...the rest of the world doesn't rest an ankle on their knee?


Well some cultures consider it rude or straight up offensive to have the dirty sole of your shoe facing people.


Which cultures?


Numerous middle eastern cultures. I remember being specifically warned not to sit like that when off the ship when I was in the navy and we were making port calls in UAE and Bahrain


We got similar (if not the very same) briefings in the USAF.


Very interesting. Good to know


Wasn't it LBJ who inadvertently offended some foreign leader by doing this?


Even if it was accidental, I don't think LBJ cared.


No probably not lol


Either that or he whipped his dick out to show them how huge it was, that can offend people from certain cultures.


I don't blame him. Speak softly and carry a big stick worked for Teddy.


FDR just didn't got the message sightly wrong, but rolled with it afterward.


>rolled with it afterward lmao


Ooh.. yeah not what I meant


which cultures?


The ones that don't appreciate a big dick, bunch of prudes. And people with little dicks.


The GOP went apeshit about Obama putting his feet up on the oval office desk, that might be what you're thinking of


They also went apeshit over him wearing a tan suit one day, and him asking for dijon mustard once. They spent 8 years being enraged at literally everything he did. . .the only time in all 8 years they didn't act like that was in the immediate aftermath of the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.


Man I miss the days where the biggest scandal was fancy fucking mustard.


Yup. Obama was a snobby out-of-touch elitist, per Republicans. Then they proceed to nominate a guy who owns a 747, lives in a golden NYC penthouse, and who's only associated with other rich and famous people his entire adult life. And no cognitive dissonance whatsoever.


*Barack pulls up in The Beast* "Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?"


No, this was older, but I remember that, too.


Many countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and also Asia have majority populations that consider it disrespectful or at least gross to show your shoe soles. The UAE is a better known example, but I have heard it is also rude in China and India.


Interesting. Good to know, I’d never heard that before


Can confirm, in India it's considered rude


Thanks for the confirmation! Tbh I wish it was universally considered rude everywhere. I'm a white American and I think it's nasty when people have their shoe soles up, especially where they might brush someone else's hand or leg.


Why would anyone ever be close enough to me to touch my shoes?


Men do it all the time in sitting rooms and on public transit with people right next to them. Pre-covid, anyway.


Look into the dude that threw his shoes at Bush during a press conference during the Iraq War. It’s considered a major insult to throw your shoes at someone.


Completely independent of any other feelings about Bush, it was pretty funny to see him dodge it and that look of smugness he had for dodging it lmao.


There’s a old saying in Tennessee, I know it’s from Texas too. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me again, can’t get fooled again.


I’ve seen that without the cultural knowledge, I thought it was pretty funny.


Many middle eastern. Possibly some others.


To add to the others, it’s rude to have your foot pointing at someone in Thai culture too.


I JUST saw this in another thread. Got downvoted for saying I have never paid attention to which direction the bottom my feet are facing.


I swear people get offended by the weirdest stuff


It’s just a difference of norms. For example, I think old Swedish families would consider NOT feeding their children’ friends dinner a totally normal thing while most of the world would be shocked.


I rarely see that here, one knee over the other is more popular in Europe from what I've seen


In Austria ankle over knee all the way


This is the way


But what if your balls are in the way? Do y'all have some secret method of moving them without being obvious?


I once heard a Russian call that "sitting American-style."


I’m resting my ankle on my knee right now


No. And Frenchmen aren't the only ones who cross their legs. In fact, I think the ankle on the knee is more of an American male thing.


Don’t wanna crush my 🏀 ⚽️


I do both. Sometime the ankle on knee just doesn't work as well


It's considered more feminine yes but some men will still do it regardless of that stigma. I don't recall the last time I've seen a guy cross his legs though. EDIT: Think there is some confusion. If you see men crossing their legs, good. I just don't remember the last time I have. I may have recently, maybe I just don't notice. My statement doesn't invalidate that you may cross your legs frequently or see it more often.


