Impressed with them. They learned well


Best part is, with Miura only letting them do 1% of the work on Berserk, they're only going to improve, and I would wager rather drastically. They're a whole team, and I'm constantly impressed simply by their courage to undertake such a challenge. Big kahunas on those artists.


Agreed, but I’d say my only issue is that something feels off when it comes to Guts and how he’s being drawn. Other than that I think for what they were given I think they are doing a fantastic job and they will get better with practice, so I won’t complain.


Ive noticed the differences too and I think theres nothing wrong with commenting on it but I swear I remember fans bitching during the ye old boat days and beyond that they would be okay with the the art going down if that meant they could get more chapters! Guess not.


And, somewhat ironically, there were lots of comments along the lines of wishing Miura would offload Berserk's illustration entirely to his studio employees if it'd free him up to get the plot moving faster. I remember ye old boat days well, waiting half a year for a new chapter, receiving an absolute masterclass in illustration that doesn't budge the story forward an inch, and then settling in for another long hiatus.


Exactly. They open the monkey paw and got exactly what they want.


I'm gonna give it several more chapters before I even think of actively trying to compare and contrast the quality. Like unless it takes drastic turns into foreign and/or mediocre territory, I'm treating this like the disorientation I felt when they actually finally landed at Elfheim. My own sense of quality and continuity was completely shot from the years of hiatuses, then.


There hasn't been a single release in Berserks publication that just moved the story an "inch" This effort of undermining Miuras production to heighten the new team is weird


I've been reading chapter to chapter since 2004. This isn't me undermining Miura's production to heighten the new team, this is me remembering regular 1/3 year-long hiatuses with at least one lasting longer while Miura was still alive than there was between 364 and 365. I see people nitpicking these new chapters and all I can think is, "Wow you guys are spoiled, you must not have been around when chapter to chapter meant hoping you'd live long enough to see Elfheim when what you got was Bonebeard."


Because these releases aren't from Miura and don't reflect the quality of his production. They took time, because he wasn't out there going on vacation, but because he was refining his craft and putting his soul into his work. If you read his work since 2004 i would image more respect towards his work ethic and creation process. Saying there were releases that didn't move the story an "inch" is honestly an exaggeration that undermines what Miura did


Yeah, I've been reading since 2004 and it's people like you who've kept me out of the conversation for years at a time with your gatekeeping and sanctimony. I can tell you firsthand the general conversation regarding Miura's work ethic wasn't all that respectful when fans were becoming frustrated and impatient with the pace and we were getting no information to explain why production had slowed to a crawl. And on top of that, you're in absolutely no position to measure and judge how much respect I have for Miura based solely on that "inch" comment. But you go right ahead if it makes you feel better, or superior.


I'm glad the story is continuing, I think Miura would also want the world to know how he planned his story to end, but expecting us to hold the newer chapters to the same standard as those chapters he himself worked on is just foolish. Miura was a once in a generation talent and noone else could come close to him. I'm just glad we're getting something, I would have been fine even with notes describing how the story would have continued, but honestly what we're getting is easily the best case scenario.


His assistants are pretty good but it just shows how large the gap was between Miura and everyone else, it's obviously so far below Miuras work yet it's still good compared to most stuff.


Absolutely, Miura was just the best, a once in a generation talent.


I am so happy that Guts nose is more pointy again and not so blocky


For all his talent Miura never really mastered noses, he complained about how hard they are.


Bro *everyone* complain about how hard is to draw noses


apparently feet are hard to draw as well cus almost every foot ive seen in anime/manga is fucked up


I could see the case for anime but in manga ....Idk man I've seen a lot of fanart of various things with alot of emphasis on the feet and as someone who doesn't really care for feet even I was like " damn those are some solid toes" Although I'd guess the artist is ....a fan of feet a lot of the time.


It's more a lack or caring I think.


So we are going to make up stuff now? Give me one quote where Miura complained about that


Trust him bro


And Farnese doesn’t look like she has lip filler


Guts was starting to look like 🗿


They did try their best and it clearly shows, it's not Miura but when you have people trained by the master to at least emulate the hard details that the master was good at all you can do is give them their full support and make sure they do their 100% regardless. I'd say they really did.


