this has got to be the hardest shrine

this has got to be the hardest shrine

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I just did this one few days ago, was confusing but I used the chests! Idk why it never crossed my mind until 20 mins later XD the hard ones foe me are the ones where u have to use motion controls to move the balls...hate those.


the ones I struggle with are the ones that require common sense


Lol hey don't sell urself short, we all struggle even with the most easy ones, just try ur best and save before every shrine.


yeah, that one with getting the ball through the maze with motion control is the fucking worst.


I could be thinking of a different one? But with that one, I'm pretty sure if you turn the controller upside down, the maze turns upside down too and it's just a flat surface. So you don't have to worry about getting it through the maze, you can just roll it across.


This. I unintentinally (is this right? English is not my first language) did this on my first playthrough and never looked back lol, everytime its just a flip and a flick


unintentionally And yeah, that's how I've always solved the shrine near Link's house


But.. it isn't covered, so how— wait... the ball respawns above the maze and drops at it, doesn't? (-_-')


yeah, it respawns above the platform and drops


That occurred to me, but I could never get it to work


Flip your controller over, the maze flips over and you can move the ball over the underside with no walls. Much easier


Okay so a tip for anyone reading on motion control puzzles: if you're using the joy cons, it is basically only looking at one joy con (I believe it's the right one but I can't remember atm). Put the other one down separately and just use the one joy con. Having two hands to maneuver it also makes things easier, as a bonus. I don't have anything other than joy cons so I can't speak on how to use the pro controller or anything.


Pro controller has gyro just the same, works the same as handheld mode.


Yeah I'm terrible at the motion controls ones. Those where you need to use a giant hammer to hit a ball or something, I always miss. I just hand my controller to my partner and he always gets it in one try...


Ah yeah I did that one too!! Yeah it was a pain, ur moving it, it's straight, u got it, millisecond later it moves and u fail 😭😭 why?!


Yep. That is why there is a lip at the bottom of the first one. It keeps the chest from sliding off.


Gotta give him much credit though for using those balloons, never thought of that.


That is the beautiful thing about BOTW. Lots of solutions and no wrong answers. ...except for wind bombs.


Lol if u can survive then it's a good trick XD but yeah imma see if I can use those balloons on an npc, damn annoying so make him float.


I just jumped on the elevator and did a wind bomb to the platform.


I love how shrines can be solved in so many different ways! But hey, if you really get stuck on some, learn to windbomb, you can cheese your way past half of them that way, lol, and it’s not too hard once you get the hang of it.


I remember learning that but since I had so few hearts and didn't have Miphna's power it was an instant death. Now I'm sure I can survive a blast, was gonna try again since there is a shrine I just can't reach.


Actually, if you do it right, at three full hearts you won’t die, just have food to eat between each blast! Best of luck!


Ah yeah I've seen videos of ppl pausing before and during impacts to, I guess break the game? But yeah the things they do is crazy! I should try that actually c: I really can't reach that shrine since its always raining, up a high mountain slope, and it's near another that I guess connect to each other, a pain.


Look up some youtube tutorials for windbombing, that’ll be your best bet, but yeah, it’ll help you get so many places quicker! It’s a lot of fun.


Yeah I will c:


And the golf one. Well... because I like my weapons.


That's not how I did it. I moved the chest (Opposite direction of the shrine up on the ledge) and other block to weigh down that first ramp. Then froze the second one. This one was easy for me. Nice thinking though getting it to work.


I did something similar, except that instead of moving the other block I just let the chest fall from as high as I could so Link would get launched upwards just enough to get to the other rock thing (on which I used stasis before doing the chest thing).


I tried that and couldn't get it quite right so I gave up. Ha ha.


If you do that one right you dont even need to land on the second one but can just float over


I used the motion controls to slam it downwards, no need to use the second ramp.


Yes, but the real question, is HOW THE FLYING FUCK DO YOU GET THE CHEST (I recently did this one and it sucked)


Grab the first chest with magnesis. Stand on the end, facing the second chest up high. Drop the chest onto the far side from as high as magnesis will let you. It'll drop on the end and fling you into the air.


I used bombs underneath the bottom of the first tilt plate and had it explode it up in the air, jumped at the same time and used my glider. Or simply magnesis of you can get close enough. :)


I also did this today actually and couldn’t figure out how to get the chest!


Magnesis works.


Yeah this guy way overcomplicated it! I didn't think it was too difficult.


i literally grabbed the chest and dropped it at the opposite side, metal chests are quite heavy, it propeled me in the air and i used the paraglider.


