Making this post significantly worse by adding battleboarding: pretty much any ‘who would win’ poll is just a popularity contest. You’ll inevitably get [existence-destroying transcendent outer god from some obscure light novel] vs. Popular Character from Recent Media (who definitely isn’t that powerful); and have people arguing that Popular Character is actually stronger, in the process making up insane arguments because they want their more well-liked character to win. And that’s how you end up with shit like Multiversal Doomguy or ‘every Jojo character is faster than light’


its how you get [galaxy-destroying, faster-than-light Yoshi](https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yoshi)


Are we sure FTL doesn't just mean Faster Than Luigi?


I thought it was Female-To-Lizard




No gender, just a warm rock


Given the existence of Super Mario Galaxy, the two are likely equivalent.


Literally the first thing on that page is about how Bowser trapped Yoshi in an egg EGG CONFIRMED UNIVERSAL TIER, BOWSER CONFIRMED OMNIVERSAL TIER


“T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas” “(reproduces asexually)” W H A T


They fucked up Yoshi’s joke name. The T is his middle initial according to Ta-Ta-Tax Evasion (Reprise).




I'm not entirely sure how to feel about gameplay mechanics being translated into abilities (respawning being equated to teleportation)


> ‘every Jojo character is faster than light’ Light, as in the electromagnetic radiation, or Light Yagami from Death Note?


Something something silver chariot cut a beam of light and is therefore faster and any stand that could fight silver chariot is now faster than light. It totally isn’t Araki not thinking super hard about the implications of cutting a beam of light could be


Wasn’t the whole point of the coin thing that he couldn’t go that fast, so he’d have to force it’s movements? It should be suggesting he’s slower than light at maximum.


Yeah, literally *the point of the fight* is that even Silver Chariot was too slow to hit Hanged Man unless Polnareff was able to force Hanged Man into a specific place at a specific time.


Jojo fans actually pay attention to what happened in Jojo challenge (impossible)


It's so silly. Sometimes you have to stop consider the physical implications, and think if the character has a "can circumstantially cut beams of light" power. Or even if Silver Chariot could move faster than light at that moment, it clearly isn't something it can reproduce easily, so other characters shouldn't be measured against it.


Death battle fucked up how so many people look at action media, I remember in highschool somebody arguing Todoroki from mha was faster than light because of some weird feat scaling nonsense and only later did I learn they stole that dumbass argument from death battle.


This one is the one that convinced me that most people are actually fucking illiterate. The entire point of that fight was that the mirror Stand was as fast as light, which was too fast for the crew to hit, which makes them explicitly STL. They had to abuse the fact that he could only travel on predeterminated paths to entrap him into having to pretty much run into Silver Chariot's swing...


He also didn’t cut a beam of light! That’s not a thing that happened ever!


Light Yagami would be able to defeat electromagnetic radiation in a fight and in this essay I will...


if he writes "light" in the death note there is 50% chance he wins


The real death battle is Light Yagami vs Heavy TF2




kinda the entire point of jojos is that basically every ability, aside from 1 notable exception, has some known weakness in their armor. Like, even Pucci, the >!reality resetting moving faster than the eye can physically follow guy can be beaten by a small child who happens to get the two of them into a small room with some poison in it!<. The only legit contender in those kinds of god vs. god fights is GER, and m a y b e Tusk Act 4.


I think (jojolion) >!wonder of u and *sigh* soft and wet go beyond!< are stronger than tusk act 4


>!Fuck Soft and Wet Go Beyond All my Homies Hate a vague, poorly written Deus Ex Machina that makes almost 0 sense and was only included because Araki couldn't figure out how the heroes could actually beat Wonder of U.!< >!God I fucking Hate Tooru what a colossally limp final fight with no consistency that removed any last trace of Gappy's Personality and story motivation.!<


