buying it with Vader and Indy no matter what, only then realizing how hard it is. Not finishing though, that's more likely


The main issue with XP is that it forces you to go to STW or creative if you wanna level up. If I'm playing BR it just feels like I'm wasting time which is just stupid design. Reward people who actually play the main game mode.


This issue exists because they've never actually tried to fix the BR XP issues. 90% of the XP you earn in a season is backloaded into challenges. Dailies, Weeklies, Milestones - *those* are always where you get amounts of XP from that actually matter and level you up, meanwhile if you play BR without doing any of those, you get absolute jack XP for it. And EVERY time Epic makes the XP terrible and the complaints get so bad that they have to make changes to fix it, they ALWAYS change the XP values on challenges. Never ONCE have they just gone and increased the XP values for just doing things like getting kills, or fishing, or anything else that you do during a BR match. If they just would fix that, so that people could earn a good and fair amount of XP without needing challenges to supplement it, then the problem could likely be fixed forever.


If they did it to normal gameplay they know that people wont need to play weekly for the challenges. They do this every-time they switch it up, get everyone worried about xp, buff it for challenges then everyone gulps up the challenges every week.


At least if you got more XP for doing BR stuff like elims that would be incentive to do it. Otherwise you're sparing yourself sitting through joining matches, by fixating on the less risky stuff like the non-combat quests. Relying on quests is a bit meh because independently of how well you play, you're left hoping Epic will unveil enough quests to actually succeed. (Those last minute gold spending quests got me to the threshold of what I wanted, but I would have tuned in for the event anyway)


Yup. Arena gives you points for surviving and getting elims. BR modes should reward players XP for playing a match well whether it's getting to top 10 or racking up kills.


The good thing with the challenges is that even people without enough skill to win more than 2-3 games a season can get XP this way. The bad thing is that getting more than a win (umbrella) is not even rewarding anymore.


What if for every storm u survive in one match it adds an xp mutipler to all current xp earned in that match? Like it could go up to over 5x? Also I feel a win in br should at least give u half a level.


I guess im just gonna have to grind STW more. I bought it two weeks ago and only completed the first few pages of missions so far. Thankfully I'm loving that game mode a ton lol




If I remember we can figure out a time and I’ll give you some level 130 weapons for free :)


That's not needed but thank you :) I'm actually liking the grind of having to get weapons and kinda worried that having a max weapon so soon would ruin it slightly. Thanks again though!


To be completely honest having a max weapon helps a ton. you cant craft it without a schematic and you cant evolve it at the current level. since it has durability just having it as an in case relieves a lot of tension. I was given a level 50 pistol. I rarely use it and only in cases where i need to quickly run through a part or i lack power for a boss. mines at 1/4 durability and i hope i'll come across another person later on. it makes things more fun since we can relax and play.


Haha have fun


Free stuff? Let me just scoot on over here. "So do ya like jazz?"


I love jazz! Do you need a gun or two lol


Naw I'd kinda just want someone to play it with lol. I've had the game since season 3 chap one (limited edition) but I've only ever played it on my own for vbucks and exp. I've made like at least 14000vbucks in that time I think from it just doing dailys challenges and scrap books, as well as log in. But I've never been really motivated to progress the story lol.


I do need somebody to do an endurance with for xp! Would you be willing to help me out sometime?




Ign is Aztracity I'll probably be around tm for some games after 3pm.


EST? That’s kind of important to know😂


For console? How does this work?


So I would invite you to join my storm shield and then when we get in I give you some stuff and leave. Do you need anything?


Being downvoted for being nice classic




For what it's worth, they nerfed STW xp by a decent chunk this season as well lolsob


Doesn't force you to do anything. Play what mode you like and do quests if you want to.


You missed the point completely


You're right, thats the way it should be, except the experience in BR is so awful, it feels pointless to play.


