That's 95 more win than my entire solo Fortnite career


Idbuythat, I think a lot depends on your play style. I use a stealth strategy, which is not how most people play. For a long time I just focused on completing challenges for XP and cosmetics, but last season I decided to really try to win, and it's made a big difference!


Well this is really impressive. Congrats


She has me beat, she is a great gamer! :)


Stealth is fun, especially when you find a new way to hide. My personal favorite is when I parked a car near the center of the Storm Circle and sat in the passenger seat. I got to watch the other 3 players fight each other until only one remained. They were literally fighting a short distance away from the car. I got the win with a Sideways Minigun I got off my only other kill that match.


Verrrrry clever! I've hid in a car a few times, though my real go-to place is always a big bush. There are just so many of them in the game, most people still ignore them. But my main secret is having visual audio cues on and creeping a lot so I don't trigger them for other people to 'hear' me. I can't tell you how many people I've crept up behind in a bush!!


I was using the bush strategy today to do those Nindo quests. 12 top 6 finishes in squads, playing solo of course. Someone literally ran through the bush I was in and didn’t see me. Granted their squad was in a fight but still. If only I had the bushranger skin


lispwriter, I have Bushranger but he's not the best, a little too bright a green. In my experience, as close to all black as possible is the best all-round stealth skin. That way you can hide in more than bushes, and yes it is great fun when they run right past you!


I play as a pink horse. That is my response.


Amen to that! Got a win once by hiding underneath a ramp, and the only other remaining player ran over it and then hid behind a nearby hedge. I simply crept up behind him and unloaded my AR at point-blank range.


Yes! This is my strategy too! I also have bumped into other players in bushes a lot. You’ve probably killed me. My favorite “sneak” was the one that was “creep” mode inside one of the fishing huts with the door closed. I ran in to loot and he just point blank shotgunned me. I laughed so hard, couldn’t even be mad with how brilliant it was! I’ve done it a couple of times myself now.


Haha this is my strat too! i try to get IO cars for the tint. its hilarious when people are full built around you late game and im in the back seat literally smoking a jay waiting for the storm to close :P


The couple of times I've tried it was with IO cars for that very reason. I've caught a a few players trying it in regular cars, and they were easy targets (if you know to look for them). I'm going to have too try this more often!


The chair sit emote is an awesome stealth play


I was doing that strategy once and there were 2 people build battling to the sky limit and the builds were only held up by 2 builds so I took them out and they both died to fall damage.


I do the same thing sometimes. Hide behind rocks or in cars. Wait for the other two to fight and when it’s over I throw like 6 grenades while they’re healing or looking for me lol


If you have visual sound cues on and you see that healing symbol pop up, you know it's the best time to strike!


I love hiding in the back seat of an IO car. I can't tell you how many times I've had other players jump in and drive the car with me in it too the next zone and then I eliminate them by surprise. It's a blast


lmao. I never thought of that. I'm going to try that sometime.


I love hiding in cars. Had some great ambush kills.


I got a win back in C2S1 doing challenges. I had shit loot, no mats, and hid most of the match in bushes until late game I see someone rotating out of Storm and headshot sniped them. They had better loot and mats. Finished with three kills all late game and a Victory Royale.


I've said it before, and I'll say it again." You don't need to be the best player, you just have to be the last one standing. "


I did this during the sideway weapon challenge that the Queen set! It was amazing fun. I did feel a little bad for popping out after they finished fighting and finishing them off but that feeling didn't last.


perfect stealth trick, make a box with a triangle top but be sure to go inside the triangle. Now no one knows ur in the top of the box not inside


That's my style of play. Last season I got that achievement for 100 wins. I think I am at 25 0r 30 this season because i've been focused on just daily challenges and punch cards.


Wow, congrats! I only got 61 last season, so I know how hard that was. I think after you've gotten it once, you probably don't feel the need to keep doing it. What was it called last season, something different?