I just tried it. Its just not comfortable.


It's just not for me either. That said I don't do the ankle to knee thing much either.


I do but it makes my knees hurt. I'm old and with messed up knees.


This is why I started crossing my legs. My knees were dying resting my ankle on my other knee.


But then why do you do it?


My pet theory is you have to be a low hanger, which is why it’s far more common to see it in men over 50.


Like Larry David


When I was younger/thinner, it was fine. (I'm a straight guy who wasn't bothered by (or even thought about) the cultural thing of crossing your legs being "feminine" in a way that a straight guy "shouldn't" do it. I just did what was physically comfortable in that situation.)


It’s hard for me, plus I’m short (short legs) and not very flexible. I can get into the position but I have to literally hold it, it’s not a resting pose at all.


Sitting that way right now.


Your name is so blessed.


Biji biji YPG ✌️


Hahahah your edit is funny because you actually had to say it because people made an argument out of nothing


I'm 6'3 and have pretty long legs, and sometimes I cross them for the feeling of simply doing something with them. It takes up less space than manspreading and lets me get in some movement. In my experience the worse part is trying to not crush your own nuts.


Not quite that tall but have proportionally long legs, I sit like this often. It's more comfortable to me, if people think it's feminine I don't give a shit. I've never once been in danger of crushing my balls by doing this, maybe because of the long legs? Feel like my thighs would have to be massive for it to be a problem.


It was more of an issue when I wore boxers, happens much less with briefs. Ditto about not giving a rip if others think it's feminine. I'm just trying to sit comfortably without taking up a ton of space.


My fiancé sits like this sometimes. His legs are a mile long. He’s 6’6. I think all the junk just sits on top, but idk lmao


They're technically below the crossed leg, but resting comfortably next to the uncrossed leg, just as they would if I were seated with both feet on the ground. The crossed leg doesn't really interfere. Some men like to imply that their junk is too big to sit comfortably, but the truth is that those men simply have plump, womanly thighs.


I man spread without shame. Why? Because I have thighs and balls and it fucking hurts otherwise.


I'm doing it right now


I don't see it much in person among men, but a lot of [talk show guests](https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/9997_10_2612_copy_-_h_2018_0.jpg) will cross their legs like that, both male and female.


George Clooney, so effeminate


I heard it's actually uncomfortable for men to cross their legs.


I see it all the time, and I currently live in a place where old fashioned values are still pretty embraced.


Right? I dunno what he’s on about. I reckon, in truth, it really just doesn’t grab anyone’s attention. I see wealthy old southerners crossing their legs all of the time. I also don’t get the “it’s not comfortable” thing, either. Maybe too much TMI, but I have, uh, large nuts, and even so, nothing about them is getting squished. They just sorta hang “below.”


As long as we’re embracing the TMI, how does one know if one has large nuts? I really haven’t looked at a lot of nuts to compare I’m confident, though, that Americans don’t have statistically larger nuts than all the Europeans and Asians we’re related to who cross their legs without a problem.


I’ve seen my dude friends and brothers naked. Mine were simply larger/hung longer than theirs, to the point they called me “grampa nuts.”


As a Yankee, I rarely saw a man cross their legs like that until I moved to the south.


I see it a lot more in more old-fashioned settings. It's funny, because it *definitely* looks feminine to me, and the two types of people I'm most likely to see do it are gay guys, and old men who hate gay guys. Intentionally effeminate men and "old southerners" are definitely who I associate it with. Outside of those two demographics I can't think of the last time I saw a man with their legs crossed like that, and I'm ***pretty sure*** I'd notice because it is something that normally does stand out to me because it is so abnormal.


>I don't recall the last time I've seen a guy cross his legs though I'm literally sitting here, reading this post, with my legs crossed in the "more feminine" posture. My coworkers in an office setting do it all the time.