[FUCK SOFT AND WET GO BEYOND ALL MY HOMIES HATE SOFT AND WET GO BEYOND](https://i.imgur.com/s7ztUJG.jpg) ^^^this ^^^has ^^^been ^^^an ^^^accessibility ^^^service ^^^from ^^^your ^^^friendly ^^^neighborhood ^^^bot


that's not what I said 😡


>!see I actually like a lot of stuff about wonder of u and think tooru works as an antagonist for josuke. He reflects the symbiosis between josuke and yasuho and josuke’s desire to save his mother. In turn, tooru is an inherently parasitic being who does seem to truly love yasuho but can only engage with her in ways that use her as a tool, and who seemingly wants a mother’s love yet is so fundamentally uncaring and alone in the world he can only see his mother as the Hornet he cannibalized to survive as a baby!< >!the problem with tooru isn’t that he destroys narrative stuff, to me. It’s that the part has 5000 other candidates for final boss but only brought tooru in when it was time to fight him.!<


>!I get that, I just have a lot of issues on Wonder of U itself, and how inconsistently it's written, among other things. Like the dropped flash forward, that was a huge fuckery in terms of pacing and and just plot cohesiveness, the way Wonder of U triggers is inconsistent, from Mitsuba just looking at it triggering it, to Kaato literally holding Tooru in place and it not triggering, Wonder of U seems dictated more by what Araki wanted at that moment and less about it's own internal consistency.!< >!I like the reflection from Gappy and Tooru, and I like Tooru being a parasite in that way, my main gripe with that is how little we get of Tooru before the fight, and at that point everyone is super no personality outside of Kaato and Tooru's Monologue. And Go Beyond god I don't even need to go on how bad that was of an inclusion to end the fight.!< >!And Icing on the cake is how Gappy doesn't get the Rokakaka for Holly, but after the fight he doesn't really care that the one thing he wanted the fruit for is still dealing with the shifting rock parts. Gappy gets accepted into the Higashikata Family, which would be cool if Gappy interacted with the members of the family more than once, and at any point during the second half of Jojolion. He interacts the most with Norisuke IV, and I love their dynamic, and Gappy with Joshu is used a tad less but still fun, and everyone else he talks to once or twice seen in the manga, outside of Jobin.!< >!And Jobin, my man got fucking snuffed for a final antagonist role. Not a villain, just, he wants the Rokakaka for Tsurugi, and Gappy wants it for Holly, and Jobin gets killed super quickly due to a Calamity! It's such a weak ending for one of the best characters in Jojolion. And then the Rokakaka sap works anyway???!< >!I... just have a lot of issues with that final fight, and part of it is the culmination of promises not kept, but just for the final fight's events alone I cannot appreciate how it turns out and what it means for the story, being the final fight and all, so close to the end of the Part.!<


>!while I’ve also got issues with how it worked out I think it’s fine that he ultimately couldn’t get the fruit for Holly. They make references to the fruits growing on southern islands (and hmmm where’s the new part taking place again?) and tying the loss of the rokakaka for Holly back into the calamities and breaking of curses. Someone was able to succeed but josuke took the L there. Holly is his “mother” but he’s spent the last few months living with the higashikatas and so has also been adopted by them. So I can accept him being adopted and a slight hint that they may pursue Holly’s cure to Hawaii.!< >!as for wonder of u I largely get how ut works. It only triggers if you’re actively pursuing it, but if you’re forced into its location it can’t affect you, basically. That’s why the calamity didn’t trigger when it entered their space, but the moment rai attacked we got the two centimeters speech!<


> The only legit contender in those kinds of god vs. god fights is GER, and m a y b e Tusk Act 4. I would argue that GER only is so powerful because it was targeted at exactly one specific person and only that person. That's what Requiem Stands are, after all, Stands that are immensely powerful, more than many other Stands, but they're also incredibly situational. So they're trading versatility for sheer power. Much like how SCR couldn't do anything except walk slowly and put people to sleep and also mutate them. It's super powerful, but doesn't really achieve much on a larger scale. I think GER is the same, it really only worked against >!Diavolo!< in that one situation, and Giorno can't just use it on anyone the same way.


I would also say that GER does still have a weakness: Giorno doesn't know what it does We know, because it told >!diavolo!<, and therefore us, but it also explicitly said that it was acting on its own and that Giorno didn't know how it worked. We also don't see Giorno at all outside of dubiously Canon spinoffs, so we can't really say if he ever figured it out either Tusk has the problem of it needing to be used from horseback, and therefore is obsolete as soon as automobiles become more widespread. Unless someone figured out how to get tires to spin in the Golden ratio, which would be sick as fuck and I really hope JJL has someone like that eventually




Just looking at canon itself, GER *technically* lost to Made In Heaven, because it simply wasn't even in the same country to do anything about it, and MIH's effect was cross-continental. Looking at GER's demonstrated abilities, it seems fairly obvious to me what the problem is. **There is a difference between always winning and never losing.** GER's ability to simply undo anything that would attempt to harm it means it can never lose. Anything that would kill it will simply be **No**'d out back to zero. But that does *not* mean it always wins. Its win condition still involves actually punching you, and if it can't do that, it can't win.