A lot of people underestimate stealth. Everyone thinks you have to win by being an MLG building pro but there are plenty of other viable strategies.


Like— good luck building when I’m right behind you and you don’t know


Nice job. Are you in bot lobbies?


There are definitely some bots but many real players. I'd say I run into as many smurfs as bots. I check out players periodically in Fortnite tracker, and a surprising number of them just started playing in C2S8?!? You can tell by spectating that it's not true. They might be able to shoot, but only a seasoned Fortnite player knows how to build.


I do too but this season my win % has dropped from 25% for the last 4 to about 10%. I think it's because the sniping options are quite bad this season, which is always quite a good complement to the stealth approach (let the others fight away, snipe when they inspect the loot, win).


Silas, I think you have something there. Sniper rifles are my best weapon, and the automatic in game this season is not very good - under powered, not very long range, and very hard to find. My game has suffered in that respect as well.


As a fellow Bushranger main, I can relate


This is legitimately one of the coolest things I've seen on this subreddit. You're an inspiration!


Thank you so much, N\_Who!!


You're a real grinder, congrats tho!


Thanks! I play everyday but not too much, I think. This season I've been playing about 8 matches a day, according to Fortnite Tracker. It's my main form of entertainment!


Wow, congratulations! Im happy I completed the battle pass and made some timeline achievements, 10 wins in season 8 is enough for me to be happy about as a 40 yo gamer dad.


Thank you, I'm really proud of this. I've been working to get better, and it's been paying off!


How many hours per day do you play? I’m in the part of life with kids in 5-10 and between work and them, there ain’t no time to really get good. I maybe can play 1 hour each evening if im lucky and wife lets me 😂


Midlifefun, I play on average 8 matches a day, according to my stats. Unfortunately, they are pretty long matches because I almost always make it to the final 5 players, so thats... ooh, about 2 1/2 hours per day? That's a lot!! One of the benefits of being old, I guess. There aren't many benefits![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|blush).


You’re my new inspiration 😀


I think it's great you can get spanked by people of all ages in this game. lol


I think Fortnite is a great game for people of all ages, and I'd like to see more people my age playing! It's fun but it's also challenging. It gives my brain and my reflexes a workout every day!!


I'm 50 and know I'm old compared to most of these whippersnappers, but you could legit be my mom if you were a teen mom. That kinda freaks me out! I only have 40 solo wins total since I started playing in C2S3. I bow to your impressive skills.


I don't know you, but I love you, and I want to be best friends with you.


That's very sweet, thank you!


I’m 42 and always imagine I’m fighting with 19 year olds on fortnite. Great to hear you’re a potential opponent. I feel like a young’n now!! 🤩


Definitely a young'n!


You’re probably fighting mostly younger than that lmao. I’m 19 and I don’t know many at all that still play Fortnite.


wow, 100 wins isn’t easy! incredible work keep it up! love the skin collection by the way!


Thanks, Huqs! I think someone told Epic I can't pass up a white haired skin because there are a LOT of them. I actually have more, but these are some of my favorites. I have a preset called 'greylightmay' that randomly picks from my favorite skins, which all just happen to be white haired women. It's like being in the game myself, except they run a lot better. And shoot, and jump. Actually, they do everything a lot better.


that made me laugh quite hard, thank you for that :) don’t limit yourself, if you can get 100 wins you can do anything! we believe in you! i wish my parents played fortnite and were cool like you


Damnn grandma gamer? My grandma doesn't doesn't know what fortnite is.. 😅


LOL, Pace, I've given up trying to talk about Fortnite with my friends. All I get when I try is blank stares!


I know that feeling 😄


i get that at 40... there's a discord channel for older players called fortnite over 40. solos is can get boring after a while and random fill is annoying since most people leave or land in random spots.


Thanks, I will check out the discord channel. Random fill has rarely gone well for me!