I cross my legs both ways depending on the situation. Most people don't think anything about it past like middle school


Yep. That's true.


Exactly. If anything, I think of adult men as crossing their legs knee to knee as a sign of maturity? Maybe it just seems classier or more formal. But I definitely don't see it as being feminine.


Yep. Most of the time it’s the full “cross,” but sometimes you gotta shake it up and do the ankle-on-leg. Personally it’s more of a passive “stretch” kinda thing, anyways. So why wouldn’t I do both?


I see men in suits especially doing this. I see it as somewhat uncomfortable, but fancy in certain situations.


Same here, never viewed it as feminine.


Yeah I do this (30 year old guy) and have been made fun of by ne’er-do-wells, but I think it’s more comfortable (as long as you position “yourself” well) and also looks more distinguished than spreading your legs.


Let’s be honest man, if they were doing that in a suit you might think they’re fancy but if they were doing that in jeans, flannel, and a cowboy hat you’d probably think they were trying out for a broke back mountain play...lol


I've definately only seen it in slacks.


I guess maybe slightly, but its really not that big of a deal at the same time. Let me put it this way, most of the people who cross their legs in America do happen to be woman. But if a man crossed his legs, I really don't think people would think that much of it.


It’s kind of like wearing pink to me. Women wear pink more than men, but if a dude is wearing pink, folks don’t really give it a second thought.


It would be noticed in Tennessee a lot more. It's more idk macho I guess? I don't think people would say anything about it to you though. Just a lot of men being really concerned with appearing "manly." Goes along with the big trucks and truck nuts culture.


I physically can't sit like that. No, I'm not going to say it's because of the size of my genitals - it's because I'm not flexible enough to cross my thighs. I actually used to sit like that when I was young. But I had that stigma early on - my older sister made fun of me for "sitting like a girl."


I have a large nutsack. I don’t think that’s personally anything to brag about because they look nasty IMO; kinda geriatric. I’d bet, if anything, them hanging low is actually beneficial to the cross-legged position, because I do it all of the time and have never felt uncomfortable for it. They just sort hang beneath my legs.


Me too, but even if they're not hanging, it's rarely uncomfortable. I always thought that whole "i can't sit that way because of my GiAnT bAlLs" schtick was a performative thing in response to teasing for "sitting like a girl" (at least partially). If your little 5th grade friends are all saying that, you're not going to disagree and say "oh, mine are tiny so I'm all good." After repeating it for a while it just gets internalized, especially at such a formative & self-conscious time of life. I know I repeated it for a bit at that age after being teased, then grew out of it and started crossing my legs again.


Also not bragging but my genitals are of a good size and I’m in my 20’s, I normally will sit with my legs crossed at the knees and I never have issues. It may just be a matter of how some gentlemen place their genitals in their underwear? I will usually cross over down my left leg, and either way that I cross my legs by the knee, I wouldn’t call it uncomfortable personally. I always just thought dudes would wanna sit with legs splayed out for some “macho” points, or say it wasn’t comfortable due to insecurity or whatever. As I have gotten older however, I can recognize hip width, posture and flexibility also have big parts to do with it.


Same here. I have to physically force my leg over with my hands to even be able to do this. The thing about this, as well as "man spreading" is that, in addition to our genitals being there, men's plevises are just designed differently than women's.


For people who care about that distinction, yes.


Do you know anyone who cares about that distinction? I really haven't ever experienced leg crossing issues in my life time. I have had people give me feedback on driving (seat back to far 'lean') but never leg position.


No, it isn’t something most people would make known to strangers.


That´s lame... why in the world a straight guy would focus on something like that? I mean at least if you're homosexual it has some sort of meaning... but why would be someone else's issue how somebody else is seated? don't understand those kinds of people, messing up with others about things that don't even matter... ​ I would ask those who are "bothered" by this or, see it as a feminine thing... Do you wanna see my package more clearly or something? do you want me to spread my legs... why?


