i get less XP from winning with 14 kills than i do from discovering a blowhole in the ground. so yeah....


you get less XP from winning with 14 kills than doing 8 braindead tasks in Impostors


please don’t make them nerf xp again to “fix” that


i think the Imposters XP gain is fine. the main BR mode needs to change to catch up. it's silly that I can get more XP from creative maps and an among us rip off than the main gameplay i play this game for


nah I gotchu bro lol impostors use to give out a LOT more xp tho like 50k lmfao and so when people complained they couldn’t get anywhere near that in BR they just halved the imposters xp instead 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ extremely rare L for Epic here


You get xp for blow holes? I’m gonna go find those now


theyre near and around logjam btw


3 more by synapse and risky


Also near the rocky.


How many are there in total? I thought it was 3 in total? 1 in logjam 1 in synapse and 1 in condo


I haven't seen the condo one but I have seen the ones by Rocky and the butter barn. Maybe theyre near most named areas?


That’s so much. 😅 when I found the last one it said 3/3


I didn't even notice that quest. I found the first one while in the middle of a fight and didn't know why I launched up in the air, but it saved me.


Yeah i thought it was a “secret klombo quest” cause that’s what it said. And same I didn’t know about them until i heard it walking right by it.


Fun fact: you can just go off the same one three times for the quest


Yes. There is 3 in that area alone. 3 near logjam as well. They are both secret quest and since last update, it seems they added a lot more locations.


What do you have to do with them? I keep running past them all the time.


they have holes on them. you just need to walk over the hole and it'll blast you into the air like a launchpad.


That gets you xp every time it first time like the secret xp quests


14 kills is like 30k xp in a TDM custom mode in 5 minutes or less


Lmao, so true.


Meanwhile I have a friend who only does STW and he's hit 400


Yeah good that they made STW Slightly more worthwhile


And that's totally whack. No big deal if someone likes that mode and the others, but no one should have to play them just to complete the BP+extras.


Yeah stw got me to like lvl 315


Nice! I’m mid 250’s with stw, and that’s only playing a couple of hours a day


What is STW?


This season has been a slog. I feel like I am playing more and getting way less. At this point last season I think I had hit 200, or was close. Considering I work 40 hrs a week and have a life outside of games, I thought that was pretty good. :) The season before that I hit 260, and it never felt like I was grinding all that much. This season, I have done all the weekly quests, all the other side quests, the omega tokens, done my daily quests every day, even tried to grind some milestones, and I'm only at 165. It's crazy to feel like I am working an extra job to complete the battle pass when it should just be fun. :D I am going to have to really play to grind milestones and that just feels boring to me when I just want to be playing duos normally with my husband.




All dailies + seasonal + every task in the quest section done + level up tokens from Omega Knight have got me only to level 169. Whats worse is that I'm on level 169 for the last 2 days after doing dailies only. Xp this season is probably the worst its been. Like op this time round I'm at level 300+ by this time. Any tips to get way more xp?


Impostors gives you a lot of xp per round, though I only do it when I’m trying to get a bonus reward quickly because it’s boring and not as fun as actual br. Each match is like 10 min


Thanks! What is this bonus reward? More xp?


Like the battle pass extras, cause sometimes you’ll need one more level to get the battle stars needed for the style. I’m impatient 😆


Thanks. Same here.


This is the first season that I've taken a liking to playing Creative, and found that it grants more xp then when I'd been playing mainly BR previously. I've also managed to play less Fortnite this season and struggle to complete my milestones/ season/ resistance / omnichip quests, which are looking dismal considering I'm at 265


I’ve just been playing those no build TDM modes they grant alot of XP


Which one would you recommend?


Red vs blue gives a good bit


I agree, this season is different in xp grind wise. I'm done with all milestones 🙄 all quests so far, yet I'm around level 165+ . Last season i started playing late , yet i reached level 200 well before the season end date. It's a tough grind current season. And i don't have a legit party of four to optimise it🤦🏻‍♂️


>And i don't have a legit party of four to optimise it🤦🏻‍♂️ How does a full party help? Is it the extra daily quests?


In squads or in a group in general if someone else completes a quest it will also apply to you, so it can help with speed.