It didn't lose. Made in heaven doesn't harm giorno. Why would GER trigger?


"Yeah sure the most overpowered ability in Jojo wasn't able to stop the most overwhelming threat to the entire universe but *he's not owned he's not owned"*


Giorno had no beef with Pucci nor his plan. "Wasn't able" is more of a "Didn't have to"


Giorno would've noticed when the world started to accelerate. It was absolutely relevant to him. Nobody knew what would happen after the reset except Pucci, so you can't even say he would've known it'd just loop everything.


But nothing from the Acceleration would hurt Giorno, so why would he care about it?


bro watched the entire acceleration play out in general and really said "it doesn't affect Giorno" yeah sure he probably wouldn't be in physical pain and that's why GER didn't do anything but *it's kinda messing with the mafia my guy*


That just enables two problems. Either GER was triggered by Made in Heaven but couldn't do anything about it because MIH's attack was simply too large, meaning it's automatically weaker, or GER isn't triggered by Made in Heaven because it doesn't harm him directly, which means the Stand is worthless if Giorno is attacked on a larger scale. Kind of like how a bullet proof vest can't do anything about a nuke. In either case, GER isn't the "super godlike 100% perfect kill"-Stand that some people think it is.


Made in heaven doesn't harm the living beings at all. Directly or indirectly


It's more like how a bulletproof vest won't stop me from re-landscaping your front yard


Reminder that the answer to any "who would win" tournament is always, and I mean **ALWAYS** Bugs Bunny. He is completely undefeatable as long as there is a way to make his victory funny, which there always is, because a bipedal babbit with a brooklyn accent beating any other blorbo in a brawl inherently has a high baseline of being funny.


Have you heard? Bugs got overused in battleboarding so now it is impossible for his win to be funny, quite tragic


got nerfed 😔


This creates a paradox with Saitama I think


You'd think, but actually Saitama's win chance is inversely proportional to his opponent’s physical strength. Hence why he can defeat Shounen final bosses with ease, but struggles against a simple mosquito. While Bugs' strength varies depending on what would be funny, physical strength is also not a hallmark of his character, making him a "weaker" foe and allowing him to win. Of course the real sequence of events wouldn't involve the two of them fighting at all. Genos would be the one to fight, and would lose, while Saitama watched from the sidelines


Not if you think that one mosquito is Bugs Bunny.


same with one punch man, he's a joke character and will always win because that's the joke unless he's fighting something that would make his loss funny like sales at the local supermarket or a mosquito


You would be right, save for one small issue: Daffy Duck.


Uh, sounds like your character just didn't win, Whiny Walter. Those polls are canonically forever binding


Mario picking up a castle as a random joke in a small cutscene one time means he is canonically capable of lifting entire castles


To be fair, Mario does have canonical super strength to some degree. So Long Gay Bowser and whatnot.


"Tiger drop negates all damage"


r/whowouldcirclejerk my beloved


Yeah, I never really got why so many people need to believe that their favorite characters are stronger than they are. Like, the best heroes aren't necessarily the most power, and the same with villains. If you ask me who would win in a fight between Heath Ledger's Joker and Ryan Reynolds's Deadpool from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the answer is obviously Deadpool. That version of Deadpool was painfully bad, but you'd be an idiot to think that he wouldn't kick Joker's ass. And yet people will come up with all kinds of braindead explanations for why Joker would win, as if their decision to like Joker more than that version of Deadpool is only valid if Joker can win that fight.


A really good example for this is the One Piece powerscaling community. Those amoebas keep arguing shit like "Shanks could defeat all 3 Admirals" or "Rocks could no diff Enel" or even "Zoro WILL defeat Kaido!". Note that as of the current chapter we have not seen Shanks fight, Rocks was mentioned once, and Zoro very much cannot fucking defeat Kaido, only literally Bugs Bunny could beat him after he was softened first by like 30 main characters. But, Shanks and Zoro are cool and well-liked by the fans, and people have this weird attachment to Rocks despite his being a fucking silhouette in a mention about a war he lost.


