Yeah, I have. I think a lot of people across multiple platforms have felt this. I am an artist and an art major and one of my closest friends from high school is a lot more successful at art than me. I'm happy for her but sad for me at the same time, and that's OK. It's important to remember that (oftentimes) ppl tend to post highlights, the good angles, the best of their life experience online. But it doesn't make it suck less if your best experiences don't hold a candle to theirs. Edit: typo


It’s the same with all social media platforms. Social Media is bad for your mental health in many ways.


I feel unaccomplished by just how well people write. I'm not even able to put together 2 sentences and I see people on here post pages on obscure topics. That's what makes me feel unaccomplished. That's how far out of the league I am.


Welcome to the club - I feel uncultured often from RL too


Sometimes....a few times I've talked about having to be on government disability because of mental health reasons and have been told Im just lazy or I just don't want to work. Makes me feel inadequate for sure. Or when people are like "24m(married)". Like damn, when I was 24 I was drinking 40s in the park till 3am lol


People should know better than that, I’m sorry you’ve had to experience that vitriol


It's not at the expense of your own. Last I checked, positive emotions aren't a finite resource that can only be tapped by a certain number of people before running out.


well there is that feeling and there isn't.. I see people enjoy their lives and be successful, which sometimes is like "ah man I'm dragging behind and being lazy", but then again I wouldn't even want to live their lives when I think about it...