Just please add more support to this game. Don't look away from it. It's all I ask


No-build Ventures with only Survivor, Encampment and ElimCollect missions. Focus on gun and melee power! All mini-boss missions (no trap vulnerable). Maybe a second mini-boss near the end of the missions. Add voice-over for mini-boss entrance. Add voice-over for downed player. Fewer missions to choose from to help random players join the same lobby.


Sprinting, mantling, sliding and crouching. I'm asking for these once again.


change the collection book unslot cost to gold, or 5 gold flux not 50. Also allow us to unslot any item that was slotted in the book BEFORE the terrible and expensive unslot cost change.


Or just slot to the CB your second same item, not the first one and you will have no problem with unslotting. What you're suggesting is to enable training manuals farming in unintended way.


i didnt suggest that at all. My problem is that my full collection book of items was supposed to cost 20vbucks per item to unslot, now it cost way more expensive 50 gold flux so i cant unslot them all even if i wanted to. They didnt warn anybody they just switched it to lock everybodies items in the book and its wrong. There is no designated way to use the book and many utilized it to reset their items which will no longer be viable since its so expensive. All im asking is to let us unslot the items we already have in the book, for free. Not for 50 flux each, for free. Since it cost 20 vbuck before and now it changed, let us take the already-slotted items out for free 1 time per 1. I dont get how ppl can disagree with this as its fair and makes sense.


Custom missions in StW. Like created by community. It would completely change stw. For better of course