It shouldn’t be a surprise many men are sensitive to what they believe are proper expressions of masculinity. I’d say most men don’t care that much, they’re mostly just confused at how someone can feel comfortable in that position. Not unreasonable, except when they pull the ol’ “if I can’t do it comfortably then those that do are weird,” which is rediclous.  That’s like saying a person can’t begin a word with a “tz” sound becuse they can’t do it themselves. One doesn’t have full access to their body’s capabilities just because they’ve reached adulthood.


Still silly... is not a logical thing to do...


It typically is considered more feminine. But if you're a dude and you cross your legs no one's really going to notice, it's just there's not very many dudes that do that I guess. But it's comfortable damn it no one's going to stop me


Yeah, knee over knee is seen as being kind of effeminate. Most guys do ankle to knee. I've never seen anyone say something to someone doing it, so if you find yourself over here you don't need to worry about that happening, but on the rare occasion that I see it I am left wondering how someone can sit like that for a while without the equipment starting to feel it.


What's effeminate about [the most interesting man in the world](https://www.bu.edu/bostonia/files/2018/04/bostonia_995x664_dos-equis-man-jonathan-goldsmith-Shot_03_0366-2.jpg)?


[He's foreign so it's expected.](https://youtu.be/XY9PmBNb3PE?t=122)


He's (portrayed as) foreign so he gets a pass


Cuz you "arrange" the location of your organs (balls and penis) and make them a comfy place between/on top of your legs... you're not crushing them.. they are located exactly over your upper leg... is not like you would put it under, that would be simply dumb...


I dunno, I used to know a dude who sat like that and I never saw him adjust his nuts before sitting. He just sat and crossed his legs.


It's easier to do it if you're thin, harder if you're bigger. The bigger you are, the more uncomfortable it is due to your thighs. I say this because I had lost a lot of weight at one point (a shitload of weight) and discovered that at my thinnest of about 73 kg, it was rather comfortable and relaxing. It also depends on where and how you're sitting. I've done it while in a very comfortable chair and it was very comfortable to cross my legs. It's also less of a pose and more of a propping up of your other leg. Now that I'm more muscular, it's a bit less comfortable and as such I haven't done it in a while. I think your posture is what makes it come off as effeminate or not; if you're preening and sitting up straight, hands on the knee in a classic "ladylike" fashion, it's obviously going to look a bit more effeminate, but if you're lounging around with one leg over the other, I don't think so.


For me, crossing legs knee over knee smooshes my gentleman bits, so I think that's why crossing legs ankle over knee is more common for men. Not sure what that says about French men ;)


The same with "man-spreading" we dont do it to keep women down I just want to not smush ma ballz


True, but we can surely acknowledge the difference between “not smushing balls” spread and “I am physically taking up three seats of space, even with people sitting next to me” spread, which is generally what women are complaining about.


Exactly. I understand men need more space but I doubt a man’s balls size can warrant taking two seat spaces.


Speak for yourself.


Lol I’m a woman. I’d be deeply worried if I had balls.


Maybe you're just an innie.


Lol 😂😂


Other than having wider bodies, men don't need more space.


My boobs need more room, but I still get smooshed on the train.. 😂


Gotta drive out them elbows


I feel ya. Boobs need space too.


Do some womanspreading. We won't blame you.


Eh do it if you feel comfortable. Why care about judgmental folks?


Fuck yeah, this is America baby, sit how you want.


I guess it is considered feminine because more women do so then men; but men do it too and nobody is going to say anything.


It’s easier to cross your legs that way if you’re slender, which is probably part of it. But yes, crossing your legs that way seems more feminine.


Yes, but no one really cares. Ankle to knee is the masculine equivalent


It hurts my balls to cross my legs.


American man here who has done the "knee on knee" thing his entire life, and has never felt even the least bit self-conscious about it.