Okay, makes sense. I usually do my quests in bot lobbies. I can usually do 2-3 per match depending on how far apart the objectives are. With a full party, I guess you b could have each person do different things and finish them all in a single match.


Yes, so theoretically it can be 12k xp per match,. Thats really good number. And sometimes i see new quests gets added while playing the same round, and sometimes i don't see it refreshed. Once I saw almost 6 daily quests in one go. But thn when my party member joined i only could see three. It's strange. Again the game can offer so much more thn a grind like this, i feel sad how this grind is considered "Normal". It's not. I have some other posts on this topic of grind if you guys are interested.


Also this right here. I started super late last season but managed to hit level 200 very easily. This season was more of a struggle.


Im near lvl 300 (270 atm) im. Doing the same stuff i did this season as previously, just not done with rebot teammates Have the lvl up. Quest pack as well.


Interesting. I even grinded reboot team-mates and done with all milestones. Yet level 166


Im on a lot so that may be why. Im. Near lvl 290 atm. I may get 300 this season but unlikely Haven't played much at all this past few days though.


Good thing the extra styles are ass this season. I'm good with 140


the origin and the imagined extra styles are good, the rest are ass rly


Strange's extra styles are pretty good.


I’m gonna try for 180, the purple ones are decent but the yellow and black alts are ass


they also turn to greenish puke color


I’ve been playing crank simulator infinity in creative to break 200 and make up for it. Pretty sure it’s broken because every time I enter the sim I get bonus xp for the same things such as minutes played etc which with the log in reward amounts to about 25k-30k xp in about 30 seconds. If you play for 25 minutes there’s a 20k-30k bonus. And every time you reach height the reward is around 2 or 3k. So about a level a day in less than 30 minutes. It’s helped because otherwise I haven’t had the desire to grind this season. Idk usually I’m 300+ without touching creative. I definitely agree there needs to be more xp.


Same here. I refuse to play Creative b/c it doesn't interest me and this is the first season where I haven't hit 295-300 or higher playing the way I always do. They're trying too hard to force Creative play and the level up pack.


Crank simulator infinity? Where can I find this?


It’s code 0633-5010-2549


bro imma recommend you just dm that code to people who ask, everytime ive shared a code for a good creative xp map, xp gets removed within 2 months


RemindMe! 1 day "Creative Grind"


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When the two other modes give more xp than br for br


This season such ass in terms of xp points earned. Epic is getting stingy this year.


How else are they going to sucker people into spending 1875 vbucks on 25 levels, then spend another 1200 vbucks on another 28 levels. Essentially making people spend 4000 vbucks every season just to get and finish the battle pass


Yep. You hit it right on the head.


Yessir. Sad thing is they really didn't need to do it IMO. At least for me, I've always bought the starter pack for as long as it's ever been around, and Omega Knight is an awesome skin on its own, so I would have bought it anyway, and for likely a higher price. I'm sure others would have as well. But tying it into completing the full BP just makes it stink of using FOMO to get people to play. Same thing for pushing XP so hard in Creative and Imposters too. Makes me wonder if they're losing engagement and players this chapter and are getting a bit desperate. That'd be sad considering how well the new chapter kicked off and the addition of Zero Build. I have to say though, this season has been kind of a dud for me. Not entirely sure why, but it just isn't really much fun, though it seemed to start off with a bang.


I was warning people about this shit back when the Monarch pack got released. It really seems like Epic are going to slowly start monetizing levels, which is ridiculous.


The stupid part is, all its going to sucker me into doing is quitting the game. I have other things to do and other games to play. If I can't even get everything I already paid for, I am not going to pay for it to start with.


STW is the MVP this season, but I have a feeling they might nerf it next season. I hope I'm wrong though. They buffed most xp by a bit over 2x at the start of the season. I got to 200 really early, for me, and by now I could've been over 200 just from STW XP alone. I record what I get so I can figure out how to get the required level after missing it a couple times in Chapter 2.. so I know I recently went over 15 million xp just from STW.