To be fair, Rocks took Roger and Garp, two of the strongest characters in the story in their prime, to be defeated. We know almost nothing about him, but the one thing we do know is that he was an absolute monster.


We have never seen Roger fight; we have only seen Garp fight like twice, once he was goofing off and the other he was holding back; and that doesn't mean Rocks is super strong anyways, it means he is weaker than Roger and Garp working together. Pretty sure Luffy and Coby teaming up could defeat me at Wrestlemania, doesn't mean I am a top seed.


We do see Roger fight a little tiny bit with prime whiteboard, so we know enough to know he was a fucking monster


Isn't that the Rocks crew though? Including young Big Mom and Whitebeard, and some more legendary pirates we don't really know the strength of but who are still "legendary". Or do I misremember?


How dare you not remember the name of WANG ZHI!!!!


Homelander from The Boys is the inverse of this. Everyone wants to see him get dunked on.


>with shit like Multiversal Doomguy Look, not my fault physical Cheat Codes are part of Eternal Doomguy's Canon loadout.


I was watching old Deathbattle eps and their “film analysis” is always really dumb. “Link clearly rolled in time to avoid this laser, and by analyzing the clip we can calculate that he can move at 1.243 TIMES THE SPEED OF LIGHT!” Ok but he can’t. You can watch the clip and see that he can’t. Or like, “Optimus Prime survived an explosion worth 43 quintillion YOTTATONS of TNT!!!!” No he did not. He is a cartoon character.


featsh and acomplishmentsh


on the flipside, you will also see the obscure fandom act like total bitter incels about their existence-destroying transcendent outer god being unpopular, because they're obviously better than said popular character _because they're written to be stronger in-universe_ (and pay no mind to the popular character being better executed and therefore more fun to be around, which is why popular media gets popular when it's not some established IP that disney bought ten years ago and gutted since), and then they channel that into hate against the popular character and against the world in general for not giving them what they are supposedly owed (yes, i'm calling out fandoms adjacent to my blorbos because every time they make a poll and said blorbos are included this pops up)


Battle boarding is some of the most annoying fandom shit on the internet, and it's damn near inescapable


I think silver chariot is said to be faster than light, and star platinum can keep up with silver chariot, so theyre the only 2 i can think of. Giornos golden experience requiem is also really op cause it just makes it so someones attack never happens.


I feel this everytime someone tries to argue why [insert character] would be able to win against one punch man


i feel like multiversal doomslayer is a bad example for this, since him being able to solo an entire dimension isn't even obscure knowledge. its told to the player outright through a very prominent audio log in the game. his whole point is that he's an unbeatable one man army with the power of god and extreme violence. it's not an insane argument, it's expressly told in both games. im not saying that the doomslayer can beat any character, but he fought constantly for billions of years then again, perhaps im simply making your point for you


Kirby does always win, though.


I mean, that’s how actual crossovers work too


Not all JoJo characters But a few of the Stands are, at least from what I've learned from second hand knowledge granted to me by Death Battle


Breaking news: direct democracy is a popularity contest. Stay tuned for more political revelations from 500 BC.


My bracket tournament is much more fair, the winner is chosen via sortition.


Steam Awards


That one was mad, they essentially paid you (via trading cards you can immediately sell for a few pence) to pick a winner in each category. If you didn't know the games, what else are you going to pick but the one you've heard of?


What do you mean GTA V doesn't deserve Labor of Love 5 years after release?


meanwhile you have the t4t swag polls, where gomez and morticia addams got beat by a couple of transformers


I mean... I can see it


And I can Feel it too


Okay this is important - *which* transformers. Because you may not see it. But depending on who, some transformers have a hell of a lot of fans.


anode and lug


. Well. I've been a fan for a damn long time. Not even I've heard of those two. Goddamn.


They’re from the IDW 2005 continuity! And also a really great pair, especially considering all the turn-around work that had to be done for female Transformers after Furman’s incredibly misogynistic and transphobic introduction for Arcee. But yeah, Anode and Lug are a pair of archaeologist treasure-hunters roaming the galaxy.


