I’m just depressed rn

I’m just depressed rn


I’m sure there’ll be plenty of custom WWII only servers


If not, everybody can create one by himself.


Let’s hope so


Official ones without childish admins kicking you after killing them


I vaguely recall them saying that there will also be DICE-created BF2042 Portal servers. So... Maybe?


Well given the fact that you can be the one creating the servers for free There you ho


This is a broken record response but does DICE know in their own minds how bad they fd up? They could have had a game for the AGES if they went a little more historical, with a few other maps, Kursk, Stalingrad, El Alemin and Bastogne. Throw in Peliu in the South Pacific or Guadalcanal and maybe Monte Casino and oh boy. What might have been. Reminds me of the girl that went away...


It feels like the entirety of BF2042 has been an apology to the fanbase, especially with marketing embracing the sandbox experience and community memes.


Yes. 100%.


Yes. And I accept the apology.


Don't accept it too eagerly. There's still room for them to make a LOT of severe mistakes, especially with the potential introduction of FOMO-based seasonal content.


Also no words on team balancing and anti-cheat yet.


pardon me, but the people would even accept it if EA showed us only footage of a stick in the woods laying next to a rusty screw. In other words, it makes no difference who of you accept the apology and who not. When they fuck it up they fuck it up.


I accept DICE’s apology.. As for EA.. I don’t think about them . Yes, they are a business and they do things that people are unhappy with. But they don’t live rent free in my head. As for the stick and rusty screw in the woods. If it was a Rockstar game, I’d be hyped


xD nuh, they lost a bunch credibility too in my eyes 😑


Good for you. I’m glad. Look on the bright side. You don’t have to forgive them. You don’t have to play their games ever again.


didn't said that bro, but it's cool I did not want to text with you anyway mate. I take the freedom to block you so we don't have to encounter again, id like that very much. :)


BFV is a case in missed potential. Even beyond questions of historical aesthetics, they totally dropped the ball on gameplay features. The fact that they gave up on fixing so many of the game's bugs, didn't update the lackluster Grand Operations mode, never did anything substantial about anti-cheat or team balance, added so few maps in the crucial first months of the game, and, worst of all, antagonized the entire community with experimenting on the TTK twice, once during that brief window of opportunity they had to redeem the game with the new Pacific content. It's pretty clear that EA/Dice upper management gave up on the game the moment pre-orders and first-day sales weren't up to their bloated expectations. On the question of historical aesthetics, they tried to have their cake and eat it too. The decision to have the maps be set in the early war but not actually have British uniforms or an independent French faction, and instead to have "British" soldiers wearing 1944-45 American paratrooper clothing, played a huge part in the game's theme "not feeling like WW2" until the launch of the Pacific. Whoever was making those design decisions seriously miscalculated. It's like they wanted to have a tacticool aesthetic loosely derived from Hollywood Band of Brothers style while also portraying battles not covered by the 2000s WW2 games, and chose the exact perfect mix to upset everyone who cared about the WW2 theme in any way at all. Like, people who wanted the 2000s Hollywood rehash of WW2 were pissed off. People like me who would have loved a AAA cover of the early war period were pissed off. Judging by comments left by tiggr after he resigned from Dice, I'm guessing the above was the result of a lack of coordination between the teams working on maps and the teams working on the uniforms, exacerbated by how rushed the game was. I'm willing to bet that management of the cosmetics team had the same marketing consultants breathing down their necks who originally assumed that a WW2 Battlefield title was the best place to copy Fortnite, and who thought that first trailer was going to be a huge hit. The worst part of it all is many aspects of BFV were actually pretty cool and could have been used in maps we never saw. For instance, parts of Halvoy could have been converted to a [Liberation of Finnmark map](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberation_of_Finnmark) if we had gotten a Soviet faction, which would fit Dice's preference for "unknown battles" as well as being an opportunity to add some of the vehicles exclusive to Firestorm and the skis found in the single player. The game also had everything it needed for an independent French faction, which would have been perfect for a lot of existing maps, instead of France being relegated to cosmetics in the British faction with a lot of underutilized assets left in the single player. I wish they would at least port the BF1942 maps they're remaking for BF2042 over to BFV, but that's not going to be feasible given engine differences and such. It's all just really too bad.


Very well said. I bought BF1 about a week after launch and played (still) the he'll out of it. So excited for 5 but then saw the cosmetics and other stuff that you brought up and said. Wha? Bought it played it for about a week and didn't dig it back out until late 2000. I play it every day now and I try and look past the issues, (I teach on the side a history class at a JR College, specifically US Russian relations from 1919 to 1945) so the historical mistakes (and the cheaters and balancing) grate on me a little still.


> It's pretty clear that EA/Dice upper management gave up on the game the moment pre-orders and first-day sales weren't up to their bloated expectations. I've thought for a very long time that this is what it ultimately boils down to. It would explain so much.