Some of you don't deserve shit I swear


Ungrateful fucks


What's happening? I'm so confused rn lol


They're shitting on Studio Gaga's art since it's not a 1:1 recreation of Miura's.


Eh, can't tell the difference


I can tell the difference but the difference is minor. Its like a 0.95:1 adaptation of miuras work. I love it and I really don't understand why people are complaining about it, this looks awesome and I'm just grateful the manga is continuing.


I can't either if I'm keeping it a buck. Don't let perfect be the enemy of good enough.


I guarantee if they saw these panels next to miura’s without knowing which was which, they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference


I think you can definitely feel the influence of Mori in these last chapters. I don't know if that's just my mind playing tricks on me, but I still think it's very good.


I don’t know I can tell a difference but trust me I’m not complaining at all. To me it’s like looking at like a SD version as opposed to a HD version. There is a difference there but it’s insane that anyone would complain about it to me. The difference is minimal and even if it was super noticeable who cares the story of going on and most importantly how Miura wanted


I clearly can see the difference, Miura was a genius and a perfectionist, those panels aren't anyway from Miura. However I am not being "ungratfull" I understand is very hard to have the level of Miura but I think the public are overestimating gaga work saying it looks identical.


Hey man, I read some of your post history and you seem like a really unpleasant weirdo. You should probably fix that.


Damn almost everyone here can't draw or write for shit, then cried when Miura died. Now that his best friend wants to complete his work you find every little fucking thing to nitpick when you pirate the manga anyway.


I gotta flex my deluxe editions real quick and my crippled wallet


Except nearly everyone has given overwhelming support.


Ya I don't really bother with those idiots i went into the chapters with the mindset of "if what's going on is understandable and the characters are similar to the way miura drew them than I'm satisfied" and I was satisfied


I am an artist and trust me i notice every single fucking line his nawline nose farness's lips hair everything but i don't complain cause its only a little different not bad and i know how hard it is to capture miuras style yet they fucking did it, fuck those shits complaining about it.


art looks good. Tbh i care more about where the story goes than the art.


Idk why people are complaining so much about the art, it's almost the same


I like that puck is being shown as normal self again


They deffo changed Farnese's face, made her more sexy ygm


Definitely will miss Miura's drawing of her




Yah the females have different faces.


Makes her look less noble tho


Well, it's not Miura and it's not perfect, but it's not bad. Definitely not bad enough to make fun of it. It's about what you should've expected. Also, anatomy and the proportions are not even the biggest things. The compositions and the impact that the drawings make are what truly matters. And compared to Miura they're lacking and while they can learn how to nail the right proportions and anatomy style, it's much harder to pick up the same feel for drawings and aestetics for the panels. Miura had a lot of experience in layouting and putting together scenes, that experience was uniqye to him and can't be easily replaced. No one is Miura and we kind of have to be realistic about that. But their art is good enough to tell the story. They probably will get better over time.


People will never be completely satisfied. Heck, when Miura was still alive, people complained about the change of art style all the time (especially during Miura's transition to digital art).


Yeah, I'm definitely one of those fans who was not that happy with the cutie and roundy aesthetic that characters had been developing for the past few years. However, while there are obviously mistakes in these new chapters or a lack of attention to detail, these chapter are more than I could have hoped for. I actually don't care about the art at this point. My brain will do the heavy lifting. We lost Berserk already, to have it back in any competent form is great (plus im convinced we're gonna get another adaptation soon) Guts go berserk and I'm happy


Sure, but there's also an opposite side to trying to be positive right now. I find the vibe of "Berserk now is better than ever" from some overly hyped people on this sub to be pretty misguided and disrespectful to Miura. Almost like it's a good thing that Miura passed away and that in the end his death doesn't matter all that much for the manga.


>Almost like it's a good thing that Miura passed away and that in the end his death doesn't matter all that much for the manga I guarantee that pretty much no one is actually thinking this. We would all MUCH prefer that miura was still alive and finishing the series himself. But what we got is a much better alternative than most series that remain unfinished.