If Epic is going to keep changing the XP rates (with or without questlines etc) every season, they need to add some kind of disclaimer on purchasing the pass approximately how long it will take to complete. The pass is $9.50. If I’m gonna get it, I’d like to be able to unlock all the content I pay for without making Fortnite a second job. Like really. It’s $10. If you’re gonna be a stingy company with making the rewards unobtainable for casual players then make that clear up front.


The uncertainty makes it less fun for me. Wondering if dragging myself through gameplay that, by late season has gotten rather dull, will even come close to finishing it. I'm not worried that "too many" players will get rewarded for playing during that \~3 month period of time. It's like a curve where there's a sweet spot where it's exciting to see playing the game pay off, vs too far to the other hand being exhausted relief that it's finally done. (and possibly not even wanting to play the next season as a result)


Apparently they just doubled XP gains today, so I’ll take a look and see if it’s worth it. Last season I got to 186 and really only played the last month while doing a few STW missions here and there


You got any source on that claim?


Yeah. [Fact check deez nuts](https://www.reddit.com/r/FortNiteBR/comments/v70fx4/epic_has_pushed_a_hotfix_buffing_accolade_xp_all/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Well that's just Fan-damn-tastic. Let's see if it helps!


I’m actually pretty unmotivated to play the game now, thanks to these garbage milestones, the low xp gain and the actual buff the level cap got from s2-3 aka it went from 75-80k. It’s actually just bad. Hell they nerfed milestones from 7k to 5k. This is actually really bad


me too


Here’s to hoping epic actually buffs xp or gives us more challenges with xp. If not…I’ll see you in Fortnite amongus for xp grinding


Which they nerfed as well, you're forgetting 😛


Wait…it was nerfed once before to an average of 8-10k per match. Please don’t tell me they nerfed it twice?!


I tried playing near the end of last season and Inwas aberaging like 6k per round, it was awful.


I used to grind it, and don't even care about winning, but the XP there also feels like trash and there are so many groups that just ruin the entire mode. It does not matter if you are the imposter or an agent, groups break and ruin the game.


Milestones aren't worth it anymore. They never really were IMO (so much grind for barely anything), but now it's even worse.


At least with ch3 s2 I could get 2 milestones fully completed in one day. Destroy structures and buy stuff from vending machines, use tanks to destroy structures and just buy boatloads of ammo from vendors


The milestones should be much more significant than they are currently. Why would I spend an inordinate amount of time and effort for 5k XP when I could just play a single game of Imposters or other Creative mode for ten minutes. I ignore them entirely since they have zero influence on whether I complete the battlepass or not. They should be tougher and worth like $80k/full level or something


Same here.


Yeah it’s a bit lame I don’t play fortnite often but last season I was able to get to 126 casually but with my playtime from yesterday I got lvl 2 and today barely got to 3 it’s a bit ridiculous


It's good to see pretty much everyone agrees the XP this season is garbage. Everyone except epic, unfortunatly.


To be fair Epic did change the xp for CH2S8 due to feedback so here’s hoping they know that it’s bad and they’re working to fix it


They've changed it many times. This is consistent pattern and why I don't complain (yet). I just do my dailies , maybe a half hour playing some XP game, then wait until next day.


I mean the community is happy when xp is decent and thinks epic listens to them. I’m honestly surprised how gullible this sub is. Y’all fr think epic wouldn’t of learned there lesson. It’s kinda obv they do something stupid, and then fix it and make it look like they listen to a lot of the community, which makes people wanna play and spend more.


TL;DR: epics playin yall


At least Creative AFK was still around back then. Last season and now this season feel like the worst we’ve ever had it


Creative AFK is still there. It’s just lower than it was last season. I sit in “Escape the World” with an infinite-type emote and reach my max daily creative XP in 30 min.


devs we are supposed to vibe not grind


I would just like to feel I am getting exp at a reasonable rate. I don’t really enjoy much outside the main game Modes and I think Epic being unwilling to improve exp forces a lot of people into exp glitches or maps where they risk account bans and permanent exp reductions because players fall for those who push the scummy maps.


There is a guy in these comments claiming he hit level 10 in 6 games. LMAO! I don't understand the need to say such a stupid lie.