Yes. I did it as a kid until I got made fun of for it by my entire baseball team. Haven't sat like that with any regularity since. As an adult, it's generally less comfortable anyways.


Hey, me too! I got made fun of in fourth grade for doing it. I stopped doing it for a long time until I stopped caring about what other people thought.


Crossing legs at the knee is considered feminine because it is uncomfortable for most men due to their genitals being squished. Crossing your legs at the ankle is basically gender neutral. Crossing your legs ankle on knee is considered masculine because doing so would let someone look up a girls skirt.


Oh Texas. I’m a man. I cross my leg’s however I please. If I go knee over knee I pick my junk up a bit. Then they’re cradled by my massive masculine thighs. Then your mom comes over…..


I’m Texan through and through but stopped being chided for how I cross my legs when I left middle school. I also see tons of older wealthy dudes sitting this way. No idea what he’s talking about.


Colombian dude here.... Fully Agreee in that position it serves as bait to attract your prey...


My mother passed away in 2007.


My condolences. Mine in 2011.


It depends on class and stature. A rich successful business man will probably sit with one knee over the other and not feel emasculated. It is seen as a refined, cultured sitting position, likely because it's common in Europe, and he'll be moving in circles where international travel is common. Ankle on the knee is seen as informal and probably is less likely to be used during fancy pants business meetings or dinners. A lower income, "lower class" man will most likely not sit like that, because his friends will call him homophobic slurs or a pussy. His social circles do not put him in contact with jetsetters or other cultural norms, but will more than likely have him in contact with people who have narrower world views, simply because they don't have easier access to them.


Over the years, as US men have been more and more concerned to not look feminine, it has fallen out of favor a bit. If you look at images from the 1840s to 1900s-- no issue with it. Famous generals posed that way for images along with countless other men.


My husband does it, but he’s British American and he spent lots of time over there with his father’s middle class family (different from American middle class). To my American eyes it does look a bit formal, but not really feminine unless he were to clasp his hands over his knees or something. It does seem quite uncomfortable though, with the squishing of his bits lol.


In the UK, I was taught that crossing your legs at the knee was unladylike, and a lady would only cross her ankles 🤷‍♀️ I do both, though, depending on the situation.


Same, I crossed my legs at the ankles around family mostly out there. That also felt more formal to me and not as natural, but my parents are boomers and they were raised similarly in the US. My mother also always told me crossing your legs at the knees would cause varicose veins so there’s probably something to the ankle crossing thing!


I heard that too. And there's some truth to it because if you're wearing an above the knee skirt crossing your legs at the knees shows a lot of thigh even if the skirt looks fine when standing. In business situations I keep ankles crossed but honestly at home I do ankle on knee as often as anything else.


I find it more masculine than feminine, it’s one of the most effective ways to hide a boner.


My dad is a pretty manly man and he’s a leg crosser. I do the ankle on the knee or a full cross. I guess you could consider it “feminine” but I think you have to take it in context. No one would consider my dad or me very feminine, legs crossed or not. Or maybe I’m just a girlie man and never knew it!


It's considered sexist to view any way of sitting, standing - whatever - limited to one sex or the other.


Crossing legs in that manner is seen as feminine, at least in my subculture.


It seems more common for men of older generations. I find that resting my ankle on my knee puts uncomfortable pressure on my upper knee, so i usually go knee on knee when I decide to cross my legs. I've heard a few comments about it, but IDGAF, because it's more comfortable for me (even with getting smushed).


It might be a more common mannerism in women (and those who wear dresses/skirts) for modesty reasons. However, it is not like if I saw a guy cross his legs I’d be like, “Oh, what a feminine dude.”


I do it all the time. *sorta*. I’m rather plump so I can quite cross my whole leg but I rest my ankle over my thigh regularly, it’s comfortable.


I'm American and cross my legs that way. Doing it for long periods of time can hurt my hips though.


