>What do you want added to the game, Some more rewards for br like backblings or wraps. Things like that would be cool.


I would like the inverse of this, as someone who doesn’t play BR to get rewards that I can only use in BR (vbucks, xp), I’d rather just get X-ray tickets or something within StW




No i meant like rewards that transfer over to br. Like the pickaxes


What i want fixed is the twine endurance bugs. I want the collection book unslot cost to be changed/lowered I want a hero that buffs traps other than in the way of durability.


Let me ride Boars and Wolves. Please make it so that when someone powers those Blugo Pylon things it doesn't operantly show up on the mission tab cause it covers up the quests, with information that is not of importance to me since the Pylons are already activated and not of any interest to the mission. Add tactical sprinting, since it would not interfere with the button layout; Nonetheless, later on, configure the controls so that it allows for crouching, mantling, and sliding. Let me put the HoverBoard boost pads on ramps. Let me put Jump pads on Floors that are edited. Add Bouncers. Make Shielders and Trolls count as mist monsters in the mist monster challenge quest (since they are very much mist monsters). Save the world should not be demoted to just a "mode" in battle royale they should once again be side by side. Epic please finish the twine peaks storyline, or my idea is to make Fortnite Comics that continue, expand, and connect both the Save the World and Battle Royale storyline. Can you bring back Metal Team Leader cause i never got it waaaaaaaaaaah