First of all: You dont compete with them. They are supposed to be much stronger gearwise (and probably experience wise). You can outplay them, but the odds are against you. Take a pistol and a paca, put on your usec or bear cap and a headset and sprint through. If you die, repeat. Alternatively go with normal equip and play super slow. After start of the raid lay down in a bush and go afk for 10 minutes. By the time you are at the bunker the chads are gone.


I mean that doesn’t really help being as though early game tasks send you into hotspots more time than not and I’m speaking for myself but I can’t be asked to sit in a bush for half the raid waiting for high level players to move on


Which early Tasks send you into hotspots? Maybe customs where you need to get machinery key, but overall the early levels are pretty chill. Woods is cool too, factory might be more stressfull


Like half of the early custom task sends you to or near dorms I think all of the reserve task send you to bunker for shoreline task are normally near resort or sitting close to pmc spawns


Early tasks its several times customs office, truck, marking tanker, going for the unknown key guy, going for the chemical guy near zb1012... Early customs is chill. Shoreline is pretty easy as well, unless it's a resort quest. Early game is only scav kills and some quests in the old village. With resort, playing slow and arriving late does the trick. Bunker is one of the most dangerous areas of reserve, or did you mean the Bunker with the cages?


Nah the first like 4-5 customs task I did were mostly centered at dorms near dorms or at the tanker by one of hottest parts of customs the damn construction building


I just told you the early game tasks. What you are thinking of is probably golden zippo and the quests that come after the 2 dead guys. I forgot the water quest in 2 Story tho, i give you that


It’s like 6 different task on customs that are near pmc spawns or high traffic and that’s just from prapor and therapist


Now you're shifting from dorms to pmc spawns or high traffic area? out of 12 early game quests from customs, only 4 are related to dorms: prapor Debut - kill scavs, get mp133 checking - bronze pocket watch delivery from the bast - directors office bp depot - mark tankers therapist operation aquarius 1 - 2 story operation aquarius 2 - kill scavs pharmacist - 2 story skier extortionist - unknown key + body golden swag - zibbo 3 story chemical part 1 - information in train near zb1012 chemical part 2 - 3 story peacekeeper tigr safari - mark 3 cars


I’m not shifting anything from the start I’ve said hot spots and pmc spawns and yea I said dorms because those were some of the first tasks I did once I started doing tasks


Save the reserve quests for later down the line // with a group, im sure you can find a group of people to do this one with. Super hard to Solo, use grenades and a good headset to flush rooms, if all else fails request a sherpa from here, EFT forums, or Discord to get help with the quest. Try prioritizing Mechanic Quests, Prapor Quests, Therapist quests, these three usually fall in line with each other especially with Customs being the primary spot for the first half of the quest line. Likewise if you are trying to fully do this particular questline, SMG / Shotguns are goto for close quarters, can use Flechette w/ MP-155 / frag rounds with KSM. To spam hallways and clear using leg meta.


Honestly try other quests because right now reserves is full of geared players there is alot of high loot and pvp


You don't compete with them, plenty quests don't involve pvp


Load in looking like a scav and hide until the last 10-15 mins. Run in and out and bail.


Try to play a different map you have a quest on every match, keeps it fresh, you learn more, don’t burnout or feel like you can’t finish a quest. Learn loot routes by looking on YouTube or wiki. Cache routes are your easiest because they are all outside and far from hotspots. When you get better you can learn better routes.


After playing a ton of Reserve as a low level player, I can say this wipe it does seem to be intense with the Chads farming Raiders. If you're trying to get that particular quest done ratting I'd loot the topside outskirts of the map first- aiming for any of the pawn buildings so you can take your time but also jet if you run into players. When you hear gunfire by Train that means the chads are over on that side of the map trying to get Raider Spawns that way so you can sneak into the tunnels to at least get the objectives. After that I'd either manhole cover, try your luck with bunker or just sneak behind train.


Talk to people over VOIP. If a low level player talks to me and tells me they’re trying to do a quest like that I’ll just let them go


The bunker quest is definitely hard because that's such a hotzone. You might try hitting each bunker entrance then going back into the surface building and moving to the next one. So rather than moving from Pawn to Bishop using the bunker tunnel, go back out to the surface. Less likely to get smoked.


Hmu if you need a squadmate to help i'm only lvl 22 but I know the tunnels pretty well.


night raids, avoid combat, use cheap supressors (.366 one was around 13k last time i played). Youcant really compete if you join this late into the wipe untill you certain level. Embrace the rat, frow stronger, then fight


I started maybe a week or two ago I’ve essentially just ignored tasks until I was level 15 and could run m80 it’s gives you a chance I know it may seem like bad advice since it takes awhile to level up but I feel in that time I was able to learn how to effectively fight scav, raiders and even rouges from time to time and no too mention my map knowledge was able to grow way faster than if I was to just hard focus tasks