Why does this have 17 upvotes, it reads like it was AI generated


The post itself has 50. I'm a bit amazed, seeing as it's on a subreddit for Candyman, a horror movie series that's VEEEERY unsubtle about its themes of racial injustice. Hard to understand why people who think like this even joined a sub for the movie tbh.


They’re the same people who missed the trans subtext in the matrix movies and capitalism critique in parasite and that think that walter white is the good guy in breaking bad. Not surprising in the slightest


Trans subtext in matrix? I too didnt get it. Can you explain?


[Here's one of the directors](https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-53692435) talking about it. I don't think it gives much in the way of specific examples, but it's confirmation that the commenter you're replying to isn't making stuff up.


Since both writers are trans, it's less subtext and more allegory. Once you know it's one of the themes, you rewatch and go 'aaaaaah that's what they meant'.


Taking the red pills means taking estrogen pills (they were red before), finally discovering yourself and breaking free from the false reality where everyone is trying to force you to conform


Trans people can have quite dissociativy gender dysphoria, where the world can seem more bland and colorless, and even more fake, like the beginning of the matrix where Neo is stuck in a fake environnement, the matrix, and where the color palette is *very* gray. Neo works in programmation (I think the meme could be that old), as a chosen name, end up in an online community who serve as a chosen family where other people also have chosen name, find acces to a pill of a color inspired by the color conjugated estrogen pills which let him be able to quite that fake reality and really be himself, said really world is (slightly) more colorfull, but is quite shit and they have to fight against some oppressive force who want them to conform... I think that's it.


In addition, the “blue pill” is meant to represent Zoloft, commonly used to “treat” gender dysphoria in the 90’s by treating the depression that comes as a side effect. It didn’t get rid of the problem, but it allowed closeted trans people to continue acting and presenting the way society wanted them to.


I didn't know that. Thanks!


watch the first one in english and replace "matrix" with "trans" every time the word comes up. Its super obvious


You mean people with zero critical thinking skills.


Yeah. Sadly there’s too many these days


i mean the matrix can be viewed just as good without the trans allegory. it’s not really a subtext that’s super hinted at in the movie, it’s only something you appreciate knowing it after the fact.


I mean maybe? But it’s not exactly an unknown secret anymore and people still deny it sometimes. Or can’t wrap their heads around it. I find that the movie loses a lot of its oomph without the trans allegory, it’s pretty baked in. It’s not an afterthought or an Easter egg, it’s the plot itself


To be fair, The movie had just as much oomph in 1999 when there were no discussions about trans subtext in the film.


But the discussion of the trans subtext was literally always there. Redpillers were actually trans people and stupid fake alpha dude bros changed the meaning because they didn’t get the obvious allegory. They literally had a character named switch in the matrix who was supposed to be a man in the matrix and a woman in real life. The matrix represents how they see themselves.


Honestly, I respectfully disagree on the trans subtext in the Matrix. The story follows the hero's journey arc to the letter and this theory only showed up years and year later when the directors came out as trans. Don't get me wrong, Trans representation is a good thing, but in this case it feels like a bit of a stretch.


[The Matrix is a ‘trans metaphor’, Lilly Wachowski says](https://www.bbc.com/news/newsbeat-53692435.amp)


A lot of stories follow the hero’s journey to the letter and almost every story uses it as their basis. That’s not an argument against subtext and allegories at all.


lol, you know, you're right. I did make a lame argument there. Just because something follows the hero's journey doesn't mean if it is/isn't supportive of tans people. With that said, I still don't see any strong connections in the movie to that subject.


Lol, are you mansplaining the DIRECTORS OF THE FILM? They even said is a trans metaphor.


rofl, yes clearly my original post was textbook mansplaining! The Matrix is clearly enlightened media. So enlightened in fact that it took 30 years for anyone to even realize it till the director started talking about it. Never in history has a an author EVER tried to change their media's message after being released to align with a modern demographic. NEVER. The Matrix is clearly prime trans media and should be put next to the likes of 'The Crying Game'


Yeah no. It’s not.


I mean, look at r/thelastofus2. Sometimes people flock to actively hate on something.


Well, Fight Club has a huge fan base with the alt-right who totally miss its commentary about toxic masculinity and capitalism.


But it’s not subtle at all, yeah? The movies have been on the nose, so was the short story in Books of Blood. EDIT: I totally misread, sorry!


Yes, like they said: > VEEEERY **un**subtle


Was it edited? Because I swear it was “subtle.” Or I was just commenting too soon after waking up lol


There is no edited label on it. Comments can be stealth edited for only a couple minutes and your comment was several hours after that one. So you probably just missed it. Redditing when tired or drunk is always fun!