...ok Ill bite, how is the robot car lady transphobic?


Oh man, oh man, okay, I guess you could actually twist it around and read it as simultaneously very sexist and also very gender-affirming for trans people? I personally see it as transphobic and sexist, though. Furman is a famous Transformers writer but is also very outspoken in his belief that robots shouldn’t have gender while conveniently ignoring the multitude of he/him Transformers, because I guess male isn’t a gender. So he writes… really terrible female Transformers. In the IDW 2005 comic run, he introduced Arcee as the Only Female Robot Ever who was made by Horrifying Nonconsensual Science Experiments in an attempt by a mad scientist to add gender to Transformers that means everyone else instinctively uses she/her pronouns (don’t ask how it works) after her DNA was altered on a base level. Oh, and the procedure to turn her female also made her into a bloodthirsty maniac who ended up in super-jail for murder because she hates being female and it drives her insane Yeah. You can probably see why this introduction was not a great one. The “you could maybe see it as trans-affirming??” comes in when you consider that you could read it as her experiencing gender dysphoria hiked up to one thousand, but… I really don’t think that’s how Furman intended it. And also the implications of all this are very unfortunate. Anyway, later and much better writers turned it around so that Arcee is a trans woman who consented to the experiments in an attempt to fix her gender dysphoria in a male body, but then the scientist ditched her after and she got traumatized by the procedure, not by the gender swap. And also there’s other female Transformers. Like Anode and Lug! The second half of the IDW 2005 run has lots of LGBTQ+ characters, is generally just a much better work of fiction because of the new writers, and also has platonic marriages, so that’s neat. Yes, I’m trying to make people interested in reading it. Please. It’s really good. (On a side note, I’ve heard that Furman also wrote an introduction for Arcee in a different continuity where she’s created by human feminists who want to have female Transformers, so… someone needs to stop him from writing terrible Arcee backstories.) ETA: the other thing about the Arcee revamp that made her become a better character is that the new writers actually focused on developing her as a character with a personality outside of “I’m female so I must murder everything” and made the gender a less central feature of her character.


\>IDW 2005 This was made approximately two years before the man-made horrors beyond comprehension. It's the internet's fault I can't stop thinking about that run everytime I hear about transformers.


Man I’m glad I peaced out in the nineties


Oh!!! Lovely :). I was never much into the comics, so thank you for explaining! They seem absolutely lovely. Why did you have to remind me about fucking. Arcee... My goodness.


Two canonically trans lesbian transformers.


Oh!!! I see :)


[I love them so much.](https://www.reddit.com/r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns/comments/dwfbrc/probably_shared_this_already_but_dont_sleep_on/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&utm_term=link)


alright yeah I'll give it to them


Well then that’s just common sense, those transformers in particular are literally trans.


can't spell transformer without trans


**blasphemy** idc what the actual result was the Addams' won in my heart (they're literally so in love with each other AND amazing parents?? t4t icons)


it's prolly bc the couple that beat them (lug and anode) are canonically trans as opposed to just having the vibe


i guess that makes sense, though i feel like prioritizing canonicity is kind of against the spirit of these brackets in a way since most of the characters are based on popular fandom headcanon(s). seems kinda unfair, yk?


i guess...but there is a possibility they would have won even if they werent canonically trans, as the TF fandom loves them dearly


Cecil vs Sans


Cecil Palmer? I can’t think of any other Cecils. But Cecil Palmer all the way. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sans, but, Cecil.


[https://sexymanotd.tumblr.com/post/707759162041450496/final-round-sans-undertale-vs-cecil-gershwin](https://sexymanotd.tumblr.com/post/707759162041450496/final-round-sans-undertale-vs-cecil-gershwin) ​ ​ \\#CECILSWEEP


Ah it seems my opinion is popular lol, Cecil is the best and we love him


Look, if Cecil can go toe to toe with Kevin and Lauren, both of whom are extradimensional horrors, then he can probably take Sans if the future of Community Radio depended upon it.




