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A Forbes article about r/Buttcoin? We really are living in the future.


Tbf Forbes is basically buzzfeed business edition at this point, that’s pretty much peak reporting work for them


> buzzfeed business edition Buzzness?




And buzz feed news is actually doing journalism. Where are we?


Notice I said buzzfeed and not buzzfeed news they actually do legit journalism and have won awards for it accordingly, buzzfeed is all top 10 lists, now which one is more prevalent on Forbes ?


Im almost positive you can also buy article space on their website.


u can but to their discretion they won’t take just anyone’s money tbf


I mean…I’ve seen some pretty un-newsworthy stuff on there, from people I know in the music industry. So I don’t disagree with you but they also aren’t exactly upholding the strongest journalistic integrity.


Oh no I meant by the field actually I assumed you meant like they had some article space sold for shilling some alt or something cus we in the crypto sub lol But yeah they definitely hacks


Ah gotcha, well they probably would take some crypto shilling articles, it's good for page views lol. I honestly have no idea what the process is, I'm sure it's not cheap and I'm sure there are parameters you need to meet, but there's definitely things buried on their site that are paid for.


Bottom soon.


My two favorite words from my wife!


Does she keep you pegged?


Getting pegged better than Luna thats for sure


And goes down more than SOL?


Seems to love being choked


Appears to have been manipulated by a whale


It sure as hell feels like it 😩


She has been pegging with her ex boyfriends’ balls


If she does, he was definitely brought down a peg or two. How many they started with is between them... literally ;)


That made me chuckle. I wanna share this with someone but no one outside this sub would get the joke.


We are your only family


Mine too, she's so good isn't she 👀


Mine too. 🥰


The article is one year old...


That doesn’t matter. It’s a moon farm around these parts.


Is that a pun?




Lol, not even close....


This is just a start.


bullish on buttcoin, the Algorand hero


/Buttcoin being famous is making bitcoin famous, thanks buttcoin/


we really living in a simulation


Bullish on $FUTURE


Not really since it is an article of 1 year ago


After 11 years? About time


I wish they gave out butts like we do moons.


Butt's are easy to get, just gotta use the exchange Grindr


Bullish on LunarButt


You wouldn't want some of those butts, probably full of shit most of them anyway.


Hose those hoes


I tried to give them [$butts](https://tinychart.org/asset/753137719), but they refused me


$8000 liquidity and $60.000 market cap what have you done 😂


We could join forces and make blue moons 😂😂😂


I actually sub to Buttcoin as it's entertaining, but the amount of them posting in r/cc now is just getting boring.


There was tons of pro crypto people going in buttcoin during the bull, now they're all over here because it's down.


tldr; Crypto has legions of devoted fans but also an army of critics. "It’s dumb nerd money that nerds use to try to rip each other off," says David Gerard, a 54-year-old IT administrator in London. "Every other Reddit about cryptocurrency is full of cultists! Or marketing shills. Or both," he adds. *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*


Every other reddit


Good bot.


"Dumb nerd money" love it $DUMBNERDBUX 🔥


hes not wrong about that last bit, all guerilla marketing, shills, or shitcoin cult members


r/buttcoin folks wake up during bear markets to shit on Crypto people & cries in bull markets because they are not invested in Crypto. It's their time to have fun, let them.


yeah its a cycle, everyone takes turn to grave dance, its pretty fair this way


Honestly it's great on this end, this is a firesale for me. If they want to spend their lives in anger and cheering on economic downturn, they can do that. Sounds like a sad, miserable existence.


I tried to have a reasonable discussion with these people in the past but they are not even willing to do that. They just start name calling you or you get banned. Once someone actually tried to engage in the discussion but when i countered his arguments he started editing his early posts and called me a liar. This person was so dumb didnt even know you could just show what a post said pre-edit. When i showed him he went "it was just a joke". That says enough about the people on that sub.


You could say the same about arguing with a pro crypto person.


Oh please do start an argument with me about the pro's and con's of crypto and see if i start name calling you, get you banned or edit my comments afterwards?


What an amazing argument, I must try that some time. “No u”


Some Crypto people will dance even during bear market anyway, reason: cheap Crypto, fiat inflation, just to spite r/buttcoin users




The article is one year old. It is published on Jun 26, 2021.


They're also more active here because their sentiment gets more upvotes/traction now since it plays into fears that crypto owners have. If you look around a bit at any negative comments there's at least a decent chance it's someone from over there sliding by to stir the pot. Don't usually have to dig too far in post history to find it.


