People hate Toon Meowscles’ emote?


I don’t hate it, I think the music doesn’t sound bad. Albeit it doesn’t suit a 1930s-style rubber hose cat too well, and it’s really goofy with lines like “count my V-Bucks”.




This is why I have this lobby music for Shady Doggo. Fits like a glove


“you can call me marmaduke” still to this day absolutely sends me. funniest shit.


its intentionally ironic I believe


The song doesn’t fit the character.


Same, I appreciated the music even more when I found out it was sung by Trippie Redd cuz he's one of my favorites, it's not a bad emote.


I hate the way he bends over when he's flexing in it


Song is good, but it doesn't match the skin


Rite I think they put that song because it says “marmaduke” in the lyrics in the part that fortnite used for the emote and marmaduke is a cartoon and the skin is a cartoon l, that’s the only connection I found between the two


He made the song for the emote its not an actual song


Bruh da part of the song that they used for the emote is what we are talking about here tho


I mean like the full song is the emote there’s no actual song


music isnt related to anything vintage or cats and it mentions big dog in it


Oh lol Legit googled the song thinking “did a hated singer sing it?” And found that Trippie Redd sang it


Trippie cool tho


Yeah I.... never heard of him :/ I’m sure he’s a great guy though


Yea he makes pretty good music. if your into meladolic rage music hes really good at that in a majority of his songs


He ain’t but thanks for givin the benefit of doubt


ratio coon


RATiO RATiO RATiO !:! !:! !:! !:! !:! !:! !:! !:!


It would make more sense for it to be a separate emote


Im still mad about the music when i first saw the emote leak i thought the music was added by the creator to avoid copy right for or something but nahhh jt was the actual music


The skin represents a rubber-hose street-cat-man with giant muscles whereas the songitself is modern rap about success and refers to you as a dog. The joke is the song being a flipped version of everything about the character except the fact that he's muscular.


Probably gonna get downvoted for this but I think the music for that emote is the best in the game.


Me too lol. I’m a huge Trippie Redd fan and I have had the song for my lobby music SINCE it came out


I like the music that goes with it


Huh boy. You should have been around when Toon Meowscles first released. Lot of people were genuinely angry about that emote.


I was though I wasn’t keeping up with fortnite at the time


Music doesn't fit the dance


Yes, it had no reason for a 1920's style animated cat to have a God damn icon music on it nonetheless a not even good one, trust me I am very defensive of 1920's and old times like cartoon styles but when you desecrate it this bad I will not touch it with a ten foot pole


Just the terrible fucking music that doesn't fit at all


The music ain’t bad but it indeed doesn’t fit


Nah it's bad


I think the 4 emotes that gets most players blood boiling is Laugh It Up, Take the L, Take the Elf and the 4th can either be Sad Trombone or Slow Clap.


Oh, is Take the Elf *supposed* to be a trolling emote? I've only been shamed with it a handful of times this past winter and thought, "well, at least it's festive."


Yeah, I don't like the trolling emotes, but I'll use Take the Elf from time to time as a parody of it.


That's how I take it, as being wholesome, but I guess the discussion was pointing more towards it being mean? Idk man, the closest thing I do to grief anyone is the "confused" emote if the person went out of their way to get murdered by me (it doesn't happen often).


Laugh It Up is by far the most blood boiling. Even outside the actual laughing, the sound is absolutely grating. And I’ve never seen casual players use it, it’s always sweats that shouldn’t have won the fight.


> it’s always sweats that shouldn’t have won the fight. Absolutely. The people using Laugh it Up almost always use the emote because you made them sweat and they were about to lose. Makes me roll my eyes 360 degrees.


I just do it to make people mad and make them complain on Reddit lmao. It's not my fault you get pressed over a emote


the grappler should be unvaulted more to jump over the toxic teammates.


I’ve only ever done slow clap against really obnoxious players, but 99% of the time I don’t even emote. Sometimes a “mind blown” bc I’m shook I won a crazy close call fight. But yeah.


When I kill someone I’m immediately scanning around for other enemies, healing up, or taking loot. I ain’t got time for emoting


you dont wanna be clipped in one of those instant karma post for sure


Take the elf for me. Just cause its like the poor man's take the L. Couldn't get it so they use that to fake it. Rather see laugh it up


I had some spaz use both Laugh It Up and Take the L after he finally won a fight. I do feel bad for him, because he probably gets bullied by the teachers at his homeschool.


Or waterworks if they’re mocking


I had an awesome experience with waterworks the other day. This player kills me and then did waterworks for at least 10 seconds, trying to mock me or get me mad, then they turned the corner and were immediately killed by a player they didn't see coming with a shotgun in one hit and it totally made my day haha.