I believe I froze the first one and ran and jumped to the second pulling out my paraglider for a split second. If you time it right you can land on the middle and it doesn't tip back




I did the opposite, put the chest on the second ramp and stasis the first.


Did the same exact thing lol


That’s exactly what I did too on my second play through! Used that chest as a weight !


I didn’t even know about the chest. I found you can freeze the first, sprint jump and mash jump and for whatever reason the second bridge thing just leveled out for me


Have you done Stop to Start shrine? I just did it last night after getting the dlc and it was definitely the most unfun shrine in the game for me.


That shrine was my Vietnam.


I haven’t gotten to any of the DLC shrines yet, I’m doing my 100% master mode playthrough in a very weird order


Agreed, the part at the end was soooooo frustrating.


The rest of the DLC was challenging but fair, this one shrine was Kaizo Zelda.


Stop start is way harder than this, then the one about stars in the forest aaagggh


How is the Lost Forest one difficult? You're just looking at the stars on the back wall then counting the number of times each pattern appears. Is it difficulty with identifying each pattern?


that shrine was so confusing because i didnt see the stars on the back wall, so i was just guessing. only figured it out on my last run


It wasnt difficult once i knew that bit haha, but before that i wrecked me. Had to look it up, i really didnt have a scooby


There’s a different in the lost woods that is worse on my opinion. The Lost Pilgrimage. In a game filled with puzzles that let you do things your own way and craft your own solutions, this quest railroads you. One solution. Equip the stealth armor, eat sneaky food, and memorize his route. Almost every other shrine quest allows you some flexibility. Instead of Cryonis’ing the ball into the podium off shore on Eventide, you can chop down a tree and walk across it (granted this example is flawed because you have to stasis the rock off of one of the platforms). You can use a bomb to see in Thyplo Ruins if you don’t have a torch. You can take the ball from the Hinox without even waking it. You can cheese the labyrinths by walking on top of the walls. This game allows for so many creative ways to approach any given task except The Lost Pilgrimage


I think with this one I stasised the second ramp and just ran up the first one? Or you can stasis the first one, run up it, and if you jump right as you land then it'll stop it from tipping


Ya, this is what I did (second option). I didn’t realize this one was supposed to be tricky cause I just did that my first attempt and it worked.


Froze first and jumped as I landed on the second.


That what’s I did


okay so i don’t know if i can find a video of this or not but the way i did this shrine is i grabbed the chest with magnesis, angled myself on the lower end of the first ramp, and, using motion controls, slammed the chest onto the top of the ramp and YEETED myself into the air. i used my paraglider to get to the monk afterward. you can get an extra chest doing this btw


Ha, I've used motion controls to throw objects really high so that they can catapult me upward when they hit the other side of the lever, but I never considered the much shorter way of simply slamming the object straight down.


Thats what I did too


That’s what I did too!!


I thought this was an easy shrine I just sprinted up the ramps and it worked


I did the same, but I think it was either sheer luck or great timing


Isn't there barrels to be a counter weight


I have been made aware that perhaps a metal chest exists in this shrine


I don’t remember -how- but I literally just ran right over that last lever and got through. Took a few tries and I’m certain I wasn’t meant to be able to.


that’s crazy!!!


It is funny how this game doesn't have one way only of doing things, if you have imagination then you can try like 20 different ways xD.


That moment you realize you can get up that second see-saw just by spamming jump




TIL shooting a red chu jelly with an arrow turns it into a spicy pepper?????


no there was a pepper behind it, I was trying to recreate the updraft you get from shooting a pepper with a fire arrow without fire arrows since I cannot find any. In the actual video I show the clips of me going around looking for the fire arrows, but I cut those out to make the minute clip more concise


If you want to create an updraft, you can also do it by cramming four campfire together.


Been a long time since I did it but I’m pretty sure I used stasis on the front ramp, built a fire real quick, and then updraft glided across.


didn’t have wood 😔


this one was fine but i the worst for me is the one in hateno village with the motion controls


Just hold sprint after jumping, theres actually no puzzle here lol


Iirc, I think I accidentally wind bombed myself onto the other side trying to experiment. And this was back in 2018/19, so idr when that was officially created, but me at the time didn’t cared and was happy to finish the shrine


what i did is that i just stasised the first one and the just sprinted onto and over the other


You used Octo balloons lol well done! Pretty early on in the game I made a habit of dragging metal chests forward with me in shrines cause there's almost always a reason for them to be metal. Either it's metal so you can get it or it's metal so you can use it to weigh down a switch or a platform or something. That habit made this one easy for me.