Tbh even going back to the system last season would be fine, at least you could get more than 1 FUCKING LEVEL FROM COMPLETING A LOT OF MILESTONES!!!


Milestones in Chapter 3, Season 1 felt perfect to me. Then they nerfed it in Season 2. And now it’s dead


All the levels are 80K XP. In every other game, and season with an XP system the levels get harder to get the higher level they are. Having level 2 require 80K XP to get is demotivating for people. I get that it's to make sure everyone gets equal value for buying levels no matter where they are in the pass, but now it feels like you're barely making progress through the pass. You require 15,920,000 XP for level 200 this season. You'll get 1,872,000 total from dailies, 3,706,000 from season quests, 2,660,000 from milestones assuming you do all of them, and I'm unsure of how much from the dialogue quests. Math it up and you'll need 7,682,000 XP more for level 200. I personally don't want to dedicate my entire summer to getting level 200 since I do have a life outside of Fortnite.


I don’t even need to get to 200. I think I only need, what, 140 to get the bonus styles that are actually different. But man…it’s pretty bad right now.


Epic Games had better be reading this megathread.


Main issue is that the game just isn't fun enough for me to play consistently. If I at least got some sense of accomplishment by leveling up at a decent rate, I'd accept it. But ever since sbmm and crossplay was introduced, I haven't been able to play for much longer than 1 hour. Last season I only played maybe twice a week, it's just not motivating.


Just chiming into say removing resistance quests, increasing the xp per level to 80k, getting rid of faster initial leveling, removing a lot of milestones, milestones giving out less XP and weekly quests giving less XP all in one update is fucking awful.


People saying the season being longer makes it okay... no. I have a full time job. Hitting 200 shouldnt be another one.


New season, time to nerf XP to the ground again and piss people off Mwahahaha People complain "Surprised Pikachu face"


Even STW XP is nerfed, I used to get 360K XP now it 240K That’s not a nerf that’s a freaking murder


Is that from endurance? I'm still new to STW and not that far yet.


The amount he got is from endurance but all missions give xp


Cool. Hopefully I'll be able to get to endurance stuff in a month or two. I'm liking that missions give xp too. Finally got to battle level 5 after a few missions today.


If you’re currently available, I’m running an endurance, if you wanna join.


I left home an hour ago sadly lol. Thanks for the invite though.




You cant get to level 200 by afking for a month. That's 10 days more than last season. Not really a huge nerf to be mad over since you will complete everything in 1/3 of the season by just afking


You can't afk Creative anymore, right?


They mean AFK STW


It just seems so asinine, make the first milestones garbage xp, but surely the 20th quest should drop huge xp. Some of those milestones ain’t easy.


fucking cash registers


Hey epic, if you’re reading this, the game is unrewarding to play, and as a result, I’m not going to fucking play until significant changes


Finally someone who understands that the only way anything will change is by players acting on it instead of whining online while still playing for hours on end and spending money on V-Bucks.


XP is terrible this season, I completed all challenges, and if I’m being honest, also did the xp glitch, and I’m only level 8. That’s just ridiculous. Epic, you’ve fixed xp in the past and I know you can now. Please do. Either lower the amount needed for next level, or raise how much you get for challenges. Either way, it needs to happen.


What is the xp glitch? Asking for a friend


Tame a wolf and you can shoot it in the head infinite times and get the headshot challenge done Probably not the one they are talking about tho


I am lvl 10 I think And only play zero build


18 but 2 days of almost no lifing the game.


i find it to be ass it takes way to long to get a level compared to before


Make milestone worth the act


Epic be like You gonna have to EARN this battle pass


Yea this is stupid, every season you guys nerf it. You need to triple XP gains right now. There is no way I did all the week 1 seasonal, every daily since it started and collected all of snaps available parts and I'm not even level 10. I bought the pass already like a goof but this genuinely makes me want to not play or support you guys. I'll play because I enjoy the game regardless but if it continues to feel like a war of attrition and you're wasting my time I'll get off the game sooner rather than later.