My favorite achievement was the fantastic four one from Season 4. I was grinding for ages right near to the end of the season since I really wanted that legacy as I am a huge Marvel Fan and I had been able to get almost every legacy for Season 4, (even got the mythic Goldfish ones thanks to Money Wars) I had been grinding for hours one end trying to get wins in squads. And I was doing this right near the end of the season as I realized how many squad wins I had in total so I decided to try and go for the legacy. It took me hours but I remember the exact moment when I had gotten it. I had the Wolverine mythics and I was running the rainbow Wolverine. I found the final guy and lucky for me it was a bot. I pumped him for a 112 and then I dove in claws a swinging and got the win and there was the legacy. I was so happy. That was the final legacy I needed to get to unlock all the ones I could achieve myself. (100 solo wins was too much (I was only at 13 at the time) and 100 duos was a boring legacy to get) That is my favorite legacy. I did get 100 squad wins in season 5 but it just wasn't the same as I didn't have as much fun getting the legacy that season. Chapter 2 Season 4 was my favorite season and was the one I had the most fun playing. I had so much fun unlocking all the legacies for this season and just had the most fun playing the game in general.


Riley, what a great story, thank you!! This one deserves a gold award!!


Damn. Im 27 and I am such a bot...not even 10 solo victorys ever. Respect my lady.


congrats I got the same achievement back in ch2 season 6 I played everyday none stop got 216 solo wins I was surprised made me proud I also main one of the white-haired women.


Wow, that is truely amazing!! I will never get anywhere near that. Congrats!


You’re cracked! I literally only have 1 solo win this season 😂😂 Congrats on the achievement!


do you stream? (:


Sticcyfingas, I posted a video about my game strategy after I won 61 solo VRs last season. You can see it here: [https://youtu.be/ubnhtOf5Qxo](https://youtu.be/ubnhtOf5Qxo) This is really the strategy I execute every time I play to win (sometimes I just play for challenges), and it is the main reason I was able to accomplish this, this season. Thanks for asking!!


I love the last part of your tip to dance at the end 😂 true fortnite pro great video!


Oh, I'm so glad you liked it, thank you!!


Geezus you’re a legend. What platform do you game on?


I play on a PlayStation 5. My son plays on PC most of the time, and when he has to fall back to a controller occasionally, when we are playing duos, he complains about how hard it is (compared to PC). I tell him, this is what I deal with all the time! Aiming by clicking a mouse?? That's almost cheating!!




What’s your favorite white-haired woman in Fortnite?


Oooh, that's a tough one. You can see I have Ark here on Reddit, but she is pretty easy to spot in a stealth game. I've really liked the white haired style of Lovethorn, and she's good for stealth. Torin, this season, has been a great addition. I really like her cube styles you get at the higher levels, especially the gold one. So many great options!


That’s great! In my opinion I would go for the skin to the right of Focus in your image.


Actually, funny you should say that! That is Tess, and she is a great favorite of mine, and the one I think looks most like me (ok, if only I really looked like that!). What a good choice!


Thank you!


My dad just turned 70 and he plays Fortnite


this is to wholesome, congrats!


I hardly managed to get 10 this season, you are a true grinder indeed.


Congratulations! My personal favorite achievement was “Nice to Yeet You” back in Ch2 S1.


Yes, I really liked that one too! That was one of the ones that made me LOL!!


Holy shit, I didn't get 100 wins in my 4 years of playtime! Respect! My favourite achievement is probably the "Impossible" achievement where you had to open 7 chests in Risky Reels in a single match xD


LOL, I remember well what a nightmare it was in Chapter 1 when they kept giving that as a weekly challenge and everyone tried to get it the first day, and there weren't 7 chests in the whole place. It was a blood bath!




This is awesome! 46 yr old lady here and I, too, love the game!!


You’re cracked! I literally only have 1 solo win this season 😂😂 Congrats on the achievement!


Well, thank goodness for Skills Based Match Making, in the old days I was lucky to get my season umbrella. But I've gotten better and SBMM means you play against players with similar skills, so the game has gotten a lot more fun, at least I think so.