Run and jump


Oh I just did this one yesterday, on the last ramp I just spammed jump and Link crawled his skinny ass up there. No problem lmao


Good job on persevering and figuring out a way to get to the monk. I used a treasure chest from earlier on the first ramp and stasis on the second.


Good one with the octo balloons. I usually use the chest method to catapult myself but I like that this shrine has a bunch of different ways to do it that doesn't involve just wind bombing.


You can stasis the first ramp and hit it, when the stasis is over it will quickly flip and launch you up in the air, you can just paraglide then


I did this one by placing a bomb under one to launch me up the air. Float to safety with glider.


Just hop over the second one. It’s so easy.


I just ran across it...


I just froze the second one, and just ran up the first…


This is one of the many reasons why BotW is the greatest game ever made! Almost every puzzle has multiple ways of solving it.


The golf one for me. And Im still struggling with Korok golf.


Wait till you get to the 'spike shrine'. Odds are you WILL rage quit at least once.


I just kinda used stasis on the first one and ran straight up for the second


I swear I just stasis’d the fist one and sprint jumped across


I used magnesis to put a chest on the the first ramp to weigh it down, then used stasis on the second one to keep it flat. Pretty easy.


If you do it the way it's meant to be done, it's a hell of a lot easier.


I weighed down the first platform with 2 rock salts and used stasis on the 2nd.


Rock salt is that heavy?


Yes. You can use 1 rock salt for pressure buttons, but you need 2 when countering Link's weight.


I just windbomb through this one


That was clever




You definitely did it wrong, but that’s what’s great about this game.




The answer is always simple


Yea this is definitely the way not to do something. Lol there’s a chest in the room. Use it to weigh down 1 side and done. Pretty sure this is one of the easier shrines.


I watched a youtuber who like, completely broke the puzzle by some how walking up the wall


This is the shrine where I consistently end up getting either link or the metal chest wedged inside the floor somehow


Luckily I was not THIS unlucky lmao!


It’s pretty easy to do just smack yourself with the underside of that lower seesaw :P it’s fun to see happen once and then hope it never happens again lol since you’ve gotta reload your save


This one was fairly easy. I believe I lifted something heavy, I believe a chest with octorok balloon on the end of the first one, used stasis on it, got into place and launched myself.


My message still remains from the post in r/zelda


Whats the name of the shrine? Might do it again later to see if i can remember how i did it xD


Not sure, I know it’s the one by the faron tower stable though


Oh ok! Thx :D


Yeah I gave up and windbombed after a while


I just wind bombed in that one I think


lol wind bomb go brrr


You should place metal chest with a magnes on a first platform.


I think you can light wood to add weight to counterweight it


I just jumped to the second one, ran to the middle, unfroze the other one, then froze the second one I'm on Sounds complicated


I just launched myself there with a chest also for me the hardest shrine was a motion control one having you guide a ball toward the end which was hell


Yeah I remember that shrine! What I did was that I used stasis on the first ramp to get onto the second one. The way I got onto the second one was by shield jumping onto the middle of the ramp, where it wouldn’t move because of links weight. Then I just cancelled the stasis on the first ramp and used stasis on the second one. Thus, I was able to get to the end (*´꒳`*).


if anyone might be interested in watching the full video, you can find my channel [here](https://youtube.com/channel/UC8h16_g8_If8YQvIGcuTpBg)


I am both appalled and impressed by the human intelligence.


I cheated with a fortified pumpkin




*laughs in Mirro Shaz*


I'm trying to remember that shrine but I believe I solved it by placing some chests down and using stasis on the second seesaw. I've come across other ones that were dead simple but I just wasn't getting them then have that ah-ha moment after like 10 minutes of failure. I've noticed that if I start having to resort to ridiculous tactics and janky physics, I'm probably doing something wrong. I mean, there's no "wrong" way, if it gets you to the end of the shrine, but there are more efficient ways, heh.


Generally speaking, the balloons are useless (except maybe 1 or 2 situations where you have to attach it to a bomb and blow it away?). If you end up using them, it’s fine but it often means an easier solution exists. Checking the surrounding with each tablet power’s vision to find actionable items can give a good hint about what can be done.


Not shrine related but balloons are pretty useful for koroks hidden under slabs if you don’t want to waste weapon durability stasis-ing the slab.


I just catapulted myself using an empty treasure chest lol


I just froze the first one, and ran up the second one. If you spam jump you make it to the top of that second ramp to get across even when it starts to fall.


This is a perfect example on how k owing too much about something makes simple stuff complicated. My man tried to light the pepper on fire for the updraft instead of thinking more logically lolz. Still he went for one of the thousand possible solutions.