Would be extremely disappointed if endurance afk is nerfed


Just buy stw is my suggestion. Been at 200 for over a month. And it's cheaper than any of those deals


I did this but it turns out I'm not that into STW/tower defense games in general and also more than half my play is on Switch so it's a no-go anyway. I have limited time for gaming right now and would rather maximize fun (BR for me) rather than XP, but I wish I didn't have to choose.


The trick of stw is make the afk build for endurance so you can run it while not playing. So your limited time of gaming 8s spent playing then afk mode when off


A good creative can do all that without spending the vbucks. I’m not near my console or pc atm, but I have a creative map that will give about two levels every 5 minutes. Rinse and repeat. Super underrated. (hidden xp) and the kills are decent xp as well.


Can you share the code when you get a chance?


They need to up exp for kills and wins


You get more XP from opening ammo boxes (like 150?) than from winning (80)


It's literally been a box opening simulator for me, even after the accelerated XP went away, just to try to scrape a few extra xp here and there even if it's detrimental to playing the game


A big part of it is that this season is \~29 days shorter than last season, but they didn't increase the daily quests xp. They usually adjust those so they give a bit more on shorter seasons and a bit less on longer ones. They reduced the xp that milestones and season quests give too. Also, they adjusted the XP required for the first 5 or so levels so now it takes an additional 115k. It's not enough XP if you only play BR. There's plenty if you also play Creative or STW, but I can understand if someone wouldn't want to grind on modes they don't like. I feel the same way, but I prefer the non-BR modes in my case.


It really annoying because not only did they stop do supercharge xp weekends, they are trying best to force everyone to grind like crazy to point where we get so tired of grinding, we end up spend more money on vbucks to buy a bundle so that we have to grind more quests to get 28 levels. I have enjoy this season but current battle pass xp system is just cruel and not feel as rewarding anymore.


do you ever really use the super styles? ive been getting to 200 ever since i got back into fn (so ch2 s4ish, that first marvel season) and honestly it's so rare that i prefer one of the extra styles i just need another 3-4 levels and then ill have the last of the actual unique styles and then im not gonna bother for the last 3 blocks because i'd rather use one of the base styles for those characters anyway


Exactly, I've reached level 200 now and with such a grind this season I'm thinking, what's the point? I never use the super styles, only the first 2 blocks of cool extra styles.


I'd probably use the Gunnar and Dr. Strange one. Unfortunately it makes you unlock the anime ones too.


The only super level style that was truly worth it to me was Gold Spire Assassin.


Yueah , last season there were way more XP boosts week i feel, like Bownanza, Treasure Maps,, Gold Weapons etc. This time it seems less. Even Chicken week was there, it was crazy fun.


The players are leaving the game and they’re trying to make them play. So this might be a strategy, but not a good one. Zero builds is a good strategy tho


Current season xp is rubbish so yeah players are leaving.


At this point Epic Games want people to stop playing Fortnite. They will loose players if they force players buying levels or level up pack. I will eventually loose interest for the game. It’s not gonna enjoyable anymore.


I have played 2 matches a day, doing my daily challenges each day, I have completed every single challenges that has been available and I only have 25 milestones left to complete! I am level 195 right now! I have only played 3-4 matches of STW at the start of the season and that's it! BUT yeah, this season definitely gives less XP overall! By this time last season I was like level 220 or something! I think they should increase milestone and daily challenges XP! Weekly challenges are fine!


I'm in a similar situation with challenges completed, but you're 50 levels higher


I absolutely do not believe them, I do more than 2 a day and I'm like 140


I have done what he's done minus stw but got the omega knight level up pack + most milestones done and I'm at lvl 169.


>I think they should increase milestone and daily challenges XP! i think all it would take is drastically increasing XP for kills, assists, revives, and wins. you get next to *nothing* for carrying a game in BR


That's true, base XP could use a rework for the better! I would also suggest getting a huge XP amount for winning a game but people would exploit bot lobbies even more than they already are 😕


Yeah, I’ve played and done dailies every day but one this season and am nowhere near 160, let alone 200 Something is off about the xp grind


I swear the last two seasons had more than three challenges you can do at any given time in the daily challenges section.