Only time I had someone do waterworks was when I was trying to do a quest. Someone killed me realized I didn’t even have a gun since I was so focused on doing the quest off spawn they ended up miming doing the quest built a ramp and cried and jumped off it almost killing themselves. It was oddly sweet albeit unnecessary. Made me laugh though!


A true gentleman


I’ve never seen anyone say they hate unicorn flakes


There once was a unicorn with magical feet That shares yummy rainbows with everyone he meets They're crunchy and they're chewy And they'll give you tummy aches Everybody get some... Unicorn Flakes! It's a party in my hoof! With five kinds of magic And crunch with a punch Stays crispy in saliva 'til well after lunch Guzzle magic from your hoof 'til your breakfast spirit breaks Everybody get some... Unicorn Flakes! I cannot stop! Help me! The hoof is a curse that must be obeyed You can never escape What the rainbow has made Selling breakfast powered from the depths Until the monster wakes Everybody get some... Unicorn Flakes! HAHAHAHA! PARTAKE OF MY HOOF! FEEL MY POWER! My hoof! Cannot stop- Help me! Partake of my hoof! Cannot stop- Help me! HELP ME! Feel! ME! My! ME! Power! ME! There once was a unicorn with magical feet That shares yummy rainbows with everyone he meets They're crunchy and they're chewy And they'll give you tummy aches Everybody get some... Unicorn Flakes! ME! ME! ME! ME! My hoof! Help me! My hoof! Cannot stop- Help me! ME! ME! ME! Partake of my hoof!


ive seen a lot of people hating his tiny hands which appear in the emote and hate the music of the emote


thats just funny


They hate him because they fear the power of the hoof


Well that sucks for them because the song’s on party royale radio now


Guess I will use party royale station




i hate fabio, but i’d be lying if i said his song isn’t damn catchy


Yeah ppl get it by default because of the tiny hands that come out only during that emote I believe lol


It makes me want to die


Its a party in my hoof


I hate it, it's terrible


I hate unicorn flakes


It tastes good though. And it's nutritious.


Well, it's not like *I cannot stop*


Well now you have because ABSOLUTELY HATE THAT EMOTE lol but I always use the laughing emote and the bottom right one as well


>but I always use the laughing emote and the bottom right one as well Uses the term "always" to refer to an emote that *literally* just came out....


You get my point even if I was using it wrong so sue me


I hate jt


Yeah!! Fuck off, JT!!


I don’t see take the L anywhere.


Nah L is fucking classic and its supposed to be infuriating. Different to the laugh because the donkey sfx overwrite music


I guess I’m mostly looking at “does it sting to have this emote done on you after you die”. And in that regard, the laugh and take the L are the top 2. But I agree that take the L has the og status going for it too.


The thing is with something like Take The L, one can picture a young adult who's just goofing around and playing this game for fun. With Laugh it Up, it's most likely a screeching Aura maining Clix wannabe kid. I don't mind Take The L tbh




i didnt put it cuz its more considered OG than annoying (i still think its annoying tho)


I see more people hate it than people who think it’s OG


oh thank goodness


Yeah chapter 3 sweats w laugh it up will never come close to me when i do take the L when they spectate me


Rustlord + Take the L


Donkey laugh….. 😡


Emotes causing anger aside, I got rolled by someone at tilted the other day and they proceeded to pick me up and throw me at a trash can before I bled out…


Honestly unlike the donkey emote which makes me irrationally angry I love creative jabs like that, it makes me laugh cause it’s so surprising. I had someone spray the burning trash spray when they killed me and I’d never seen that before I was so caught off guard I just started laughing, it was hilarious. It’s even funny when they do dumb stuff with my crawling body, I can just imagine a squad of friends goofing off on the other side. That donkey laugh emote though….I wish I could disable it so I never see it.


I…wow. That’s creative


Damn, thats savage.


Lets see here... ​ Song doesn't match the emote Emote is super disturbing and freaky Emote is just really lazy and weird **HUU WHEEZE HUU WHEEZE HUU WHEEZE**




Do you have asbestos in your walls or something lmao


I can deal with the other three emotes. I can't stand Laugh it Up anymore. Those people deserve to suffer.


Based sweat hater i like u


It is irritating on multiple levels. By far my most hated emote


average r/FortNiteBR user




Average Redditor.


Imagine being this upset over a Fortnite emote.


sheesh calm down it’s a a game


sensitive much? dude its a fucking fortnite dance why the hell are you getting so worked up over it dude


The dance monkey emote is absolute garbage


I agree. Who the heck approved the dance, it doesnt fit at all


Same thing with the new icon emote in the shop today. Idk what up with epic and just slapping music on dances that have nothing to do with the song.


I think because they were on tik tok and people did those dances to each of the songs


The song is called Ski so that’s why it’s on the emote


It has something to do with the song though.