The comments here are wild. I do it all the time, have never viewed it as effeminate, and it doesn't squish anything. ankle over knee is way less comfortable


Well there are two ways to cross your legs. One is seen as the “masculine”way and one is seen as the “feminine” way. That said, if you look at old photographs in 19th century America, you will see men crossing their legs the so called “feminine” way, which means that this only became seen as effeminate more recently (ie within the last century)


When I was in grade school/high school, yes. When I became an educated adult, no. It’s generally not considered feminine among adults.


Not personally, but I really don’t care if it is. I do it all the time, it’s comfortable.


No, it's just dudes who can't touch their toes being sensitive.


There’s nothing inherently effeminate about crossing your legs that way. I can barely even do it LOL it is not a comfortable way to sit because A) I’ve never done it, B) my thighs are muscular, and C) it’s not comfortable for me. Guys that are confident and sit that way comfortably do not look effeminate to me at all


It's rather 'fancy' and is more likely to be done by formally dressed men (in suits). I remember seeing Jon Hamm once on the Tonight Show - very nice expensive suit and crossing his legs at the knee.


I only notice because I find that position uncomfortable.


yes because one knee over the other is more comfortable and hyper masculine men can’t bare that


I've never met an American who actually cares about this enough to say anything about it or treat a person differently. In my daily life I see men doing both knee-over-knee and ankle-on-knee, but among straight men I mostly see ankle-on-knee. That's probably related to some kind of ingrained masculinity thing, but I don't think anybody consciously thinks about it anymore.


Nah I do it sometimes too. Don’t worry about masculine and feminine shit just do you shit


Nah man it’s just a way to sit. Anyone who points out the way I sit as “too feminine” has more issues to deal with than my posture.


My grandpa used to cross his legs all the way like that, he had really long skinny legs though. I can’t really cross my legs like that without crushing things, might just come down to thigh size.


It's probably considered that by some. But they're also probably the type that considers seafood feminine. So they're mostly ignored. That said I'm more of an ankle-to-knee guy if anything. I don't think my thighs are long enough for knee-to-knee.


knee over knee? yes, by some misogynists it would be considered less manly. not necessarily "homo" or feminine, but at the least, its something blue collar tough guys will look down on white color khaki where-ers for. honestly, ive tried it on occasion. idk how the hell people do it. not only does it make my balls hurt, it also drives the lower knee into the upper leg's calf. maybe its a "you need to stretch" thing... or maybe its something that if you keep doing, you get more limber because it is, in itself, a stretch. ankle over knee is something i do a lot, because it is a good stretch for the sciatic nerve. but seriously... i did it before i started typing all this out, and my balls still hurt. how do people do this without their balls hurting?!


Many Americans are obese and can't cross their legs, so they would be more likely the ones to say something.


I'm a straight guy and I've crossed my legs my whole life, and it wasn't until my dad made a couple jokes about it that I really stopped to think about it. I still do it all the time, but I never really thought about it. I don't see many other guys do it that often. I don't understand why it's considered "feminine". It's comfortable, gives other people more space, and I've done it enough to know how to not crush my balls.


Nope, my grandpa who was a tall lanky man often did this. I've never seen it as particularly effeminate. It's just how people choose to sit. I wouldn't call it masculine either. I don't think anything about how someone sits comfortably as long as it's reasonable and crossing your legs in the way you describe is reasonable. As is ankle on knee or feet on floor or whatnot. I often put one foot over top of the other while I sit indoors without shoes on. I'm doing so right now.


Honestly just do it out of habit. I've just accepted that people are going to think differently about me because of it are people I don't want to hang with to begin with.


I am sitting in my office with my legs crossed like this. And then i read this post on Reddit.