They did make milestones 1k less per objective, so that could be part of it. The dailies are 1k more, but that means there’s a better chance of people not getting that 1k from playing every day


Yeah, this season has been a joke XP-wise. If it weren't for the Omega Knight pack I likely wouldn't be hitting 200, and that's BS IMO. Nearly every season prior I'd hit 300 or just under playing the same way as I am now, but not this season. Pretty obvious they wanted to sell Omega Knight packs which, granted the skin is awesome and I'd have bought it anyway, people should NOT have to buy levels just to claim everything they paid for. Also pretty obvious they want people to play more creative and Imposters, which is also BS IMO. I only have so much time to play each day and I don't want to waste it playing whack-ass Creative crap or Imposters. Usually, I hit around 300 or close every season, but not this time.


Yeah, I definitely agree. They also disabled creative AFK and that was good way to get a few levels. Of course we could play creative for XP but we shouldn't be forced to.


Getting 6.8k xp for winning is ridiculous alone


Yeah in season 18 it was so easy to get to a high level yet now in season 22 im only level +/- level 150, only because of the Omega Knight pack...


This season is Season 20 btw 👍


Yeah true but it'd get too confusing that way so i was talking as if chapter 2 had 10 seasons


Yeah, I wish chapter 2 has 10 seasons, if only most seasons weren't 100+ days long 😕


Uhu especially the first 2 seasons of chapter 2, they took forever to conclude...i still remember how annoying it was that Epic kept extending season 12 due to covid lmao


I usually just write these complaints off, but I’ve been playing a helluva lot more than I usually do, I’ve done every challenge I can, and yet I’m still 30-40 levels under where I usually finish up. My “usual” is to also stop really playing a lot towards the end of the season, so this is just weird.


Lmao I’m the exact same level as well. Thinking about grinding STW but I’d wish they do something like overtime styles again. Just remove those extra edit styles after tier 100 but before the supercharged styles and put them in overtime challenges.


The key is to don your dailies literally every day. If you don’t, you’re not gonna get fat cuz the from those challenges add up.


With the next 7 levels from omega I should finally make it to 200. Dude grind out milestones all day if u gotta and creative/stw


Same. Played every day 4-5 matches and have done every quest available. Only a couple of milestones left, grindy ones at that. Previous seasons I was able to reach 200 a couple of weeks before the end.


my friend had \~30 lvl 2 weeks ago, because he wasn't playing this season and he has 170 lvl rn, i've activly played and did a lot of daily quests, and i have 165lvl rn wtf


People seem to be forgetting that the actual aim of the battle pass is to get to lvl 100, everything above that is a bonus (literally, they’re called bonus rewards for a reason) Making it so easy that everyone gets to lvl 200 with ease would make even less sense than what we have now as then everyone would just be complaining that there’s nothing to play for after lvl 200 I’m at around lvl 145 and have no complaints about this season at all, I could have played other modes or simply more matches and gained the XP, but I chose not to and that’s on me


I only did weekly quests in both c2S8 and last season, ZERO Tiers bought and I still hit lvl 200. This season I even bought 25 lvls + the 21 (for now) lvls from omega knight, did all weekly challenges and I'm only lvl 137. It's kinda scummy to not give people who played a lot some style that took you 10 minutes to make


They probably adjusted the XP payouts because it was too easy to hit 200 in previous seasons. I also hit lvl 200 in both previous seasons to this well before the end, so that stands up. As for this season, I’ve done all the weekly and daily challenges, plus the additional challenges (resistance, sideways, etc) and I’m lvl 145 without buying anything, so not sure how you’re only on 137 with purchases, should definitely be higher than that 🤔


I’m at 201, done with the resistance and season challenges, completed 11 milestones, played ALOT of pubs, and I also played a lot of ride the lightening in stw which is like 2 level for every 10 minute. I also took a break mid season when I was at level 120


It's a FREE game! Sorry this is gonna be an unpopular opinion but the owners need to find income streams for the game to exist in its current way. It's working perfectly imo. We have an awesome game because of the v bucks system which levelling forms a big part of. The reason the game has so much content and new stuff every few days being rolled out is because it's so successful as a free game with OPTIONAL purchases like levelling up packs - which makes EPIC loads of money. The model works for them and it works for us - you get an amazing game with constantly evolving and updating content and in return you have the OPTION to pay for some additional stuff. Sell skins and selling levels is okay, provided Fortnite is free to download and play. Plus, levelling should be challenging. Why should this he easy? Achieving something a little hard is fine. Work for the rewards or buy the rewards and help fund and maintain your popular free game. Selling some levelling up packs fine with me if people will buy levels to catch up. We got the game for free here!