Look, all I can really contribute is my own personal expereince which is that when the season went live, I was fortunate enough to have the weekend off to play it, and I gotta say that despite being able to put so much extra time into the game, it was pretty damn dissapointing that after getting this time all to myself to play the game all I wanted, I only got to level 6. I doubt I'm going to be able to have so much free time again for a while so it bummed me out pretty hard that despite having the time and the effort (winning games, completing all the quests) I barely scratched the surface and haven't even completed page 1.


I just want to put out here that even when you get a 10 kill win you still get only like 5k xp. And with how sbmm works and the fact that you can get sprayed down by an smg in a second (even with full shield + overshield) it’s unlikely you’re going to get enough for the xp to be worth it


I feel like xp has been harder to get ever since they introduced the paid level-up packs


Stop making XP a bitch to earn every season, jesus christ epic


Bring back the XP system from C2S1. It was relaxing, rewarding, and you could get to decently high levels with not very consistent gameplay. The challenges have you shit loads of XP, the dailies gave somewhere around 90k iirc, and the Stretch Goals gave 800k a piece. Also, the rewards at higher levels (banners at level 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and fully corrupted scratch at 350) were nice little rewards and weren’t an absolutely insane and obnoxious grind. I got to level 343 in C2S1, and I basically didn’t play for an entire month during that season. Could’ve definitely gotten 400+ had I actually played during that month. It was just that easy. Bring that system back, it was fun and relaxing, and it fits the “Vibin” theme of this season.


Makes me feel like BR is a waste of my time, which sucks because I don’t really like Creative very much and I absolutely do not want to play STW.


I’ve just been playing STW but even that feels like it’s taking a lot longer.


Every modes xp gain is really good as creative is an odd case imposters is an easy farm and save the world is generous with xp. In battle royale the normal passive xp (elims or just random occurances) do absolutely nothing. The challenge nerfs were undeserved as last season was already pretty bad. All of this feels like corporate greed so we can just buy the level up pack later this season or the 25 levels. I would recommending most nerfs this season get reversed and the resistance quest equivalent this season gets a slight buff compared to last season. Though unlikely I do want a sort of compensation to the xp lost.


Also the 75k to 80k per level is really dumb as people complained about the nerf to exp from level 1-10 (or twenty I forgot) and keeping that system and making it worse spits in the face of the community. I don’t want to rush to level 200 like an imposters grinding madman I just want to have fun and these changes are nothing more than added stress


I think it’s honestly ridiculous that doing all your daily challenges doesn’t even give you a full level. Yes this season is longer than most but if you don’t get at least a level a day you won’t be able to even reach level 100, let alone 200. Games should be fun, not a grindfest-y burden


Not playing, til the XP is fixed. Have more important things to do in my life than play Fortnite all day.


way too much grinding, me, i stopped caring, now i just get enuf BP vbucks and that's enuf not like the matchmaking is fair so players are just getting used, manipulated and bullied :(


What’s with Epic suddenly making level 200+ players top priority? I heard this season’s going to be longer but shouldn’t they just keep the XP gain the same as last season, or at least double it? From my experience, before they even added super styles or whatever, it was never ever about getting extra (barely) half-decent purple or gold styles. Even now it’s not entirely about that, since most people play the game for the sake of.. gaming, whether that be via a competitive game mode or casually for fun. The battle bass is optional in the end, it’s more of an added bonus in which most of the skins & items are things you may not even want during your progression. So what’s with the lack of XP? Why dampen everyone else’s experience (especially those who can’t even play often & do have an interest in the bp$ just so you can make getting to Level 200 & higher a little more difficult? That just doesn’t add up.


Thanks for buffing Accolade XP but we need a buff to Challenges XP too


The XP actively makes me want to play the game less. I'm not getting rewarded for putting time into playing the game and doing challenges etc.


>THE SEASON JUST STARTED! WE HAVE FOUR MONTHS! - People that don’t understand basic math.