I don't know what people think, I'm looking at what people say in their posts. And some literally say that Berserk now is better than ever or that they like the new art better than Miura's and things like that. Look around and you'll see what I'm talking about.


I haven’t seen a comment like that anywhere. No idea what you’re talking about mate


If you can show one post anywhere on the internet with like more than 1 like then I'll accept that this is a legitimate opinion you've formed. I think the overwhelming opinion is "definitely not Muira but at least it's berserk". If you don't like them then that's justifiable, definitely a noticeable change. However, right now you sound kind of like you're just being a contrarian to... counter too much positivity?


>If you can show one post anywhere on the internet with like more than 1 like then I'll accept that this is a legitimate opinion you've formed. Sure, here you go [https://www.reddit.com/r/Berserk/comments/virpgw/i\_just\_wanna\_state\_the\_obvious\_real\_quick/](https://www.reddit.com/r/Berserk/comments/virpgw/i_just_wanna_state_the_obvious_real_quick/)


I doubt he was referring to the art itself and moreso the story beats laid out by Miura. Even if that's the case, though, it barely has any upvotes lol.


All i asked for was 1 post with more than 1 like on it to prove its an actual point. Dude supplied the proof. We aint got time to be moving the goal posts


Okay well I'm not you and I never made that promise.


Well there it is, your opinion has legs and I'm sorry for coming for you. Now I'm on your side now. Fuck, why can't these Berserk fans just chill




And a joyous cake day to you sir


I actually felt the same. You notice some small things that aren't yet Miura level, but that's completely understandable and are really minor, the one I found a bit off was the panelling like u said


Yo, where do you guys read it?


My favorite part was one guts said " AAARRR GHH"


Captain Guts going to be the pirate king


Was Miura always the sole writer/illustrator on the whole project or had other staff working with him on it? I'd imagine if he had other people working with him throughout the duration of the series that they'd have a general idea of how to draw the material and what not.


Pretty much all mangaka have assistants for the art, it would be near impossible for them to do everything by themselves in such a timeframe. Even for the story.


Like most OG mangakas he started off sole writer and illustrator but as it got bigger and more successful he learnt to digitise his art and also hired assistants and staff to work with him. The other common style is to have one writer one artist initially.


Give them time and they’ll get even better I’m sure!!


I understand that the art and detail was one of the most notable and noticeable things about Berserk. But honestly at this point the art isn't my personal priority. Kentaro was a PRODIGY, and was able to make simple masterpiece art work when he was 14. I feel like talent like that is nearly impossible to emulate, no matter how experienced or talented his assistants and apprenticeships are. Regardless, to me my biggest concern is the the story, how the story is told and how Miura communicated how he wanted to story to end, or conclude. I just want the rest of the story man.


They will improve, and are already nearly as good as he was when he died, and are FAR better than he was when he started. None of these even look BAD, they just don't look PERFECT like Miura's did. Compared to even other "well-drawn" manga contemporaries, this is way better on the small "low-detail" faces than average.


Oh, look, another person drew in Miura's style and it looks a little different in the smaller panels in a manga that I read for free on the internet. What a goddamn surprise. **You jerk.** Miura's assistants are doing a fantastic job. His artstyle is incredibly detailed and he was a unique mind in this world. Be grateful for a moment. I'm much more concerned about the story at this point. Hopefully they can deliver something great to end the story.


I'd say it's perfectly fine. They can even do all the detailed trees and stuff. I'm just worried over the story. I'm worried they'll really go hard on the if "miura said so" thing and the pacing, dialogue, etc will suffer. There's only so much they can do before the need to invent arises.


Which they said they aren't going to do so you will probably be disappointed.


I’m so confused at the hate comments lol. Is this post not genuine or am I missing something?