i found this season easier then most seasons, im already level 218, Creative + stw gives you like 5 levels daily


That's exactly what OP is referring to


im an idiot


I am too 🥲


Well obviously STW is now the better way to get XP, hence why OP is asking if there could be more XP for normal BR, so that you can actually level up the battle pass in the mode where you bought the battle pass.


i feel like its epic trying to push players away from br, they did it first with arena and then team rumble.


I'll tell you right now, if this game ever dies it'll be because Epic tries to force players into other modes because they want Fortnite to become a general platform, and not just keep being the damn good BR with interesting side modes that it has been. Sadly, I think the pull of collab money is starting to get the upper hand.


The game will die fast if Epic Games kill BR.


!remindme 2 years


What creative afk still works?


Creative AFK does NOT work anymore.


Already thought so😔


I think it does. The jackpot tho, is when you're the last player in your team, and the only enemy left is AFK. Spawn kill grind for XP.


Best way to XP in STW?


This season stays at 75K xp per level until you get past 200, just play imposters get good games as agent and you'll get there but you gotta grind imposters alot to get there.


What if one doesn't want to play Imposters and just wants to play BR?


Then you can't really get efficient xp that way I'm lvl 257 and most of those levels is from imposters Br isn't that good for xp the season quests and the Resistance quests are beneficial but imposters is easily the best way but there is a guide to get levels in Team Rumble by a loot path any other Br modes I'm not too sure.


Are there additional bonus rewards of any kind after lvl 200? I’m currently at lvl 190. This is my first time playing the season and getting battle pass. Agree it’s frustrating to kill 10 peeps, get a laundry list of achievements on that post elim stat page, and yet barely squeak out 4000+ xp for the match 🤷‍♂️


No once you get lvl 200 you have everything in that BP there's nothing after lvl 200 the last reward you get (Gold Tsuku 2.0) is lvl 200 after there's nothing else to unlock until next season


I recommend creative mode. It levels up stupidly fast compared to BR


And see, that's the problem. It shouldn't be that way at all. You should be able to claim every BP item incl. the bonuses solely by playing BR and nothing else. Not everybody likes Creative, STW, etc. and shouldn't have to waste their playing time in it just to claim what they paid for anyway.


Imposters is better than creative mode


I’m at level 263 and to get to another level it’s 100,000 xp don’t remember it was that much last season when I was at that level


Yep, I looooove that I’m going to have to buy ~45 levels to get all the bonus rewards.


I feel like 1 kill should be 1000 xp and winning should be 15 thousand


Creative and stw exist


Only have so much time to play and I don't want to waste it in Creative, STW, or any other side mode. I'm sure there's others like me as well.


Last time I checked STW didn't grant much XP. Anything changed?


Yea it now give around 40k xp per mission




in v20.00 they boosted most xp values by 2 or 2.5x, I forget. A lot of the missions give upwards of 47-50k now. If you have a good Endurance build, then you can run it for the full 2.5 hours and get 366k. No joke.


A good Endurance build? What do you mean? (I'm still at Plankerton if that matters)


You're not ready for it then, Endurance is more of an endgame activity. When you do all 10 Storm Shield Defenses in a zone, then the SSD becomes Endurance. It's like a normal SSD, except it's 30 waves that attack each amp you've built and it takes a long time to complete. If you set up the traps and make sure to path the husks through them, then you can mostly make it like a tower defense... let the traps take care of all the husks.


Do you still get rewards if you don't beat all 30 waves?


https://pastebin.com/JGs5Gq5t Yes, here is a full list of all xp values from that and other things in STW via u/haveireddit https://twitter.com/HighHowDoIPlay/status/1511124718593605634 Doing Ride the Lightning missions is really fast, so I suggest that.


