> Bet that many members of that sub were once crypto investors that probably got rekt on a shitcoin Pot, meet kettle > No one is sure who created Buttcoin almost 10 years ago; Brown and the seven other moderators represent as much authority as it has known since We have our own satoshi and dao :D. Kinda glad that the people they featured as the face were Gerard and two mods who are software engineers.


It's more like we're witnessing the bubble bursting having warned people to stay away, than wanting it to die, although that is good too.


Didn't Forbes take some huge investment from Binance? Clearly independent journalism.




Most leftists/progressives that i've met (including me) have always been against crypto and other web3 shenanigans Most mainstream media are liberal leaning, not leftist. They will just simply shill whatever is profitable for them


The comments in the CC thread are amazing. > The forum is generally pessimists with no hope… I asked them about GMEs valuation. There entrance into NFTs. They were unamused. "Look at these guys not falling for other scams too"


Kudos to the mod team, it was one of the rare occasions where reddit mods didn't come out as absolute idiots


r/antiwork set the bar really high


Two chad software engineers who actually contribute value to society vs one basement dwelling dog walker, who would win?


Because we all know human worth is measured by the value they generate for capital. Way to have a reductive view on people.


I meant "value" in the abstract sense, dumbass.


why is this year old article suddenly getting shared around so much? kinda interesting.


>I can respect a well constructed argument against Crypto. I may disagree but I understand. > >Dismissing Blockchain as trash is a huge flag the guy's a moron. > >Back in 2016 I had a business partner who was an IT department head at a very large credit reporting agency. I through him got to discuss Blockchain with their CTO. > >They - multibillion dollar multinational were both quite concerned the technology could render some of their data models redundant and they were also interested in developing on chain themselves as a hedge. > >Blockchain could also completely revolutionise insurance, health records, traditional finance, authentication, pretty much anything where a central authority provides a service for a premium to query a sensitive dataset. Wow. He is literally acknowledging that 6 years ago the company looked into it and- lo and behold- hasn't adopted shit because blockchain can't and never will be able to scale. These people are so fucking stupid and don't understand how anything they talk about "replacing" works.


I'm sure his friend's name was Albert Einstein.


the comment section is pathetic, people claim we don't have any interests hobbies when we don't waste our time in pure gambling. God christ dude


Old news is exciting.


Not just bitcoin!


Don't worry guys, we are still early. Keep stacking comments in this Community, as it's going to pump to the moon later.