Today's parody becomes tomorrow's reality.


Thank you. My entire point of the post has been realized.






Tomorrow. ​ Really just highlight address, right click, select 'Open link' or 'Open link in new tab'.




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Think on this: the blood of the unvaccinated now has a market.


It’s also a fake screenshot. It’s nowhere on The Conversation website. They’ve also debunked it.


Lmao yeah I took a fake screenshot lmao! You can find the article here on the Health and Wellness page. https://iqfy.com/health-and-wellness/IQfy This is the direct link to the article I screenshot these from. I have provided all the associated links. Look it up for yourself..... whether the site is a parody, whether the article is a parody, that is to realized. But the screenshots are taken directly from the site and posted directly from my gallery. https://iqfy.com/unvaccinated-silence/


I was just going by this (same article) https://twitter.com/conversationuk/status/1617580012038651911?s=46&t=wLNmbPjzqojrSc0pwI6fRg Not sure who iqfy are. Anyway, satire or not, something similar will no doubt finally be real given the truth is starting to come out.


I wish this was real, for the Clown Factor. Like it's still funny but not as much as if someone really meant it


just wait a bit... my guess is 6 - 10 months


Don’t take the bait.


Haha yeah. It is a parody site. People figured it out pretty quick. The commemt sections are dumpster fires too, possible parody but not 100% convinced.


Whew. Had me going for a sec. I can no longer tell satire from reality any more. The Babylon Bee is just the news 6 months from now.


I am not convinced. I think it's a psyops proving ground site. It's just too weird and not funny. All of it is stuff we may be seeing in the news in 6 months. It's like all ridiculously weird stuff that pushes the current overton window that we are at now. It would be overton window 6 months to a year from now.


100% It's not funny at all. And even their articles about "buttsex" seem to be like the writer is serious about anal prolapses and how to avoid them...


Yep. To anyone reading this still thinking it may be parody: perhaps you are right. But -- consider that the line between parody and total and utter devastation of the human psyche via manipulative propaganda is a fine line. Consider that 3 years ago a lot of what is now discussed in the trash MSM would have been considered parody/surreal/ridiculous. It's all about sliding the overton window over inch by inch over time. This is how you slowly boil the frog that is the American mind, heart, and soul.


Simple. A liberal Karen. Nothing is ever their fault. 👈🏻👉👈🏻👉👈🏻 finger pointing is their only talent


This is either Titania McGrath level satire, or next - level gaslighting.


It's satire.


I'm not so sure. The site is not even funny it's just bizarre. I think it's a propaganda proving ground/beta-test site. All of the articles on it are stuff that is *just* outside the current overton window *now*.. but might *not* be within 6-12 months.


Agree. The entire site is an eerie level of parody. Clearly parody, but so close to real opinions that I assume identical articles will be published in NYT this year.






Unjabed, we’re fired from jobs, prevented from being part of society, scrubbed from social media, threatened to being put in camps and threats of forced jabbing….wonder why more people didn’t speak up ….hmm have no Earthly idea why they weren’t shouting from the rooftops with giant megaphones…🤔




Oh believe you me, I said enough. It's their own fault they were such arrogant idiots deaf to the concern of others.


LOL this is great and well written.


Can't tell if this is a parody site, or a troll site or what. Or maybe it's a propaganda testing ground site. Stuff that they are working-on narrative/propaganda-wise ends up being beta-tested here and the good stuff makes it further to Vogue, Vanity Fair, Men's Health, Time, etc. Can't tell. It's a weird site for sure and this is some next level psyop shit whatever it is.


Bab bee?


Is that a parody?


100% pretty funny site


Yeah, took a bit of going through some articles but it's gotta be.


Man, I must be super powerful. I vote for a third party and it’s always my fault one of the two major parties was elected. I don’t take something and I’m to blame. Others do take something and I’m still to blame! And all I’m doing is sitting over here flipping coins. I’m practically a God! /s P.S. I realize the article is satire


Is this bitch serious? Idfk.... half her articles seem like she means what she is writing... Writer of IQfy article claims the blood is on the hands of the unvaccinated... not because we didn't join in.... but because we knew it was toxic and we didn't try to make our voices loud enough... We tried... we lost our jobs. We lost our profiles. We lost our content. We had to battle appeals, media storms, censoring and smear campaigns. Some in Canada lost their bank accounts. We did speak up. We were silenced and blamed. You shamed us. You ignored us. You fired us. And now u want to blame us again. Permanent victims. This won't end well. Yall will be so embarrassed in 10 years. https://iqfy.com/unvaccinated-silence/


Great satire should be undetectable to the majority. The giveaway that this is satire is the admission the vaxx is unsafe, which will *never* happen in our lifetimes. [Poe's Law](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poe's_law) The best part about this particular satire is that you can expect it to actually sway the minds of vaxxies into accepting the vaxx as unsafe, because through the reasoning in this article they now have someone to blame.