The post is sarcastic


Tf? I thought it was genuine, the art looks great


I think Miura wasn’t really all that consistent and everyone sticking their pinky’s out and trying to critique the assistants are full of shit. The only reason they have an opinion about the assistant’s artwork is because they know for a fact Miura didn’t draw it, not because they can actually see any sort of meaningful difference. They would all fail the blind taste test if Miura was still alive.


TF are you talking about lmao The first 5 pages of 365 DO look like Miura's art, but starting from the Griffith spread, it's VERY noticeably different. The only other pages that look as if Miura did them are the one of Griffith's eye staring into Schierke and the 2 pages of Schierke in astral form.


What I’m on about is that I think you and most of the other Miura purists are full of shit and wouldn’t know Miura’s assistant’s art if it turned into a sentient horse demon and tried to mount you.


You trying to astral project or someting? You projecting real hard atm.


It's still better than level of drawing in 99% of mangas. And I think with time artstyle will only improve.


While it's not as... crisp, and is a noticeable difference imo it's still a fucking stellar job and im stoked for future chapters


Well I was there during the boat years. And many of the complaints were: “Yes the art is amazing, but I wish the assistants take over or help out so that we dont only get 1 chapter per year with barely any plot progression, and its fine if the art isn’t as impressive, because at this point, the story is moving slower than a snail’s pace, we want to see more story” And we’re literally getting that now, and I couldn’t be happier. Is the art not on par with Miura? Ofcourse, but im so grateful that we’re getting more story in a better pace. I think people who just started reading berserk can’t comprehend this, they praise the art of the latter chapters but they dont see that we used to get barely anything in a year, so Ofcourse the art was amazing. I’m probably in the minority here but I care about Berserk’s story more than its art


I too want to see Berserk done as faithfully as possible. Some people say things like "You should just be happy you get anything at all" but I disagree. I would be unhappy if I felt like it was amateur and butchered like potato Jesus; I would prefer the cliffhanger. However, what were are getting really is faithful. It is cruel to the creators to set the standards impossibly high. Muira was an undisputed artistic genius. Getting mad at the latest chapters would be like the following scenario: Michelangelo died after nearly finishing the Sistine Chapel. A team of great artists and his disciples know his vision and dedicate a large amount of time to finishing it as faithfully as possible. Then people complain that it is not quite as good as Michelangelo. Of course it's not! Suggesting that it can be is tantamount to saying Michelangelo/Muira is replaceable.


Wait why are people angry in the comments? Am I missing something here? The post doesn’t seem like sarcasm


It probably is judging by his post history.


Stop whinning.


Art style is not as good as Miura's, but is not fair to do this comparison. Miura was a genius. You really can't replicate something like that. However is not that bad, is really pretty decent. I'm more concerned about the story.


People being good at their jobs SHOCKER


The only thing I didn't like, was the last panel of Zodd, but for the rest it is awesome


I loved the Zodd panel !!


What about the berserker armor looking wonky af? Not parallel at all etc


To clarify I'm extremely happy with the outcome regardless :)


Weirdly enough I’ve never really liked the design of the berserker armor


All I can see is guts is alot more dull. Casca though almost spot on with the feel


I like it a lot, couldn't tell the difference so I'm not going to re read and compare, I'm glad we are going to have an end.


Something huge i noticed for the first time is there being an opening beneath the jaw of the armor exposing Guts neck. Can anyone think of a chapter that that was shown before? Seriously threw me off


Same, wtf was that lol


True. It does looks really good.


In one of the pages griffith's nose became a schnoz, or is it a clue? Hmmm


Miura trained them very well to replicate his art style


Wait wait wait, are the new cheaters out?


It's definitely noticeable, but it's close enough that I do not give a shit. They've done amazing work, and I'm so happy.


Farnese's eye is the most different tho.


It doesn’t look identical at all. But it does look fantastic


I guess u have no fucking eyes.


Hats off to Miura assistants and Keijo Mori, amazing art




Not even close… I think you can strongly see a difference even in this comparison


it looks good and the major differences are in character expressions which frankly are the hardest thing to reproduce faithfully from another artist's style. It's fine for me, Miura's style also changed a lot over the years and I'm fine with this new segment having its own identity. The two new chapters had little in the way of detailed backgrounds because of the fast-paced action, I want to see what they're gonna do with more detailed scenes which were Miura's bread and butter. My feeling is we're gonna be giving up a bit of that in exchange for more regular chapters, but honestly I'm OK with that too. The level of detail in 365 and 366 was fine.