Yeah my SBMM isn’t so bad. Most of the time I die is due to third parties/storm fights/basic mistakes. Other than that, I know I have a lot to improve on. I feel like that’s the beauty of the game. There’s always room for improvement and the skill level can get pretty high.


I didn’t no that was a thing. Good job! Aiming for this next season or


Well, last season I hit 61 wins, and my goal for this season was 75. But I got there about week 7 so I said, why not? Go for 100! But it will be hard to match next season, I think. Rumor is there are big changes coming, and the learning curve will be steep!


That’s cool! Are these cumulative wins throughout all seasons or are these per season?


More new players will also join tho, so maybe that will balance things out


Plus, it will just be a lot of fun, which is much more important that winning. I think big changes are exciting!


You right


Feels bad that I've been playing since C1S3 and a 65 year old can beat me. To be real though, amazing job at getting an achievment that most of the player base won't get, i am very jealous


Lillbro, I've been playing since C1S4, so almost as long! I suspect in a shootout, you would beat me easily. My strengths are a stealth strategy, patience, and plenty of time to play. I doubt I'll be able to match this next season, but I am glad to have done it at least once! Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it.


Very impressive! Not going to lie, I felt very proud I was approaching 30. I frankly had no idea people hit 100. Truly impressive!


Neophyte, I've been playing for over 3 years, and I had some kind of a breakthrough last season, can't really explain it. 30 would have been amazing for me too, then last season I hit 50, was inspired to do better, finished with 61. Now 100 by week 9 this season. I think it is because I sat down at the end of last season and decided to make a video about my strategy, because I had a lot of people ask me how I did it. I boiled it down into a 10 tips for winning video, and now when I play I try to follow those 10 tips every time. Something about thinking through how to explain it to other people made me better at doing it myself!


That's awesome! I've been playing about the same as you. This season I had a breakthrough too. My previous best win count was like 10 or 12. My breakthrough was to play more for fun and in my style. I'm a more mid to long range sneakier player. I'm also no longer afraid to hide in a bush if I'm the last on left until i can get an advantage.


Hide the pain: Use a bandage in the storm


Whenever I need bandages for a challenge, I collect some up and then go sit in the storm to use them because that's the fastest and safest way to do it. I didn't realize there was an achievement for that, well named!


I hope I’m still clapping when I’m 65


Nice. Ive won some but my last i won by accident. Jumped in to do some cube queen stuff asnd got down 2 people and luckly I was able to outgun the opponent by the skin of my teeth. I was so shocked i didnt even get a chance to emote.


I laughed at this one, because several times I've won because the other guy fell to his death or blew himself up with the RPG. It IS shocking, and I always forget to dance too!


Most wholesome r/FortNiteBR post


That's an epic crew!


Awesome! I'm 54 and and have "grinded" to get 48 Solo wins this season, so you're quite the inspiration. I used to play Solo a lot in Chapter 1, then moved to Team Rumble when it became the best way to get XP. Epic made TR much worse, so it was back to Solos. I love Solos, but had to unlearn some bad habits from TR like assuming you have a glider, forgetting there is no respawn, and having to work harder to find loot. 100 wins in a season is a hell of a stretch goal, but again, you've inspired me. I look forward to hearing more about your achievements.


SnooOwl, couldn't agree more about Rumble. Not playing it is the single biggest reason why my solo win count is up so significantly, I'm just playing solo so much more!


Congratulations! I tried to get that one last season and I made it to 58 😂 it’s hard!


That’s something I could only dream of. Props to you!


That is amazing, well done 👍I am 59 and going for 100 wins (now 97) but that is since I have been playing since Chapter 1 season 6 so nowhere near as impressive. I love to see older players doing so well, keep it up! And yes, the stealth approach is definitely the best!


omg i’m a 22yo girl and you are my IDOL!!!!! i love your preset of white haired women because that’s me and skins that look like hispanic girls like me lol!!! i just about a week ago got my 10-win achievement, i can’t even imagine how good you have to be to get 100, and i’ve been a stealth main since i started gaming as a wee lil girl :0 you’re so cool!!!!!!