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Yeah one I remember is a fashion disaster poll where Cecil from Nightvale (which to my knowledge is an AUDIO ONLY podcast) beat Alear from FE Engage like 75-25


To be fair. We don't have a lot of canon descriptions of Cecil, but we know that he at one point wore "a black plastic poncho, cat ears, and [orange] galoshes" to work [Well of Night] and considers "tasteful sponge clogs that matched [his] tights perfectly" an appropriate opera outfit [Review], so he is, kinda, a fashion disaster. (Not canonically though, he's canonically considered "hip enough to be spared" by the Sphere in his "leather pants and a Hawaiian shirt and a baseball hat made of honeycomb", so. Maybe it's less that Cecil is a fashion disaster and more that Night Vale on the whole is incredibly fucked up and evil. I dunno.)


Well I guess that makes sense Just seems kinda odd for the winner of a fashion disaster poll to be someone we can’t even see yknow


i mean cecil's outfits have been described and they're certainly... something


As somebody who’s seen a looooot of popularity polls through cursed SoundCloud sorcery I could spend ages unpacking, the solution people seem to have come up with is simply picking mostly obscure as shit characters, or seeding brackets to give competitors a fair fight in terms of “How Many People Know This Property”. Including but not limited to **people’s OCs,** which either almost sweep the tournament or get thrown to the double-elimination wolves almost immediately to barely escape triple elimination against Donald Trump, or the many, many, **many** attempts at reworking Neil Cicireiga to be both a decent contender and not immediately hated out of the tourney for just being Spirit Phone’s greatest hits over and over again. I’ve heard somebody tell me that this weird bullshit I’ve found is like if I was the only person in the world who knew who Jerma was, and I do not blame them.


the nonbinary swag competition :(


It was heartbreaking watching Scug get offed instantly only to manage to crawl their way back to being in play in the redemption round only to be offed all over again the very next poll.


Even in the polls Slugcat is not free from the cycle. I was hoping they’d get pitted against the Knight from Hollow Knight so the Void could eliminate them as intended.


ill never forgive kris deltarune for beating floofty in round one.


That was a *round 1* match? This is why tournament seeding exists


paintbrush and two lost immediately. osc can never get a win can they


V1 Ultrakill :(


Martin Blyndeff vs Buck Cluck for Tumblr’s Worst Dad. Guess who lost.


if martin lost im gonna throw a chair


He lost. Worst part is that it was the *first round.* If he lost to someone like Ozai that would be fine, I would be fine with that. But he lost to a man who fed his kids. At least Buck sat comfortably on the bar, meanwhile Marin was digging under the bar to open a gas leak because the pipe was shiny.


Also, Indus Tarbella losing to Brock from pokemon in a himbo poll. Brock isn't even a himbo! He's got some muscle, he respects women only when he doesn't need to be dragged away from them, and he's actually intelligent! Look past Indus' rippling muscles into his eyes and you'll see nothing in his skull but a pure heart.


Epithet fans stay losing 😔


*Image Transcription: Tumblr* --- **yardsards** you ever see a poll and just Know that a character lost purely because their source material is less well known than the winning character's --- **yardsards** there'll be polls that are like "bipolar swag bracket round 1: PIKACHU from POKEMON *vs* SQUIMBUS from SOME MANGA FROM 2003 THAT ONLY SOLD 40 COPIES" and you'll look in the comments and it's all "vote squimbus!" and \*8 paragraph essay about how squimbus canonically has bipolar\* and "\#squimbus sweep!" and "squimbus my beloved" and \*personal story about how squimbus inspired them to get help for their bipolar disorder\* and the only comment referencing pikachu is like "i have no clue who squimbus is but i like pikachu" so you decide "yeah sure i'll vote for squimbus why not" and you see the results and it's like pikachu: 93% squimbus: 7% --- **spazmat** [*Screenshot of tags*] >*\#im never getting over the david ward poll \#also squimbus from my polls new character type* [*End tags*] --- **bluizu** SQUIMBUS FROM MY POLLS!!!!! *\#squimbus got robbed* --- ^^I'm a human volunteer content transcriber and you could be too! [If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](https://www.reddit.com/r/TranscribersOfReddit/wiki/index)


Thank you


david ward poll?


Scooby doo vs infinity train on that one twitter poll


For real. What a con


The way howl almost won in the pathetic meow meow competition versus HARRY DU BOIS


>AfO vs Moriarty (FGO) at being best villain. Most infuriating threat I have ever read


You got a link to that thread?