Increase the amount of XP per daily Quest and muitple match XP by 1.5 more


Multiple match XP?


xp like killing boars for example


they should buff it a bit more, even if this season is longer i dont think its fair to people who cant always play


Played for probably 6+ hours since seasons been out doing challenges and won 3 games, only level 8 right now, feels so slow and makes playing feel like a chore


I won a game of trios and we had 23 kills as a squad and we didn’t even get half a level


Held off on the battle pass because it's summer, and I like to spend time outside. Not sure I will bother getting it at this point if I am going to have to spend hours Inside everyday. My daughter didn't even get to 100 last season, and I won't bother springing for a pass for her unless she gets close. Had to grind the last night to get my son to lv177? because he picked up the level quest but didn't have time to run around picking things up (kept getting distracted by battles). Meant I only made 192, and would have been near impossible to get anywhere as the milestones start to be a grind. Simply put, completing the weeklies should put you on track for lvl100. 3-4 days of completing 3 dailies should get you to 175. The milestones are just a grind at the end. There are like 8 I can count on just playing my usual game. the rest... How often the last 2 weeks I spent games driving through the woods with a tank or cattlecatcher mod just trying to knock down trees. Trying to remember to jump out anytime I saw a bounty board, and rebooting teammates and vaults were out as I play solos most of the time (can't stand playing duos with my son).


each of the three dailies should give you 1 level each tbh


I just barely reached level 200 by the end of last season, my final level was 203, epic really need to do something


I’m starting to think about leaving fortnite because it is starting to feel more like a chore instead of a videogame; and I also have a life outside video games, we are in summer we are supposed to travel and do fun things not to sit there and just play a game for hours.


Is it just me or are you guys having trouble playing this season so far? Definitely needs some patches and what not but I understand Fortnite’s at it’s sweatiest point of the past 2-3 years currently with the new season and no build modes but typically I’d get about 3-5 wins a day and I’m struggling to even place this season each time I think I’ve killed someone they turn on me kill me and somehow always still have 80-120HP when I know I’ve rocked them f or well over 200hp idk if it’s glitches with the guns or what but it’s like half of my bullets are blanks in every mag I shoot? It shows I’m doing tremendous amounts of damage on my side enough to the point where I’ve actually reported numerous players for hacking because I’ve never seen anything quite like this. Anyone know why you can do over 200hp on someone and then they turn on you and kill you with still 80-120hp? Totally nonsensical I know I’ve just not heard anyone else make this complaint but I know I can’t be the only one!


Ya I feel like a noob since Sunday and I’m pretty good


Once the hype dies down it shouldn’t be so tough but I couldn’t agree more I’d consider myself to be in the top 5-10% in terms of skill/ gunplay like I’m sure you’d consider yourself but it’s nearly cringey watching me right now 🤣


Literally exactly how I’m feeling too lmao


I miss those XP coins from Chapter 2 Season 2.


Epic is the only gaming company that instead of fixing the issue they make a chat page about it💀


2 wins in 4 trios games and I’m still only level 5 lmao buff this shit


You waited for people to buy the tiers before you buffed it. Epic 👎🏻




It's finally time!


I bought the crew pack just so i can get fucked epic?


I got to level 11 on day 1....after 2 wins, all weeklies done, and more grinding, so yeah, it's safe to say that XP is fucked. IMO quests should always give 1/3 of a level and milestones should always give 1/5th of a level, as well as their bonus goals giving 1/2 a level.


Litteraly 1984


I personally don't think that the big issue is the lowering of XP rewards from quests (though that certainly is annoying), but rather, the removal of the Resistance quests. At least for me, when the normal season quests got too grindy, the Resistance quests acted as an easier source of XP. While the removal of Resistance quests themselves makes sense, I definitely think that something like them should return. Especially with Geno and flower person entering the storyline...


As a compensation for this season’s awful xp, multiply levels that we earned by 2.5 (not bought)


as someone who barely skims the final bonus cosmetics of any given battle pass with just a few hours left; pls ebic don't hold me hostage I actually have less free time to play fortnite compared to last season


I think the XP amount would be fine if you only got more from milestones, Dailies, and regular match XP including boosting forage/chest etc.