Congratulations, that’s fantastic!!


That is a 100 more wins than my entire career


I was at a neighborhood BBQ and I'm 50+, some kids were talking about Fortnite and I chimed in. They asked if I wasn't too old to play Fortnite, I deadpanned it and said "I just like killing children" his Father was sitting beside him and laughed his ass off.


Do you know Twitch? I reckon the age factor will actually work in your favour. How when Twitch is almost exclusively much younger streamers than 65? Precisely because of that. Being 65 will give you a unique viewing opportunity to Twitch users.




Congratulations! It's so inspiring - I'm just a casual gamer but this makes me want to try harder, too! :)


I am a real cheerleader for Fortnite, I love it, so this makes me very happy!! Thank you!


My favorite achievement so far is managing being able to reach max tier every battle pass from Black Knight to Carnage had to buy a few tiers on the last day of the season along the way but not that many. 😂


Oh wow! I just play for challenges and all the super styles, as well as playing with my friends but I don’t think I could do that if I only went for solo wins. Congrats!


Thanks, Bullzi! I do, also, get my challenges while I play, but I pick a couple challenges for each match and if I survive after getting them, I stay in the game and try to win. Another difference for me, now, is I used to play a lot of Team Rumble, but since the changes made this season I hardly every play it. That means I'm playing solo mode a lot more!


Awesome! I got 100 wins last season in squads and it is a rare achievement. I play slot of solo, but I have been grinding arena as well, so I will be lucky to reach even 20 solo wins this season. I am 46, so also a bit our of the fortnite demographic. Impressive that you got 100 solo win in a single season, especially as this season started off with brutal matchmaking!


Nice ![gif](emote|keeoh_emo_pack|keeoh_hey)


Great work!


Wow, awesome job, congrats! :)


Congratulations! This is so sweet ❤️


I haven't even got 10


Nice job 👏


tf when ur grandma starts cranking 90s


My favourite achievement is: “I need a weapon.” It is also my one of favourite quotes from Halo. Also, congratulations! You have more solo wins than I have from any mode except Team ~~Slayer~~ Rumble.


one of my favorite achievements in fortnite is getting a win by knocking down somebody's build


Can you be my mom?


My son and I play duos every weekend, it is a family passion!


That’s awesome!


This makes me smile, good job!


Oh, this is so nice. I'm 34 but I don't grind that much haha Congratulations


Debora, is it grinding if you're loving every minute of it ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|wink)? Thank you!!


true true!!


I've been playing since the start of chapter 1 basically and apparently I only have 44 solo wins, 100 seems like it will take forever for me to get. Congrats on your 100 wins!


I gotta share this to my friend since you're a based lexa player too


Congrats! So proud. I’m still on my first solo win! ![gif](emote|meowsclesbongo_emote|meowsclesbongo)![gif](emote|emo_pack_1|cuddle)


31 year old here. What’s IGN?


I’m 14 and I only have 50 lifetime solo wins ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|sweat_smile)


I have 17 total wins in 2 years playing...


Damn I only go 2 solo wins and I’ve been playing since season 2 chapter 1💀


Wow, that's amazingly impressive!


Congratulations, very impressive achievement there! Think this season im on 45 but quit for now until something happens in game.


That’s impressive!


Congrats! I had no idea that achievement even exists as I dont really win all that much and really only aim for the one victory per season for the victory umbrella.


Did you get kakashi?


Wow I just checked your other posts! Talented and gorgeous! 😍


Wow, this is nice, thank you!!


You're very welcome! I'd eat your brownies any day! 😚


Ok this is the coolest thing I've seen on here. Congrats!


This is the best account I've seen on this sub in a while. Truly an inspiration for gaming at 65 years! Keep grinding!💪


Everybody knows white hair is the coolest hair. My grandmother's style is slicker than anybody else could hope to be.