> cries in bull markets because they are not invested in Crypto. Lmao


Yeah this is a ridiculous cope. We generally just think the crypto casino idea is fucked and people should invest in profit-generating material assets. I don’t hate anyone and even crypto enthusiasts know that most coins are shit and most people involved are shilling to pump their own bags.


Agreed. Let's be the mature one and just let this be.


>cries in bull markets because they are not invested in Crypto. lol


The might go a bit silent but during bull markets they don't post suicide hotline numbers.


From what I'm seeing it's just PC nerds who complain about not being able to buy high end gpus which they can't even afford.


Or people who care about the environmental impact of the incredibly inefficient technology crypto created. Or actual software engineers who care about literally anything else other than blockchain. Or people who give a shit about business fundamentals. Or people who are here to watch the ponzi burst.


I'm a software engineer, why would I hate crypto? 😂 Just because I'm not working in Web3 doesn't mean that I don't care about it. Being a developer and an engineer means being interested in new tech.


I'm also a developer, and I'm happy that people are realizing web3 is total bullshit right now. Blockchain is an inefficient, terrible technology whose only use we've found in 14 years is buying cocaine.


Every dog has his day


Crypto lives in their heads, rent free


Yeah except three quarters of the time when we are in an uptrend, they'll just say its gambling, get mad at you and then ban you


Bet that many members of that sub were once crypto investors that probably got rekt on a shitcoin


>Bet that many members of that sub were once crypto investors that probably got rekt on a shitcoin So most here will join /r/buttcoin at some point in the near future


That's a possibility. The problem with the buttcoin sub is that it's extremely one-sided. It's almost as bad as the Bitcoin sub in terms of being an echo chamber, but with noticeably less censorship and less delusion. I prefer a sub like CryptoReality that's more evidence-based and allows for rational discussion of both sides.


This is definitely the case, I've seen a few post in r/buttcoin that start with "I can't believe I fell for the ponzi, and lost all my money investing in safemoon "


Well well well, if it isn't the consequences of my own actions


Everyone succeeds before they fail, given


Everyone's got a plan until they get punched in the mouth.


No...I'll never accept my faults, I'll blame this on all of crypto


That's like driving with old summer tires during a snowy winter and being butthurt at the automobile industry after slideslipping.


“I was wrong? Never, I’m never wrong. Everyone else is wrong.”


Buttcoin : cryptocurrency :: unitarians : catholics


*It was everyone's fault but mine.* Just a bunch of people who can't take responsibility for their own fuck ups.


basically economic incels


lmao good one


And the funny thing is the ones that think that about BTC specifically literally just bought high and sold low and concluded the whole thing was a scam lol at least the scamcoin people could figure out how to use metamask.


They are coping hard


Just like anti-poaching activists got burned with fake ivory, environmentalists got fined for illegal dumping and people who advocate for financial regulations ran unsuccesful hedge funds. No way someone could be against unethical business practises without having previously held a personal stake in them. Lol


Definitely. They admit as much in many of their posts.


This is partly true, but mostly not, in my case. I was early (2014) buying some coins in the bubble of that era. I'm a terrible trader, made emotional decision, got rugpulled, exchanges went poof, got shitcoined, before I realized it's all hot garbage and over-hyped speculative gambling. Project promises from the 2017 era are still not fulfilled. Because I was ACTUALLY early, before Matt Damon told people they were stupid for not investing and the Superbowl was one giant cryptocurrency is the future ad (even though the only future I could make out of it is gambling your coins on exchanges), I came out well ahead, selling the last bags I had in the 2021 bull run, made in the low six figures in total, which I mostly invested in down-payment for a house. The money I made came from other people entering later, whom I sold my bags to. The coins I sold them are from projects whose only "adoption" is gambling on exchanges. It has not produced any useful things, since 2014. It's just been speculating and offloading your bags to some next person, all this time. I started out very enthusiastic about blockchains and cryptocurrencies, read one or two books about them, read multiple white papers (fluff pieces with techno babble), programmed some Solidity. But the more I learned the more I realized it's just not going anywhere. Ethereum is still PoW, even though in 2017 we were told "PoS is only 6 months away!" The more the masses of people entered the space, the more get-rich-quick types entered and the plethora of absolute garbage (ElonSpermWhaleShibaCoin) that came with it, I realized the space is doomed.


Same here. After almost 10 years in the crypto space I realised it was not the future, took my gains and have fun lurking on r/Buttcoin


Have fun staying....normal?