Just fix the br xp how does stw and creative give 200-400k and br you get like 5k if that after a win what a joke


Last season I had no trouble getting XP but this season it feels like I'm barely getting stuff! I did my weeklies, dailies, STW RTDs, and milestone runs I'm not too crazy to get to 100 in one second but I want to feel like I'm at least progressing a little more I should be on page 3 by now! Really ironic for a season with chill vibes having to make it absurdly grindy


Epic the XP for Chapter 3 Season 3 needs to seriously be Buffed for Battle Royale. It feels like an eternity to gain 1 level. In Chapter 2 Season 8 the XP amount was perfectly balanced.


The game doesn’t feel rewarding to play with all these quests and missions having their XP rewards halved


Why not just give tons of exp ? Who ever complained they get too much ?


Literally just double the amount of xp for all the challenges and it would be a good xp system 😂


I am just waiting for people to somehow defend Epic games and say that it's our fault if we don't reach tier 200.


The xp gain is depressing, the fact that everything xp related has been nerfed also is even worse. Play none stop all day doing every challenge out - level 5. Creative is half, imposters is half. and level 1-2 was 80k xp, that's the same xp it took to get from a level at over 200 last season. It already feels extremely impossible to hit the 200, worse than knowing Omega was impossible without buying out the battle pass day 1


Less XP for weekly challenges, more XP required to level up in general- am I missing anything else? If not, that’s just a blatant attempt to make us take even longer. Last season required a constant grind of the Imposters mode in addition to every daily, weekly, and almost every milestone to effectively get to 200 before the end


It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. It will change, eventually. In the interim Epic really wants you to buy those 25 levels. Honestly we all know what this is, even if we hate it. But I agree, I’ve got other games I’d like to play. Fortnite needs to carve out a better space for casual gamers, especially during the Summer in which they will struggle to compete with other activities


Ehhhhhh, had been considering to take a season off anyway, and the blah XP situation is doing its best to make me fully commit to that. Last season, I played every day except for about the final week (when I still played, but not daily). Did three dailies every day for the bonus XP. Did every weekly challenge. Did every Resistance challenge. Did the concert thing. Did the special weapon challenges (for Sideways guns and tracer/railgun) almost completely except for the last damage stages because those were grindy and I think couldn't even be done in TR. Played my go-to Creative map (some chill Deathrun map) for 20k-30k XP once or twice per week on average. And I bought the Level-Up Pack (mostly because the Omega Knight skin was fairly dope). I did *not* go out of my way to grind milestones... though I technically grinded "Damage IO forces" and "Deal damage with tanks/turrets" because the game essentially placed an empty tank right next to respawning IO dudes during the battle for Tilted, and it was hella fun to blow those suckers up. All of that... and I only made it past the Level 200 mark because of the Level-Up pack. The one that gave, what, 28 levels? So I would've been around 180 without spending extra cash. After playing the game pretty much every day for 1-3 hours on average. And now... the XP gain was REDUCED while the level cost was INCREASED? All so I can grind EVEN HARDER? And LONGER? For, what was it? THREE MONTHS? Or FOUR? Nah, I think I'm good, thanks. I have a full-time job, I don't need another part-time job on the side that actually gets *worse* as I progress through the seasons. The Battle Pass looks alright, and I like most of the skins, but Fortnite is not only trying to become the only game I have time to play, it's trying to become the only thing I have time for after work, period. So I'll take the season's motto by heart and just play once or twice per week when I feel like it. And the rest of the time will be spent more productively. If you love this game so much that you *want* to play it for several hours every day and additionally grind StW, Impostors, Zone Wars, or whatever... good for you. I'm happy for you. But be aware that there are many more people out there who will start looking elsewhere if the grind gets too absurd. I really hope that "Pink Vader" (or whatever the final "super" style is going to be) won't become the next "Golden Peely" or "Omega Lights".