Just wind bomb


Wind bombing FTW


At that point, I was have thought about just freezing time on the first one with the back part lowered, hammer the upper part, then just stand on the other end and let it launch me.


There’s a big block that goes under one side or a chest that weighs a side down


where is this shrine? haven’t found this one yet


It’s by the stable by the faron tower I believe


thank you!


You know that you can just stasys the first platform, then jump and run while you move on the second platform, right?


The Ishto soh shrine is much harder


which shrine is this? i can’t remember if i’ve done this one


It’s by the stable near faron tower


Wind bomb wind bomb


THAT FUCKING SHRINE it's stuff like this that's why I'll never start again from scratch


This looks like one of those phone ads “99% of people fail this everytime!😱”


Okay it’s not that easy lmao!


I just ran and it worked




I used some campfires to balance the first one as a ramp and stasis the second on


I just windbombed


Hint: use the metal chest


I just ran across as fast as I could lol


I must have gotten lucky on both MM and regular because I was able to quick jump and run fast enough and hop off before it tilted too much. This looks terrible. I’d be pulling my hair out I just stasis’d the first ramp and kind of double jumped and ran fast on the second one


I just did this one the other day while replaying the game, I just whistle sprinted past the first half of the second beam and passed it easily


This hurt to watch


am i the only one who got it just by going really fast ?


Campfires are one of the heaviest objects in the game. Place one to mantain the platform where you want to.


A way I found was to stasis the first see saw(whatever its called Idk), sprinted up it and jumped to the bump in the middle of the other one while still sprinting.


Um, if you sprint full out as soon as you land, you can still make it, despite the seesaw being near-vertical.


There's no wrong way to ~~eat a Reeces~~ solve a BOTW shrine


I windbombed past the puzzle


i used the chest


This shrine was a pain to get the chest on. I had already figured out how to get to the monk and it still took me at least an hour to figure out how to get that chest. But hey, at least I got a small ancient core out of it! Also, this isn't the worst shrine I’ve done. There's one in the DLC for the champion’s ballad that uses motion controls. That one can go die in a fire IMO. (It's the one where you have to aim a hole at a target while keeping a block from sliding forward on the thing you’re moving.)


I still don’t know how you were actually supposed to do that shrine.


My friend, use the metal chest... ',:)


Lmfao I thought you were trolling- this was a tricky one tho


Put the chest at the bottom of the first to hold it down, then stasis the second one.


I don't think it is lol.


use the chest to hold the ramps down…?


I did it first try, stasis the first one and then jump and sprint like your life depends on it


You guys make me feel smart :)


The only one I’ve had to leave has been the one in korok forest about using the constellations, this one I grabbed the chest to weigh down the other side.


I just bomb jumped. There a reason speed runners use it so often...it's real fast


This, next to that with bomb jump you can get the chest behind in the wall.


I did this shirne yesterday and I could run over de second platform.


I just ran over it


Where do i find this shrine?


It’s by the stable closest to the faron tower


What was the name of this Shrine/where was it, again?


It’s by the stable closest to the faron tower


Thank you! I never ended up getting the second chest, but after reading all the comments, I remembered that I forgot to go back and figure out how to get it! Gonna go and see how much disappointment I’m in for after opening that chest like 2 years later!


I've replayed the game probably like 9 times and everytime do the same thing as the first time I did that shrine. I stasis the first ramp and do a front flip on to the second ramp, it always works :D Never thought of how they actually wanted me to do it lol


Yeah I did this quite late game and I just dropped some hammers and shields on the first one and used stasis on the other one....


Maybe you just failed to prove your resourcefulness? 😂 No, for real, when the puzzle seems too difficult, try revisiting all available resources. In this case you could've simply used magnesis with the first chest + gliding both to get to the 2nd chest and to the end. They get terribly easy when you use the right resources.


Do you know where that one is I have about 16 shrines left and have no clue where they are want to see if I have done that one yet


It’s by the stable closest to the faron tower


Take the chest from earlier in the shrine and use it to Looney Tunes catapult yourself up and glide over that 2nd bridge thing you need to stasis.


I beat it by stasising the first platform and sheild jumping across which got me barely enough distance but it worked


I am 170+ hours into the game, most shrines finished, and... I've never seen this shrine... 🙈 EDIT: I LITERALLY RAN INTO IT BY ACCIDENT WHILE EXPLORING TODAY WTF 😭


I like how everyone is giving tips how to beat this but ngl I just ran and jump


The way I solved this one was the bon fire trick


When I did that one I just stasised the first one and ran across. It’s possible