Dang, I’ve been playing games my whole life and my record is 63 wins in a season. You’re way better than me.


Well done!




Your collection of skins makes me envious!


I've been playing since C1S4, so I have a lot to choose from! But when I really need to win a game, I often fall back to perhaps my oldest skin: Ravage. And she's not even a white haired woman, but I like to think she is under the purple black feathers.


I haven't been playing but for a few months. I'm 48, btw. Some of those skins, I've been pining for. Lol!


Never realized how beautiful can white haired skins be


There used to be one for dropping Salty Springs 100 times and it was called ‘Salt Bae’ I believe. I got it by accident and found it very funny, pretty sure it was a reference to a YouTube Video I remember watching. I think it was a YouTuber named Luke the Notable? If I remember correctly that is.


Great tips for beginners in the YT vid! Kudos on the 100 wins!




All I have to say is that I, madame, would be honored to have my ass handed to me by a woman such as yourself.


Imagine a grandma being better than u at fortnite smh I just have one solo win this season




That’s so awesome! I barely have two solo wins! I love your video and love your responses to the haters. Your play style is like my own. I hope I can get on your level!


Such a nice comment, thank you. I think the way streamers play is great entertainment but not attainable for most people. I'm trying to show there is another, perfectly legitimate way to play a game where the whole goal is to win, not to max your elimination count. Thanks for your support!!


Nice! That’s impressive. Just a week ago I got te Quadratic Royale for 10 Solo Wins. I’d say I’m pretty good, but my main enjoyment comes from completing challenges/the Battle Pass so I usually find I get more wins by dumb luck than when I’m focusing solely on wins 😅


You rock ❤💋


Season 8 has been great. Really going to miss this map when it’s destroyed


I have made a beautiful canvas of Lockie's Lighthouse using a screen image I captured in replay mode. I'm glad now because I will be able to look at it forever. Yes, it will be sad, but hopefully many great new places to come!


super rad! + the skin collection is top notch!


This is why they say respect your elders. I got mad respect for 100 wins. I'm celebrating my 12th for the season and only have 45 overall with most being in C2 since there's a lot less tryhards compared to C1 believe it or not. I also placed more emphasis this time round (since I quit once before) on learning to build better. I used to play very "guerilla" so similarly to how one would play Call of Duty, so very terrain and aim based. (I'd get a laugh when someone would overbuild on me only to fall victim to a very bare-bones playstyle). Still can't edit to save my life but I can hold in a build fight provided I'm not boxed in by the other player.


rise and grind from season 1 this chapter for reaching teir 250 or the one for opening 7 chests in risky


Congratulations!!! Nice achievement!


Wow. I must know your binds.


You didn't specify if it was a Battle Royale or Save the World trophy lol, I dont think im proud of any Battle Royale Achievement, so in Save the World i got one that says " Eliminate 200 Garden Gnomes ".


Damn I’m proud of you!!! You better get it!


Wow congrats


65 yearolds dont know about fortnite or reddit but if u r good job :)


You are fucking awesome, keep going and don’t ever let anyone tell you you aren’t awesome


What's your favorite skin? I'll draw them celebrating your 100 solo wins!


Will you be my mom?


That's an incredible achievement for anyone, let alone a 65 year old! Hell, I only won 10 solo games this season.


Your 65 yrs old? And 100 wins?! MAJOR RESPECT. Congrats and this really goes to show that anyone can do anything!


I’m following you btw


This thread is really ducking wholesome and I love it. Congrats!




My best achievement is I flicked a spider off of my jacket last week


Holy crap, this is a serious achievement


IMO it goes to show that this "getting older = suck at games" narrative some people paint is horseshit (that is, it's not a strict age/skill level correlation).


Watched your whole tutorial video! Excellent strategy. The game can be so much more than build battles. Wonderful content and well done.


Wow, this is really appreciated! It means a lot that you think the video was helpful. The best kind of comment I could have received, thank you.


This post made me smile. :) Congrats on the achievement!