America is retarded. Everything besides lifting and working is considered feminine and you're gay if you like anything else. Save me in dying over here lol


Only the weak are worried about a mere leg crushing their manhood.


i sit like that all the time. i’m 6’3, so not sure if the long legs help or not. interesting note: i used to be 400 lbs and could never sit like that. thunder thighs would have smooshed my bits. closest i could get was the ankle-on-the-knee version, and even that was difficult. i’m about 220 now and it’s much more natural to sit leg over leg. i also find it more comfortable than the ankle/knee setup, which really strains my hammies




Don't listen to these comments, yes 90% of men will consider it feminine


Yes, very.


It's actually considered quite feminine here.


Such a great topic. As a teenager I thought it was extremely feminine and would never do it. As an adult, it's the only way I cross my legs. Resting on the ankle requires more effort to keep it there and exposes the bottom of my shoes visually and also puts them at a height that makes it likely for them to brush up against a person or furniture. There are times that I'll do like actually right now when it creates more stability. Now I view crossing my legs as more elegant or sophisticated lol I feel a little classier. Also I love showing off my shoes and it's just more comfortable. On the rare occasion my balls are uncomfortable I just stand up shake subtly readjust and sit back down.


It is seen as feminine and in other countries as well. Not just the USA. But if it makes you happy and comfortable then sit however you want.


Men who care about appearing very masculine like to say they can’t possibly sit in that position because it’s too uncomfortable for their genitals. Occasionally men do it and most normal people don’t really care. I’ve seen very “manly” men sit like this and was honestly just surprised that they were that secure in their masculinity.


I mean, I just tried it and it absolutely was crushing my balls. Might depend on the chair, temperature outside, and size of a guys legs, but it's pretty much always uncomfortable for me.


I didn’t mean to say all men who don’t sit this way are lying about it. I just think it’s funny that most men in other cultures don’t have that problem. Maybe it’s a skill you need to master? Edit: not you, specifically, and not “need” as in it’s required. But maybe sitting like this if you have those parts requires practice.


I can do it comfortably without it crushing my genitals. I can see how it could be uncomfortable if you aren't used to it though.


I just its assume it's people doing uncomfortable things for optics like women and uncomfortable shoes.


I've just as baffled as you, but from the opposite side. I'm not sure how so many people are supposedly crushing their balls. Maybe it's a bodyweight thing, or type of underwear.


Or maybe they like it...a little light SM here and there, ya know? ;P


They say they can’t do when it is almost always the case that they can’t be bothered to learn. No sense in trying that hard for little benefit, but it’s the same thing as people saying they can’t do a flat-footed squat: they’re most likely capable, they just never developed the strength and flexibility to do it.


I've never seen a man cross his legs. It's always having the ankle on the knee but never crossed. How do you even do that? It would smoosh my balls!


You lift your scrotum ventrally https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSWYsK1HnlEZF-GOrbtqWA8IwvREh2JrrEU_w&usqp=CAU


Never heard of it being feminine. I do this all the time and it makes me feel fancy af. It's also more polite and takes up less space.


Boys is it feminine to sit down?


No, its not, unless your 12


I feel bad for the French if that's the case, how are your balls?


Yes. Ankle to knee is ok, knee to knee is feminine because only women can comfortably do it without crushing anything. Dudes rarely do it.


I've heard of it. If someone generally sat like that I would wonder why, since I find it a bit uncomfortable. It's also worth noting that in some American circles French men are considered somewhat effeminate. I wonder if this cultural difference has anything to do with that.


>It's also worth noting that in some American circles French men are considered somewhat effeminate You're right, and that's interesting because that impression exists simultaneously with the stereotype of French men as ladykillers.


> You’re right, and that’s interesting because that impression exists simultaneously with the stereotype of French men as ladykillers. I think the precise stereotype explains both: French men are bisexual manwhores.


Some think so, but I l've always considered it nonsense. It's just more hyper machoism that's all too common in the US. Personally, I see it a lot more with men who wear suits, likely because it's another position to get comfortable after sitting all day. Especially given that slumping usually isn't appropriate while wearing a suit.