Ignore "pre-approved" offers because 1. you're not guaranteed approval and 2. you should choose cards based on what's best for your situation. You've had the Discover IT for 8-9 months which means you're almost at 12 months of history. At that point you'll be in a much better spot for opening up cards which are better than the Quicksilver in the short-term and long-term. I would wait, and do that. Which cards depends on your profile. Create a separate post using the template for card recommendations linked in the sidebar for a recommendation.


That was one of my first cards. It’s not bad really. APR is basically interest. If you pay your balance off each month (which you should) you don’t even have to worry about that number. No annual fees is good, I personally won’t even get a card if it has one. The annual review thing is just them checking your account (with them, not your bank or anything) every so often and going “looks good, here is a credit line increase”. If your discover card has annual fees or no cash back option I’d switch. Otherwise you can have both and not use one. Or don’t bother with the Capital One card, it’s not a big deal. Overall, it’s a decent starter card with the cash back.


Up to you, not the best all around card though but very easy to get. Who do you bank with?


I’m with CenturyBank, why? Also, last time I chose to do something I got a CreditOne card and everyone in this subReddit yelled at me, lmao


Because you have history with them so sometimes if they offer good cards it can be easy to qualify.


0% APR for purchases until October means you can carry debt from purchases with 0% APR, as long as you have it paid off by October. It's a trap. They want you to buy a lot, then have to make payments on it for the rest of your life. I think Capital One pulls all three major credit reports.


I have the quicksilver, main card since my other is Apple Card that I use Apple Pay for 2% so my only difference is 0.5% until I get a category card