When compared to berserk art it’s not amazing but compared to most manga it looks above average for sure. We can’t expect peak berserk levels of art and detail but it looks good.


We are in god hands lol Edit. Just found out this is a sarcastic post, and I'm glad you're eating shit and people are liking Mori's art.


Im not going to lie, as an artist and I used to hyper-fixate on the art every chapter drop, the detail Miura used to put in would make a 2 months wait for a 13 pg chapter worth it. While reading this chapter I was a little disappointed because the details weren’t there anymore. Miura used to incorporate feelings into his art and I know that’s something his assistants will never incorporate like he did, you could feel the rage in every stroke of his pen during the black swordsman arc. But Studio Gaga is trying their best, and discouragement like this is pretty nonconstructive. Guts said it best, “even if you force back what was lost it still won’t be the way it was.” But just like guts you can make the best out of it. Be grateful we at least have an actual ending from Miuras mind and not just some cheap fabrication.


Not much, but aside from that, they truly went berserk.


People like you are the worst, holy shit.


I'm very confused, what's everyone fucking with op for?


He's being ironic and shitting on the art. It wasn't clear at first, but his post history makes it obvious.


I genuinely think that the current art style (minus the over-use of screentones and less detailed backgrounds) looks better than what we got these last 3 or so chapters. I was getting worried that Guts and everyone else were looking more baby-faced.


Better than episode 362? Come on man


Go back reading those chapters. Artwise the last 4-5 chapters are MUCH MUCH better than the two newest, I thought the same as you at first then went back and check’em and realize I was biased


You can kinda tell that the assistants are making full use of the digital art program to make every panel obscenely dense and detailed. That's something we didn't really see with Miura, who mainly used traditional art methods even when drawing digitally. So in that regard, this is actually better than what Miura delivered.


I might go against the crowd here with this opinion, but I think it looks 100% better than Miura's recent change to digital I am sorry for holding this opinion and will accept the punishment associated


It has alot more energy and feels more dynamic/animated than Miura's art usually is.


Well I wouldn’t stretch it to almost identical, but I’m grateful and can definitely get used to it.


Seeing as OP picked the weakest faces, the post is probably sarcasm. Agree with you though, especially knowing Miura was still drawing 99% of the manga, that's big shoes to fill and they're doing great work.


Nitpicking small ass panels in an otherwise great looking chapter is crazy behaviour, it wasn't ever going to be measuring up to Miura's insane level of perfectionism and that's fine, it doesn't discount how good the folk at Gaga at drawing, you gotta remember Miura didn't start drawing this series how it peaked, it improved like any other Manga. Gaga's efforts are commendable as hell.


This "fandom" has hit a new low. How do you bear with yourselves? I'd kill myself if I was such a ungrateful and hypocritical piece of garbage.


I really hope to God you are joking. If you aren't, get the fuck over it.


dude you are like the textbook example of an absolute-turbo-virgin


OP is the perfect example of an ungrateful fuck 💀


No way! You’re telling me when an artist dies and his ideas have to be translated by different people, the quality might diminish?? Wild!


Avg new berserklejerk poster thinking he is funny. Come on man come up with some better stuff then this…


A mangaka's assistant is supposed to be able to replicate the work of their sensei. Sometimes they'll be finishing a panel, sometimes they're responsible for all of the work on several pages. This gives the sensei time for to do their work.


didn't the assistant imply in the tweet that this chapter was still 99% miura's work? (Inking excluded I'd assume) ​ Or am I trippin?