I don't have Thunder Thora. Any other way that is decent? (I use essentially a ninja build usually, since it's good for staying alive, but maybe I'm just a noob).


Ice King is also a good one, he freezes husks that hit his builds. You can also craft traps if you have the materials, but those can run out. You can also drop a Defender pad or two and have a defender watch the van for you while you're out looking for the other bluglo. I think Thunder Thora will be back in the next 2 or 3 months. IIRC, she's a reward in the usual Hit the Road summer event.


I don't have the Ice King either, but nice!


Yep. I've lost at wave 26 many times and still got 290k exp. Mind you this is afking


I haven't played since season X in the first chapter (except for now, obviously!) is there actually any benefit getting beyond level 200, which I assume is for the extended battlepass items??


Past 200, no theres nothing to buy with stars or unlock


Agreed. This is the first season that I will not be hitting at least 200 (usually well over) with the same amount played per week as I usually do.


I usually end up around 230 level wise each season, this season I am sitting at 137 with a few hundred k in xp challenges I havent gotten to yet. It does feel like something is off xp wise.


There’s only 10 days left actually


I'm honestly unsure why they get so stingy with XP since you'd think they would want people to actually unlock stuff on the BP but being able to buy levels is too much money for them to pass up I guess :(. It's making me want to play less and less tbh.


Instead of making exciting to play through the last days, they just make it feel like you're wasting your money if you don't do everything. Being able to unlock things later is surprisingly unpopular. I know some people might quit once the BP is done, but that's only made worse by running the player's ragged up until they do complete the BP anyway. I think they need to come up with something that makes BR fresh and exciting to play. That way you don't see everything they have to offer every 2 weeks and spend the time in between just doing the same boring things to make a number go up slowly. I feel like I'm being held hostage by the game. I know why they do it but I don't like it. The actual gameplay isn't complex or difficult, it's just very grindy and still feels tiring afterwards.


I stopped playing regular pvp/stw about 200 and I am at 350. Been doing a ton of death runs. I think I hit 200 about 4-5 weeks ago.


Since they went to add xp in crearive and stw that's exactly their point that you play other modes as well. I go for the dailies and weeklies and specials however I also spent around 30 minutes having fun with deathruns(had a few specific ones) and these 30 mijutes alone often got me 2-3 levels a day as compared to the dailies only getting me 1 level with weeklies providing a slight bump. I got at 200 in like 4 weeks with that grind and since then I see many challenges I skipped if I'd skip a few deathrun days I'd still be on top. My advice - google xp netting deathruns and have at it - I recommend 250+ deathrun by nooel, finish it once in around 13-15 minutes(get all 6 easter eggs for good xp), after that visit the vip room and flick the switch(timer for 600 seconds) and run around collecting notes(color orbs reset them) and playing piano for 10 mins, press the button again and get back to the lobby to run the deathrun again(with the 6 easter eggs ofc). Takes around 40 mins max and it's a grind after a few days of doing this but you get 3 levels up a day with just that. Good grinding.


To add, this is a short season too. We’ve also become accustomed to longer seasons.


I jumped back in last season with around 3 weeks to go. I was able to get to level 101 before it ended. I have played everyday this season and am only 136. The grind is insane


I miss the time when Creative would give you XP.


Impostors game mode is helpful for me personally, it’s like x5 exp compared to BR w/o painfully hunting for fish/damage to IO/… for remaining milestones objectives. And also requires less effort. And it seems like exp gain there is not reduced the longer you play it contrary to creative.


Do you get anything for being such high level?


I’m level 270ish just do challenges every day, or STW.(but some people don’t like STW)


I wonder if they've adjusted it so that the quests and such give just enough exp to get to 200 by the end of the season, and everything else is just a bit extra? because from what I'm reading it seems like a lot of people are around 165 or so, including myself and I only started playing a month or so ago. It's just a theory though so idk.


I’ve had to play a lot of impostors to get to about 185 right now. 1 game of impostors gives me anywhere between 5,000 to 25,000 XP, 1 BR game usually gives me less than 3,000 XP. Kinda insane.