Looks like it's a sub for sharing sadness stories


I used an archive tool and found an old post where the buttcoiners were all laughing at BTC when it hit its ATH of $10!


[Here's a link](https://np.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/vccuf3/What%27s_is_like_not_having_a_stake_in_the_game%2C_yet_cheering_for_other%27s_financial_misfortune_during_a_recession._Promise_me_to_stay_classy_during_next_ATH%2C_BTC_peeps%21/icejuj7/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3) to several posts from the Buttcoin sub during various crashes. Here are a couple of comments when Bitcoin was around $200: >The slide into oblivion continues. >Chinese are dumping in droves. Price is falling off a cliff. This is a rout. And I am euphoric.


This is amazing. Don’t these coins in the ass people ever see these and think wow, if I wasn’t so inept I could have been rich. I think I would feel sick knowing I was taking the piss out of Bitcoin @ 200$ when it’s reached 69,000$ only a few years later. Hilarious


$174 was one edit. I hate to admit I was a doubter (with absolutely no idea how BTC actually worked). I vow to never write something off if I don't know the details


and in a few years we’ll be seeing posts of them cheering as BTC falls from its ATH of $200k to $80k


No wonder they’re all so angry. What a once in a lifetime missed opportunity.


Not once. Multiple chances.


Wonder what all these buttcoiners will do if one day crypto reaches mass adoption and is used daily by everyone? Think they'll delete their accounts and deny they were ever against crypto?


Those are the best to read during a bear market. Best conviction boost.


> He often posts there [/r/Buttcoin] several times a day and spends more time commenting on what the group’s other 63,000 members publish. Imagine spending so much time on something you hate. This world is truly lost.


Lmao let them have their day in the sun, come next bull run they'll be back to taking a coin up the butt.




I don’t know about them over at r/buttcoin, but I don’t need a bull run to put coins up my butt 😎


What’s a few [ass pennies](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=f9aM_dT5VMI) between friends?


Nobody’s getting out of bed for +5% dingleberries


Nice brag bro. Look at you with your *multiple coins* to use for butt stuffing. Meanwhile us peasants are forced get off from the girth of a single DOGE.


True, but a lot of people enjoy DOGE-y style


This person knows about asspennies.


DCA all day


They're only talking when it's a bear market. Not like crypto is the only thing that's down ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯


It’ll be great when their teenage kids are asking them why they didn’t invest in bitcoin when it was at 20k


> He often posts there several times a day and spends more time commenting on what the group’s other 63,000 members publish. I can understand thinking crypto is dumb or even a scam. I can’t understand spending so much time and energy on something you think is dumb or a scam.


It won't die. They have been saying this for over 10 years. LOL I'M LONG-TERM BTC and ETH!!! GLTA!!!


I have about 5% in bitcoin, the rest in ETH. GLTA!!!


Fuck r/buttcoin. There are literal posts about celebrating people who kill themselves because they lost money on bitcoin.


Imagine a sub where people passionately share their ideas about not golfing, not making hobby trains, not wearing boxers, not mountain biking, not sailing, not playing violin, not having two cats… They’re reactionaries. These people don’t have an identity, interests, something they do that defines them. They identify by what they don’t do. They don’t know what they stand for. They only know what they’re against.


There are subs that are anti cop, anti work, anti idiots in cars, anti communist China, anti fascism, anti Trump. Half of crypto posting is being anti bank and anti established finance. What's with the lack of self awareness here?


Those are dumb subs too.


Pro-crypto happens to have anti-establishment elements but we're not in here 24/7 taking screenshots of people who get credit card frauded and laughing at them for being an idiot for using a credit card. There is a huge difference. There is a massive problem on reddit with all "anti" subs. They turn into fascist, hate mongering cesspools.


I'm convinced any sub created to hate another group of people becomes inherently toxic. It just ends up attracting the absolute worst types of people. I confronted one of their posts mocking suicides of luna investors/victims... called them sadistic and it was all replies like...'so?', 'they shouldn't have been so stupid' etc etc


Yeah I don't spend any time on any 'anti' subs for this reason. Also because I try to avoid politics as much as possible though as well.


>people who get credit card frauded and laughing at them for being an idiot for using a credit card. Could you imagine if those credit card fraud claims got reimbursed by the company? Or if the people committing the fraud got arrested? Thankfully there's safeguards for people in the crypto space. Unlike those credit card using plebians!