Eliminations, Survival, and Placement/Victory should award more than what they do. It should not be ~150 eliminations to get the same XP you would get from completing some random challenge to throw cabbage 100 meters.


I think Epic heard me too well when I said "NEVER AGAIN" when it came to getting level 200 in C3S2.


theres no high exp challenges


Horrible, I have to do all my daily quests to level up once and at level 1 you have 80,000 xp


Add a better xp gain when in normal BR matches, I like to get rewards for playing the main mode, and do things in the main mode, like kills, surviving, finding stuff etc… these grant you like… nothing, playing BR or not playing it aside for dailies and weeklies will not even get you a level by the end of the season…


I'm glad I wasn't imagining this, playing this weekend, xp gain did seem very slow.


I actually have a problem I really need some answers to: my radio keys randomly unbound themselves at the beginning of the season, how do I rebind them? Playing on controller btw. Sorry, I know it’s off topic, but I can’t find any solutions myself.


The accolade buff is not enough. The grind feels hopeless without the super charge buff.


I honestly just feel leveling up is a rare occurence this season. Maybe not rare, but still much harder than last season. Battle royal itself should give more XP and the amount you need to level up should be reduced. A system that could possibly work is the longer you play, the more XP you get per match (with a limit of course). Maybe an XP multiplier with the may being x2 XP but you have to play for 3 hours. I'm just saying ideas here, it could probably be abused somehow, but I couldn't really think of other unique ideas. When players buy the battle pass, they want the things in the battle pass. If you make it so the average player who maybe plays 3-5 hours a day can't get to tier 200 in time, the game becomes frustrating for those who got and were excited to get the battle pass rewards. In the end, I feel that we all want a change to the XP system, or at least make it easier to get levels. Just a disclaimer, I play the game more than the average player, I was just speaking for those who play a little less. Even I'm worried I might not get the super styles this season


I one 2 games back to back and had 26 kills between those games and didn’t level up a single time




i love these threads on this sub because whenever they happen 90% of the time it just means : we're sick of yall complaining have some false hope and speak into the void for a while!


It already feels like a grind and we're 2 days in.


You guys should add XP Coins and a Milestone for it. Those were actually fun to do.


Took me 16 hours total (two eight-hour sessions) of STW, Creative and BR explained to even get to level 25. What the Hell? (The only reason I had the time to test this out is because I am currently in a hotel with nothing to do)


Make xp EXACTLY like last season. It was 100% PERFECT!!


I got to level 10 in 2 days, I think I'm going to be fine for the next 98 days.


It is too hard, I just want to get the Darth Vader skin (without the level buying of course)


It seems they buffed accolade xp... what is accolade?


Some advice, friends: don't buy the Battle Pass. I grinded the battle passes for almost three years. Then I stopped. It was so freeing. No battle pass, no grind, no pressure to play daily. The game becomes much more enjoyable.


You got downvoted, but you are correct. I don't blame the people who downvoted you, though. Most of them are victims of FOMO without even fully realizing it. Heck, I'm not *much* better and have a long way to go, but at least my episodes of clarity are becoming more frequent, and I take seasons off every now and then.


In the meantime before they (hopefully) fix exp rates - [This](https://www.fortnitexp.net/) calculator is perfect for tracking where you need to be to get the end of season rewards (level 100 & 200)


Is the pit still one of the best xp methods?


I think epic is leaning on these creators to ease up in XP. Red vs Blue was a great way to get a few levels in an hour, but now it's a lot tougher. I just stopped playing Flight Frenzy, so stingy on the xp, and other reasons


I thought the same at first because I was only getting 500xp per kill in the pit, but it gradually increased to 1k per kill over about an hour of playtime. Haven't been able to play any more yet though.


Last season I played for a weekly 90 minute session with the boys and then maybe random 30-60 minute sessions once every two-three weekd and bought the level up pass and easily got to 152. My goal is to make level 100 but this season I'm a little worried. I guess Epic increases the Exp gain after all the random whales purchased their BP levels.