I'd rather be thought of as a libertarian than a heretic. Absurdity aside I'm sure I will dream of this sentiment somehow going viral.


I know I was not silent, unbelievable. This is the new passive aggressive zero accountability blame game circle speak being used everywhere by these non-journalists. Mildly entertaining and definitely keeps the horseshit spinning and the sheeples distracted from the big picture.




Sorry warned people but got banned by unpaid mods.


Well considering nearly everyone just didn't wanna listen. This isn't an us problem. It's a problem with them, trusting someone just because they wear a white coat, that they're in government etc They don't do thier own research, they implicitly trust people they shouldn't. I am 2x injured from the regular vax schedule, so I was never taking these ones.


Ditto. Injured during 1st grade round. Got strep at same time. Wound up with thrombocytopenia. ER saw my bruises and thought I was being abused. Called the cops. So much fucking fun. Turned into constant strep infections which messed up my kidneys, heart and brain (a bit of Pandas l syndrome since this event. Worse each time I got strep.) Doing OK but I never forgot the experience. Especially once they mentioned c19. I hope you are doing okay since your injuries. Anything serious? If you don't mind me asking.


Ibs and celiacs. I've not been the same since. This started with tube meningitis v and got even more aggravated by the flu jab. They lie about regular schedule, let alone these. I also know they when I was a baby,I was rushed to hospital after my first round of immunisations.


So it was the unvaccinated’s fault that there was a “winter of death” and for hospital overcrowding and covid restrictions going on longer than they should, but now I’m being blamed for not telling enough of these morons not to get the vaxx? Huh? Edit…Damnit! Parody…but I can see this happening lol


There's no way this is real. What the hell is the source here?


Hmm. When you search for this there is a fact-check for a DIFFERENT website as the first result in Google that tries to give the impression that this article isn't real: [https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-the-conversation-vaccine/fact-check-fake-headline-from-the-conversation-asks-why-the-unvaccinated-didnt-warn-the-vaccinated-idUSL1N3491WD](https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-the-conversation-vaccine/fact-check-fake-headline-from-the-conversation-asks-why-the-unvaccinated-didnt-warn-the-vaccinated-idUSL1N3491WD) Parody or not, times are changing. More and more are waking up to the terrible decision they made. But more importantly, they have to face how horrible they were to their own friends and family members -- and many people actually did this to their *children* even though by their own numbers, children were never significantly affected.


I really hope this is satire. Please tell me this is satire…


Then: blocked banned and post removed. later: why did you not warn me?


Pleaseee tell me this is satire


>While 85% of you are wonderful people and we'd love to hear from you (feel free to reach out at [email protected] or our u/IQfy_ twitter!), the other 25% of recent comments have tended to be the result of targeted troll storms. LOL, the idea that we should take anyone who doesn't know that 85%+25% = 110% is laughable. This article is clearly satire because the Vazis would never admit that we were right.


You can not be making this up... Edit... aha parody... but not far from what could happen


This has to be satire right?


At first I wanted to think this was satire. We need to push back and strike strong, powerful blows against this narrative wherever it nears its diseased, jaundiced head.


Wow. Really every meme becomes true, sooner or later...


Parody has become so synonymous with reality in the modern age that I genuinely cannot tell anymore.


This has to be satire. >And silence is, after all, consent. No chance that sentence would be written seriously with today's rape culture being what it is.


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Good joke article. Made me laugh hard.


It is incredible how few people ever take responsibility for their own actions. This is a look inside the average persons brain. Zero ability to self reflect. Just an NPC through and through.


It's not like anyone of them listened to those of us who were vocal about it! 🤬




This is satire






You might not have a parody detector or it is broken. The whole site is a joke mate... quite an obvious joke too...


First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then finally they blame you for what they did.


Wait this is REAL?!




Please be satire.


What’s the publication? Edit: I’m a dummy https://iqfy.com/unvaccinated-silence/


This has to be satire




It’s almost as if we couldn’t. But for real, surely his is satire or gaslighting.


This can't be real.


There's no way this is real lol


Nice source. Could’ve been you who wrote the post for all we know. Why didn’t you at least include the dumb blog’s name in the screenshots?


If nothing else, the left is great at making themselves the victim in every situation


Jesus Christ THIS IS SATIRE.


Is the website real or is it a parody one?


Is this satire?


friends is a strong word, I wouldnt call myself a friend to the vaccinated


My entire family is vaccinated. Even my poor nieces and step sons. Jesus hung around the lepers. To help them. You never know why anyone does what they do. I am just praying that I don't have to clean up any more bodies. 12 family members have died in 3 years and not one had covid. Kinda just trying to set the example by forgiving and not judging. And trust me.... they are learning the mistake. But still, nothing will convince me to get this vaccine.




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Ooh, $10 cash back! 🙄


You know darn well knowing how society is '*thinking*' and '*acting*', people would actually believe this article lmfao.


Fake article if I’ve ever read one