BF5 was indeed the biggest waste in potential I’ve ever seen in a game. But it was doomed to fail the same reason why BF2042 will fail, it’s cuz Dice just lost their mojo.


Go back to cod or Minecraft with that negative attitude sir


COD and Minecraft are way better games than Battlefield V. The game is literally missing the Soviets. At least COD and Minecraft don't promise shit they can't do and it's not frustrating or boring to play them. Only time I had fun in Battlefield V was when it was in beta and I didn't know they'd fuck up so hard.


Guadalcanal is literally in bfv though


Solomon Islands? The BF5 map is IMO, a Hodge podge of the whole Soloman campaign. On the BF5 website they state the campaigns of Guadalcanal, Bougainville and New Guinea which BF 5 mashed up into 1. The original campaign for Guadalcanal would have been the landing and then the fight through different terrain. Much like Iwo Jima is but it should have been much more expansive. If you look at some of the earlier maps like Hamada, that's what a South Pacific island campaign map should have been the blueprint for size and scope. Agree to disagree?


/u/edgerquintero We have guadalcanal... Where do you think the map of "solomon islands" takes place? Guadalcanal is part of the solomon islands...


Yes. I stated that. I know reading is a skill but my original post was to have Guadalcanal on its own. Not the Soloman campaign that we have that is a mash-up of the chain of islands. The actual island of Guadalcanal would have been a amphibious landing with a fight through a jungle and then the fight for the airfield as well as various terrain.


I wonder if those two map remakes (Al-Alamein and Battle of the Bulge) _were_ actually made for BF5 but since they abandoned the game halfway through, they now just say they're from BF1942 because—yeah, _technically_ they are—and that's also why it's clearly BF5's soldier and vehicle models (and probably guns and gadgets too).


More than likely thats the answer. I mean Operation Underground is just a remake of Operation Metro. The Amount of US Winter Cosmetics and the winter skin for the T34 Calliope in the files points to that being the answer.


thats just fucked up.. whatever...




I know it sucks we have to wait for the new game for new content, but my (nonexisting cus I don't believe) god does it look fucking amazing and I am hyped as fuck to play 2042.


Still no Eastern Front...


Brothers in arms didnt have an eastern front, so who cares.


Everyone who knows anything about WW2


And yet Brothers In Arms was critically acclaimed and considered one of the greatest WW2 games on the OG Xbox, so obviously not


I've never heard of this game so obviously it wasn't that popular


either you were born in 2005 or you are lying through your teeth, the series was made by the same people who made Borderlands (Gearbox Software) and it was the game that launched the company to mainstream popularity and success. > In 2005, Gearbox launched its first independent set of games, Brothers in Arms, on console and mobile devices. It became their flagship franchise and spun off a comic book series, television documentary, books, and action figures. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gearbox_Software >Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 was a commercial success, selling 1.7 million copies by the end of March 2005.[35][36] Brothers in Arms' computer release received a "Silver" sales award from the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA),[37] indicating sales of at least 100,000 copies in the United Kingdom.[38] and >Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 is considered by many to be one of the best World War II video games and tactical shooters today.[5][40] Gaming sites and critics praised the innovation in gameplay that Brothers in Arms brought into the World War II video game genre, which was already becoming stale and unpopular at that time. During its release, GameSpot called it "one of the best World War II gaming experiences to date".[41] Gamerant ranked it as #7 in its "9 Best World War II Video Games" list, stating that "whereas most World War II shooters tend to focus on mindless action, Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 is all about smart strategy and tactics, and that it "also has a greater focus on character development than other games of its ilk, resulting in one of the more emotionally mature World War II video game narratives available for gamers to experience".[42] >As a historical game, Philip Morton of Thunderbolt praised the game for more accurately and realistically capturing the time period than other games before it.[5] He stated that other games in the genre, such as Call of Duty and Medal of Honor, were Hollywood versions of the War, and described Brothers in Arms as the video game equivalent of Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers by being an "authentic and emotional portrayal of war". Morton claimed that it was "without a doubt the best World War II game ever made." Ben Griffin of PC Gamer praised it for its real portrayal of war, describing it as "a great history lesson, effortlessly straddling the line between authentic and enjoyable".[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brothers_in_Arms:_Road_to_Hill_30 So don't bullshit me, carl!


Those cosmetics are from bfv though


Being depressed that they are making the game you always wanted seems strange to me. They aren't going to go back in time and change the old games, but you should be happy they are making what you always wanted.


Yeah so? Just play that game then.


the cosmetics WERE added to BFV though, like last year


The maps weren’t


i know, i was pointing out the that the cosmetics were, infact im pretty sure the WW2 assets were all pulled from BFV since Gunter is in the trailer


Why? You get to ditch this shitstorm for a better game.