No he meant Miura was still doing 99.2% or whatever of the drawing work in general before he died


No he was saying in previous chapters Miura did basically 99% of the work and the assistants did 1%. Now they are doing 100% of the work. the last chapter Miura worked on was 364


Ty, I dunno why but when I translated it from jap->Ita probably the sentence came out differently


But they said that going forward it would be 100% the assistants, which implies that Miura did at least a little work on these chapters, from the looks of it likely 365






I'm a reddit user ofc I can't read


Can anyone provide a link where to read?


Good hands.


Good on him 💪💪💪


Some poses and guts jaw are off. But hei, they are doing great and the only thing i care at this point is a GOOD resolution. However they draw It, Just give us and ending and i Will Be Happy.


It’s never gonna be Miura but these are also the people he trusted so I’ll have faith.


Bottom left is amazing


Very likely that they helped/drew a good chunk of the last chapters we got while Miura was alive


The only thing that pops-up to me is how slim Casca and Griffith's bodies look. Other than that, it seems perfect !


I'd like to see you do better


The only think i didn't like were Farnese's eyebrows, they were oddly thick.


I’m critical with Gaga’s panel layout and pacing, and some drawings feel very rushed imho, but it’s fair to say they will improve as soon ss they’ll release more episodes (check how much Miura improved since Black Swordsman). Constructive criticism IS VALID and I see no point in downvoting, however, haterism shouldn’t be tolerable. PS: unpopular opinion but I vasty prefer Miura’s art in the last 4-5 chapters than Gaga’s approach, it’s a lot more clean and the panel’s composition and pace is much much better.


When you'll buy the volume it'll be 100 times better, having the physical copy is much better than looking at it on a screen, or at least this is my experience with the first volume / chainsaw man and many more


The students have become the masters


This is more lejerk leaking into the main sub. Don't be fooled.


Change is a bit jarring but it's going to happen obviously, they can't perfectly recreate Miura's art, and it's their first chapters so they can only get better.


They wouldn't understand if Mirua still with us and let his assistants draw a chapter for him. But look at where we are smh


It will take time for them to get to the level of miura


Shierke looks like the orange backyardigan


If you are a hardcore fan of Berserk and Miura you can tell the art looks strange, its a replication of Miuras art and it looks fine but it feels somewhat empty to me, not to mention inconsistent. i understand your excitement but it isn't "identical" maybe to a lesser eye but not to real fans


Lol get off your own dick and gimme a detailed analysis on how its empty at all. Miuras artstyle was changing all the time during fantasia this looks like something he totally would have made


It looks similar sure but people saying It's identical is annoying. The panel composition isn't as dynamic or as interesting to me and i noticed it immediately, some panels look a lot like Miura but others feel really off, this is what happens when there are multiple artists. but yes you just proved my point casual fans can't tell the difference


People arent saying its identical, even this post says its almost identical. What about these chapters arent dynamic or interesting, you cant just say that without pointing at what exactly or youre just talking out of your ass. There are some panels that are off but from how youre tip toeing around the specifics i doubt that you can tell me. Ill give you a freebie too, page 7 of 366 guts left arm is looking really wonky and his torso is at a weird angle. Now you find an example of whats empty or not dynamic and interesting and make an actual point before you try and call yourself a hardcore fan with a shitty pompous attitude


I’m not sure but I don’t think miura did the art for the later chapters of berserk in the first place I thought he really only wrote the story later on


Bro you missed the frame of Zodd at the end of the chapter. That shit was masterful. I have high hopes in his assistants


Very impressed! The spirit of Berserk is alive


Honestly I love what they’re doing. My blessing doesn’t mean much but I give them it.


Yeah, they definitely put in the work to replicate the style


Boohoo who cares if guts has less pixels or whatever just let the maga be finish lol


You guys are fucking losers man


I’m kinda digging casca’s new look and farneses’s as well. Also, normal looking puck is always a welcome addition!


Are... are you seriously bitching right now? Get the fuck off it. They're trying their fucking best in a completely blindsiding situation, and if you genuinely want to make fun of Studio Gaga for that, you're a dumbass and a fake fan.


it's probably because they be the ones doing the art for the best part of 10 years already...


No joke, Farnese even looks better than how Miura used to draw her, fml


Some of the full body shots felt off but overall it was really solid