People who are overly loud and try to dominate conversations.




People who brag about themselves


I never brag about myself.


I’m the absolute best at not bragging


I think I'm the best. I was going to brag one day, and I stopped myself to help a lady cross the street. If that's not a sacrifice, I don't know what is.


A paraplegic. I'd help them stand but I have no upper body strength.


People who get offended on other's behalf.


A girl once got offended on behalf of Syrians and started giving me shit about saying Syria is not livable. The thing is I’m Syrian


Ones who will continue to argue even when they're wrong.




Or anyone who does this outside of a conversation specifically about politics. I can't stand people that just go on and on, whether they know what they're talking about or not. If they start ranting in the middle of an unrelated conversation, I'm done.


A narcissist


Drama queens (I’m just using the expression but it applies to anyone), because usually some drama queen will complain that it’s a sexist expression and they’re offended.


That mf in the mirror that's not making good choices.


People that get off on praying on the weaker. The ironic part is that they are weak them selves.


Don't like drama... Yeah always cause it though


People who constantly whine about their personal problems but never actually listen to the advice you provide. Sure, everyone just wants to vent sometimes and it makes you feel better to get it off your chest. That's fine, sometimes you just need someone to listen. But some people don't have other topics. It's the same problem every time, nothing gets better, they don't try to change anything – not even the topic – the whole conversation is taken over by their issue and when you try to come up with solutions, you're cold or unfeeling or you're taking someone else's side.


hypocrites who have double standards


Yeppers... cannot stand a hypocrite


People who continuously try to one up someone else.


My cousin does this, we called him out on it at work once. He started saying "oh you think I'm a one upper? I know someone that is far worse...." I jumped in and shut him down laughing and asking is he really trying to one up being called a one upper?


Anyone just like me. Insufferable narcissistic twat.


- People that care too much about physical appearance to the point of being vain. I get that it's important to look decent, but if looking good is what most/all of your life is centered about, we're absolutely not gonna get along. - People that can't entertain a thought regardless of them agreeing or disagreeing with it. - People that impulsively force what they believe in onto others, and act aggressively when someone disagrees with them. - Overtly sensitive people, especially so if they feel the need to push the responsibility of their feelings on the people that think and act differently than them. - People that like to spread anti-science bs. It's fine to think of what-ifs and hypothetical scenarios, even to entertain conspiracy theories for entertainment's sake, but taking it seriously is where I draw the line. - People that take themselves too seriously. I can absolutely list a bunch more, but ain't nobody got time for that.


"Woke" people, staunch social justice advocates who give you a hard time and say stuff like "the CIA coined the term conspiracy theorist in the 80s to discredit people like me". Yet said "woke" person goes around suggesting people are asleep with their blinkers on, calling everyone sheep, sheeple, cattle, conformists, non enlightened or whatever other intended derogatory names used to attempt to strawman normal decent people who aren't really their enemies. They'll then use capslock and shout online about how we should stand together and fight a common cause, fight the common enemy. All the whilst belittling the very same non enlightened people they claim they "care about" and are trying to "educate" and "save" if they disagree with them. They end up alienating themselves, left with nothing but a handful of other quacks they can share their "truth bombs" with, their lives are still shit, no one's been enlightened by their efforts and they haven't solved or done anything tangible about the things they spend so much time "researching" on Facebook. Like I get it you have elevated yourself well above everyone else because you are holding "the truth" your truth, but really you are looking for someone to blame, your life is inadequate, expectations aren't met so you try to drag everyone down to your sorry existence because you haven't realised it's your job to make your life better not "the government". I can't stand those entitled pieces of shit. Virtue signalling and intellectual dick swinging is gross and ugly.


The Woke. So far from being awake.


Only one group constantly uses the term “woke”. It’s the windmill they constantly charge at.


The type that finishes other people's sent...


If only I could upvote this comment 100 times😂


sentiment..... wait...no




Those people are crazy


A person who relies on religion/astrology to make all of their choices and conclusions. The other day I was having an argument with my bestfriend (both muslims) about whether having any relationships outside of marriage is a wrong thing to do, I absolutely think it isn't but he thinks it is, whenever I asked him about his reasoning he was like that's what our religion tells us, **"ARE YOU QUESTIONING GOD'S WORDS YOU MISGUIDED PERSON",** infuriating. I believe my religion is the truth but some of the laws are honestly too strict for me to follow. So I follow the ones I deem to be logical and good, while also worshipping and acknowledging that yeah the things I disobey god when doing are wrong spiritually but not morally. Because of lots of similar incidents with all of my muslim friends I just gave up on trying to argue or take advice from any of them, I literally never do that and never bring up religion at all because they all kind of follow it blindly even when not convinced something is wrong morally as it is religiously. They're just afraid of admitting that and I feel bad for them.


…if you are picking what laws you follow you are creating your own religion


You do what you want, don't question other people tho.


Nope. Thats how society goes to hell


Honestly bro no matter how hard I try I really can never agree with some laws, but that doesn't dismiss me from believing that islam is the truth if you know what I mean, I am just this type of person, I really must use my brain at all times, I can never blindly follow a certain law of any kind.


Paralegals that pirate DVDs


You’re still fucking here?


The people that touches my shit




People who think an executive position makes them interesting or important. The worst thing is that so many people buy into it.


Rude people




People who thinks they know it all


People with First World Problems who whine about them all the time. Oh no, the toilet in your hotel was clogged. I'm sure your holiday must be ruined now.


Drama my daughter is like this. she's not happy unless her life is a complete mess and she has to tell everyone about it.


[Beware the "Me Monster"](https://youtu.be/hqJdehGrt0w?t=2990)


People who think they're always right and those who insults their friends to make them feel better about themselves


Mansplainers. People with no sense of humor. People who make no effort to be tidy and well-groomed.


And people who can't count.


People who constantly check their phone/reply to messages while having a conversation with them


Ignorant people


People who cause drama and then get someone else to fight for them (speaking on experience)


Ambitious people who try to get ahead by putting down everyone around them. Its a combination of narcicism, and being a snitch.


Boot lickers


People who humiliate others for profit




Straight men


:( what I do?


I think it's what you don't do


What didn’t I do?


Date gay men I assume...


If I took some men on a date, paid for their meals and told them they are cute but it just isn’t my thing I would still be a straight man. I just want a lady in my life that feels loved and special, that doesn’t mean I don’t want that for someone else, it just isn’t my responsibility.


Pick me girls/guys; Can't stand them and never will stand them