I'm guessing he has a joker 2019 profile picture. The first candyman is a masterpiece, I was a bit dissapointed by the new one.


Same, honestly. I liked a lot of the concepts, and it had great moments, but it's nowhere near as good as the original with Tony Todd. Still, the entire post on the sub about how it's racist because "it's all about blaming white people" is a pretty unambiguously bad take.


I mean…some people don’t pay enough attention to subtext in stories


It reads like a white guy, wrote as if they were a black guy caricature


As is tradition for the LARPers.


As someone who works in AI, I am insulted


Astroturfing (poorly, granted)


didnt… Dr Dre make his millions by rapping about racial injustice and growing up on the streets?? this dudes acting like Dr. Dre started a successful oil business or smthn


*”Here, if you have a milkshake, and I have a milkshake, and I have a straw. There it is, that's a straw, you see? Watch it. Now, my straw reaches acroooooooss the room and starts to drink your milkshake. I drink your milkshake!“* - Dr Dre explaining the finer points of skulduggery in the oil business (Harvard, 1999)


truly inspirational


Statement: claims to be a black man while using phrases like "born and raised in the hood" and "yo", in addition to claiming that black people need to stop using white people as an excuse for their laziness. Definitely suspicious.


"Yo I'm a black man from west Philadelphia, born and raised. On the playground is where I spent most of my days..."


That's the first thing that came to mind.


It's not even proper AAVE.


The thing is, even at 13 percent of the population, there's millions of black people here and therefore many of us don't have common experiences or share the same beliefs. There are a non zero number of black people that use white people as a scapegoat for their shortcomings, but that doesn't erase that there are systemic issues. Nor does that make any one success story invalidate thousands of others lived experience of not reaching their goals because of things out of their control put into place 400 years ago


>There are a non zero number of black people that use white people as a scapegoat for their shortcomings, Wrong. The number is zero. This is going to piss some libs off, but the underprivileged status of black people is *collectively caused* by white people. You already acknowledged it's a systematic problem, so why contradict yourself?


I'm not contradicting myself. I grew up with and am related to people like I mentioned. There are over 60 million black people in this country. You don't know all their stories or their mindsets. For all you know, I could be the laziest mfer on reddit. 6 people is .00001 percent of all black people in this country. That's the not zero I'm talking about. That's what I mean. I can acknowledge the systemic issues that make it difficult for black people to succeed but also point out the rare instances where people just don't want to work. It doesn't justify the continued abuses in the system nor should people use these 6 guys I know as a "gotcha." But the sheer amount of people just in a populous city should give people pause when they think they can speak to the lack of any mindset or belief of any random person.


>but also point out the rare instances where people just don't want to work. Ok, this may seem rhetorical, but why do you think they're obliged to work for a classist, racist economy?


I don't think they're obliged. I didn't even insinuate that. I don't care why they don't want to. That's their choice. My prevailing point is that I know people personally that have succeeded, have tried and failed because of bad choices, have tried and failed because of things out of their control, and those who never tried in the first place. I'm not judging anyone. Again my posts are only speaking to the fact that if you have millions of people in any given time, there's a non zero number of them that will conform to someone's belief.


OK we get it, you judge people without being in their shoes


Where am I judging anyone? Please show me. I said some people don't want to work. That is a factual statement. There's probably people you see everyday with great work ethic that don't want to work. I never admonished anyone or even insinuated they should feel a certain way.


Ebonics, right wing talking points, gaslighting history, stereotyping that all blacks raised poor, blacks is lazy, whites is not blame for American oppression and a white reddit avatar. This is 200% as a black man.


Yo what you talkin bout? Y'all be trippin yo. Look at me, a successful black man. I was born in a crack house. Then my dad shot my mom, stole her wallet, and left me alone to fend for myself on the streets. I learned how to count by dealing drugs. But I pulled myself together, worked hard, got a scholarship to Harvard, and now I'm the CEO of a company that teaches young black men not to be violent criminals. I'm proof nothing black people complain about is remotely valid. ~~They~~ We need to shut up and stop bothering white people with our non-existent troubles. Y'all motherfuckas just lazy! Obama was president! No excuses yo!!!


I learnt how to count by dealing drugs lmao


No use of the n word? Nah bro, how am i gonna believe you a brother if you at least don't drop a few n words in that text of yours.


For real yo!


And the fact they used the English version of "realised" instead of the North American dominant "realized" makes me doubt they're even in America at all








Ebonics is a shitty way to say AAEV(African American English Vernacular)


Anyone else read this in the voice of Michael Scott doing "Prison Mike" ?