Ehh I get what you're saying, but the point of the sub is to see the other side of the argument (which they tend to do pretty poorly) but it's to see why **not** to invest in bitcoin. It's also a coping group for people that are pissed they missed out on massive profit and need reinforcement why it's gonna fail. If Bitcoin started at $1 (a stable coin) and didn't really do much, just a internet toy hobby coin, no one would care to shit on bitcoin, they would just think it's another nerdy project.


Yeah because r/cc, r/Bitcoin or any other crypto subs are soooo informative. Try and actually read the comment section you'll find way more analysis than any echo chamber you get on crypto subs


That’s a very good argument.


This is more akin to /r/antimlm than being anti a hobby. Being opposed to what is essentially a massive ponzi with millions of people being destroyed by it is not the same as opposing a hobby. But it is extra funny how angry it makes people.


r/TheLastOfUs2 has entered the chat


I think finding something you're against is the beginning of identity formation. Analogously, when you're young and you see all the ways that you don't want to be like your parents when you grow up. These guys are just in arrested development.


None of the things you mention are negative sum neo-pyramid schemes that use similar amounts of power as Argentina. Crypto is fascinating. A solution in search of a problem. A speedrun of 500 years of financial history. MLM for dudes. A gambit for a dystopian future. It’s fantastically interesting. Post modern. I love it.


antisomething people are not happy people


Like anti bank people?


anti bank people, unhappy. pro banking alternative people, happt.




This is good for Bitcoin.


buttcoiners making some news


I do not envy anyone who commits so much time to hate and distain to anything. There are many things I do not like but I would never spend so much time and energy on actively seeking out to hate it nor find joy in it's failures. It's a very odd bunch.


Sad thing is that these people want cypto to fail, and want to be the cause of it.. Even though it has no benefit to them, they put all this effort into wanting to destroy peoples lives.. Its like their sick in the head, wtf happened to the world?


Idk how but I got a few of that subs posts recommended on my Reddit feed and it was basically people just cheering on people losing money from crypto. Claiming it’s a scam or fake etc. I have no idea why people would be happy others are losing money, unless it’s like corrupt corporations/politicians. Then I think about how those people are spending their time checking for/looking at articles and posts about something they dislike so much, and at least get a good laugh from it lol


Don't you laugh at the Safemoon community? Same thing man.


lmao thankyou. the fuckin hypocrisy of these clowns on here


Huh? Nah I didn’t


> I have no idea why people would be happy others are losing money, give me a fucking break. You say this while this entire sub calls anyone who dares to short crypto an idiot, or yells 'have fun staying poor' to anyone not invested in crypto.


That’s such an exaggeration lmao I have not seen a single instance of that but go off Not saying it doesn’t happen, but “entire” is a huge exaggeration And even so, disagreeing with an investment (albeit a short against something they hold) is not nearly as bad as cheering on people losing money that could help feed their families or improve their lives. It’s false equivalency. And also you’re talking about a tiny percentage of people in this sub being dicks vs an entire sub dedicated to celebrating others losses. Not the same


Some are from traditional finance or VC funding or SF startups basically they are proponents of the establishment now. For example if you go to hacker news it's completely full of hate for crypto but loves jerking everybody off about their latest fund raise. The usual tribalism and elitism after they've spent you know 20-30 years creating their own system to manipulate of funding and fake valuations. Now something else has come along and created its own valuation and they can't have that. They are the ones that decide what things are worth and who gets money. Also I'm sure the potential of decentralized funding for organizations is a huge factor because it removes their centralized control of all the VC money. Also the fact that a lot of people that are in the crypto are tech people developers etc. The VCs need those people to be reliant on them and working for them in order for them to get and stay rich. They can't have a bunch of developers suddenly having a lot more money from an investment that they can't control. They only want to allow developers to have money after they've gotten what they want like sold a company etc.


They're all just bitter that they haven't made money from crypto. They think anyone who invested was really dumb for investing and then they got lucky and made a bunch of money they don't deserve to have. That's really the entire userbase in a nutshell, as well as everyone else who hates crypto.


Some cult shit right here :D There are a myriad of reasons to think crypto is shit, from scams to ransomware to it being an environmental crime. "They're just jealous" - Poachers when talking about anti-poaching activists.


As opposed to crypto advocates who are always in the green lol


Nocoiners in a nutshell


> When Gerard wants to commune with other crypto haters, he heads over to a burgeoning corner of the web: a Reddit forum called Buttcoin, the name a suggestion that cryptocurrencies are, well, a waste of time. He often posts there several times a day and spends more time commenting on what the group’s other 63,000 members publish. “Every other Reddit about cryptocurrency is full of cultists!” Right, every *other* one… but not Buttcoin. Buttcoin isn’t a cult.