Happy cake day !! 🍰


The dance monkey music fits. Watch any video 9f the singer. She barely does anything. For a song called dance monkey. She moves like sleeping sloth.


the music is fire but the dance is kinda odd


Nah imo both the music and the dance suck


the people of this sub really think dance monkey has bad music yet they treat that one mexican guy in the tights like a god


Tbh I have no clue who you’re talking about


el colorado or something


I don’t even watch whatever he’s from but I just know he was a part of a whole generation’s childhood in a big culture


he still sucks ass




You’re forgetting the original, take the L


Idk todays sweats hate it but when i see someone take the L on me i just respect that they stayed as long as they did w the game.


Same. Almost anyone who hates it would 100% use it if it showed up in store or a new battle pass, and 100% would use it. I generally get a good laugh when someone emotes on me. It's part of the charm of the game, and generally it's done just for laughs. I get smoked, they emote, and then I just jump into the next game.


I only hate when someone emotes on me after they spent 2k mats and i was just standing on ground waiting for them to come down. Like i see u spend 2k hours in creative now stop building so we can actually shoot at each other. I swear i was 1v1 w a guy for 5 minutes he healed like 5 times when i healed once and i didnt even build i was just waiting for him to show up so i can shoot at him.


It's funny watching people spam build when you're just waiting for a gun fight. I've literally did a sitting in chair emote waiting for a sweaty boi to build his tree fort, and then when he jumped down to finally fight I melted him down with the MK7/Auto shotgun combo.


I like toon meowscles emote There i said it. Downvote me now


Op really just posted 4 emotes he hates and said everyone hates them.


not really its just 4 emotes people complain about laugh it up (explains itself) unicorn flakes (tiny hands under hoofs) toon meowsicles emote (song doesnt match at all) dance monkey (hated song and lazy dance)


>meowsicles He's not a sweet, frozen treat my man


The tiny hands everyone loved, as soon as the battle pass came out everyone was talking great about unicorn hands, even on this sub. Toon meowsicles animation is dope as hell. Dance monkey and donkey laugh yeah, they are hated.




yeah people dont like it cuz its disturbing


Not OC, but I mean, if that's the criteria alone—thats what it aims for if one were to listen to the whole song. It's the tiny hands that replace the hooves that is really the issue.


I actually like the toon Meaosclesgwaisgjwakesj emote ( idk how to spell his name )


Don’t worry, it’s spelled meowieienenenebsskspslsmenebdgssuuuuheev&2:!/)[email protected]‘B{!{>]**\=¥!jwgaooballs:?28//[email protected]’alたらたさ




Why do ppl hate dance monkey?


It's hardly a dance


Yeah once I saw how pissy everyone here got about Dance Monkey (the song itself not the "dance") I knew what I had to do. Dance Monkeying over their body or their loot while they spectate is great.


Same but with Laugh It Up


I use take the L. Gotten so many hate messages for it and also makes them mad I think since they can’t get it anymore


I use it specifically when i kill a sweat that spreads the fight to 5 minutes when i just could have killed them in 3 seconds if they didnt build like a turbocharged yugo


I’m pretty sure toon meowscles’ emote is a reference to when people would put old cartoon clips, such as Betty Boop, in their music videos as some sort of “aesthetic”. The one that comes to mind for me, is that ghost with the long legs


How can people hate the drop in emote? That shit's fire


It's completely against the vibe of the character that it's built into.


I don't care tho. Ss long as it's fire, I like it


Partake of my hoof Feel my power


They *took* it alright…maybe that's where it went, come to think of it.


I think it’s all a joke plus they forgot the best or worst emote to trigger ppl (depends on how you look at it lol) Tadaaaaaa…… THE TiNiEST ViOLiN!!


Dance monkey is my jam. I use it always and it’s pretty much on the wheel for my favorite skins.


Average default dance enjoyer


I have take the L saved on every one of my presets. I keep it for special occasions like when I kill someone who was just editing like crazy on me, or I kill someone in the dumbest way possible that was mostly an accident, stuff like that. I mostly like doing it when it’s completely undeserved like I’m left at two HP and barely won the fight or I knocked all the dudes 90s down and got him with fall dmg. As a casual player with okay aim there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing I’m making some kid in an aura skin rage bc they couldn’t kill the person who didn’t build more than one wall haha The toxicity has become me. The rage fuels me.


Laugh It Up is by far the undisputed heavyweight champion of caustic, irritating, emotes. It's absolutely infuriating. Nothing even comes remotely close. If you want to piss someone off good, like Michelin Star caliber toxicity, Laugh It Up has no equal.


Why dance monkey?


people call the song terrible and the emote lazy


I don’t think they have listened to the full version


do not shittalk about my boy toon meowscles


The Fabio emote is cringe but the nice/tasty one


My personal one take the l nit because I don't have it its irritating if people use it when they are not that good because they were camping all game and you were there first kill, just when people use it in general


whats wrong with flake shake :(


You should replace Unicorn Flakes with the L


i love the toon meowcles emote, personally, i dont care that the music doesn't fit it lol.