Yeah it does seem a little slower this season thankfully the BP kinda sucked this time around so Im not too worried about getting everything


Yeah i agree with this 100%, i usually have to end up grinding other modes to catch up with xp. Luckily STW gives me about 150k / 200k per mission


What in StW are you grinding to get 200k a mission in? A van mission is only ~40k from my experience and stuff like Encampments or Eliminate are only ~20k. I'm trying to get on that 200k life.


i could be getting the number wrong being honest. but i got about 100 - 150k from crypts if im not mistaken. I am slightly dyslexic so there is a possibility i read it wrong lol


Same here


I feel like winning should be more rewarding. Im a zero-build player so after completing the pass, I have no arenas to grind and not that much of xp for winning a match. And if there isn’t a day where new season or resistance challenges are live, I usually don’t have any mood to play or grind to get a new outfit from the battle pass or smtg so I play something else. Which doesn’t really bother me but just wish u could get more from winning.


I've been mentioning this for months. This is the first season in about a year or so I won't hit 200. The grind is just too unbearable.


For anyone looking for a quick way do the 249 level box death run. Completing it takes about 14 minutes for me on average and gives about 80k xp - 1k for every 10 levels, 1k for every time you complete one of the 26 stages, and about 28k for completing the whole thing


What’s the code


On another note, supercharged xp is amazing. In 3 days i managed to get dr strange. Currently sitting at 96 and i still have supercharged xp :P


There was a point in time where the end goal was 100 and anything past was a bonus to grind for. I know it’s a not normally agreed upon opinion but I miss when the extra styles were actually hard to get so that everyone didn’t have them.


I agree. I feel like leveling up last season was much faster.


I agree, I'm in level 184 now, doing XP maps to gain some. Don't want to spend my Vbucks on levels though.


I’m level 237 and I have all challenges dorm except for top 10, reboot and open vaults and I’m burnt out


Creative mode afk is still best exp method.


Ya I have friends who barely play br and are level 265 from stw. It makes no sense


Pretty sure last season after tier 100 the amount of xp you need per level would decrease, but im pretty sure they changed it this season. Also the season is shorter so there’s less time to play which also means there’s less weekly and daily challenges you can complete.


Yep, I blew through 200 with time to spare last season. I’m up to date on all quests this season and only on BP bonus page two. ☹️


I already hit 200 on main and 100 on alt (BP only on main)


You get Battle Royle DC from Save The World and its very much xp you get thats how im over level 300


Jesus man.. I grinded save the world 90 percent of the season and Im at 363


I think I lucked out. I hadn’t played since Chapter 2 Season 1 with maybe one game in the middle (I have the Marvel umbrellas). Either I left a lot of V bucks in my account or I had a bunch of bonuses because i was able to get the expanded BP for free. With Zero Build I’m addicted as I was back in Ch 1 Season 4. Hit 200 over the weekend.


They've clearly designed this season to require players to use other modes (StW, Impostors, or Creative) to be able to easily reach Level 200. Battle Royale alone just doesn't award XP fast enough unless you've got hours and hours of free time to play.


Yeah, XP has sucked basically every season of this chapter and last chapter. Only good seasons were C2S1 and C2S8. It was so easy to get a high level in those seasons. Wish they would revert back to the C2S1 XP levels, then start giving out banners every 100 levels like they did back in C2S1.


Play save the world, thats literally your only option for more XP, Im level 373 in BR because of it


I started playing this season at week 5, completed my dailies, resistance and seasonal quests + the fishing, damage io troops and destroy structures milestones, coupled with impostors and creative xp, I'm at level 166 of the battlepass. Honestly, I would like to see a buff for daily quests and daily bonus, 48k xp per day seems kinda low for me, and is especially low for people who only play the BR modes.


Actually it’s more that this season requires more xp to level up


I think that XP should be distributed a bit better. 25k for the resistance challenges (or whatever the next variation is), 25 to 50k for the seasonal ones, Placement XP for top 5, 2 and winning, a bit more XP for discovering *new* locations, not just when it's been ever so slightly changed. I might be asking for a lot here but I think a but more XP for eliminating players is deserved, I can get 12 kills and get around 6k, which sure, is a lot, but I'm not that good! All I'm saying is either more challenges or better XP awards.