Lack of Self-awareness is a human trait seen more in some humans than in others...


Wait, that's in the article? They're slamming them then, I wasn't expecting that. I might read it now.


How do these people sleep at night, embarrassing themselves so much?


I don’t get why people feel the need to get together in social groups and sit shitting on something they don’t like. I have a lot of friends that are cricket fans and I don’t like the sport at all, I just go about my day. I don’t actively seek other cricket haters to moan and whinge about it. Have these people nothing better to do?


You are literally commenting on a post with hundreds of other people shitting on Buttcoin and don't see the irony of your comment? Ugh. On top of that, the article is a year old.


This sub wasn’t set up for the sole purpose of shitting on other people’s interests though theirs was. And our discussing their sub is reactionary due to the article. There’s a big difference here pal


r/buttcoin? Yeah - thats a good place to have some fun while the bear markets last. Stop taking everything seriously!


Hehehe btc is dying!


20k aGaIn - bTc DeAd


Honestly that sub is good. Gotta see all perspectives


We’re almost at the bottom. Just need a “is dead” article.


Haha i knew it was about r/buttcoin


I don't like that sub but the second POV they offered about Anchor avoided me the loss of a 5-figure amount. There are smart people in there, also they're very aware that crypto is NOT dead and will be back. Sadly most of the noise is made by stupid posts like "OmG it's CrAsHiNg" and getting erections when BTC does -10%, which I find just incredibly sad. But some users offer very valid points


Ugh, I find r/buttcoin so offensive.. They should be more respectful and rename their sub something acceptable like r/rumpcoin or r/posteriorcoin for Pete’s sake!


I like RumpCoin, it has a nice ring to it


Still too offensive. Tushycoin is better. Fits right in with all the babies in that sub


I guess AnusCoin is out 😔


I joined this forum for awhile and realized they are mostly miserable ppl


In my experience people that define themselves around hating things rather than discussing things they enjoy are not actually people happy in their own lives.


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Very strange sub. I mean i understand people not like crypto and all but those guyz there are kinda obsessed.


I love when people think Bitcoin is also all crypto


You can only get more butt hurt with butt coin... I cannot imagine the amount of built-up negative feelings in the next 10 years


Cringe AF


I'm almost convinced that sub is just a really good troll


Someone should actually make Buttcoin and make it wildly successful like other meme coins just to say jokes on you.


Anyone who doesn’t take serious criticism and shortcomings of Crypto and take into account all the bad actors in the crypto sphere including the quasi institutionalized exchanges , which are wholly unregulated, does so at their own peril. Really places like r/buttcoin is a must read for anyone who is dropping any serious money in crypto and doing it responsibly because they’re the only places that don’t have blinders on, and I say that as someone who bought bitcoin when it was 2$ and extremely skeptical of how the crypto market is playing out now


Fuck those dudes.


Happy cake day!


Yah, fuck them. Also, happy cake day!


No! We don't want MORE of them!


Im subscribed to r/buttcoin. Its always a good idea to see an opposing perspective. If youre reading it and its souring you on crypto. Then you probably havent been thinking enough this whole time.


I love how much they have crypto and blockchain tech but crypto is slowly infiltrating their eco system.


Those guys are a bunch of tards. Every dip they claim its going to zero. This last dip it was hilarious listening to these clowns as we all bought the dip and are all up into profits hahaha.


Buttcoin finally got the attention they were craving for 🤣


a year ago


Are r/Buttcoin users the ones that have to coordinate a pump on a stock in order to save their tokens?


They're kinda like the incels of the crypto space. At least as miserable, aggressive, and toxic.


I was tricked by that sub. When I first looked at it there were some well thought out arguments. Turns out its really just a disgusting circlejerking cesspool.


I am yet to hear a coherent and sound argument that crypto is bad across the board, and it's probably the fault of turdmunchers like these guys


I love debating in that sub. Obviously they sometimes make good logical points because Crypto is still speculative as a whole. But they will abandon all logic just to hate on Bitcoin and Crypto in general. Like denying Bitcoin has gotten way more adoption and being accepted by more mainstream investors lol And they call this place a cult, but I've never seen a sub that was so predicated on cultism and circle jerking. The sub has been around since Bitcoin was less than 30 dollars I believe, maybe even less and I remember asking if any of them who were there from the beginning of the sub feels about missing out on Millions just to hate on something.


Don’t be a Gerard.


Imagine being that fucking bad at life