Nah I read it in that “it keeps getting big and it keeps getting bigger that’s cuz Jesus Christ is my n*” voice


I read it in Jesse's voice from breaking bad


YES!!! I came here looking to upvote you!


holy fuck I'm cackling


It's kinda wild that a black man from the hood or whatever wouldn't know how to use "clapping" in the correct context.


Exactly. Ik there are a lot of black ppl who don’t know aave but it’s hard not to know it when you grew up surrounded by it (which if he was actually born in the hood and was gang banging he wouldn’t definitely been surrounded by it)


Not the “yo!” 😭


This man's only understanding of gangs is Guzma from Pokémon


Something tells me he isn’t actually Black but maybe that’s just me tho.


no, i’m getting that same vibe also, yo




It's honestly sad how some people don't even see black people as real individuals but just as caricatures they love to mock.


“got arrested at 11” is really something yikes


That is the whitest sonuvabitch I've ever read.


This one has the added bonus that the author not only isn't black but also has clearly never even spoken to a black person before.


It sounds like he ran it through that shifty “ghetto translator” thing people loved in the aughts. All the stereotypes, none of the actual AAVE.


Yo (exclamation mark)


That’s how you know it’s a real black person. From 1987


This is how Skinny Pete from Breaking Bad talks


This is so accurate lmao


Ray Charles can see That is a white man typing all of that


Thats basically how every racist capitalist thinks


he says yo, Im convinced he is black


This is insane, imagine being insane enough to write this


Most people that actually come from the bottom and succeed KNOW it's not that easy.


I had to chime in to point out the "massive turnover profits". Turnover is related to employee retention, if you have high turnover then your employees are all bailing from the company. Good luck profiting from your worker shortage, black man 😂


You know I thought so too, but apparently that’s not entirely correct, at least it’s not the whole story. Turnover is often used to refer to how often you go through employees, but it can also mean the pure volume of money made from sales without accounting for expenses, and it can also refer to how often you cycle through your assets and liabilities compared to how much revenue you generate from sales.


I appreciate you taking the time to inform me of this. I'm going to try to do some reading on it when I get the time. Thanks!


This reads like the Miles Morales Thor comic


By Odin’s fade


they could’ve kept it by odin’s beard, bro didn’t even have a fade.


Two “yo’s” in the first sentence is crazy.




i’m just super curious what the implication is. why are black people struggling at higher rates then? are they all just genetically too stupid to get things done like white people? or is it maybe possible there are social and environmental explanations for these things …. i.e. systemic racism …


I am not from the USA, but even I can tell when someone is failing to imitate AAVE so badly.


“Yo I’m a black guy, born and raised in the hood” - 👦🏻


“Maybe if I say ‘yo’ enough they’ll think I’m one of them”


Ah, yes, the totally real "I didn't write this based on old movies that contain stereotypical black people, not at all" black person


Damn! Shit! That is whack!


As black as a sheet of paper


You're not black, you're a rapper from a 90's cartoon.


The way it's written sounds like all the AAVE stereotypes put together


“Yo!” Good lord


This is, without a doubt, the single most obvious example we will ever see on this sub. Like we now need a whitemenwritingblackmen. This is the white guy equivalent of a menwritingwomen “boobs bouncing boobily” scenario as we will ever get.




He has to be black, he said the n-word


An eleven year old white kid wrote this




This was written by Gob for his puppet, Franklin




"Yo, I am definitely a person of colour, yo!"


You one of them British African-Americans or a Canadian African-American, dawg?!


Black Americans talk very distinctly from white Americans a lot of the time, but still no actual black person sounds like this.


This sounds like someone who got their idea of how black people talk from random media in the 90s.


“drugs and gang banging” in the same sentence is what really set off alarm bells in my head. Has to be like 30.


"You overplayed your part, 'yo.'"






We were so poor we couldn't afford periods


He does know that’s not going to work for everyone. Not everyone can.


Sounds like Michael Scott




This isn’t a black man b


Oh my God why haven't other people thought of that????? It's so simple!! Thanks, white guy fiction writer!


"but this guy got a point yo!" I'M SCREAMINGGGG


“This guy got a point yo” “raised in the hood!” 😭😭😭🤣🤣


I dont know this guys got a point yo.


Dammit Jesse!


First sentence reads in Prison Mike’s voice.


I can only read this in Irwin's voice from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy...


This just in- black peoples type in gangsta apparently Have you no fucking shame?! God this is awful.


I want to make something comedic but I just can’t cause this post is just so fuckin dumb 😂


I want to die


there is something about the way he is using AAVE that makes it obvious he is white. it feels so unnatural. what could motivate someone to do this? what is the fucking point?