Laugh it up has the same energy as the schadenfreude


All I want is to DO THE WORM on someone. 😭😭


I understand hating laugh it up and dance monkey, but fabio and toon meowscles' emotes? If anyone can elaborate on how these two are despised that'd be great.


Take the L?!?!?


Baila tu cuerpo con alegria macarena!


Toon cat whatever the name is the emotes good it’s just ruined by the music


I get why Laugh It Up, Dance Monkey and Toon Meowscle's emote get hated, but I've never seen anyone hate on Fabio's emote?


Alright but it's missing Rollie and My World. Those emotes can go to hell.


I only agree with only half this list. \- Dynamic Shuffle and Laugh it Up... Absolutely \- Drop in and Flake that, both good music...


Toon Meowscles and Fabio’s Emotes?? I dont hate them! I think they’re catchy!! Especially Toon Meowscles! Then the Hush Monkey emote. Mixed feelings. The dance could’ve been better or something. NOW FUCKING LAUGH IT UP. And incoming Rant from me but i want to get this out of my chest. If you are a PC Player cranking 90’s then fucking shit on me. Then to put a cherry on top to Laugh it up on me. Ill scream the BIGGEST FUCK YOU EVER. Because not only am i forced to be paired up with PC Players left and right. Even if im solo or with my Console Friends. I have to deal with their fucking bullshit. I wish those PC Players that showed respect that killed me a pleasant evening.


The music for meowscles emote has never fit this emote. But I like fabios emote. I would replace fabios emote with the floss emote


The top emotes are good


Basically any tik tok emotes


That donkey laugh emote is arguably the most anger-inducing emote of the four... so far. Even when calm, that harsh laugh can get irritating real fast. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😍


another match ruined by an anon cheater hey epic fortnite is unfair and abusive shame on you epic


Speaking of cheating, I was getting ready to snipe at a guy in a car, until I saw two people hop out, loot, then get back in and head my way, while I checked the map to make sure I did not accidentally join a Duos No-Fill match. I don't even know how these people are teaming. Who the heck wouldn't get Pickaxe Frenzied for even trying?! It's not like you can plan it ahead of time? I wasted the time to view the buggy replay and report them (b/c Epic's in-game reporting system is such CRAP, especially when I do not know any of the ANONYMOUS #### players!), but does anything really ever come of that? Not teaming, but one time in Duos, with my mate eliminated and me at 0/10 or worse, knowing I was gonna die and these guys were getting my big pot either way, I quickly tossed it at them and then we danced for a solid 3 or so minutes, until they killed me and moved on. SO MUCH FUN! They did a GG's emote and I never had more fun losing a match, ever.


From what I've seen nothing ever comes from reporting cheaters, unless you're a popular streamer, then it just looks like Epic makes a big show of it for appearances sake, notice we never see mass bans either ... after all, why would epic ever ban customers?


Toon meowscles is on here but “take the L” isn’t…. That is some shit


I don't hate the laugh emote in itself but god, the ''laugh'' sound they used sound terrible.


What is wrong with toon meowsules built in emote


What about take the L?


What about take the L?


The muahaha emote is the Chad laugh, laugh it up is incel laugh (also what’s the bottom right one?)


3 of those I like, laugh it up shouldn't be what it is


Could someone explain why they hate all of these 4? I can get the laugh, because is so annoying, but the others?


The gangnam style should be in there... just saying :')


Guess everyone forgot about the Donkey Laugh.


I'm not too familiar with this sub but I love the unicorn cornflakes emote and the laugh emote Laugh because it's toxic And the unicorn it's just purely great I get if u hate the laugh but you're just dumb if u hate unicorn cornflakes


The first 2 arent bad, and i already get pissed of and start talking like fandub eggman when i hear that stupid and annoying song


dance monkey is a good song and emote, calm down


i have a neutral opinion of it lots of people hate it here


I think epic only keeps laugh it up for toxic players to stay playing Fortnite 😒


Dance Monkey doesn’t deserve the hate. At least the music is good, even if the emote is just okay


I heard no complaints about the Fabio emote and toon cat emote


Remember when The Flow came out? Everyone and their grandmother hated it. Definitely makes more sense to put here than Unicorn Flakes.


I like laugh it up


And I own every single one, including Renegade & Dance Monkey, just to piss you guys off!


You mean strangers on the internet make you angry? I must be the most super chill person then. When I get eliminated, it's no skin off my teeth, I know I can't win em all, so I just ready up for the next one. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Wow, sounds like the Dalai Lama plays Fortnite?! Om.......


forgot renegade, savage, rollie, socks, etc