No, and I refuse to search for it. My brain deserves better




I will only say, those fuckers genuinely though Scrotumhead always have a plan. They genuinely though he is still in control of the situation


When they put dr. habit against nagito in the big tumblr sexyman poll 😭😭 my man didn’t even have a CHANCE


I'm still mad that Gin Ibushi (who is canonically autistic) lost the AutismSwagSummit on the FIRST ROUND because he got paired.with Papyrus


Who would win? Blorbo from my shows vs Squimbo from my polls vs Glup Shitto




Blorbo has the power of the purple bingus, it wouldn't even be close


And then you get shit like the Catgirl poll where the finalists were decided by two fellas really dedicated to the bit and selling two unrelated fandoms on it


average osc character entering a poll (about to be absolutely destroyed)


just after seeing this i went into the inanimate insanity tag and saw lightbulb being put up against sokka from a:tla. sad to see a woman losing


Cartoon Network did a poll like this and this is what it was like seeing Young Justice vs Teen Titans and Infinity Train vs Scooby Doo


Kinda like how tunic didn't win many awards because not many people finished it. The game has the objectively best sound design maybe in HISTORY but it didn't even get nominated for that at the game awards


Fucking Barney Guttman, a canonically trans man, losing to Sonic the Hedgehog on Round 1 of the Trans Swag Bracket by a 70-30 margin. At least he was a finalist in the Transmasc Swag Bracket, but even then his only canonically trans opponent was Mettaton, and that was *in the final roun*


can i get the source post?


Demon Slayer sweeping Best Fantasy at the Anime Awards despite not being a fantasy show.


I mean it's Low Fantasy to be sure, but unless you know something I don't the real world doesn't have demons and super breathing that lets you cut boulders


I guess if your definition of fantasy is "anything with fantastical elements" then I can buy it. But I personally wouldn't consider, say, Chainsaw Man a fantasy series either and would be equally confused if it had won the award.


Chainsaw man is urban fantasy, no? Not seen the show or manga myself, but from what i'v seen it seems to a modern setting with Fantasy elements.


Chainsaw man is a Shounen/Horror/Dark Fantasy. Fantasy is, unfortunately, a big net, much in the same way that anything set in the future or including imaginary / out-of-context technology could be considered sci-fi. But I would argue Demon Slayer has a stronger claim than you would think. What's so different between a young farm boy being given a magic sword (fantastical weaponry) to kill a dragon (fantastic beast) and a young charcoal maker being given magic sword techniques (fantastical weaponry) to kill a demon (fantastic beast)?


What makes a story fantasy? I don't know much about it but I remember it having fantasy creatures and magic


Demons are fantasy creatures, and special techniques that let you cut boulders are magic.


what genre do demons belong in




it is obviously a fantasy show what are you on about?


Demon Slayer fans are particularly bad a this, i found a lot of discussions about how Wolf from Sekiro would have trouble surviving in the Demon Slayer setting despite all the stunts he pulls off in his own.


Any Fromsoft game's player character could survive in Demon Slayer's setting just fine.


i think he would die twice (idk i havent plaid it)


I mean, even within a series it’s usually just “who had the most screen time” So on the one hand, it’s no surprise that the most popular Naruto characters are usually either Naruto or Sasuke And on the other hand it’s pretty cool that Haku and Zabuza still rank so highly


r/waifupolls be like


This is like the short version of why we're all doomed


Blorbo in the shows, squimbus in the polls


A while ago there was a transmasc swag poll on tumblr. In the first bracket we had Barney (Dead End: Paranormal Park) vs Hunter (The Owl House). Barney is canonically trans - he acknowledges it on screen *multiple times*, he has a storyline about dealing with his parents not standing up for him against his transphobic grandmother and he canonically (in the comics) named himself after Barney the dinosaur because he loved dinosaurs so much. Hunter, while very much a cringefail gender little meow meow, is *not.* And I've basically forced all of my friends with a Tumblr account to vote for Barney because I *knew* the Owl House fandom was going to bury my poor little Squimbus and if Barney had to lose against anyone it was going to be against *another* canon transmasc. In the end he *barely* won (like literally by 0.2% I think) but after that he sweeped through everybody else until he lost in the finals against Mettaton, which was amazing... but I'll never forget the stressful evening I had watching that first bracket stay at 50/50 in the last five minutes not knowing who was gonna win